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International Immunopharmacology

Na-Ra Han, Phil-Dong Moon, Min-Sun Yoo, Ka-Jung Ryu, Hyung-Min Kim, Hyun-Ja Jeong
The aim of this study is to determine whether AST2017-01 which consists of Rumex crispus and Cordyceps militaris would improve atopic dermatitis (AD). We analyzed anti-AD effects of AST2017-01 and chrysophanol, a bioactive compound of AST2017-01, using a 2,4-dinitrofluorobenzene-induced AD murine model. AST2017-01 and chrysophanol relieved clinical severity in AD-like skin lesions and significantly decreased scratching behavior. The thickness of epidermis and infiltration of inflammatory cells in AD-like skin lesions were reduced by AST2017-01 or chrysophanol...
July 16, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Diana Majolli André, Cristina Maki Horimoto, Marina Ciarallo Calixto, Eduardo Costa Alexandre, Edson Antunes
Obesity is linked to worse asthma symptoms. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) reduces airway inflammation, but no study investigated the effects of EGCG on obesity-associated asthma. We aimed here to evaluate the effects of EGCG on allergen-induced airway inflammation in high-fat diet-fed mice. Male C57Bl/6 mice maintained on either standard-chow or high-fat diet for 12 weeks were treated or not with EGCG (10 mg/kg/day, gavage, two weeks). Animals were intranasally challenged with ovalbumin (OVA). In lung tissue and bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF), cell counting and markers of inflammation and oxidative stress were evaluated...
July 14, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Gong Cheng, Feng-Jun Chang, Peng-Hua You, Jing Lin, Xiao-Yan Huang, Hao-Yu Wu, Li Yan, Ji-Zhao Deng, Hong-Jun You, Chao-Feng Sun
Monocytes recruited and adhering to the inflamed arteries are crucial for atherosclerosis development. Here, we report the role of zinc (Zn2+ ) homeostasis in monocyte adhesion and recruitment. By comparing the expression levels of Zn2+ transporters between non-adhering and adhering monocytes, we found that the Zn2+ importer ZIP8 was specifically upregulated in monocytes adhering to the aortas ex-vivo. Although the overexpression of ZIP8 increased the absorption of Zn2+ , Fe2+ and Cd2+ in monocytes, only Zn2+ supplementation was demonstrated capable of promoting the adhesion of monocytes to endothelial monolayers in vitro...
July 13, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Sachin Karkale, Amit Khurana, Mohd Aslam Saifi, Chandraiah Godugu, Venu Talla
The purpose of this study was to investigate the protective effect of andrographolide in silica-induced pulmonary fibrosis (PF) in mice and its underlying mechanisms. Male Swiss albino mice were divided into five groups: Normal control group, disease control group (1.5 mg silica/60 μL/mice) via oropharyngeal route, low dose (LD) group received silica + andrographolide (3 mg/kg), high dose (HD) group received silica + andrographolide (10 mg/kg), andrographolide per se group received 10 mg/kg andrographolide...
July 13, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Dengying Wu, ShanShan Jin, Zeng Lin, Rong Chen, Tianlong Pan, Xiaodiao Kang, Huasong Huang, Cong Lin, Jun Pan
BACKGROUND: Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common degenerative joint disease for which currently no anti-inflammatory therapy is available. Sauchinone (SAU), a key bioactive compound derived from Saururus chinensis, which has shown remarkable anti-inflammatory effects. METHODS: To evaluate the effect of SAU on OA progression, mouse chondrocytes were pretreated with SAU and subsequently stimulated with interleukin (IL)-1β. We found that SAU reduced the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, such as nitric oxide (NO), prostaglandin E2 (PGE2), tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α), and IL-6...
July 13, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Sepideh Shahbazi, Azam Bolhassani
The high risk human papillomavirus (HPV) types 16 and 18 are globally linked to >50% and 20% of all cervical cancers, respectively. The HPV E7 oncoprotein was determined as a therapeutic vaccine target due to its constitutive expression by HPV-infected cells. The findings demonstrated the efficiency of therapeutic HPV DNA- and protein-based vaccines in preclinical and clinical trials. However, there are limitations for penetration of DNA and protein constructs into the cells without a suitable delivery system...
July 13, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Khaled Abo-El-Sooud, Mohamed M Hashem, Yasmina M Abd ElHakim, Gehan M Kamel, Ali Q Gab-Allaha
The present study was planned to examine the effect of butylated hydroxy toluene (BHT) on the immune response of Rift Valley fever vaccine (RVFV) in Swiss mice. Animals were divided into four equal groups. The first group was kept as negative control. The 2nd group was orally administrated with the acceptable daily intake (ADI) of BHT 0.3 mg/kg b.wt. daily for 21 days and the 3rd group were vaccinated only by inactivated RVFV at a dose of 0.2 ml I/P two times. The 4th group was orally administrated BHT as in the 2nd group and vaccinated by inactivated RVFV as in the 4th group...
July 12, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Yakun Han, Ying Jin, Yibin Miao, Tie Shi, Xiaoping Lin
Periodontitis is a bacteria-induced disease that often leads to alveolar bone damage. We sought to determine the role and mechanism of switched memory B cells in alveolar bone destruction during periodontitis. Sensitized B cells were sorted and cultured, then their expression of receptor activator for nuclear factor-κB ligand (RANKL), interleukin-6 (IL-6), and interleukin-12 (IL-12) was detected. Using these cells, we prepared adoptive transfer models in which we induced periodontitis. We found that switched memory B cells produced more RANKL in terms of both protein and mRNA levels than other subpopulations...
July 12, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Lang Yi, Yan-Jun Lyu, Chong Peng, Rui-Li Zhu, Sha-Sha Bai, Liang Liu, Pei-Xun Wang, Hua Zhou, Yan Dong
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
July 12, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Yuan Lin Zhang, Xiu E Feng, Rong Rong Chang, Le Hua Zhang, Bao Guo Xiao, Qing Shan Li, Xu Liang Hao
Antibiotics are still the primary therapy for acute pyelonephritis (APN); rarely, natural polyphenols are also used. LM49 is a novel marine bromophenol derivative displaying strong anti-inflammatory effects. We investigated the therapeutic efficacy of LM49 in an experimental rat model of APN. The model was established by injecting 0.5 mL Escherichia coli (ATCC 25922, 108  CFU/mL) into the urinary bladders of Sprague Dawley rats. This model showed increased kidney viscera indices and renal bacterial growth scores, as well as pathological changes in kidneys...
July 11, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Linmei Li, Shan Wang, Zehong Zou, Ailin Tao, Yuncan Ai
BACKGROUND: Mal f 1, the first allergen cloned from Malassezia furfur, has positive IgE reactivity in sera from atopic dermatitis (AD) patients. The mechanism by which Mal f 1 induces the maturation of human dendritic cells (DCs) and maintains the symptoms of AD is not well understood. OBJECTIVE: The present study aims to explore the activation profile of THP-1 derived dendritic cells (TDDCs) stimulated by recombinant Mal f 1, as well as to explore the IgE-binding ability of rMal f 1 and its correlation with IgE-binding activity of complete allergens of M...
July 10, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Xu Shen, Dan Liu, Yong Lin, Xiao-Zhen Zhu, Li-Rong Lin, Man-Li Tong, Xian-Ming Liang, Li-Li Liu, Tian-Ci Yang, Jian-Jun Niu
Anticardiolipin antibody (ACA) includes beta2-glycoprotein I-dependent (β2-GPI-dependent) and β2-GPI-independent forms. The appearance of β2-GPI-dependent ACA and its association with blood coagulation have never been investigated in subjects with classical biological false-positive syphilis reactions (CBFP). In total, 146 CBFP subjects, 465 syphilis patients and 64 presumed antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (pAPS) patients were enrolled, and β2-GPI-dependent ACA IgA/IgG/IgM and anti-β2-GPI IgA/IgG/IgM antibodies were detected via chemiluminescence assay...
July 10, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Takuya Sakamoto, Wakana Ohashi, Kengo Tomita, Kohshi Hattori, Naoyuki Matsuda, Yuichi Hattori
Cilostazol, a selective inhibitor of phosphodiesterase type III with anti-platelet, anti-mitogenic, and vasodilating properties, is widely used to treat ischemic symptoms of peripheral vascular disease. Ample evidence has suggested that cilostazol also exhibits an anti-inflammatory effect, but its anti-inflammatory mechanism is not fully understood. Here, we showed that cilostazol specifically inhibited expression of cytokines, which are induced by nuclear factor-κB (NF-κB) activation, in RAW264.7 macrophage cells stimulated with different Toll-like receptor (TLR) ligands...
July 10, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Yu Zhou, Linqi Guo, Huawei Sun, Jianbo Xu, Tu Ba
Thyroid cancer is one of the malignancies with better clinical outcomes. However, a minority of patients develops an aggressive anaplastic thyroid carcinoma. Development of innovative and multimodal therapeutic strategies is urgently needed. Here, we investigated the role of CXCR5+ CD8 T cells in the peripheral blood, tumor-involved lymph nodes (TILN), and tumor mass of thyroid cancer patients. In peripheral blood mononuclear cells, CXCR5+ cells represented 1.4% ± 0.84% (mean ± s.d.) of total CD8 T cells, while in TILN and in tumor, the frequencies of CXCR5+ CD8 T cells were significantly higher at 27...
July 9, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Mahdieh Shokrollahi Barough, Fereshteh Ashtari, Mehdi Sadat Akhavi, Nabiollah Asghari, Ghasem Mosayebi, Majid Mirmohammadkhani, Naser Kokhaei, Farhad Bahraminia, Arman Ajami, Parviz Kokhaei
INTRODUCTION: Human recombinant interferon beta (IFN-β) is one of the first line treatments for Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS). However, the production of neutralizing antibodies (NAb) can impair its function. The aim of this study was to investigate the production of neutralizing antibodies against Rebif® and ReciGen® (two brands of IFN-β-1a) and to evaluate its correlation with Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS). MATERIALS AND METHODS: Serum samples of 71 RRMS patients (34 in ReciGen®, 37 in Rebif® group) were collected...
July 7, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Amílcar Figueiredo Dornelas-Filho, Venúcia Bruna Magalhães Pereira, Deysi Viviana Tenazoa Wong, Lívia Maria Soares Nobre, Anielle Torres Melo, Camila Meirelles Souza Silva, Carlos Wagner Souza Wanderley, Mariana Lima Nour, Lis Caetano Nobrega Costa Araújo, Renan Oliveira Silva, Francisco Maxwell Martins Pinto, Rudy Diavila Bingana, Marcellus Henrique Loiola Ponte Souza, Nylane Maria Nunes Alencar, Paulo Goberlânio Barros Silva, Ana Paula Negreiros Nunes Alves, Paulo Roberto Carvalho Almeida, Fernando Queiroz Cunha, Roberto César Pereira Lima-Júnior
Ifosfamide (IFO) is an antineoplastic drug that is commonly used to treat gynecological and breast cancers. Hemorrhagic cystitis (HC) is a common side effect associated with IFO injection, which courses with neutrophil accumulation and affects 6-50% of patients depending on dose intensity. Here, we investigated the role of neutrophils in this inflammatory process. Female Swiss mice (n = 8/group) were injected with saline, IFO (400 mg/kg, i.p.), fucoidan (a P- and L-selectins inhibitor, 100 mg/kg, i...
July 6, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Isabella Venza, Maria Visalli, Rosaria Oteri, Concetta Beninati, Diana Teti, Mario Venza
Genistein, a natural isoflavone found in soybean products, is considered as a powerful anti-cancer agent, although the involved mechanisms are not fully understood. There is a growing body of evidence that, among the genes inhibited by genistein and responsible for cell cycle progression, invasion, metastasis, and angiogenesis, IL-8 occupies a relevant place. On the other hand, it is equally well documented that IL-8 is upregulated by prostaglandin E2 (PGE2 ) in different pathological conditions, particularly in neoplastic disease...
July 5, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Yunlong Wang, Mengshi Wang, Mengjie Xu, Tongde Li, Kaiyue Fan, Tingxu Yan, Feng Xiao, Kaishun Bi, Ying Jia
Neuroinflammatory responses play a crucial role in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Our previous study demonstrated that petroleum ether extracts from Alpiniae Oxyphyllae Fructus(AOF) could attenuate lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced learning and memory impairment in mice, which could be associated with its inhibitory effect on neuroinflammation. Therefore, our present study is to investigate the potential therapeutic neuroprotective effects of nootkatone (NKT) on an AD mouse model induced by intracerebroventricular injection of LPS...
July 5, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Xianbin Kong, Jingjing Zhang, Jingrui Huo, Lei Wang, Lei Guo, Ying Liu, Tao He, Zhonglei Sun, Xuyi Chen, Zhenjiang Hou, Xiaohui Yang, Yi Tian, Shizhong Sun, Feng Chen, Yingfu Liu
Immunosuppression is an important mechanism for the development of sepsis pathology, and is the key to the high mortality of sepsis. However, patients appear to be immunocompromised before sepsis onset due to lack of enough attention. Present sepsis models cannot fully mimic the onset of sepsis in patients. Hence, effective treatments in animal experiments could not be transformed into clinical application. In the present study, we improved the animal model of sepsis and used cyclosporine A immunosuppressive mice to make it closer to immune status before the onset of sepsis, followed by the intraperitoneal injection of Escherichia coli (E...
July 5, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Shuang Luo, Xiangliang Deng, Qi Liu, Zengfeng Pan, Zhongxiang Zhao, Lian Zhou, Xia Luo
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
July 5, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
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