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International Immunopharmacology

Dalia H El-Kashef
Nicorandil, an antianginal and potassium channel opener agent, has different useful impacts on cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Its effect against silicosis has not been discussed yet, therefore, this is an attempt to decide whether nicorandil can reduce silica-induced lung injury in rats. Silica model was induced by intranasal instillation of silica dust once. Rats were given nicorandil for 56 days after exposure to silica. Results showed that nicorandil significantly alleviated silica-induced inflammation as it decreased the elevated levels of total and differential cell counts, pulmonary edema (revealed by decreased lung/body weight ratio and W/D weight ratio), LDH and total protein levels in BALF...
September 14, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Lian Cui, Rongfen Chen, Smriti Subedi, Qian Yu, Yu Gong, Zeyu Chen, Yuling Shi
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 13, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Gabriel Barros Rodrigues, Elquio Eleamen Oliveira, Francisco Jaime Bezerra Mendonça Junior, Laise Aline Martins Dos Santos, Wilma Helena de Oliveira, Maria Eduarda Rocha de França, Deniele Bezerra Lós, Brennda Martins Gabínio, Christina Alves Peixoto
The aim of the present study was to assess if the uninterrupted and prolonged administration of nanoparticles containing diethylcarbamazine (NANO-DEC) would cause liver, kidney and heart toxicity and then analyze for the first time its action in model of liver fibrosis. Thus, NANO-DEC was administered in C57BL/6 mice daily for 48 days, and at the end the blood was collected for biochemical analyzes. In the long-term administration assay, the evaluation of serological parameters (CK-MB, creatinine, ALT, AST and urea) allowed the conclusion that NANO-DEC prolonged administration did not cause hepatic, renal and cardiac damage...
September 13, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Rana Yaeghmaie, Soudeh Ghafouri-Fard, Rezvan Noroozi, Fatemeh Tavakoli, Mohammad Taheri, Seyed Abdulmajid Ayatollahi
BACKGROUND: Multiple sclerosis (MS) as a chronic autoimmune demyelinating disorder of the central nervous system has been associated with numerous genetic and environmental factors among them are functional variants within the angiotensin I converting enzyme (ACE) gene. METHODS: In the present study, we genotyped the rs4359 (C/T) and rs1799752 (Insertion (I)/Deletion (D)) of this gene in 391 MS patients and 380 age- and sex-matched controls. RESULTS: We found significant overrepresentation of the I allele of the rs1799752 in MS patients compared with healthy subjects (Adjusted P value = 0...
September 12, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Jiangtao Zhou, Tongtong Wang, Yaoxing Dou, Yanfeng Huang, Chang Qu, Jiansheng Gao, Zijian Huang, Youliang Xie, Ping Huang, Zhixiu Lin, Ziren Su
Brusatol is a main bioactive component derived from the Chinese medicinal plant Brucea javanica, which is traditionally used for the treatment of dysentery (also known as ulcerative colitis, UC). Previously, we have designed a novel brusatol self-microemulsifying drug delivery system (BR-SMEDDS) to increase its solubility and bioavailability, and enhance its bioactivities. In the present study, we established 2, 4, 6-trinitrobenzenesulfonic acid (TNBS)-induced colitis rat model in vivo and lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced RAW 264...
September 12, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Tingting Lv, Lei Shen, Lei Yang, Wenxiu Diao, Zhenming Yang, Ying Zhang, Shijie Yu, Yanxia Li
BACKGROUND: Inflammation, oxidative stress and epithelial barrier dysfunction have been implicated in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) pathology. The targeted inhibition of these features may represent a promising therapeutic strategy for IBD. Polydatin is an effective natural antioxidant that possesses strong antioxidant and anti-apoptotic properties. Thus, we studied the protective effects of polydatin treatments on a mouse model of experimental colitis. METHODS: Acute colitis was experimentally induced by adding 3% dextran sulfate sodium (DSS) to the drinking water provided to mice for 7 days and by administering different doses of polydatin (15, 30, or 45 mg/kg) during the same period...
September 12, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Yadong Zheng
During Echinococcus multilocularis infection, serum miR-222-3p is dramatically downregulated, but its role is yet to be established. Here the expression of miR-222-3p in the spleen of infected mice was shown to be significantly decreased in response to parasite infection (p < 0.05). Using RAW264.7 macrophages, it was further demonstrated that E. multilocularis crude antigens significantly inhibited miR-222-3p expression (p < 0.01). In macrophages transfected with a miR-222-3p inhibitor, NO secretion was moderately decreased compared with the control (p < 0...
September 10, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Chong-Zhi Wang, Haiqiang Yao, Chun-Feng Zhang, Lina Chen, Jin-Yi Wan, Wei-Hua Huang, Jinxiang Zeng, Qi-Hui Zhang, Zhi Liu, Jinbin Yuan, Yi Bi, Clara Sava-Segal, Wei Du, Ming Xu, Chun-Su Yuan
Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a significant public health problem in the United States. Abdominal pain is a major complaint among individuals with IBD. Successful IBD management not only controls enteric inflammation, but also reduces abdominal discomfort. Recently, increased attention has been focused on alternative strategies for IBD management. HPLC/Q-TOF-MS analysis was employed to evaluate the intestinal microbiome's biotransformation of parent American ginseng compounds into their metabolites. Using a DSS mouse model, the effects of American ginseng microbial metabolites on chemically induced colitis was investigated with disease activity index and histological assessment...
September 10, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Jian Lin, Xiaobin Li, Weihui Qi, Yingzhao Yan, Kai Chen, Xinghe Xue, Xinxian Xu, Zhenhua Feng, Xiaoyun Pan
Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most prevalent disease of knee especially in the aged people. Isofraxidin (IF) is a coumarin compound refined from traditional Chinese medicines with potential anti-inflammatory ability. This study aimed to evaluate protective anti-inflammatory effects of IF in human OA chondrocytes. The chondrocytes were isolated from OA patients and pretreated with IF before treatment with IL-1β. The results showed that IF blocked IL-1β-stimulated production of NO and PGE2. In addition, IF inhibited the expression of COX-2, iNOs, MMP-1, MMP-3, MMP-13, ADAMTS-4 and ADAMTS-5, and increased the levels of aggrecan and collagen-II...
September 8, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Y K Han, Y Jin, Y B Miao, T Shi, X P Lin
Periodontitis is a bacteria-induced disease that always clinically defined as loss of attachment, periodontal pocket and bone loss. Its mechanisms were considered to be complicated, involving an imbalance of the formation and resorption of bone. We sought to determine the function and mechanisms of the effects of B cells on osteoclastogenesis. We purified memory B cells from periodontitis or healthy animals and culture them. Receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa-B ligand (RANKL), expressed by gingival memory B cells, was detected by flow cytometry, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction (RT-qPCR)...
September 7, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Lu-Lu He, Lei Zhang, Lei Jiang, Feng Xu, Dong-Sheng Fei
INTRODUCTION: Anti-interleukin-5 therapy has been proposed as a novel and promising treatment option in asthma treatment. However, the optimum monoclonal antibodies for asthma treatment remain uncertain. METHODS: We searched the PubMed, EMBASE and Cochrane databases from their inceptions to June 2018 for randomized controlled trials that reported pulmonary function, adverse events, Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire (AQLQ) scores, and asthmatic exacerbations resulting from anti-interleukin-5 therapy in asthma patients...
September 7, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Yongkun Zhao, Xuexing Zheng, Shihua He, Yuetao Li, Wei Wang, Weiwei Gai, Gary Wong, Hualei Wang, Feihu Yan, Feng Xue, Na Feng, Tiecheng Wang, Yuwei Gao, Songtao Yang, Xiangguo Qiu, Xianzhu Xia
BACKGROUND: Rift Valley fever virus (RVFV) is an emerging arbovirus in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, in which infection with RVFV poses a serious threat to humans and livestock globally. Approved treatments for RVFV infection, especially for use in humans, have not yet been developed. There is an urgent need for effective drugs to prevent RVFV disease. METHODS: In previous study, we developed RVFV virus like particles (VLPs) expressing the surface glycoproteins Gn and Gc...
September 7, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Bin Zhang, Fan Zhao, Huimin Mao, Wenyan Ma, Yang Zhang, Xinyu Zhang, Jingjing Ding, Qian Gao, Yanting Wen
The feature of pulmonary sarcoidosis is characterized by a Th1/Th17/regulatory T cells (Tregs) -driven inflammatory process in lung, resulting in noncaseating granulomas containing CD4+ T cells. Tregs increase in both lung and peripheral blood, with damaged immunoregulatory function. The current study investigated the effects of IL33 or anti-IL23 antibody on restoring the homeostasis and functions of Tregs in mycobacterial superoxide dismutase A (SodA)-induced pulmonary sarcoidosis. IL33 or anti-IL23 antibody was administered to mice with late-stage pulmonary sarcoidosis...
September 6, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Koji Nakamura, Shinsuke Oshima, Masashi Maeda, Hiroki Morio, Hidehiko Fukahori, Tomonori Nakanishi, Susumu Tsujimoto, Jun Hirose, Takahisa Noto, Nozomu Hamakawa, Masamichi Inami, Tatsuaki Morokata
In renal transplant patients, using mycophenolate mofetil (MMF) with calcineurin inhibitors (CNIs; cyclosporine and tacrolimus [TAC]) has led to a significant improvement in graft survival. However, reducing or withholding MMF due to its gastrointestinal adverse events increases rejection risk. CNI-sparing strategies are important to avoid CNI-related nephrotoxicity in clinical settings. Here, we investigated AS2553627, a JAK inhibitor replacing MMF in combination with a sub-therapeutic dose of TAC to treat allograft rejection in a monkey model...
September 6, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Vivian Paulino Figueiredo, Evandro Saraiva Lopes Junior, Laís Roquete Lopes, Natalia Figueirôa Simões, Arlete Rita Penitente, Eduardo Bearzoti, Paula Melo de Abreu Vieira, Richard Schulz, André Talvani
The high fat diet (HFD) can trigger metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. Trypanosoma cruzi infection induces progressive inflammatory manifestations capable to affect the structure and the function of important organs such as the heart and liver. Here we aimed to investigate the effects of a HFD on the immune response and matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) activities during acute infection with the T. cruzi strain VL-10. The VL-10 strain has cardiac tropism and causes myocarditis in mice. Male C57BL/6 mice were treated with either: (i) regular diet (Reg) or (ii) HFD for 8 weeks, after which mice in each group were infected with T...
September 6, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Yumei Rong, Bo Cao, Bin Liu, Wuwei Li, Yaze Chen, Hong Chen, Yanxia Liu, Tianjun Liu
Idiopathic Pulmonary fibrosis is a disease with high morbidity and mortality. Therefore, the development of new drugs is imperative. Gallic acid derivative is a derivative of Gallic acid that can be extracted from Chinese herbal medicine. In previous experiments, we found that Gallic acid derivative played dual roles in inflammatory and antioxidant activities. Meanwhile, Gallic acid derivative could inhibit the proliferation of lung fibroblast. In the present study, we investigated the function of Gallic acid derivative in inhibiting lung fibrosis...
September 5, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Chen-Yi-Yu Zhang, Min-Jie Zeng, Li-Ping Zhou, Ya-Qin Li, Fan Zhao, Zhi-Yuan Shang, Xue-Yang Deng, Zhan-Qiang Ma, Qiang Fu, Shi-Ping Ma, Rong Qu
Chronic stress can provoke depressive-like behaviors through activation of inflammation and apoptosis, leading to a reduction of neurons. Antidepressant therapy may contribute to inhibiting inflammation responses and have neuroprotective effects. Baicalin (BA) has an antidepressant effect in the chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) animal model and exerts anti-inflammation, anti-apoptosis, as well as neuroprotective effects in many central nervous system (CNS)-related diseases. But the effects of BA on neuroprotection, apoptosis, and neuroinflammation and the potential mechanisms in depression are unclear...
September 5, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Vadim Mitrokhin, Lyubov Gorbacheva, Mitko Mladenov, Andre Kamkin
PURPOSE: Studies of negative ionotropic effects of IL-2 create the basis for possible IL-2 impact on nonselective conductance (GNS ), which potentially makes these effects useful in elucidation of the pathways affected by IL-2. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A culture of human cardiac fibroblasts (CHCFs) was used in this study. A voltage clamp mode of the whole-cell patch-clamp technique was introduced. The level of phosphorylated NF-κB was determined by newly developed semi-quantitative ELISA...
September 3, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Jin Zhou, Yongfang Lei, Jinglou Chen, Xiuli Zhou
Green tea is among the most popular beverages in the world and is an important source of phytoestrogens. Epigallocatechin‑3‑gallate (EGCG) is the major polyphenol in green tea. The aim of this study was to investigate the anti-benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) activity and underling mechanisms of EGCG in testosterone-induced BPH rats and in BPH-1 cells. Prostatic levels of oxidative stress and inflammation makers, as well as angiogenesis related growth factors were measured. Additionally, the prostatic levels of sex hormonal mediators (androgen receptor (AR), estrogen receptor (ER)-α and ER-β), hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF)-1α, transforming growth factor-β1 (TGF-β1), type I TGF-β receptor (TGF-βRI), Smad3, phosphorylation-Smad3 (p-Smad3), epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) markers (E-cadherin, collagen-I, fibronectin and α-SMA) and microRNA (miR)-133a/b were analyzed by immunohistochemistry assay, western blot and/or quantitative RT-PCR...
September 1, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
Mariane T Amano, Angela Castoldi, Vinicius Andrade-Oliveira, Marcela T Latancia, Fernanda F Terra, Matheus Correa-Costa, Cristiane N S Breda, Raphael J F Felizardo, Welbert O Pereira, Marina B da Silva, Mariana Y S Miyagi, Cristhiane F Aguiar, Meire I Hiyane, João S Silva, Ivan C Moura, Niels O S Camara
Acute kidney injury (AKI) and chronic kidney disease (CKD) are major concerns in worldwide public health, and their pathophysiology involves immune cells activation, being macrophages one of the main players of both processes. It is suggested that metabolic pathways could contribute to macrophage modulation and phosphatidylinositol‑3 kinase (PI3K) pathway was shown to be activated in kidneys subjected to ischemia and reperfusion as well as unilateral ureteral obstruction (UUO). Although PI3K inhibition is mostly associated with anti-inflammatory response, its use in kidney injuries has been shown controversial results, which indicates the need for further studies...
August 31, 2018: International Immunopharmacology
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