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Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition

Joshua O Akinyemi, Izzatullah Bolajoko, Babatunde M Gbadebo
BACKGROUND: One of the factors responsible for high level of childhood mortality in Nigeria is poor utilization of maternal healthcare (MHC) services. Another important perspective which has been rarely explored is the influence of childhood death on MHC service utilization. In this study, we examined the relationship between death of preceding child and MHC services utilization [antenatal care (ANC), skilled attendant at birth (SAB), and postnatal care (PNC)] among Nigerian women and across the six geo-political zones of the country...
November 7, 2018: Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition
Meron Mehari Kifle, Hana Fesehaye Kesete, Hermon Tekeste Gaim, Goitu Seltene Angosom, Michael Berhane Araya
BACKGROUND: In Eritrea, despite high antenatal care (ANC) use, utilization of health facilities for child birth is still low and with marked variations between urban and rural areas. Understanding the reasons behind the poor use of these services in a rural setting is important to design targeted strategies and address the challenge contextually. This study aimed to determine factors that influence women's choice of delivery place in selected rural communities in Eritrea. METHODS: A cross-sectional survey of 309 women aged 15-49 years with a delivery in the last 1-2 years prior to the survey was conducted in a randomly selected villages of Hadish Adi, Serea, Genseba, Kelay Bealtat, Dirko, Mai Leham, Kudo Abour, Adi Koho, and Leayten...
October 22, 2018: Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition
F A Olatona, O O Onabanjo, R N Ugbaja, K E Nnoaham, D A Adelekan
BACKGROUND: Unhealthy dietary patterns are associated with metabolic changes and increased risk of non-communicable diseases (NCDs), but these associations have not been investigated in representative populations of university undergraduates in low-to-middle income countries (LMICs). METHODS: This study was conducted in the three universities in Lagos State, Nigeria to assess the dietary pattern and metabolic risk factors of NCDs among university undergraduate population...
August 16, 2018: Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition
Anthony Idowu Ajayi, Oladele Vincent Adeniyi, Wilson Akpan
BACKGROUND: Health care visits during pregnancy, childbirth and after childbirth may be crucial in expanding the uptake of contraceptive care in resource-poor settings. However, little is known about how health care visits influence the uptake of modern contraception in Nigeria. The focus of this paper was to examine how health care visits influence the use of contraceptives among parous women in a medically underserved setting. METHODS: The study adopted a descriptive survey design...
July 24, 2018: Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition
Xin Liu, Xia Liao, Qiannan Ren, Meng Luo, Lei Yang, Jing Lin, Jie Chang
BACKGROUND: Complementary feeding (CF) is an important determinant of infant growth and development. However, CF practices are influenced by caregivers' perceptions and knowledge. This study aimed to describe perceptions and factors that potentially influence CF practices among Chinese mothers living in Xi'an, a rapidly developing city in China. METHODS: This focus group study included three discussion groups. Topics related to practices and concerns regarding CF were discussed among women with at least one child aged 4-36 months...
July 24, 2018: Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition
Habtamu Azene Tekle, Tesfahun Molla Bobe, Efrata Girma Tufa, Fithamlak Bisetegen Solomon
BACKGROUND: Subclinical hypothyroidism is an elevation in serum thyroid-stimulating hormone above the upper limit of the reference range (0.45-4.5 mIU/L) with normal serum TT4 and TT3 concentration. The most important implication of subclinical hypothyroidism is high likelihood of progression of clinical hypothyroidism. METHODS: Institution-based cross-sectional study was conducted on medical records of patients referred at endocrine clinic Tikur Anbesa Specialized Hospital, Addis Ababa from 2010 to 2016...
July 20, 2018: Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition
Mailan Natarajan, Deepika Kumar, Jharna Mandal, Niranjan Biswal, Selvaraj Stephen
BACKGROUND: Emergence of atypical enteropathogenic Escherichia coli (EPEC) and hybrid E. coli (harboring genes of more than one DEC pathotypes) strains have complicated the issue of growing antibiotic resistance in diarrhoeagenic Escherichia coli (DEC). This ongoing evolution occurs in nature predominantly via horizontal gene transfers involving the mobile genetic elements like integrons notably class 1 integron. This study was undertaken to determine the virulence pattern and antibiotic resistance among the circulating DEC strains in a tertiary care center in south of India...
July 13, 2018: Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition
Mohan Paudel, Sara Javanparast, Lareen Newman, Gouranga Dasvarma
BACKGROUND: This paper aims to examine the health care contexts shaping perinatal survival in remote mountain villages of Nepal. Health care is provided through health services to a primary health care level-comprising district hospital, village health facilities and community-based health services. The paper discusses the implications for future policies and practice to improve health access and outcomes related to perinatal health. The study was conducted in two remote mountain villages in one of the most remote and disadvantaged mountain districts of Nepal...
July 5, 2018: Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition
Abyot Asres, Degu Jerene, Wakgari Deressa
BACKGROUND: Financial burden on tuberculosis (TB) patients results in delayed treatment and poor compliance. We assessed pre- and post-diagnosis costs to TB patients. METHODS: A longitudinal study among 735 new TB cases was conducted from January 2015 through June 2016 in 10 woredas (districts) of southwestern Ethiopia. Direct out-of-pocket, payments, and lost income (indirect cost) were solicited from patients during the first 2 months and at the end of treatment...
May 21, 2018: Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition
Dahabo Adi Galgallo, Zeinab Gura Roka, Waqo G Boru, Khalumi Abill, James Ransom
AIM: Typhoid fever is a vaccine-preventable bacterial disease that causes significant morbidity and mortality throughout Africa. This paper describes an upsurge of typhoid fever cases in Moyale Sub-County (MSC), Kenya, 2014-2015. METHODS: We conducted active hospital and health facility surveillance and laboratory and antimicrobial sensitivity testing for all patients presenting with headache, fever, stomach pains, diarrhea, or constipation at five MSC health facilities between December 2014 and January 2015...
May 15, 2018: Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition
Elizabeth L Prado, John Phuka, Eugenia Ocansey, Kenneth Maleta, Per Ashorn, Ulla Ashorn, Seth Adu-Afarwuah, Brietta M Oaks, Anna Lartey, Kathryn G Dewey
BACKGROUND: Since the adoption of United Nations' Sustainable Goal 4.2 to ensure that all children have access to quality early child development (ECD) so that they are ready for primary education, the demand for valid ECD assessments has increased in contexts where they do not yet exist. The development of early language ability is important for school readiness. Our objective was to evaluate the validity of a method to develop vocabulary checklists in new languages to assess early language development, based on the MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventories...
May 11, 2018: Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition
Regis Hitimana, Lars Lindholm, Gunilla Krantz, Manasse Nzayirambaho, Jeanine Condo, Jean Paul Semasaka Sengoma, Anni-Maria Pulkki-Brännström
BACKGROUND: Despite the widespread use of antenatal care (ANC), its effectiveness in low-resource settings remains unclear. In this study, self-reported health-related quality of life (HRQoL) was used as an alternative to other maternal health measures previously used to measure the effectiveness of antenatal care. The main objective of this study was to determine whether adequate antenatal care utilization is positively associated with women's HRQoL. Furthermore, the associations between the HRQoL during the first year (1-13 months) after delivery and socio-economic and demographic factors were explored in Rwanda...
April 27, 2018: Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition
Florence N Uchendu
BACKGROUND: Malnutrition is a global public health problem especially in developing countries experiencing war/conflicts. War might be one of the socio-political factors influencing malnutrition in Sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries. This study aims at determining the influence of war on corruption, population (POP), number of population malnourished (NPU), food security and life expectancy (LE) in war-torn SSA countries (WTSSA) by comparing their malnutrition indicators. METHODS: Fourteen countries in WTSSA were stratified into zones according to war incidences...
April 27, 2018: Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition
Banchalem Nega Angore, Efrata Girma Tufa, Fithamlak Solomon Bisetegen
BACKGROUND: Reducing maternal mortality and improving maternal health care through increased utilization of postnatal care utilization is a global and local priority. However studies that have been carried out in Ethiopia regarding determinants are limited. So This study aims to assess the magnitude of postnatal care utilization and its determinants in Debre Birhan Town, North Ethiopia. METHODS: A community-based cross-sectional study was conducted from March 1 to April 25, 2015, in Debre Birhan Town...
April 19, 2018: Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition
Margaret Bee, Anushree Shiroor, Zelee Hill
BACKGROUND: Recommended immediate newborn care practices include thermal care (immediate drying and wrapping, skin-to-skin contact after delivery, delayed bathing), hygienic cord care and early initiation of breastfeeding. This paper systematically reviews quantitative and qualitative data from sub-Saharan Africa on the prevalence of key immediate newborn care practices and the factors that influence them. METHODS: Studies were identified by searching relevant databases and websites, contacting national and international academics and implementers and hand-searching reference lists of included articles...
April 16, 2018: Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition
Xiaodong Tan, Qian Wu, Haiyan Shao
BACKGROUND: With its immense population and as the largest developing country in the world, China has made remarkable achievements in health promotion at a relatively low cost. However, China is still faced with challenges such as changes of disease spectrum, the coming era of an aging society, and the risk of environmental pollution. MAIN TEXT: On October 25, 2016, China formally passed the blueprint of "Healthy China 2030," working towards the national goal of reaching a health standard on par with developed countries by 2030, which was also a response to realize the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals...
April 12, 2018: Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition
Mary Beth Arensberg
A longer life brings opportunities for older adults and their families as well as for their communities. Commercial businesses can be successful in innovating on these opportunities and achieving business expansion when they better understand the market dynamics and spectrum of older adults as consumers and view them more as assets rather than as burdens to society. While there is no "typical" older adult consumer, some traits, characteristics, and physical realities may be more common, including those related to family and community, the shopping experience, brand marketing and packaging, food and nutrition, and health...
April 10, 2018: Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition
Dipak K Mitra, Luke C Mullany, Meagan Harrison, Ishtiaq Mannan, Rashed Shah, Nazma Begum, Mamun Ibne Moin, Shams El Arifeen, Abdullah H Baqui
BACKGROUND: Infections cause about one fifth of the estimated 2.7 million annual neonatal deaths worldwide. Population-based data on burden and risk factors of neonatal infections are lacking in developing countries, which are required for the appropriate design of effective preventive and therapeutic interventions in resource-poor settings. METHODS: We used data from a community-based cluster-randomized trial conducted to evaluate the impact of two umbilical cord cleansing regimens with chlorhexidine solution on neonatal mortality and morbidity in a rural area of Sylhet District in Bangladesh...
March 9, 2018: Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition
Birhane Berhe, Gessessew Bugssa, Sena Bayisa, Megbaru Alemu
BACKGROUND: Intestinal protozoa are parasites transmitted by consumption of contaminated water and food and mainly affect children and elder people and cause considerable health problems. They are the leading causes of outpatient morbidity due to diarrhea in the developing countries. So, assessing water and food source of diarrheal patients and identifying the main associated factors for transmission of protozoan parasitic infections help for effective control measures of protozoan infections...
March 2, 2018: Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition
Nigus Bililign Yimer, Misgan Legesse Liben
BACKGROUND: Colostrum is the first liquid that is produced in the first few days after delivery. It is the perfect first food for newborns which is considered as an infant's first immunization. Despite of this fact colostrum is discarded as unclean and bad for the infant's health. This study aimed to investigate the prevalence and the factors associated with colostrum avoidance in Woldia, Kobo and Lalibela town administrations of North Wollo zone. METHODS: A quantitative community based cross sectional study was employed in March 2015 on 810 mothers of children aged less than 24 months...
February 26, 2018: Journal of Health, Population, and Nutrition
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