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Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology

Miguelina Germán, Nancy A Gonzales, Stephen G West, Lorey A Wheeler
OBJECTIVE: Can an intervention that contained no content on sex or contraception reduce rates of early-age intercourse among Mexican American adolescents? The current study examined whether the Bridges to High School intervention designed, in part, to decrease harsh parenting, had a longitudinal effect on decreasing rates of early-age intercourse in the treatment versus control groups, as well as the moderating role of gender and linguistic acculturation. METHOD: The sample consisted of 516 Mexican American adolescents (Mage = 12...
December 5, 2016: Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology
(no author information available yet)
Reports an error in "Ethnicity moderates the outcomes of self-enhancement and self-improvement themes in expressive writing" by William Tsai, Anna S. Lau, Andrea N. Niles, Jordan Coello, Matthew D. Lieberman, Ahra C. Ko, Christopher Hur and Annette L. Stanton (Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 2015[Oct], Vol 21[4], 584-592). There were three there were three errors in the Results section. Each are described below alongside the correct results. The interpretations of the findings remain the same...
November 14, 2016: Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology
M K Higgins Neyland, Anna M Bardone-Cone
Objectives: Despite comparable prevalence of some eating disorders (e.g., binge eating disorder) among Latinas compared with Caucasians, eating disorders are still thought of as primarily afflicting Caucasian women. This has led to a lag in research on eating disorders among Latinas. Our objective was to test 3 escape theory models involving the culturally specific independent variables of acculturative stress, family disconnection, and discriminatory stress; the mediator of negative affect; and the dependent variable of binge eating frequency...
November 10, 2016: Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology
Alisia G T T Tran, Hsiu-Lan Cheng, Jason D Netland, Elisa R Miyake
Objectives: We explored the moderating role of observed skin color in the association between prejudice and concurrent and lagged psychological functioning (i.e., depression, ingroup/outgroup psychological connectedness). We further aimed to understand gender differences in these processes. Method: Data from 821 Asian American undergraduate students (57.5% female and 42.5% male) were drawn from the National Longitudinal Survey of Freshman. Cross-sectional and longitudinal regression-based moderation models were conducted with PROCESS 2...
November 7, 2016: Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology
Cristina M López, Arthur R Andrews, Andrea M Chisolm, Michael A de Arellano, Benjamin Saunders, Dean G Kilpatrick
Objective: Research has cited increased prevalence of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and exposure to interpersonal violence for Hispanics and non-Hispanic Black adolescents, as well as ethnic differences in externalizing behavior (e.g., substance use, delinquency). The current study combined these areas by examining racial/ethnic differences in mental health correlates of trauma exposure. Method: Interviews were conducted to assess polyvictimization, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), major depressive disorder (MDD), substance use, and delinquency in a nationally representative sample of adolescents (N = 3,614; 15...
October 27, 2016: Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology
Tyler B Mason, Ralitsa S Maduro, Valerian J Derlega, Desi S Hacker, Barbara A Winstead, Jacqueline E Haywood
Objective: This research focused on how race-based rejection sensitivity (RS-Race) and components of racial identity intensify negative psychological reactions to an incident of vicarious racism. We examined how these individual difference variables directly and/or indirectly predicted African American students' reactions to the trial of George Zimmerman in the killing of the African American teenager, Trayvon Martin. Method: In Study 1, 471 African American students completed measures of RS-Race, thought intrusions about the Zimmerman trial, and outcome variables (negative affect about the Zimmerman trial and forgiveness for Mr...
October 13, 2016: Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology
Leoandra Onnie Rogers, Andrew N Meltzoff
Objectives: Social categories shape children's lives in subtle and powerful ways. Although research has assessed children's knowledge of social groups, most prominently race and gender, few studies have examined children's understanding of their own multiple social identities and how they intersect. This paper explores how children evaluate the importance and meaning of their racial and gender identities, and variation in these evaluations based on the child's own age, gender, and race. Method: Participants were 222 Black, White, and Mixed-Race children (girls: n = 136; Mage = 9...
October 13, 2016: Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology
Stephanie H Cook, Pamela Valera, Benjamin J Calebs, Patrick A Wilson
Objective: The present study examined the moderating effect of adult attachment on the association between childhood traumatic experiences, (i.e., physical abuse, emotional abuse, emotional neglect, and being bullied), age of childhood traumatic experience, and young adult depression symptoms among young Black gay and bisexual men (YBGBM). Method: Self-report measures of attachment, childhood traumatic experiences, and depression symptoms were collected from a community-based sample of YBGBM living in New York City (n = 228)...
October 13, 2016: Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology
Esmée E Verhulp, Gonneke W J M Stevens, Trees V M Pels, Caroline M C Van Weert, Wilma A M Vollebergh
Objective: Individuals' lay beliefs about mental health problems and attitudes toward mental health care are thought to be influenced by the cultural background of these individuals. In the current study, we investigated differences between immigrant Dutch and native Dutch parents and adolescents in lay beliefs about emotional problems and attitudes toward mental health care. Additionally, among immigrant Dutch parents, we examined the associations between acculturation orientations and lay beliefs about emotional problems as well as attitudes toward mental health care...
October 6, 2016: Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology
Celia Ching Yee Wong, Alma Correa, Kendall Robinson, Qian Lu
Objectives: Acculturative stress has been linked to psychological distress, but few studies have explored the moderating role of social constraints on this relationship. Social constraints are the perception that social networks are unsupportive to stressor-related discussions. In the present study, the relationship between acculturative stress and psychological distress in Hispanic/Latino and Asian immigrants and the moderating role of social constraints in this relationship were examined. Method: Participants were 306 college students (169 Hispanics/Latinos, 137 Asians; 33...
September 26, 2016: Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology
Peter Seung Yoo Kim, Mayra Y Bámaca-Colbert, Ni Jian, Melinda A Gonzales-Backen
Objectives: Research has indicated that ethnic identity protects ethnic minority youth on various indicators of adjustment, but there is a dearth of research pertaining to contextual influences on ethnic identity. Our study investigated how familial ethnic socialization and best friend's orientation toward Mexican culture influenced ethnic identity among Mexican-origin girls. Method: Using a 3-wave longitudinal sample of 175 Mexican-origin adolescent girls (Mage = 13.75), the current study examined best friend's Mexican cultural orientation as a mediator between familial ethnic socialization and ethnic identity with structural equation modeling...
September 19, 2016: Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology
(no author information available yet)
: Reports an error in "Distant but relative: Similarities and differences in gender role beliefs among African American and Vietnamese American women" by Jasmine A. Abrams, Sarah J. Javier, Morgan L. Maxwell, Faye Z. Belgrave and Anh Bao Nguyen (Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology, 2016[Apr], Vol 22[2], 256-267). In the article, the name of author Anh Bao Nguyen was misspelled as Boa Anh Nguyen. The online version of this article has been corrected. (The following abstract of the original article appeared in record 2015-18954-001...
October 2016: Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology
Yamile Molina, Sarah D Hohl, Michelle Nguyen, Bridgette H Hempstead, Shauna Rae Weatherby, Claire Dunbar, Shirley A A Beresford, Rachel M Ceballos
OBJECTIVES: We examine access to and type of social support after initial receipt of an abnormal mammogram across non-Latina White (NLW), African American, and Latina women. METHOD: This cross-sectional study used a mixed method design, with quantitative and qualitative measures. Women were recruited through 2 community advocates and 3 breast-health-related care organizations. RESULTS: With regard to access, African American women were less likely to access social support relative to NLW counterparts...
October 2016: Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology
Rosa Maria González-Guarda, Brian E McCabe, Natalie Leblanc, Joseph P De Santis, Elias Provencio-Vasquez
OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to confirm the substance abuse, violence, HIV, and depression syndemic among Hispanic men, and to test whether stress and sociocultural factors, including acculturation, family support, and sexual orientation, predict this syndemic. METHOD: A cross-sectional survey was administered to 164 Hispanic men using standardized measures for Hispanic Stress (Cervantes, Padilla, & Salgado de Snyder, 1991), substance abuse (Kelly et al...
October 2016: Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology
Deborah L Plummer, Rosalie Torres Stone, Lauren Powell, Jeroan Allison
OBJECTIVES: This study examined patterns, characteristics, and predictors of cross-racial friendships as the context for understanding contemporary race relations. METHOD: A national survey included 1,055 respondents, of whom 55% were white, 32% were black, and 74% were female; ages ranged from 18 to ≥65 years. Focus groups were conducted to assess societal and personal benefits. Participants (n = 31) were racially diverse and aged 20 to 66 years. RESULTS: After accounting for multiple covariates, regression analysis revealed that Asians, Hispanics, and multiracial individuals are more likely than their white and black counterparts to have cross-racial friends...
October 2016: Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology
Jing Yu, Charissa S L Cheah, Grace Calvin
OBJECTIVES: This study examined whether acculturation to American culture, maintenance of Chinese culture, and their interaction predicted Chinese immigrant parents' psychological adjustment and parenting styles. We hypothesized that American orientation would be associated with more positive psychological well-being and fewer depressive symptoms in immigrant mothers, which in turn would be associated with more authoritative parenting and less authoritarian parenting. The examination of the roles of Chinese orientation and the interaction of the 2 cultural orientations in relation to psychological adjustment and parenting were exploratory...
October 2016: Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology
Karen J Aroian, Thomas N Templin, Edythe S Hough
OBJECTIVE: This longitudinal study examines reciprocal and dynamic relations among daily hassles, the mother-child relationship, and adolescent behavior problems and whether the relations differed by sociodemographic variables. METHOD: Three waves of data about adolescent daily hassles, quality of the mother-child relationship, and adolescent behavior problems were collected from 454 Arab Muslim adolescents and their immigrant mothers over a 3-year period. Cross-lagged structural equation modeling (SEM) was used to examine reciprocal relations among the study variables...
October 2016: Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology
José M Causadias, Eva H Telzer, Richard M Lee
Objective: Culture and biology have evolved together, influence each other, and concurrently shape behavior, affect, cognition, and development. This special section highlights 2 major domains of the interplay between culture and biology. Method: The first domain is neurobiology of cultural experiences-how cultural, ethnic, and racial experiences influence limbic systems and neuroendocrine functioning-and the second domain is cultural neuroscience-the connections between cultural processes and brain functioning...
August 15, 2016: Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology
Anne Slotman, Marieke B Snijder, Umar Z Ikram, Aart H Schene, Gonneke W J M Stevens
OBJECTIVE: This study examined the mediating and moderating role of one's sense of mastery in the relationship between perceived ethnic discrimination and depression. METHOD: Questionnaire data from participants of the Healthy Life in an Urban Setting (HELIUS) study were used, containing responses from 9,141 Surinamese, Turkish, Moroccan, and Ghanaian immigrant adults, aged 18 to 70, living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. RESULTS: Results of path modeling indicated that perceptions of ethnic discrimination were positively related to depression symptomatology, and this relationship was moderated and partially mediated by mastery...
July 25, 2016: Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology
Lauren E Wood, Josefina M Grau, Erin N Smith, Petra A Duran, Patricia Castellanos
OBJECTIVES: It is imperative that individual differences in the cultural contexts of adolescent mothers, whose parenting is often linked to poor child outcomes, be better understood, especially among Puerto Rican-origin mothers who experience high rates of poverty. Behaviors that mothers use to elicit compliance from their children are important to investigate, because children's ability to engage in regulated, compliant behavior has long-term consequences for their adjustment. This study tested whether mothers' orientation to both American and Latino cultures influenced the associations between such maternal behaviors and compliant and defiant child behaviors...
July 25, 2016: Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology
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