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Fish Physiology and Biochemistry

Tingting Lin, Xin Liu, Dongxue Xiao, Dong Zhang
To better understand the endocrine- and immune-response pattern during reproduction in a fish species having parental care behaviors and also to accumulate the endocrine- and immune-related data for future explanations of the low reproductive efficiency in seahorse species, the variations of immune factors and sex steroids in the plasma of the male lined seahorse Hippocampus erectus at different breeding stages, i.e., pre-pregnancy, pregnancy (early, middle, and late periods), and post-pregnancy, were investigated in the present study...
February 14, 2017: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
F P Lopes, B F Pereira, R M S Alves, J R T Valim, F A T Figueiredo, D L Pitol, F H Caetano
Most water bodies in Brazil, and in the world, are contaminated by some types of pollutants, ranging from sewage to metal/chemicals, carcinogenic products, and biodegradable detergents. Despite the extensive knowledge on their effects on fish biology and especially on gill morphology, research that concerns their impacts on gill rakers and implications in parameters such as food consumption cannot be found in the literature. Gill rakers are vital because, together with gills, they are responsible for the defense and protection of the organism and for selecting appropriate food for survival...
February 14, 2017: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
Maciej Rożyński, Andrzej Kapusta, Krystyna Demska-Zakęś, Marek Hopko, Agnieszka Sikora, Zdzisław Zakęś
The aim of this work was to determine the impact of surgically implanted telemetry transmitters (TTs) on the growth, survival, hematological and biochemical indexes, and wound healing in juvenile pikeperch (Sander lucioperca) (body weight 60-90 g). Two incision suturing methods were used-silk sutures (experiment I-group ST) or tissue adhesive (experiment II-group GT). After tagging, the fish were held in a recirculating system for 35 days. No statistically significant differences were noted in the growth or condition indexes analyzed among the fish tagged with TT compared with those from the control groups (untagged)...
February 3, 2017: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
Juan Zhao, Pei Wu, Weidan Jiang, Yang Liu, Jun Jiang, Yongan Zhang, Xiaoqiu Zhou, Lin Feng
The present study aimed to assess the possible preventive and reparative effects of isoleucine (Ile) against copper (Cu)-induced oxidative stress in fish enterocytes in vitro. In experiment 1, enterocytes were preincubated with increasing concentrations of Ile (0, 50, 120, 190, 260, and 330 mg L(-1)) for 72 h followed by exposure to 6 mg L(-1) Cu for 24 h. In experiment 2, the enterocytes were pretreated with 6 mg L(-1) Cu for 24 h and then treated with 0-330 mg L(-1) Ile for 72 h to investigate its potential reparative role...
January 28, 2017: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
Yuan-Yuan Liu, Xiu-Rong Su, Shou-Sheng Liu, Shuang-Shuang Yang, Cheng-Yan Jiang, Yu Zhang, Shicui Zhang
Zebrafish phosvitin-derived peptide Pt5, consisting of the C-terminal 55 residues of phosvitin, has been shown to have an antimicrobial-immunomodulatory activity comparable to phosvitin. Here, we showed clearly that Pt5 had the capacity to inhibit tyrosinase (TYR) activity and melanin biosynthesis, and this inhibition was independent of cell proliferation and cytotoxic effects. Incubation of fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC)-labeled Pt5 with B16F10 melanoma cells revealed that Pt5 was localized in the cytoplasm of the cells...
January 27, 2017: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
Wen-Zhi Guan, Dan-Dan Guo, Yi-Wen Sun, Jie Chen, Xia-Yun Jiang, Shu-Ming Zou
The heme oxygenase (HO)-1 is a cytoprotective enzyme that can be involved in cytoprotection against hypoxia stress. In this study, we cloned duplicated HO-1a and HO-1b cDNAs in hypoxia-sensitive blunt snout bream (Megalobrama amblycephala). HO-1a and HO-1b encode peptides with 272 amino acids and 246 amino acids, respectively, and they share a low sequence identity of 55%. HO-1a and HO-1b mRNAs were maternally deposited in the zygote, and the mRNAs decreased to the lowest levels at 8 hpf. Both mRNAs were significantly (p < 0...
January 26, 2017: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
Shiwei Xie, Lixia Tian, Jin Niu, Guiying Liang, Yongjian Liu
An 8-week feeding trial was conducted to evaluate the effect of N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) and glycine supplementation on growth performance, glutathione (GSH) synthesis, and antioxidative ability of grass carp, Ctenopharyngodon idella. Four practical diets were formulated: control, control + 0.2% NAC, control + 0.5% glycine, and control + 0.2% NAC + 0.5% glycine. Each diet was randomly assigned to quadruplicate groups of 30 fish (approximately 8.8 g). Weight gain and specific growth rate were significantly increased with the supplementation of NAC...
January 25, 2017: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
B Novelli, F Otero-Ferrer, J A Socorro, M J Caballero, A Segade-Botella, L Molina Domínguez
Information about early development after male release lags behind studies of juveniles and adult seahorses, and newborn seahorses, similar in shape to adults, are considered juveniles or fry. During early life, Hippocampus hippocampus present behavioural (shift in habitat, from planktonic to benthic) and morphological changes; for this reasons, the aims of this study are to define the stage of development of H. hippocampus after they are expelled from the male brood pouch and to establish direct or indirect development through an osteological analysis...
January 25, 2017: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
Liansheng Wang, Hong Xu, Yang Wang, Chang'an Wang, Jinnan Li, Zhigang Zhao, Liang Luo, Xue Du, Qiyou Xu
The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of the supplementation of vitamin D3 on the growth, vitamin D metabolites, and osteocalcin secretion in juvenile Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baerii). A 90-day growth trial was conducted with juvenile Siberian sturgeon (initial body weight 3.47 ± 0.14 g) fed seven isonitrogenous and isoenergetic practical diets (45% CP and 13% lipid) containing 60 (basal diet), 240, 450, 880, 1670, 3300, or 1.0 × 10(5) IU/kg feed (D60~D 1.0 × 10(5)) vitamin D3...
January 23, 2017: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
Juan Tian, Wei Liu, Weihua Gao, Fan Wu, Lijuan Yu, Xing Lu, Chang-Geng Yang, Ming Jiang, Hua Wen
Fatty acid translocase/cluster of differentiation 36 (FAT/CD36) functions as a membrane long-chain fatty acid transporter in various tissues in land animals. Not much is known about the CD36 molecule in teleost fish. Therefore, we studied CD36 in grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella, ciCD36). The full-length complementary DNA sequence of ciCD36 was 1976 bp, with an ORF of 468 amino acids, which had high sequence similarity to the CD36 of common carp. The messenger RNA (mRNA) expression of ciCD36 was high in the intestine, heart, liver, visceral tissue, and brain, but absent in the kidney...
January 18, 2017: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
Karolina Kwasek, Simona Rimoldi, Anna Giulia Cattaneo, Timothy Parker, Konrad Dabrowski, Genciana Terova
Hypoxia can affect various fish populations, including yellow perch Perca flavescens, which is an economically and ecologically important species in Lake Erie, a freshwater system that often experiences hypoxia in the hypolimnetic part of the lake. Fish, similarly to mammals, possess molecular oxygen sensor-hypoxia-inducible factor-1 (HIF-1), a transcription factor that can affect expression of many downstream genes related to animal growth and locomotion, protein synthesis, as well as ATP and amino acid metabolism...
January 18, 2017: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
Hongli Jing, Xiangmei Lin, Lipu Xu, Longying Gao, Min Zhang, Na Wang, Shaoqiang Wu
The goldfish Carassius auratus, a freshwater fish in the family Cyprinidae, was one of the earliest fish to be domesticated for ornamental purposes. A cell line was established from goldfish heart (GH) tissue to create a biological monitoring tool for viral diseases. The GH cell line was optimally maintained at 25 °C in M199 medium supplemented with 10-20% fetal bovine serum. A chromosomal analysis indicated that the cell line remained diploid, with a mean chromosomal count of 100. In viral inoculation assays, significant cytopathic effects (CPEs) were caused by epizootic hematopoietic necrosis virus (EHNV), Andrias davidianus iridovirus (ADIV), and Bohle iridovirus (BIV) infections in the fish cells and the viral titers (average value) of EHNV, ADIV, and BIV in GH cells reached 10(5...
January 18, 2017: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
Pollyanna de Moraes França Ferreira, Maria Tatiana Soares Martins, Débora Werneck Caldas, Juliana Rodrigues Gomes, Jerusa Maria de Oliveira, Ana Lucia Salaro, Juliana Silva Rocha, Jener Alexandre Sampaio Zuanon
The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of turmeric (Curcuma longa) as additive in the diet for Astyanax aff. bimaculatus. Fish (0.83 ± 0.04 g) were fed, for 60 days, with six diets containing 0.0, 20.0, 40.0, 60.0, 80.0, and 100.0 g turmeric kg(-1) feed. There was an increasing linear effect of turmeric on the thickness of the muscular layer, and height and width of the folds of the intestine. In the liver, a quadratic effect was observed of turmeric on the percentage of hepatocyte cytoplasm and a decreasing linear effect on the percentage of sinusoid capillaries...
January 12, 2017: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
Takeshi Hano, Katsutoshi Ito, Kumiko Kono, Mana Ito, Nobuyuki Ohkubo, Kazuhiko Mochida
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
January 11, 2017: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
Yung-Chi Shen, Todd Hsu, Li-Bin Ling, Wen-Chian You, Chia-Wei Liu
Nucleotide excision repair (NER) removes helix-distorting DNA lesions such as UV-induced pyrimidine dimers and cisplatin-induced strand crosslinking. Our earlier studies have identified low-molecular-weight proteins homologous to the 150-kDa vitellogenin 1 (Vg1) as UV-damaged DNA-binding factors expressed in developing zebrafish (Danio rerio). This present study explored if Vg1-like proteins also participated in NER in zebrafish. Immunoblot analysis of affinity-captured 12 h post-fertilization (hpf) zebrafish extract proteins showed a transient binding of a 30-kDa Vg1-like polypeptide to UV-damaged DNA...
January 10, 2017: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
Caixia Lei, Jingjing Tian, Hong Ji
This study was conducted to assess the effect of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) on grass carp preadipocyte glycerol kinase (GyK) expression, as well as to explore the mechanism. Here, we cloned partial sequence of grass carp GyK gene and analyzed its tissue distribution. The result showed that GyK gene expressed most in the liver, followed by adipose tissue and the kidney. Besides, 400 μM oleic acid (18:1n-9, OA) was used to establish a hypertrophic preadipocyte model. GyK gene expression and enzyme activity were significantly enhanced after model cells were treated with 100 μM eicosapentaenoic acid (20:5n-3, EPA) for 6, 12, and 24 h...
January 5, 2017: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
Yinghua Ge, Jiewen Zhang, Xinyi Shi, Conger Lu, Lingrong Yang, Yuanyuan Li, Yanna Chen, Dandan Cheng, Jing Bai, Zhengbing Lv, Lili Liu
Liver regeneration is a complicated process, and understanding the regulatory mechanism will be helpful in the treatment of diseases associated with liver. In this study, the one-third liver resection model was established in Chiloscyllium plagiosum, and the whole transcriptome of the C. plagiosum was generated using the Illumina-Solexa sequencing platform. Differentially expressed genes were analyzed using bioinformatics methods and verified using quantitative real-time PCR (qRT-PCR). Using miRanda and TargetScan, we screened the microRNA library for miRNAs that target the glutathione S-transferase P1(GSTP1) gene...
January 4, 2017: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
I Ilham, Ravi Fotedar
Solvent-extracted soybean meal (SBM) was fermented using baker's yeast Saccharomyces cerevisae at 30 °C for 5 days. Four isonitrogenous and isocaloric diets containing 75% SBM protein, either fermented or non-fermented (SBM and FSBM), and supplemented or not with organic Se (OS) (SBMOS and FSBMOS), were fed to triplicate groups of juvenile barramundi (Lates calcarifer) (initial weight of 5 g) for 75 days. A fishmeal (FM)-based diet formulated for juvenile barramundi was used as a reference diet. The growth of fish was significantly affected by either the interaction of SBM type or by the OS level...
December 27, 2016: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
Huayu Song, Mengxun Wang, Zhongkai Wang, Jinxiang Liu, Jie Qi, Quanqi Zhang
Reproduction allows organisms to produce offspring. Animals shift from immature juveniles into mature adults and become capable of sexual reproduction during puberty, which culminates in the first spermiation and sperm hydration or ovulation. Reproduction is closely related to the precise control of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal (HPG) axis. Kisspeptin peptides are considered as the important regulator of HPG axis in mammalian. However, the current understanding of kisspeptin in flatfish is not comprehensive...
December 24, 2016: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
Zhi-Feng Liu, Xiao-Qiang Gao, Jiu-Xiang Yu, Xiao-Ming Qian, Guo-Ping Xue, Qiao-Yun Zhang, Bao-Liang Liu, Lei Hong
The effects of salinity on survival, growth, special activity of digestive enzymes, nonspecific immune response, and muscle fatty acid composition were evaluated in the American shad (Alosa sapidissima). Juveniles of 35 days after hatching were reared at 0 (control), 7, 14, 21, and 28 ppt for 60 days. At the end of the experiment, juvenile American shad presented higher survival and specific growth rate (SGR) in salinity group (7, 14, and 21 ppt) than control group (P < 0.05). The special activity of trypsin and chymotrypsin was highest in fish reared at 21 ppt, while the highest lipase special activity was obtained in control group (P < 0...
December 24, 2016: Fish Physiology and Biochemistry
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