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Nursing & Health Sciences

Christopher J Gordon, Peter B Hudson, Mark B Plenderleith, Murray Fisher, Judy A Craft
Nursing students have reported bioscience to be challenging and difficult to understand. This might have a negative impact upon their ability to understand patients' clinical conditions and nursing practice. We sought information about students' experiences with bioscience. A total of 126 final year nursing students completed a questionnaire. The findings showed that the majority of participants considered bioscience subjects to require more work compared to nursing subjects (65.9%), and that they would like a better understanding of bioscience (73...
October 5, 2016: Nursing & Health Sciences
Liuyi Zhang, Teresa E Stone, Jingping Zhang
Yinao (healthcare disturbance) refers to violent incidents directed against healthcare staff and facilities for financial benefit. In China, incidences of Yinao are widespread and increasing, but little is known of this phenomenon in the wider global community. This commentary investigates the factors behind Yinao to achieve a deeper understanding. Causes include a lack of trust in medical staff, fueled by costly medical expenses; difficulties in accessing treatment; poor treatment outcomes; high patient expectations; a misunderstanding or rejection of medical ethics; misleading media reports; and a complex appeals process...
September 30, 2016: Nursing & Health Sciences
Andi Masyitha Irwan, Mayumi Kato, Kazuyo Kitaoka, Eiichi Ueno, Hiromasa Tsujiguchi, Miho Shogenji
We conducted a randomized, controlled trial to examine the effects of a salt-reduction and efficacy-maintenance program on the improvement and maintenance of self-care and self-efficacy in reducing the salt intake of older people with high blood pressure. A total of 51 participants with hypertension/prehypertension in Indonesia were randomly assigned to a control group or one of two intervention groups: salt-reduction training or salt-reduction and efficacy-maintenance. The salt-reduction and efficacy-maintenance group received educational training and a maintenance meeting; the participants' knowledge, attitudes, self-care practices, and self-efficacy significantly improved after training and were maintained after the maintenance meeting...
September 29, 2016: Nursing & Health Sciences
Punpilai Sriarporn, Sue Turale, Nuananong Lordee, Sawanee Liamtrirat, Wasana Hanpra, Authid Kanthino
In this study, we preliminarily examined the effects of the Informational and Emotional Support Program for Women after Pregnancy Termination in 30 Thai women. A literature review and House's theory of social support informed the program content, which consisted of the following elements: (i) an evaluation of grief; (ii) an analysis of the problems and needs of each woman; (iii) informational and emotional support tailored to individual problems and needs; (iv) telephone support; and (v) an exit phone interview...
September 12, 2016: Nursing & Health Sciences
Rutja Phuphaibul, Watana Teamprathom, Apa Puckpinyo, Supannee Tharakul
There is insufficient evidence in the literature to indicate whether the promotion of lifestyle changes to prevent renal dysfunction and activate regeneration is effective. We examined the effectiveness of a community-based intervention program on renal restoration using a non-randomized clinical trial design with a follow-up period of six months. The training focused on lifestyle changes, including health education and personal consultation with a multidisciplinary health team. Our study included 120 patients with fractional excretion of magnesium levels of > 2%, who were assigned to experimental or control groups...
September 4, 2016: Nursing & Health Sciences
Duanying Cai, Wipada Kunaviktikul, Areewan Klunklin, Acharaporn Sripusanapan, Patricia Kay Avant
This qualitative study using semi-structured interviews was conducted to identify the essential components of cultural competence from the perspective of Chinese nurses. A purposive sample of 20 nurse experts, including senior clinical nurses, nurse administrators, and educators in transcultural nursing, was recruited. Using thematic analysis, four themes: awareness, attitudes, knowledge, and skills, with two subthemes for each, were identified. Notably, culture in China was understood in a broad way. The participants' responses focused upon demographic attributes, individuality, and efforts to facilitate quality care rather than on the cultural differences of ethnicity and race and developing the capacity to change discrimination or health disparities...
August 23, 2016: Nursing & Health Sciences
Koren Hazut, Pnina Romem, Smadar Malkin, Ilana Livshiz-Riven
The purpose of this study was to compare the predictive validity, economic efficiency, and faculty staff satisfaction of a computerized test versus a personal interview as admission methods for graduate nursing studies. A mixed method study was designed, including cross-sectional and retrospective cohorts, interviews, and cost analysis. One hundred and thirty-four students in the Master of Nursing program participated. The success of students in required core courses was similar in both admission method groups...
August 23, 2016: Nursing & Health Sciences
Luís Carlos Lopes-Júnior, Paulo Marcondes Carvalho Júnior, Victor Evangelista de Faria Ferraz, Lucila Castanheira Nascimento, Marcia Van Riper, Milena Flória-Santos
Recent advances in genomics and related technologies have the potential to improve health care throughout the world. In this cross-sectional study, we examine genetics education, knowledge, and genetics-related experiences among the nurses and physicians who provide primary care in a Brazilian city. Fifty-four healthcare professionals from family health units participated in the study (response rate: 90%). Data were collected using a structured 36-item questionnaire divided into five axes: sociodemographic data and academic background; genetics education; genetics knowledge; genetics-related experiences in family practice; and knowledge regarding the National Policy for Comprehensive Care in Clinical Genetics in the Unified Health System...
August 11, 2016: Nursing & Health Sciences
Yongxia Song, Xiaoqing Lv, Jingjing Liu, Dan Huang, Jingfang Hong, Weili Wang, Wenru Wang
This study was conducted to understand patients' experiences of nursing support, to identify gaps between patients' expected needs and the nursing support they received, and to explore reasons for such disparity. A qualitative study with a phenomenological approach was used. A purposive sample of 22 patients with different types of cancer was recruited and interviewed using semistructured guidelines. The data were analyzed using phenomenological analytic methods. Several needs regarding nursing support were expressed, including informational, psychological, clinical, care coordination and communication needs, and there were some unmet or partially-met needs...
August 11, 2016: Nursing & Health Sciences
José Manuel Martínez Linares, Rafael Guisado Barrilao, Francisco Manuel Ocaña Peinado, Francisco Javier Salgado Parreño
In this study, we estimated the risk of acute coronary syndrome and stroke associated with several emerging cardiovascular risk factors. This was a case-control study, where an age - and sex-matched acute coronary syndrome group and stroke group were compared with controls. Demographic and clinical data were collected through patient interviews, and blood samples were taken for analysis. In the bivariate analysis, all cardiovascular risk factors analyzed showed as predictors of acute coronary syndrome and stroke, except total cholesterol and smoking...
August 11, 2016: Nursing & Health Sciences
Lily Dongxia Xiao, Eileen Willis, Ann Harrington, David Gillham, Anita De Bellis, Wendy Morey, Lesley Jeffers
Similar to many developed nations, older people living in residential aged care homes in Australia and the staff who care for them have become increasingly multicultural. This cultural diversity adds challenges for residents in adapting to the care home. This study explores: (i) residents' and family members' perceptions about staff and cultural diversity, and (ii) culturally and linguistically diverse residents' and family members' experiences. An interpretive study design employing a thematic analysis was applied...
August 3, 2016: Nursing & Health Sciences
Wipada Kunaviktikul
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 2016: Nursing & Health Sciences
Jia Chen, Xianhong Li, Yang Xiong, Kristopher P Fennie, Honghong Wang, Ann Bartley Williams
HIV prevalence among Chinese men who have sex with men has rapidly increased in recent years. In this randomized, controlled study, we tested the feasibility and efficacy of motivational interviewing to reduce high-risk sexual behaviors among this population in Changsha, China. Eighty men who have sex with men were randomly assigned to either the intervention group, in which participants received a three-session motivational interviewing intervention over 4 weeks, or the control group, in which participants received usual counseling from peer educators...
September 2016: Nursing & Health Sciences
James Whyte, Roxanne Pickett-Hauber, Maria D Whyte
There are a dearth of studies that quantitatively measure nurses' appreciation of stimuli and the subsequent generation of options in practice environments. The purpose of this paper was to provide an examination of nurses' ability to solve problems while quantifying the stimuli upon which they focus during patient care activities. The study used a quantitative descriptive method that gathered performance data from a simulated task environment using multi-angle video and audio. These videos were coded and transcripts of all of the actions that occurred in the scenario and the verbal reports of the participants were compiled...
September 2016: Nursing & Health Sciences
Louise Sparkes, Maggie Mee Kie Chan, Simon Cooper, Michelle Tsz Ha Pang, Agnes Tiwari
International concerns relating to healthcare professionals' failure to rescue deteriorating patients exist. Web-based training programs have been developed and evaluated in Western settings but further testing is required before application in non-Western countries, as traditional modalities of learning may differ between cultures. We trialed an Australian English language online simulation program for the management of deteriorating patients, Feedback Incorporating Review and Simulation Techniques to Act on Clinical Trends (FIRST(2) ACTWeb), to test cultural acceptability, transferability, and educational impact...
September 2016: Nursing & Health Sciences
Sena Yamamoto, Eiko Masutani, Harue Arao
While more women with breast cancer survive because of advances in cancer treatment including hormonal therapy, they are at a risk of menopausal symptoms, which can threaten their psychological wellbeing. We examined the effect of menopausal symptoms on women's psychological wellbeing during three different phases of breast cancer: short-term (0-1 years since diagnosis), medium-term (2-5 years), and long-term (more than 5 years). In this cross-sectional study, 425 survivors treated with hormonal therapy were recruited from a convenience sample in Japan and completed an anonymous self-administered questionnaire...
September 2016: Nursing & Health Sciences
Yun-Jung Choi
Nursing students with high levels of self-esteem and a strong ego-identity maintain a level of self-integrity that enables them to participate successfully in shared group values and interests while simultaneously meeting their own needs. Self-esteem and ego-identity are associated with academic achievement, major (area of study) satisfaction, and life satisfaction in undergraduate students. This study evaluated a brief group program for Korean nursing students that focused on promoting positive self-esteem and ego-identity development...
September 2016: Nursing & Health Sciences
Samantha E Ashby, Suzanne H Snodgrass, Darren A Rivett, Trevor Russell
The development of student-practitioners' practical clinical skills is essential in health professional education. Objective Structured Clinical Examinations are central to the assessment of students performing clinical procedures on simulated patients (actors). While feedback is considered core to learning providing timely, individualised student OSCE feedback is difficult. This study explored the perceptions of students about the multiple factors which shape the utility of e-feedback following an electronic Objective Structured Clinical Examinations, which utilized iPad and specialised software...
September 2016: Nursing & Health Sciences
Angela Chia-Chen Chen, Torsten B Neilands, Shu-Min Chan, Marguerita Lightfoot
This study examined parental, peer, and media influences on Taiwanese adolescents' attitudes toward premarital sex and intent to engage in sexual behavior. Participants included a convenience sample of 186 adolescents aged 13-15 recruited from two middle schools in Taiwan. Parental influence was indicated by perceived parental disapproval toward premarital sex and perceived peer sexual behavior was used to measure peer influence. Media influence was measured by the adolescents' perception of whether the media promotes premarital sex...
September 2016: Nursing & Health Sciences
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