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Morphologie: Bulletin de L'Association des Anatomistes

S Jha, S Singh, R Bansal, P Chauhan, M-P Shah, A Shah
OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY: Study was conducted to evaluate the incidence of caroticoclinoid foramen in north Indian population. Authors have also endeavoured to discuss its clinical and embryological implications. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Study was conducted on 108 dry human skulls in department of anatomy SGRR medical college, Dehradun. Incidence of caroticoclinoid foramen was evaluated in accordance with side. RESULTS: A percentage of 22.22 skulls presented with the caroticoclinoid foramen with maximum incidence of unilateral and incomplete type...
November 10, 2016: Morphologie: Bulletin de L'Association des Anatomistes
D Chappard
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 2016: Morphologie: Bulletin de L'Association des Anatomistes
R Guidoin, R Zegdi, J Lin, J Mao, O Rochette-Drouin, D How, X Guan, P Bruneval, L Wang, L Germain, Z Zhang
INTRODUCTION: Prior to deployment, the percutaneous heart valves must be crimped and loaded into sheaths of diameters that can be as low as 6mm for a 23mm diameter valve. However, as the valve leaflets are fragile, any damage caused during this crimping process may contribute to reducing its long-term durability in vivo. MATERIAL AND METHOD: Bovine pericardium percutaneous valves were manufactured as follows. The leaflets were sutured on a nitinol frame. A polyester cuff fabric served as a buffer between the pericardium and the stent...
December 2016: Morphologie: Bulletin de L'Association des Anatomistes
D F Angelo, P Morouço, N Alves, T Viana, F Santos, R González, F Monje, D Macias, B Carrapiço, R Sousa, S Cavaco-Gonçalves, F Salvado, C Peleteiro, M Pinho
Preclinical trials are essential to the development of scientific technologies. Remarkable molecular and cellular research has been done using small animal models. However, significant differences exist regarding the articular behavior between these models and humans. Thus, large animal models may be more appropriate to perform trials involving the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The aim of this work was to make a morphological (anatomic dissection and white light 3D scanning system), histological (TMJ in bloc was removed for histologic analysis) and biomechanical characterization (tension and compression tests) of sheep TMJ comparing the obtained results with human data...
December 2016: Morphologie: Bulletin de L'Association des Anatomistes
S Singh, H K Loh, V Mehta
Human hand is haughtily described in literature as 'revolution in evolution'. Lumbricals form an intricate part of its musculature playing a vital role in complex digital movements. By virtue of their origin from the volar aspect of palm and their insertion onto the dorsal aspect to the extensor digital expansion of the digits, lumbricals display complex actions flexing the metacarpophalangeal joint and extending the interphalangeal joints. Such manoeuvres of the digits are vital for skilful and precision movements...
December 2016: Morphologie: Bulletin de L'Association des Anatomistes
A-E Depince-Berger, C Aanei, C Iobagiu, M Jeraiby, C Lambert
Cytometry aims to analyze cells, of any type, using dedicated instruments. The quantitative aspect makes flow cytometry (FCM) a good complementary tool for morphology. Most of the identification tools are based on immunostaining of cell structure details and more and more tools are available in terms of specificities and labels. FCM is under exponential development thanks to technical, immunological and data analysis progresses. Actual generations are now routinely using 6 to 10 simultaneous immuno-labeling on 20 to 100,000 cells, at high speed and short sample preparation and can easily detect rare events at frequency below 10(-4) cells...
December 2016: Morphologie: Bulletin de L'Association des Anatomistes
B Alsaid
INTRODUCTION: Blackboard drawing is the traditional and still widely learned method for anatomy teachers. However, for practical reasons, more and more lessons are done using slide shows. New digital learning tools are developed to create a more attractive teaching method. The objective of this study was to compare the use of graphic tablet live drawing versus slide shows. METHODS: Sixty-five second-year students of the Faculty of Medicine participated in this study during their first semester of 2013-2014 academic year...
December 2016: Morphologie: Bulletin de L'Association des Anatomistes
A Bernardes, C Melo, S Pinheiro
The muscles of the anterior compartment of the forearm often exhibit anatomic variations. During dissection of the upper right limb of a preserved cadaver, morphological variations in the Palmaris longus and Flexor digitorum superficialis muscles were found. The Palmaris longus muscular fibers converged to a tendon that passed beneath the Flexor retinaculum, and inserted at the base of the middle phalanx of the fourth digit, replacing the tendon of Flexor digitorum superficialis. The Flexor digitorum superficialis was divided into two muscular heads: a digastric medial head giving tendons to the second and fifth digits, and a lateral head giving one tendon to the third digit...
December 2016: Morphologie: Bulletin de L'Association des Anatomistes
Y E James, B Tchangai, I Kassegne, K Keke, K D James
OBJECTIVES: Identifying the different kinds of anatomical sigmoid colon in our environment and determine what exposes the most to the occurrence of pelvic colon volvulus. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This is a transverse prospective study from 1 January 2007 to 31 December 2012 on a series of 63 patients (33 men and 30 women) who underwent laparotomy for non-colonic pathologies. For all patients, the following parameters were recorded: C1: total length of the pelvic colon; C2: the length of the root of the meso-sigmoid; C3: the height of the meso-sigmoid; C4: maximum width of the meso-sigmoid...
December 2016: Morphologie: Bulletin de L'Association des Anatomistes
B Guillaume
A high number of patients have one or more missing tooth and it is estimated that one in four American subjects over the age of 74 have lost all their natural teeth. Many options exist to replace missing teeth but dental implants have become one of the most used biomaterial to replace one (or more) missing tooth over the last decades. Contemporary dental implants made with titanium have been proven safe and effective in large series of patients. This review considers the main historical facts concerned with dental implants and present the different critical factors that will ensure a good osseo-integration that will ensure a stable prosthesis anchorage...
December 2016: Morphologie: Bulletin de L'Association des Anatomistes
B Bouvard, C Masson, E Legrand, M Audran
Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva is a very rare heritable disease characterized by a progressive heterotopic endochondal ossification, occurring in the first decade of life, and leading thereafter to a severe ankylosis of the spine, limbs and jaw, with a progressive and severe functional disability. To date the cause of the disease remains unknown and no medical treatment has been proved efficient. It has recently been shown that a recurrent mutation in activation domain of the activin-receptor IA (ACVR1), a BMP receptor, could lead to an abnormal signalling pathway of BMP-4 and contribute to the occurrence of the devastating lesions characteristic of the disease...
December 2016: Morphologie: Bulletin de L'Association des Anatomistes
A Yaba, B Sozen, B Suzen, N Demir
Tanycytes are special ependymal cells located in the ventrolateral wall and floor of the third ventricle having processes extending nuclei that regulate reproductive functions and around of vessels in median eminance. The aquaporins (AQPs) are a family of transmembrane proteins that transport water and glycerol. AQP-7 and -9 are permeable to other small molecules as glycerol and therefore called aquaglyceroporins. In this study, we aimed to show localization of AQP-7 and -9 in epithelial cells of choroid plexus and tanycytes during female mouse estrus cycle...
October 13, 2016: Morphologie: Bulletin de L'Association des Anatomistes
H Copin, P Foulon, C Kohler, P Vago, D Bremond
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 2016: Morphologie: Bulletin de L'Association des Anatomistes
P Massin, S Achour
Among the bearing surfaces involved in a total hip arthroplasty, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) is the weak link. It is submitted to the friction of a harder bearing, producing wear particles, which, in turn, initiate an inflammatory reaction ultimately leading to osteolysis. This kind of bone deterioration sometimes turns out to an aggressive granuloma and may provoke implant loosening. Wear resistance of UHMWPE depends on its molecular weight and crystallinity. Some steps of the manufacturing process were improved to optimize its tribological properties and to slow down degradation resulting from mechanical (abrasion) and chemical (oxidation) phenomena...
July 14, 2016: Morphologie: Bulletin de L'Association des Anatomistes
J-M Bourget, R Zegdi, J Lin, P Wawryko, Y Merhi, C Convelbo, J Mao, Y Fu, T Xu, N O Merkel, L Wang, L Germain, Z Zhang, R Guidoin
INTRODUCTION: Transcathether heart valve replacement has gained considerable acceptance during the last decades. It is now part of the armamentarium for aortic valve replacement. The procedure proved to be highly efficient. However the issues of the blood compatibility and tissue durability were not raised and the adverse events were probably under-reported, according to observations of thrombosis after deployment. MATERIAL AND METHOD: Bovine pericardium leaflets were sewn inside a 26mm diameter stainless steel stent to manufacture these valves (one control and two experimental)...
July 13, 2016: Morphologie: Bulletin de L'Association des Anatomistes
G Mabilleau
Bone is a tissue with multiple functions that is built from the molecular to anatomical levels to resist and adapt to mechanical strains. Among all the factors that might control the bone organization, a role for several gut hormones called "incretins" has been suspected. The present review summarizes the current evidences on the effects of glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) and glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) in bone physiology.
July 13, 2016: Morphologie: Bulletin de L'Association des Anatomistes
D Chappard
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
June 2016: Morphologie: Bulletin de L'Association des Anatomistes
P D Darbre
The human population is exposed to aluminium (Al) from diet, antacids and vaccine adjuvants, but frequent application of Al-based salts to the underarm as antiperspirant adds a high additional exposure directly to the local area of the human breast. Coincidentally the upper outer quadrant of the breast is where there is also a disproportionately high incidence of breast cysts and breast cancer. Al has been measured in human breast tissues/fluids at higher levels than in blood, and experimental evidence suggests that at physiologically relevant concentrations, Al can adversely impact on human breast epithelial cell biology...
June 2016: Morphologie: Bulletin de L'Association des Anatomistes
C Vignal, P Desreumaux, M Body-Malapel
Since World War II, several factors such as an impressive industrial growth, an enhanced environmental bioavailability and intensified food consumption have contributed to a significant amplification of human exposure to aluminum. Aluminum is particularly present in food, beverages, some drugs and airbone dust. In our food, aluminum is superimposed via additives and cooking utensils. Therefore, the tolerable intake of aluminum is exceeded for a significant part of the world population, especially in children who are more vulnerable to toxic effects of pollutants than adults...
June 2016: Morphologie: Bulletin de L'Association des Anatomistes
A I Pogue, W J Lukiw
The genomes of eukaryotes orchestrate their expression to ensure an effective, homeostatic and functional gene signaling program, and this includes fundamentally altered patterns of transcription during aging, development, differentiation and disease. These actions constitute an extremely complex and intricate process as genetic operations such as transcription involve the very rapid translocation and polymerization of ribonucleotides using RNA polymerases, accessory transcription protein complexes and other interrelated chromatin proteins and genetic factors...
June 2016: Morphologie: Bulletin de L'Association des Anatomistes
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