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Permanente Journal

Abdul Rahman, Andrea Perri, Avril Deegan, Jennifer Kuntz, David Cawthorpe
CONTEXT: There is a movement toward trauma-informed, trauma-focused psychiatric treatment. OBJECTIVE: To examine Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) survey items by sex and by total scores by sex vs clinical measures of impairment to examine the clinical utility of the ACE survey as an index of trauma in a child and adolescent mental health care setting. DESIGN: Descriptive, polychoric factor analysis and regression analyses were employed to analyze cross-sectional ACE surveys (N = 2833) and registration-linked data using past admissions (N = 10,400) collected from November 2016 to March 2017 related to clinical data (28 independent variables), taking into account multicollinearity...
2018: Permanente Journal
Ernesto De Leon, Lewei Duan, Ellen Rippenberger, Adam L Sharp
CONTEXT: There is substantial variation in the emergency treatment of atrial fibrillation with tachycardia. A standardized treatment approach at an academic center decreased admissions without adverse outcomes, but this approach has not been evaluated in a community Emergency Department (ED). OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the implementation of a standardized treatment guideline for patients with atrial fibrillation and a rapid heart rate in a community ED. DESIGN: An observational pre-/postimplementation (August 2013 to July 2014 and August 2014 to July 2015, respectively) study at a community ED...
2018: Permanente Journal
Ellen Goldstein, Jann Murray-García, Andrés F Sciolla, James Topitzes
INTRODUCTION: Adults exposed to traumatic events during childhood commonly seek medical services, but health care practitioners hesitate to address and assess early trauma despite its known negative health effects. This study examines medical students' perspectives on a brief course that addressed the health care needs of patients exposed to adverse childhood experiences. METHODS: A convenience sample of 20 University of California, Davis medical students from the Summer Institute on Race and Health received 6 hours of trauma-informed care training...
2018: Permanente Journal
Ian R Tofler, Brandon M Hyatt, David S Tofler
Extreme sports, defined as sporting or adventure activities involving a high degree of risk, have boomed since the 1990s. These types of sports attract men and women who can experience a life-affirming transcendence or "flow" as they participate in dangerous activities. Extreme sports also may attract people with a genetic predisposition for risk, risk-seeking personality traits, or underlying psychiatric disorders in which impulsivity and risk taking are integral to the underlying problem. In this report, we attempt to illustrate through case histories the motivations that lead people to repeatedly risk their lives and explore psychiatry's role in extreme sports...
2018: Permanente Journal
James T Hardee
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2018: Permanente Journal
Ashok Krishnaswami, Rohini Ashok, Stephen Sidney, Michael Okimura, Beth Kramer, Lindsey Hogan, Michael Sorel, Sheri Pruitt, Wayne Smith
CONTEXT: There are insufficient data on the long-term, nonsurgical, nonpharmacologic treatment of obesity. OBJECTIVE: To determine changes in weight over 5 years in participants enrolled between April 1, 2007, and December 31, 2014, in a medically supervised weight management program at Kaiser Permanente Northern California Medical Centers. The program consisted of 3 phases: Complete meal replacement for 16 weeks; transition phase, 17 to 29 weeks; and lifestyle maintenance phase, 30 to 82 weeks...
2018: Permanente Journal
Ritabelle Fernandes, Chuan C Chinn, Dongmei Li, Timothy B Frankland, Christina Mb Wang, Myra D Smith, Rebecca Rude Ozaki
BACKGROUND: The Medicaid Incentives for Prevention of Chronic Diseases program was authorized by the Affordable Care Act to determine the effectiveness of providing financial incentives. OBJECTIVE: To examine the impact of incentives on adult Medicaid beneficiaries' diabetes self-management using the Hawaii Patient Reward And Incentives to Support Empowerment project. METHODS: A randomized controlled trial study was conducted at Kaiser Permanente Hawaii with 320 participants (159 intervention group/161 control group)...
2018: Permanente Journal
Russ David Granich
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2018: Permanente Journal
Eric M Macy
Radiocontrast-associated acute-onset hypersensitivity reactions now occur less frequently than before 1990, when high-osmolar, ionic, radiocontrast agents were widely used. Premedication with corticosteroids and antihistamines does not reliably prevent recurrent low-osmolar radiocontrast-associated acute hypersensitivity reactions. Corticosteroid prophylaxis for acute hypersensitivity currently causes more morbidity than benefit. The specific radiocontrast agent that is associated with a patient's adverse reaction must be displayed in the drug intolerance or drug "allergy" field of their electronic health record to enable effective management and prevention of future reactions...
2018: Permanente Journal
Harry Glauber, William M Vollmer, Gregory A Nichols
CONTEXT: Given the dramatic rise in the incidence of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) in recent decades, identifying individuals at increased risk of T2DM and validating methods to reduce their risk of disease progression is important. With more than one-third of US adults having prediabetes, a more precise stratification of absolute risk of T2DM incidence would help in prioritizing prevention efforts. OBJECTIVE: To develop a simple and clinically useful schema to stratify short-term (2-year) absolute risk of T2DM...
2018: Permanente Journal
Michelle J Lespasio, Assem A Sultan, Nicolas S Piuzzi, Anton Khlopas, M Elaine Husni, George F Muschler, Michael A Mont
The objective of this article is to deliver a concise up-to-date review on hip osteoarthritis. We describe the epidemiology (disease distribution), etiologies (associated risk factors), symptoms, diagnosis and classification, and treatment options for hip osteoarthritis. A quiz serves to assist readers in their understanding of the presented material.
2018: Permanente Journal
Julia E Rawlings, Sheryl J Herner, Thomas Delate, Kelsey E Palmer, Kelly A Swartzendruber
CONTEXT: Patient safety culture (PSC) improvement is a strategy that can foster patient well-being. Measuring PSC without using a validated instrument has been proposed. OBJECTIVE: To assess the strengths of correlations between the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality's validated Community Pharmacy Survey on Patient Safety Culture (CPSPSC) composites and nonvalidated People Pulse (PP) work environment indices. DESIGN: This was a cross-sectional, anonymous, voluntary survey...
2018: Permanente Journal
Brian Raymond, Benjamin Wheatley
The two largest providers of HIV care in the US are the Veterans Administration and Kaiser Permanente. Both organizations are significantly outperforming the general population in implementing the HIV Care Continuum, which involves 1) testing and diagnosis, 2) linkage to care, 3) retention in care, 4) initiation and continuation of antiretroviral therapy, and 5) achievement of viral suppression. Adherence to the care continuum allows people living with HIV to achieve viral suppression to levels where the virus is undetectable...
2018: Permanente Journal
Ali Pourmand, Christina Woodward, Hamid Shokoohi, Jordan B King, M Reza Taheri, Jackson King, Christopher Lawrence
CONTEXT: Web-based learning (WBL) modules are effectively used to improve medical education curriculum; however, they have not been evaluated to improve head computed tomography (CT) scan interpretation in an emergency medicine (EM) setting. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the effectiveness of a WBL module to aid identification of cranial structures on CT and to improve ability to distinguish between normal and abnormal findings. DESIGN: Prospective, before-and-after trial in the Emergency Department of an academic center...
2018: Permanente Journal
Harshal S Mandavdhare, Soburuddin Ahmed, Vishal Sharma
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2018: Permanente Journal
Nikhil Gupta, Aditi Agarwal
Spondyloarthritis is a chronic inflammatory disease predominantly affecting joints of the axial skeleton. However, as many as 50% of patients with this disease may have extra-articular manifestations, which include uveitis; psoriasis; inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn disease or ulcerative colitis; cardiovascular manifestations in the form of conduction abnormalities, atherosclerosis, or valvular heart disease; pulmonary involvement; and rarely renal involvement. Uveitis occurs in 25% to 40% of patients with spondyloarthritis...
2018: Permanente Journal
Charles N Trujillo, Aaron Fowler, Mohammed H Al-Temimi, Aamna Ali, Samir Johna, Deron Tessier
With the incidence of ventral hernias increasing, surgeons are faced with greater complexity in dealing with these conditions. Proper knowledge of the history and the advancements made in managing complex ventral hernias will enhance surgical results. This review article highlights the literature regarding complex ventral hernias, including a shift from a focus that stressed surgical technique toward a multimodal approach, which involves optimization and identification of suboptimal characteristics.
2018: Permanente Journal
Bradford Lee Napier, Maki Morimoto, Erin Napier
INTRODUCTION: Herpes simplex virus (HSV) has been speculated to play a role in migraine headache pathophysiology. We present the first successful migraine headache treatment with therapy specifically targeting HSV infection. CASE PRESENTATION: A previously healthy 21-year-old white woman presented with a severe headache and was diagnosed with severe migraine headache disorder. She initially was treated with standard migraine headache medications without symptomatic improvement...
2017: Permanente Journal
Carlos Franco-Paredes
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2017: Permanente Journal
Sandra Marquez Hall, Janet Lieto, Roy Martin
During a mandatory fourth-year core geriatric medicine rotation at our medical school, we discovered that our medical students were struggling with end-of-life (EOL) issues both personally and professionally. We implemented curriculum changes to assist them in developing emotional awareness about death and dying, and to help develop their ability to respond personally and professionally to patients and their families during EOL experiences.In our new curriculum, a seasoned ethicist at our university conducts 2 educational sessions addressing EOL issues...
2017: Permanente Journal
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