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International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID

Xiaohui Zou, Kang Chang, Yeming Wang, Mengxue Li, Wang Zhang, Chunlei Wang, Binghuai Lu, Zhujia Xiong, Jiajing Han, Yulin Zhang, Jiankang Zhao, Bin Cao
BACKGROUND: The Xpert Xpress Flu/RSV assay is released by FDA for rapid detection of influenza A (FluA), influenza B (FluB), and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). This study aimed to evaluate its clinical performance in comparison to that of the RT-PCR assay cleared by China FDA (CFDA-PCR). METHODS: Nasopharyngeal specimens were collected from patients and tested by the two assays side by side. Discordant results were tested with a laboratory-developed real-time PCR for resolution...
January 8, 2019: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
Nadia Rodriguez, Brian Mondeja, Ruxana Sardiñas, Dania Vega, Roger Dumke
OBJECTIVES: Mycoplasma pneumoniae is a common cause of community-acquired pneumonia in humans. Treatment of infections can be complicated by the occurrence of macrolide resistant strains. The study was conducted to evaluate the presence of resistant strains in Cuba and to determine the corresponding genotypes. METHODS: DNA of M. pneumoniae isolates and positive respiratory tract specimens collected in the years 2012 and 2017 were tested for resistance-associated mutations of 23S rRNA...
January 8, 2019: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
Iftekhar Ahmed, Md Bodiuzzaman Rabbi, Sakina Sultana
BACKGROUND: Antibiotic resistance (ABR) is a worldwide problem and Bangladesh contributes a lot to it owing to its poor healthcare standards along with misuse and overuse of antibiotics. This systematic review was conducted for the first time to summarize the present scenario of ABR in Bangladesh, to identify gaps in surveillance, and to provide recommendations based on the findings. METHOD: Google Scholar, PubMed, and Bangladesh Journals Online were searched using relevant keywords to find out articles related to ABR in Bangladesh published between 2004 and 2018...
January 8, 2019: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
Philippe Colson, Patrick Borentain, René Gerolami
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
January 8, 2019: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
Seungjun Lee, Hui-Jin Yu, Sangeun Lim, Hyosoon Park, Min-Jung Kwon, Hee-Yeon Woo
OBJECTIVES: With the development of the automated treponemal test, new syphilis serodiagnosis algorithms, reverse algorithm, and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) algorithm have been recommended recently. We investigated the efficacy of an electrochemiluminescence immunoassay (ECLIA) as an initial screening test in the reverse and ECDC algorithms. METHODS: Samples from 4,771 subjects were included in this study. We performed rapid plasma reagin (RPR), ECLIA, and Treponema pallidum particle agglutination (TPPA) according to these three algorithms...
January 8, 2019: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
M Gagliano, L R Suardi, C Marchiani, G Bandini, N Palagano, E Cioni, A Moggi Pignone
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
January 8, 2019: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
Sergey Sidorenko, Sergei Zakharenko, Yuri Lobzin, Konstantin Zhdanov, Elvira Martens, Vladimir Gostev, Alexey Mokhov, Marina Volkova, Olga Kalinogorskaya, Ludmila Gelezova, Alexander Goldstein, Moe H Kyaw
OBJECTIVE: To determine the carriage and the serogroup distribution of Neisseria meningitidis in military academy applicants in the Russian Federation. DESIGN: This was a prospective, observational study of adults aged >18years from a military academy; applicants who had samples taken on arrival (Day 1), and applicants who had samples taken after passing exams (Day 30) and 60days after arrival. N. meningitidis serogrouping was determined by slide agglutination tests of isolates and real-time PCR...
January 8, 2019: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
TienYu Owen Yang, Wan-Ting Huang, Mei-Huei Chen, Kuan-Ying Arthur Huang, Pau-Chung Chen
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 19, 2018: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
Atif Riaz, Syed Mohiuddin, Sara Husain, Mohammad Tahir Yousafzai, Sajid Muhammad, Furqan Kabir, Najeeb Ur Rehman, Waseem Mirza, Basit Salam, Naila Nadeem, Khatidja Pardhan, Khalid Mehmood A Khan, Syed Jamal Raza, Fehmina Arif, Khalid Iqbal, Hassan Khalid Zuberi, Cynthia G Whitney, Saad B Omer, Anita K M Zaidi, Asad Ali
OBJECTIVE: To assess PCV10 effectiveness against invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD) due to vaccine serotypes of Streptococcus pneumoniae (Sp) post introduction of vaccine in routine immunization program of Pakistan. METHODS: A matched case-control study was conducted at 16 hospitals in Sindh Province, Pakistan. Children <5years of age (eligible to receive PCV10) who presented with radiographic confirmed pneumonia and/or meningitis were enrolled as cases. PCR for Lyt A gene was conducted on blood (for radiographic pneumonia) and cerebrospinal fluid (for meningitis) samples to detect Sp...
December 18, 2018: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
Revathy Arushothy, Norazah Ahmad, Fairuz Amran, Rohaidah Hashim, Nazirah Samsudin, Che Roslina Che Azih
OBJECTIVE: This study analyzed the serotype distribution of Streptococcus pneumoniae causing Invasive Pneumococcal Disease in children 5 years and below in Malaysia and assessed the antimicrobial resistance. METHODS: A total of 245 invasive Streptococcus pneumoniae isolated from children 5 years and below was received from hospitals all around Malaysia from 2014 to 2017. All isolates were identified and subjected to serotyping and antimicrobial susceptibility testing...
December 17, 2018: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
Zaw Zaw Aung, Yu Mon Saw, Thu Nandar Saw, Nwe Oo, Hnin Nwe Ni Aye, Sithu Aung, Htun Nyunt Oo, Su Myat Cho, Moe Khaing, Tetsuyoshi Kariya, Eiko Yamamoto, Nobuyuki Hamajima
BACKGROUND: Myanmar is listed as one of the countries with the highest burden of tuberculosis-human immunodeficiency virus infections (TB-HIV) in the world. However, the country's survival rate and mortality risk factors among TB-HIV co-infected patients remain unstudied. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to examine these factors. METHODS: A 12-year retrospective follow-up study was conducted among 3598 TB-HIV co-infected patients (2452 male and 1146 female) aged 15 years and above, enrolled on anti-retroviral therapy (ART) from July 1, 2005 to December 31, 2016...
December 17, 2018: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
Socorro Lupisan, Akira Suzuki, Noel Macalalad, Rutchie Egos, Lydia Sombrero, Michiko Okamoto, Clyde Dapat, Melisa Mondoy, Hazel Galang, Vicente Francisco Froilan Zeta, Flora de la Pena, Vicente Romano, Remigio Olveda, Hitoshi Oshitani
BACKGROUND: Community-acquired pneumonia (CAP) is a common cause of morbidity and mortality among adults worldwide. However, the distribution of etiology of CAP varies from one country to another with limited data from rural areas. METHODS: A prospective hospital-based study on adult CAP was conducted in Leyte, Central Philippines from May 2010 to May 2012. Blood, sputum, and nasopharyngeal samples obtained from patients were used to identify pathogens using standard microbiological culture methods and PCR...
December 11, 2018: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
Minh Tu Van Hoang, To Anh Nguyen, Tan Thanh Tran, Thi Ty Hang Vu, Nguyen Truc Nhu Le, Thi Han Ny Nguyen, Thanh Hoang Nhat Le, Thi Thu Hong Nguyen, Thanh Hung Nguyen, Nguyen Thanh Nhan Le, Huu Khanh Truong, Tuan Quy Du, Manh Tuan Ha, Lu Viet Ho, Chau Viet Do, Tran Nam Nguyen, Thi My Thanh Nguyen, Saraswathy Sabanathan, Tu Qui Phan, Vinh Chau Nguyen Van, Guy E Thwaites, Bridget Wills, C Louise Thwaites, Van Tan Le, H Rogier van Doorn
BACKGROUND: Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) has been associated with large outbreaks among young children, including severe illness and fatality, in the Asia-Pacific Region since 1997. Severe illness is often associated with enterovirus A71 (EV-A71). Vietnam experienced a large sustained outbreak of 200.000 hospitalised cases and over 200 deaths in 2011-12, the large majority occurring in southern Vietnam. METHODS: We conducted a prospective observational study in outpatient clinics, infectious diseases wards and paediatric intensive care units in the three main referral centres for treatment of HFMD in southern Vietnam...
December 11, 2018: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
Meenakshi Kar, Amul Nisheetha, Anuj Kumar, Suraj Jagtap, Jitendra Shinde, Mohit Singla, Saranya M, Awadhesh Pandit, Anmol Chandele, Sushil K Kabra, Sudhir Krishna, Rahul Roy, Rakesh Lodha, Chitra Pattabiraman, Guruprasad R Medigeshi
OBJECTIVES: To characterize the in vitro replication fitness, viral diversity and phylogeny of dengue viruses (DENV) isolated from Indian patients. METHODS: DENV was isolated from whole blood collected from patients by passaging in cell culture. Passage 3 viruses were used for growth kinetics in C6/36 mosquito cells. Parallel efforts also focused on isolation of DENV RNA from plasma samples of the same patients and processed for next generation sequencing. RESULTS: We were able to isolate 64 clinical isolates, mostly DENV-2, of which 25 were further used for growth curve analysis in vitro which showed a wide range of replication kinetics...
December 7, 2018: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
Chun-Yi Lee, Yu-Ping Fang, Yu-Fen Chang, Tsung-Hua Wu, Yu-Ying Yang, Yhu-Chering Huang
OBJECTIVE: To compare the molecular epidemiology of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) isolates between an old, urban hospital and a new, rural hospital over the same time period. METHODS: We retrospectively analyzed molecular characteristics of 398 MRSA bloodstream isolates collected between 2007 and 2013 from two hospitals in Taiwan, 202 isolates from the old one and 196 isolates from the new one (opened in 2007). RESULTS: The rate of multiple antibiotics resistance was significantly higher in the old hospital (93%) than in the new hospital (81%) (p <0...
December 7, 2018: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
Norihiko Inoue, Kiyohide Fushimi
OBJECTIVES: A mortality rate of non-human immunodeficiency virus-infected pneumocystis pneumonia (non-HIV PCP) is 30-60%. But the effectiveness of adjunctive corticosteroids with trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole has been unclear, and we examined whether it lowered risk of mortality in non-HIV PCP. METHODS: We did an observational study of adult non-HIV PCP patients from April 2010 through March 2016, using Japanese nationwide healthcare records of the Diagnostic Procedure Combination database (DPC)...
December 6, 2018: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
Anne-Lise Munier, Lucie Biard, Matthieu Legrand, Clotilde Rousseau, Matthieu Lafaurie, Jean-Luc Donay, Rémi Flicoteaux, Alexandre Mebazaa, Maurice Mimoun, Jean-Michel Molina
BACKGROUND: Multidrug-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii (MR-AB) can cause outbreaks in burn units. We aimed to study the incidence, risk factors and outcome of MR-AB infections in a burn unit (BU). METHODS: A prospective study was conducted from April to November, 2014 during an outbreak in a BU in Paris. Weekly surveillance cultures were performed to determine MR-AB colonization. MR-AB nosocomial infections, discharge or death without MR-AB infection were considered as competing events...
December 6, 2018: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
Yao Lin, Dehong Ma, Songjiao Wen, Fen Zeng, Shan Hong, Lihua Li, Xiaoman Li, Xiaodan Wang, Zhiqiang Ma, Yue Pan, Junying Chen, Juemin Xi, Lijuan Qiu, Xiyun Shan, Qiangming Sun
BACKGROUND: Xishuangbanna, a border area of China, Burma and Laos, had its first major DENV-1 outbreak in 2017. This study aims to explore the genetic characterization, potential source and evolution of the viruses in outbreak. METHODS: The structural protein C/prM/E genes of viruses isolated from local residents or Burmese travelers were sequenced followed by mutation, phylogenetic, homologous recombination, molecular clock and demographic reconstruction analysis...
December 5, 2018: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
Edmundo J N Camara, Vitor R R Mendonca, Ligia C L Souza, Juliana S Carvalho, Ruda A Lessa, Ramon Gatto, Luan O Barreto, Giulianna Chiacchio, Eduardo Amarante, Monaliza Cunha, Luis S Alves-Silva, Benelson A C Guimarães, Manoel Barral-Netto
BACKGROUND: The immunological and clinical impact of trypanocidal treatment in chronic Chagas' disease (CCD) is unclear. METHODOLOGY AND FINDINGS: Several cytokines were measured in plasma of 66 patients with CCD. Thirty-three patients had been previously treated with benznidazole and 33 had never been treated. Treated group exhibited higher levels of IL-17 (median 142.45×1.22pg/ml, P=0.025), which was the only one been significantly associated with Bz treatment, specially after adjusting for time of disease and NYHA class (P=0...
December 5, 2018: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
Che-Rung Liu, Xi Li, Po-Lin Chan, Zhuang Hui, Ji-Dong Jia, Xiao-Chun Wang, Ying-Ru Lo, Nick Walsh
BACKGROUND AND AIM: Chronic hepatitis C is a major global health challenge. China has the world's largest burden of hepatitis C and related liver disease, with several groups having an increased risk of acquiring hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. We undertook a systematic review in Chinese and English literature to determine the seroprevalence of anti-HCV among men who have sex with men (MSM), sex workers, people who use drugs (PWUD) and migrant workers in China. METHODS: We searched three Chinese databases (CNKI, Wanfang and Chongqing VIP Information) and four English databases (Pubmed, EMBASE, Global Health and CINAHL) for studies published between 2010-2015...
December 4, 2018: International Journal of Infectious Diseases: IJID
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