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Ethnicity & Health

Wanda Monika Johanna Van Hemelrijck, L Suzanne Suggs, Alessandra Agnese Grossi, Peter Schröder-Bäck, Katarzyna Czabanowska
OBJECTIVES: This study explored views of Moroccan migrant women on barriers and facilitators to the organized breast cancer screening program in Brussels (Belgium), and the potential of targeted printed invitations to increase this population's attendance to the program. METHODS: We conducted one expert interview with the breast cancer screening program coordinator on current practices and challenges with regards to inviting Moroccan migrant women in Brussels for screening...
October 17, 2017: Ethnicity & Health
Taneisha S Scheuermann, Nicole L Nollen, Xianghua Luo, Lisa Sanderson Cox, Jasjit S Ahluwalia
OBJECTIVE: Ethnic and racial differences in smoking patterns and behaviors have been well documented and most African American and Latino smokers are nondaily or light smokers. However, differences within smoking levels are understudied. Our primary aim was to determine whether there are racial and ethnic differences among African American, Latino, and White nondaily, light daily, and moderate to heavy daily smokers on (1) perceived health risk reduction, (2) intentions to quit, and (3) past year quit attempts...
October 16, 2017: Ethnicity & Health
Jessica M Desalu, Jueun Kim, Michelle J Zaso, Sydnee R Corriders, Jacoby A Loury, Monique L Minter, Aesoon Park
OBJECTIVES: Experiences of racial discrimination have been associated with diverse negative health outcomes among racial minorities. However, extant findings of the association between racial discrimination and alcohol behaviors among Black college students are mixed. The current study examined mediating roles of depressive symptoms and coping drinking motives in the association of perceived racial discrimination with binge drinking and negative drinking consequences. DESIGN: Data were obtained from a cross-sectional study of Black college students attending a predominantly White institution in the northeastern US (N = 251, 66% female, mean age = 20 years)...
September 21, 2017: Ethnicity & Health
DeWayne P Williams, Nicholas Joseph, LaBarron K Hill, John J Sollers, Michael W Vasey, Baldwin M Way, Julian Koenig, Julian F Thayer
OBJECTIVE: Black Americans (BAs) are at an elevated risk for morbidity and mortality in comparison to White Americans (WAs). Racial stressors are a common occurrence in American culture and is theorized to contribute to these disparities. When race-focused, stereotype threat (ST) is considered to be a factor that is detrimental to health in BAs; however few studies have directly investigated the impact of a ST manipulation on physiological function. Furthermore, it is proposed that racial stressors such as ST may have prolonged effects when more likely to perseverate (e...
September 19, 2017: Ethnicity & Health
Collette N Ncube, Daniel A Enquobahrie, Jessica G Burke, Feifei Ye, John Marx, Steven M Albert
OBJECTIVE: To examine the association of maternal low birthweight (LBW) with infant LBW and infant LBW subgroups (i.e. moderate and very LBW), overall and among non-Hispanic (NH) white and NH black mothers. DESIGN: We conducted a population-based cohort study in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, using linked birth record data of NH white and NH black mother-infant pairs (N = 6,633) born in 1979-1998 and 2009-2011, respectively. The exposure of interest was maternal LBW (birthweight <2500 grams) while the outcomes were infant LBW and LBW subgroups - moderate LBW (1,500-2,499 grams) or very LBW (<1,500 grams)...
September 19, 2017: Ethnicity & Health
Raheem J Paxton, Lingfeng Zhang, Changshuai Wei, Daniel Price, Fan Zhang, Kerry S Courneya, Ioannis A Kakadiaris
BACKGROUND: The study of physical activity in cancer survivors has been limited to one cause, one effect relationships. In this exploratory study, we used recursive partitioning to examine multiple correlates that influence physical activity compliance rates in cancer survivors. METHODS: African American breast cancer survivors (N = 267, Mean age = 54 years) participated in an online survey that examined correlates of physical activity. Recursive partitioning (RP) was used to examine complex and nonlinear associations between sociodemographic, medical, cancer-related, theoretical, and quality of life indicators...
September 19, 2017: Ethnicity & Health
Roula N Hawa, Angela Underhill, Carmen H Logie, Shazia Islam, Mona Loutfy
Using a community-based, socialist feminist qualitative study, and an emergent research design, we explored the unique individual experiences of South Asian immigrant women living with HIV in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) of Ontario, Canada. We assessed both the HIV risk context and the strategies for HIV education and prevention as expressed by study participants. Grounded in Connell's social theory of gender, a thematic analysis of semi-structured interviews with 12 women yielded six themes related to the power and impact of stigmatization, community's denial of HIV, infidelity, manifested in resistance to discussing sex and condom use, non-disclosure, and lack of HIV knowledge...
September 18, 2017: Ethnicity & Health
Ola Sukkarieh-Haraty, Leonard E Egede, Joelle Abi Kharma, Maya Bassil
BACKGROUND: Achieving and sustaining optimal glycemic control in type 2 diabetes (T2DM) is difficult because of socio-cultural and psychosocial factors including diabetes fatalism. Diabetes fatalism is 'a complex psychological cycle characterized by perceptions of despair, hopelessness, and powerlessness'. PURPOSE: The purpose of this paper is to explore whether diabetes fatalism and other psychosocial and socio-cultural variables are correlates of glycemic control in Lebanese population with T2DM...
September 4, 2017: Ethnicity & Health
Jane R Montealegre, Indu Varier, Christina G Bracamontes, Laura M Dillon, Martial Guillaud, Andrew G Sikora, Michele Follen, Karen Adler-Storthz, Michael E Scheurer
OBJECTIVE: There are currently three licensed human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines that protect against cervical cancer. Here we compare the prevalence of bi-, quadri-, and nonavalent vaccine-related HPV genotypes in a multi-ethnic sample of non-Hispanic white, non-Hispanic black, Hispanic, and Asian women. DESIGN: Patients in this analysis (n = 419) represent a subset of women with a previous abnormal Pap test participating in a clinical trial. HPV genotyping was conducted using the Roche Linear Array...
September 4, 2017: Ethnicity & Health
Tisha M Felder, Robin Dawson Estrada, Jada C Quinn, Kenneth W Phelps, Pearman D Parker, Sue P Heiney
OBJECTIVE: The experience of an illness such as breast cancer is not a static event. Just as physiological needs change as a patient transitions through diagnosis, treatment, to long-term survivorship, so too will their needs for social support. We applied a transitions theory framework to explore how African American women with breast cancer conceptualized and experienced support along their breast cancer journey. DESIGN: We recruited 16 African American women with breast cancer from a regional cancer center in South Carolina to complete qualitative, semi-structured interviews...
September 4, 2017: Ethnicity & Health
Nathan Walter, Chris Robbins, Sheila T Murphy, Sandra J Ball-Rokeach
OBJECTIVES: Latinos have a disproportionately high risk for obesity and hypertension. The current study analyzes survey data from Latin American women to detect differences in rates of obesity and hypertension based on their number of health-related social ties. Additionally, it proposes individuals' health-related media preference (ethnic/ mainstream) as a potential moderator. DESIGN: The dataset includes 364 Latinas (21-50 years old) from the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, who responded to a series of sociodemographic, physiological, health-related, and media-related questions...
September 1, 2017: Ethnicity & Health
Christine Vinci, Lin Guo, Claire A Spears, Liang Li, Virmarie Correa-Fernández, Paul E Etcheverry, Cho Y Lam, Diana S Hoover, David W Wetter
OBJECTIVE: Smoking-related illnesses are the leading cause of death among Latinos, and within this ethnic group, Mexican Americans are the largest subgroup in the U.S. Understanding the factors associated with successful smoking cessation could inform interventions for this population. Although socioeconomic status (SES) is a powerful predictor of cessation outcomes in the general U.S. population, it has generally been a poor predictor of quitting smoking among Latinos. Within a sample of Spanish-speaking Mexican Americans (n = 199), this study examined a broad array of objective and subjective indicators of SES (i...
September 1, 2017: Ethnicity & Health
Jack Wallace, Elizabeth Smith, Behzad Hajarizadeh, Jacqueline Richmond, Jayne Lucke
OBJECTIVES: Hepatitis B is a viral infection primarily affecting people from culturally diverse communities in Australia. While vaccination prevents infection, there is increasing mortality resulting from liver damage associated with chronic infection. Deficits in the national policy and clinical response to hepatitis B result in a low diagnosis rate, inadequate testing and diagnosis processes, and poor access to hepatitis B treatment services. While research identifies inadequate hepatitis B knowledge among people with the virus and primary health care workers, this project sought to identify how specialist clinicians in Australia negotiate cultural diversity, and provide often complex clinical information to people with hepatitis B...
August 31, 2017: Ethnicity & Health
Natalie D Hernandez, Ellen M Daley, Lauren Young, Stephanie K Kolar, Christopher Wheldon, Cheryl A Vamos, Dexter Cooper
OBJECTIVES: There are disparities in the uptake of HPV vaccine among racial/ethnic minority women. The strongest predictor of HPV vaccine uptake among adult women is health care provider (HCP) recommendation; however, it is unclear how issues relating to race/ethnicity may mitigate these recommendations. Research shows that racial/ethnic and gender concordance between a patient and HCP can improve patient satisfaction, access and quality of care. If concordance contributes to improved patient-provider interactions, then it may be a factor in patient decisions regarding HPV vaccination...
August 22, 2017: Ethnicity & Health
Desiree A Rivers, Tuya Pal, Susan T Vadaparampil, Lauren A Adams, Lolita Dash-Pitts, Gwendolyn P Quinn
BACKGROUND: African Americans (AAs) are less likely to participate in cancer clinical trials (CCTs) despite experiencing disproportionately higher rates of cancer mortality. As a way to address these ongoing disparities, this study sought to qualitatively explore informational needs regarding CCTs among AA women and identify message considerations for educational information targeting AA women and their community. METHODS: Three focus groups were conducted in which AA women viewed a DVD created as a decisional tool for CCT participation and provided feedback regarding content...
August 22, 2017: Ethnicity & Health
Amanda Lee Almond
The purpose of this study was to validate the already existing Racial Microaggression in Counseling Scale (RMCS) when the term 'therapist' was replaced with 'physician', thus constituting the modification as the Racial Microaggression in Medical Practice Scale (RMMPS). Racial microaggressions work at reinforcing inferior social status on a cognitive level. Unlike overt racism, messages behind microaggression are subtler and more every day. A lack of acceptance, respect, and regard emerges from interactions in medical contexts as there are layers of in-group and out-group statuses at play (e...
August 1, 2017: Ethnicity & Health
Kavita Radhakrishnan, Lauren Jodi Van Scoy, Regina Jillapalli, Shubhada Saxena, Miyong T Kim
OBJECTIVE: Advance care planning (ACP) allows individuals to express their preferences for medical treatment in the event that they become incapable of making their own decisions. This study assessed the efficacy of a conversation game intervention for increasing South Asian Indian Americans' (SAIAs') engagement in ACP behaviors as well as the game's acceptability and cultural appropriateness among SAIAs. DESIGN: Eligible community-dwelling SAIAs were recruited at SAIA cultural events held in central Texas during the summer of 2016...
July 27, 2017: Ethnicity & Health
Tabeth Timba-Emmanuel, Thilo Kroll, Mary J Renfrew, Steve MacGillivray
BACKGROUND: Whilst marriage has been repeatedly identified in the literature as an HIV risk factor amongst Southern African women, not much is known about women's perception of their role, experiences and strategies used to address HIV risks in the context of a marriage. AIMS: The aim of the study was to synthesise perceptions, experiences and strategies of married Southern African women in the prevention of HIV. METHODS: A systematic review of qualitative studies was conducted...
July 27, 2017: Ethnicity & Health
Philip M Massey, Brent A Langellier, Tetine Sentell, Jennifer Manganello
OBJECTIVE: To examine differences in health information seeking between U.S.-born and foreign-born populations in the U.S. DESIGN: Data from 2008 to 2014 from the Health Information National Trends Survey were used in this study (n = 15,249). Bivariate analyses, logistic regression, and predicted probabilities were used to examine health information seeking and sources of health information. RESULTS: Findings demonstrate that 59.3% of the Hispanic foreign-born population reported looking for health information, fewer than other racial/ethnic groups in the sample...
December 2017: Ethnicity & Health
Morgana Mongraw-Chaffin, Alka M Kanaya, Namratha R Kandula, Arti Shah, Cheryl A M Anderson
OBJECTIVE: Few studies examine the relationships between anthropometry and the body composition measures they approximate, or whether they differ by sex, and no studies have examined these relationships in South Asians living in the US. DESIGN: We conducted a cross-sectional study of 871 participants in the Mediators of Atherosclerosis in South Asians Living in America (MASALA) Study who had BMI < 40 kg/m(2) and underwent abdominal CT scans for measurement of visceral and subcutaneous fat...
December 2017: Ethnicity & Health
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