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Journal of Experimental Therapeutics & Oncology

Vadym V Bacherikov, Valeriy A Bacherikov
An overview of a little-known method, which was discovered by Dr. Alexander S. Samokhotskiy, for treatment of gangrenous, traumatic, and postoperative inflammation, sepsis and some other diseases, was represented. Dr. A. S. Samokhotskiy carried out numerous animal experiments and clinical trials and found that application of wet bandages and/or intravenous injection of solution containing trivalent chromium ions (Cr3+), alum, resorcinol, sodium salicylate, lactate buffer, colloidal sulphur, thioglycolic acid and glutathione with adding KCl, MgCI2, CaCl2 or NaCl solutions can heal inflammation of various etiology...
2015: Journal of Experimental Therapeutics & Oncology
Aytekin Tokmak, Demet Kokanali, Nagihan Ozcan Cengaver, Gülçin Yildirim, Ali Irfan Güzel, Nafiye Yilmaz
The aim of this study is to present a very rare dermatologic condition of the vulva. Angiokeratoma is a benign dilation of ectatic thin-walled blood vessels and congested capillaries in the superficial dermal layer of skin. It occurs predominantly in men and extremely rare in women. Angiokeratoma presents as single or multiple papular lesions on the vulva with smooth or verrucous surface. These lesions are easily confused with infectious disease, inflammatory lesions, and epithelial tumors. In this report, we presented a 42 year old unmarried woman who was admitted to our clinic with complaints of two papuler lesions of the right labium majus with vaginal discharge, vulvar pruritis, and vulvar edema...
2015: Journal of Experimental Therapeutics & Oncology
Anupama Singh, S Pandey, L K Pandey, Ajit K Saxena
Etiopathology of tumor biology is highly complex and ovarian cancer is one of the important gynaecological neoplasia associated with high risk of mortality rate. Methlenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) mutation are commonly linked to folate metabolism with increased risk factor for the development of neural tube defects, recurrent pregnancy loss and development of several type of cancer but genetic interaction between two alleles of MTHFR has been poorly defined in ovarian cancer in India. Hence, present study becomes imperative with the aim to assess the alleles frequency of MTHFR (C677T & A1298C) gene polymorphism using PCR based RFLP analysis...
2015: Journal of Experimental Therapeutics & Oncology
Jitender Solanki, Sarika Gupta
OBJECTIVE: Betel quid and areca nut chewing is widely prevalent in many parts of Asia and Asian migrant communities in the world. Due to the carcinogenicity associated with quid and areca nut we developed an interest to study the prevalence of quid induced oral lichenoid reactions in the population of western India. METHODS: A total population of 4981 males and females was screened for tobacco use and the prevalence of lesion in 86 quid users was seen. The lesions which met the selection criteria of oral lichenoid reaction were identified...
2015: Journal of Experimental Therapeutics & Oncology
Sadhana Gnanasekaran, Kunnathur Murugesan Sakthivel, Guruvayoorappan Chandrasekaran
The aim of the study is to develop a technology for cost effective immunomodulator from natural products to combat adverse effects during cancer chemotherapy. In the present study, the immunomodulatory efficacy of Vivartana, a poly herbal formulation in immunosuppressed animal model induced by cyclophosphamide (CTX) and its comparison with standard herbal immunostimulators Chyawanprash and Brahma Rasayana was investigated. The effect of Vivartana (500 mg/kg x bw) (p.o.), Chyawanprash (20 mg/ (p.o.) and Brahma Rasayana (20 mg/kg x bw) (p...
2015: Journal of Experimental Therapeutics & Oncology
Yong Bo Liu, Xiaohua Gao, Dorrah Deeb, Kirit Pindolia, Subhash C Gautam
Pristimerin (PM) is a quinonemethide triterpenoid present in various plant species with strong antiprolifertive and proapoptotic activities in cancer cells. The effect of PM on telomerase which is reactivated in most cancers including carcinoma of the prostate (CaP) has not been studied. We investigated the effect of PM on the expression of human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) gene that codes for the catalytic subunit of the telomerase holoenzyme complex in prostate cancer cell lines LNCaP and PC-3 cells...
2015: Journal of Experimental Therapeutics & Oncology
Thekkuttuparambil Ananthanarayanan Ajith
Advances in understanding and manipulating genes have set the stage for scientists to alter a person's genetic material to prevent or treat diseases. Over the past decade, somatic gene therapy has been increasingly applied in clinical trials where the genetic material (DNA and RNA) introduced into a person's cell. Mutation and inactivation of the tumor suppressor genes are the unified concept of the development of tumor in humans. Therefore, researchers have discovered potential of gene therapies in the treatment of cancer...
2015: Journal of Experimental Therapeutics & Oncology
K C Birendra, Muhammad Zubair Afzal, Andrew Sochaki, Katherine A Wentland, Rubens Chang, Sudhir Singh, Timothy O'Rourke
INTRODUCTION: Molecular profiling (MP) has been used as a technique to identify treatment regimens for individual patient's cancer. The results of MP has been used to guide targeted therapy specific to each patient's tumor that resulted in a longer progression free survival (PFS) compared to the last conventional treatment. This study aims to provide further data to delineate the PFS of patients who get treated with targeted therapy based on MP. METHODS: A retrospective chart review was performed...
2015: Journal of Experimental Therapeutics & Oncology
Melike Doğanay, Hasan Onur Topçu, Mahmut Kuntay Kokanali, Ali Irfan Güzel, Asli Oskovi, Serap Akbay, Sabri Cavkaytar
The ovaries are common site of metastasis in a variety of primary neoplasms. Multiple tumors such as breast, lung, and pancreas have been reported to metastasize to the ovary, however; the colon and stomach are the most common primary cancer sites that of ovarian metastasis. An ovarian mass mostly originates from its self-tissue, but sometimes it can be a metastasis of a gastrointestinal system tumor. Such cases are often misdiagnosed as primary ovarian cancers. A 42-year-old woman was admitted to our hospital with pelvic pain...
2015: Journal of Experimental Therapeutics & Oncology
Rajesh Kumar, Shradha Jaiswal, Aanchal Sharma, Vinod Andhare, Husain Sabir
The peripheral odontogenic fibroma (POdF) is a rare gingival neoplasm, characterised by relatively mature collagenous fibrous tissue and varying amounts of odontogenic epithelium. It can be described as a slow growing, firmly attached, solid and smooth gingival mass which may be present asymptomatically for years, which may cause displacement of adjacent teeth. The purpose of this article is to discuss a case of POdF, occurring in the maxillary anterior region, with detailed clinico-pathological differential diagnosis to clarify characteristic features of various gingival overgrowths to enhance easy identification...
2015: Journal of Experimental Therapeutics & Oncology
Sevgi Koc, Omer Lutfi Tapisiz, Taner Turan, Reyhan Ocalan, Ahmet Ozfuttu, Nurettin Boran, Mehmet Faruk Kose, Hakki Gokhan Tulunay
The aim of this study was to analyze the patients with malignant transformation (MT) arising in mature cystic teratoma of the ovary (MCTO) and evaluate the clinicopathologic features, managements, and prognosis of these cases. The records of the patients with MT arising in MCTO who were treated at our hospital were reviewed retrospectively. The demographic features, presenting symptoms, preoperative ultrasonographic evaluations, surgical treatments, pathological findings, adjuvant therapies, follow-up outcomes, and survival time were examined...
2015: Journal of Experimental Therapeutics & Oncology
Ali Qzler, Selen Dogan, Gunay Mamedbeyli, Samed Rahatli, A Nihan Haberal, Polat Dursun, Ali Ayhan
Primary YST of the endometrium is very rare, therefore there is no guideline for treatment. We report two cases of endometrial YSTs presenting different symptoms and showing different prognoses and discuss the clinical management of these tumors. The present report shows first time that bone and lung metastasis in primary YSTs of endometrium. As the number of reported cases with endometrial YSTs, more information about the prognosis of the disease may be obtained.
2015: Journal of Experimental Therapeutics & Oncology
Ammad Ahmad Farooqi, Qaisar Mansoor, Sundas Fayyaz, Muhammad Ismail
It is becoming progressively more understandable that variations within the sequence of tumor suppressor genes and oncogenes may contribute to cancer progression. Increasingly it is being realized that cancer cells get resistant to pro-apoptotic signals and evidence has started to shed light on the fact that nucleotide polymorphisms may lead to suboptimal apoptotic capacity and therefore increased cancer risk. It has previously been shown that there is a relationship between C/T polymorphism at 1595 position in exon 5 of the TRAIL gene and cancer however rapidly accumulating data cannot be extrapolated to other populations due to intra- and inter-ethnic variability...
2015: Journal of Experimental Therapeutics & Oncology
Ali Ozler, Mehmet Sıddık Evsen, Abdulkadir Turgut, Muhammet Erdal Sak, Senem Yaman Tunc, Elif Agacayak, Ulas Alabalik, Serdar Basaranoglu, Ayse Nur Keles, Talip Gul
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the role of CD147 expression in uterine smooth muscle neoplasms, as a potential diagnostic and prognostic marker in patients with leiomyosarcoma (LMS). STUDY DESIGN: We investigated CD147 protein expression in uterine smooth muscle tumor samples from patients diagnosed with leiomyoma (n = 22), atypical leiomyoma (BLM) (n = 5), smooth muscle tumor of uncertain malignant potential (STUMP) (n = 14), and LMS (n = 22). The intensity and extensity of immunohistochemical staining were compared to determine its potential role in differential diagnosis...
2014: Journal of Experimental Therapeutics & Oncology
Aanchal Sharma, Priya Sahni, Meghanand T Nayak, Abhishek Singhvi, Rajesh Kumar
UNLABELLED: Oral Submucous Fibrosis (OSF) is a well-recognized, potentially malignant disorder causing generalized fibrosis of the submucosal oral soft tissues. Though this disease is believed to be multi-factorial, areca nut chewing has emerged as the most important causative factor for OSF. Areca nut is known to have high levels of copper, which is believed to cause lysyl oxidase associated fibrosis. AIM: To evaluate the pattern of copper in buccal mucosal cells of OSF patients, areca nut chewers and normal healthy individuals and to elicit the etiology of copper in OSF...
2014: Journal of Experimental Therapeutics & Oncology
Minal Garg
Urothelial carcinoma of bladder being the commonest malignancy of the urinary tract progresses through successive accumulation of genetic alterations and bears high metastatic potential. Despite significant advances in its prognosis and treatment, including surgical techniques, various adjuvant therapies, radical cystectomy and robot-assisted radical cystectomy, tumor recurs with a poor 5 year survival rate thereby necessitating the need to institute an additional form of novel target based therapies to improve the overall outcome...
2014: Journal of Experimental Therapeutics & Oncology
Nisha N Barretto, Dean S Karahalios, Dewen You, Charles S Hemenway
Misregulation of transcription elongation is proposed to underlie the pathobiology of MLL leukemia. AF4, AF9, and ENL, common MLL fusion partners, are found in complex with positive transcription elongation factor b (P-TEFb). AF9 and its homolog ENL directly interact with AF4 within these complexes. Previously, we designed a peptide that mimics the AF9 binding domain of AF4 and reported that MLL leukemia cell lines are inhibited by it. Extending these studies, we have modified the peptide design in order to avoid recognition by proteases...
2014: Journal of Experimental Therapeutics & Oncology
Hamid Reza Sadeghi, Mohammad Hossein Bahreyni Toosi, Samaneh Soudmand, Hamid Reza Sadoughi, Ameneh Sazgarnia
PURPOSE: This study aimed to determine the efficacy of thermotherapy resulting from the presence of gold-gold sulfide nanoshells (GGS) in radio frequency electromagnetic field (13.56 MHz) onthe survival of CT26 colon carcinoma cells. MATERIALS AND METHODS: GGS was synthesized and after characterizing and determining the features, the RF-radiation effects on aquatic environments were determined by recording temperature changes. To investigate the biological effects, cell survival rate due to GGS usage at five different concentrations, each one with applying three different exposure times of RF field, at CT26 cells were evaluated by MTT assay...
2014: Journal of Experimental Therapeutics & Oncology
Xiaohua Gao, Yongbo Liu, Dorrah Deeb, Ali S Arbab, Subhash C Gautam
Pristimerin isaquinonemethidetriterpenoidthathasshown anticancer activity against some cancer types. However, the antitumor effects of pristimerin (PM) in ovarian cancer cells have not been adequately studied. The objective of the present study was to determine the anticancer activity and its mechanism of action in human ovarian carcinoma cell lines. PM strongly inhibited the proliferation of ovarian cancer cells by inducing apoptosis characterized by increased annexin V-binding, cleavage of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP-1) and procaspases-3, -8 and -9...
2014: Journal of Experimental Therapeutics & Oncology
Nazlı Aksoy, Ali İrfan Güzel, Melike Doğanay
Congenital organ anomalies in surgical patients can be incidentally detected during operation. A pelvis located right kidney was found incidentally in 54 year-old women after total abdominal histerectomy and bilateral salpingoophorectomy. The clinical importance of pelvic kidney detected during the surgery was discussed in this case report.
2014: Journal of Experimental Therapeutics & Oncology
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