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European Journal of Medical Research

Avi Peretz, Fabio Kuzniec, Diab Ganem, Nabeeh Salman, Dahud Qarawani, Offer Amir
BACKGROUND: Maximal sterile barrier precautions (MSBP) including head coverings and face masks are advocated for use in invasive procedures, including coronary interventions. The rationale for MSBP assumes it is an obligatory measure for infection prevention. However, in many coronary catheterization laboratories, head coverings/face masks are not used in daily practice. This study prospectively evaluated the potential hazards of not routinely using head coverings/face masks in routine coronary interventions...
November 10, 2016: European Journal of Medical Research
Gunnar Plehn, Thomas Butz, Petra Maagh, Ahmet Oernek, Axel Meissner, Natalie Plehn
BACKGROUND: Cardiac catheterization laboratories (CLL) have continued to function as profit centers for hospitals. Due to a high percentage of material and labor costs, they are natural targets for process improvement. Our study applied a contribution margin (CBM) concept to evaluate costs and cost dynamics over a 5-year period. METHODS: We retrospectively analyzed all procedures performed at a tertiary heart center between 2007 and 2011. Total variable costs, including labor time, material, and maintenance-expenses, were allocated at a global as well as a procedural level...
November 3, 2016: European Journal of Medical Research
E Scaparra, O Peschel, C Kirchhoff, M Reiser, S M Kirchhoff
BACKGROUND: The aim of our study was to analyze the reliability of postmortem computed tomography (PMCT) versus autopsy in detecting signs of blood aspiration in a distinct group of patients following deadly head, mouth or floor of mouth gunshot injuries. METHODS: In this study, in 41 cases PMCT was compared to autopsy reports, the gold standard of postmortem exams, regarding detection of blood aspiration. PMCT was evaluated for the presence and level of typical signs of blood aspiration in the major airways and lung using a semi-quantitative scale ranging from level 0 (no aspiration) to 3 (significant aspiration) also taking density values of the described potential aspiratory changes into account...
November 1, 2016: European Journal of Medical Research
Christian Ehrnthaller, Markus Huber-Lang, Anna Kovtun, Anna Elise Rapp, Julia Kemmler, Florian Gebhard, Anita Ignatius
BACKGROUND: Recent studies were able to demonstrate involvement of the complement cascade in bone biology. Further studies analyzed the role of complement in traumatic injuries and demonstrated negative effects after excessive systemic activation of the inflammatory response with early abrogation of complement activation after application of a C5aR-antagonist exerting beneficial effects upon bone regeneration. In contrast, own fracture healing experiments with complement-deficient animals implied a crucial role of the complement cascade for sufficient fracture healing...
October 26, 2016: European Journal of Medical Research
Stefan Reers, Tolga Agdirlioglu, Michael Kellner, Matthias Borowski, Holger Thiele, Johannes Waltenberger, Michael Reppel
BACKGROUND: Non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants (NOACs) such as dabigatran or rivaroxaban are alternatives to vitamin K antagonists (VKAs) for prevention of stroke and systemic embolism in patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) and atrial flutter (AFL). Incidences of risk factors for left atrium (LA) and left atrial appendage (LAA) thrombus formation, such as dense spontaneous echo contrast (SEC), low LAA velocity (LAAV) <20 cm/s under treatment with dabigatran and rivaroxaban in comparison with VKAs are unknown...
October 21, 2016: European Journal of Medical Research
Kai Sprengel, Hanspeter Simmen, Clément M L Werner, Simon Sulser, Michael Plecko, Catharina Keller, Ladislav Mica
OBJECTIVE: Multiple trauma is often accompanied by systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS). The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of polymeric plasma substitutes on the development of SIRS or sepsis. METHODS: We included 2969 patients aged ≥16 years with an Injury Severity Score (ISS) >16 in this study. The sample was subdivided into three groups: patients who did not receive colloids and those who received <5L colloids and >5L colloids within the first 48 h...
October 13, 2016: European Journal of Medical Research
Isabel Heidegger, Gennadi Tulchiner, Georg Schäfer, Wolfgang Horninger, Renate Pichler
BACKGROUND: Small cell bladder cancer (SCBC) is an aggressive subtype accounting for less than 1 % of all bladder malignancies associated with rapid progression, early metastases formation and high mortality rates. CASE PRESENTATION: We present an unusual long term disease free survival of a 60 year-old man who was diagnosed with SCBC two and a half years ago. He underwent four cycles of cisplatin/etoposide chemotherapy as well as a prophylactic whole-brain radiotherapy followed by a radical cystoprostatectomy and ileal neobladder with extended pelvic lymphadenectomy...
October 13, 2016: European Journal of Medical Research
Xinhua Chen, Xueqin Meng, Yuning Xu, Haiyang Xie, Shengyong Yin, Hongchun Li, Liming Wu, Shusen Zheng
BACKGROUND: Graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) after liver and kidney transplantation has high mortality and causes diagnostic challenges. This study aims to describe the cytokine and human leukocyte antigen (HLA) profile in the GVHD after liver and kidney transplantation. METHODS: A high-throughput detection kit was applied and altogether 18 different cytokines were tested simultaneously. GVHD patients included 23 post-liver transplantation patients; 22 post-renal transplantation patients; The control patients include 22 hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) patients without transplantation and 20 healthy controls...
October 12, 2016: European Journal of Medical Research
Kai Oliver Jensen, Leonhard Held, Andrea Kraus, Frank Hildebrand, Philipp Mommsen, Ladislav Mica, Guido A Wanner, Peter Steiger, Rudolf M Moos, Hans-Peter Simmen, Kai Sprengel
BACKGROUND: Although under discussion, induced hypothermia (IH) is an established therapy for patients with cardiac arrest or traumatic brain injuries. The influences on coagulopathy and bleeding tendency in severely injured patients (SIP) with concomitant traumatic brain injury are most widely unclear. Therefore, the aim of this study was to quantify the effect of mild IH in SIP with concomitant severe traumatic brain injuries on transfusion rate and mortality. METHODS: In this retrospective multi-centre study, SIP from three European level-1 trauma centres with an ISS ≥16 between 2009 and 2011 were included...
October 6, 2016: European Journal of Medical Research
F Greve, M Crönlein, M Beirer, C Kirchhoff, P Biberthaler, K F Braun
Anterior tibial pseudoaneurysm is a rare complication after interlocking screw insertion in tibial nailing. We present the case of a 28-year-old male patient with this complication with a 6-week delay after tibial nailing of a right tibial fracture type 42-A1 of the Association for the Study of Internal Fixation (AO/ASIF) classification. On presentation to our emergency department, the patient's complaints were solemnly intermittent pain and occasional swelling of his proximal lower leg. Deep vein thrombosis, compartment syndrome, and implant dislocation were ruled out, and the patient was discharged after his symptoms improved without further intervention...
September 29, 2016: European Journal of Medical Research
Hai Huang, Shaonian Xu, Fusheng Li, Zhenguang Du, Liang Wang
BACKGROUND: To assess clinical application of computed tomography (CT)-guided (125)I seed implantation for patients who cannot endure or unwillingly receive repeated surgery, chemotherapy, or radiotherapy for unmanageable cervical lymph node metastases in head and neck cancer (HNC). METHODS: Thirty-one consecutive patients received CT-guided (125)I seed implantation between February 2010 and December 2013. To evaluate the clinical efficiency, karnofsky performance score (KPS), numeric rating scale (NRS), and tumor volume at 3-, and 6-month post-implantation were compared with pre-implantation, along with local control rate (LCR), overall survival rate (OSR), and complications at 3, 6 months, 1, and 2 years...
April 27, 2016: European Journal of Medical Research
Armin Zittermann, Stefan Pilz, Harald Hoffmann, Winfried März
Vitamin D has immuno-modulatory properties, and deficient levels of circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D (<30 nmol/l) may contribute to increased risk of infectious illnesses. This narrative review summarises data on vitamin D status in Europe and updates results of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) regarding vitamin D and airway infections such as tuberculosis (TB) and acute upper respiratory tract infection. In Europe, the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency is up to 37% in the general population and up to 80% in nursing home residents and non-European immigrants...
March 24, 2016: European Journal of Medical Research
Kilian Wegmann, Wei Zhang, Volker Strauss, Christian Ries, Lars P Müller, Klaus J Burkhart
BACKGROUND: Overlengthening by radial head prosthetic replacement leads to insufficient functionality and increased capitellar wear. It has been shown that in monopolar prostheses, the radial overlengthening by an overstuffed prosthesis leads to significant differences in the distal radioulnar variance at the wrist. This study evaluated ipsilateral ulnar variance as a predictor for overlengthening after implantation of a multipolar prosthesis. METHODS: The radial heads of seven fresh frozen upper extremities were resected and a multipolar radial head prosthesis was implanted...
March 21, 2016: European Journal of Medical Research
Dieter Fischer, Friederike Remberg, Dirk Böse, Michael Lichtenberg, Philipp Kümpers, Pia Lebiedz, Hermann-Joseph Pavenstädt, Johannes Waltenberger, Frank Breuckmann
AIM: To analyse the timing of cardiac troponin (cTn) measurements in high-risk and cTn-positive acute coronary syndromes without persistent ST-segment elevation (NSTE-ACS) in two structurally different German chest pain units (CPUs), contrasting an urban university maximum care and a rural regional primary care facility. METHODS: All patients encoded as NSTEMI during the year 2013 were retrospectively enrolled in two centres: site (I)--centre of maximum care in an urban university setting and site (II)--centre of primary care in a rural regional care setting...
March 17, 2016: European Journal of Medical Research
Thomas Günther Lesser, Harald Schubert, Daniel Güllmar, Jürgen R Reichenbach, Frank Wolfram
BACKGROUND: Diaphragm motion during spontaneous or mechanical respiration hinders image-guided percutaneous interventions of tumours in lung and upper abdomen. Motion-tracking methods can be applied but increase procedure complexity and procedure time. One-lung flooding (OLF) generates a suitable acoustic pathway to lung tumours and likely suppress diaphragm motion. The aim of this study was to quantify the effect of OLF on ipsilateral diaphragm motion during contralateral one-lung ventilation...
March 8, 2016: European Journal of Medical Research
Rajko Kavalar, Samo K Fokter, Janez Lamovec
BACKGROUND: Orthopedic implant-related sarcoma is an exceedingly rare, but a known complication of total hip arthroplasty (THA). CASE PRESENTATION: The authors describe clinical and radiologic features, histologic appearance, and treatment of osteogenic osteosarcoma located in the proximal femoral diaphysis associated with an unstable femoral prosthesis following THA in a 65-year-old male patient. The patient with HLA-B27 positive ankylosing spondylitis underwent arthroplasty 15 years ago...
March 1, 2016: European Journal of Medical Research
Long Xin, Chun Zhang, Fuhua Zhong, Shunwu Fan, Wei Wang, Zhenbin Wang
BACKGROUND: The rabbit disc model is useful for the study of intervertebral disc (IVD) degeneration and experimental therapeutic interventions. The annulotomy-induced disc models present several drawbacks, particularly an excessive disruption of disc integrity and a rapidly disc degeneration; therefore, this study sought to establish a minimal invasive annulotomy for induction of disc degeneration model, combined to annulus repair using implantation of a PLGA (poly lactic-co-glycolic acid) plug...
February 29, 2016: European Journal of Medical Research
Wolfgang Luboldt, Baerbel Wiedemann, Sebastian Fischer, Boris Bodelle, Hans Joachim Luboldt, Frank Grünwald, Thomas J Vogl
BACKGROUND: Focal colorectal uptake in (18)FDG-PET/CT may be associated with a malignancy and can be quantified. This provides the basis for an automatic trigger threshold above which cases are flagged for colonoscopic evaluation and below which for individual assessment. PURPOSE: To determine the lowest maximum standard uptake (SUVmax) in colorectal cancer that could be used as a threshold to trigger endoscopic evaluation and to evaluate whether the SUVmax needs to be further normalised to a priori known extrinsic factors...
January 9, 2016: European Journal of Medical Research
Robert Rozenberg, Robert T Mankowski, Luc J C van Loon, Janneke G Langendonk, Eric J G Sijbrands, Anton H van den Meiracker, Henk J Stam, Stephan F E Praet
OBJECTIVE: The study investigated the feasibility and potential outcome measures during acute hyperoxia in type 2 diabetes patients (DM2). METHODS: Eleven DM2 patients (7 men and 4 women) were included in the study. The patients cycled (30 min at 20% Wmax) whilst breathing three different supplemental oxygen flows (SOF, 5, 10, 15 L min(-1)). During hyperoxic exercise, arterial blood gases and intra-arterial blood pressure measurements were obtained. RESULTS: Arterial pO2 levels increased significantly (ANOVA, p < 0...
January 8, 2016: European Journal of Medical Research
Fabienne J H Magdelijns, Larissa Schepers, Evelien Pijpers, Coen D A Stehouwer, Patricia M Stassen
BACKGROUND: Readmissions are a burden for patients and increase healthcare costs. In Europe, factors associated with readmissions have not yet been extensively investigated. This study aimed to discover factors associated with readmissions in both young and older adult internal medicine patients. Furthermore, we explored the role of healthcare-related adverse events (AEs) in readmissions. METHODS: All patients admitted through the emergency department to the internal medicine department in the last 2 weeks of each month (2011) were included...
2016: European Journal of Medical Research
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