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Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry

Ghada A Abdel-Aleem, Eman F Khaleel
This study aimed at studying the potential neuroprotective effect of Rutin hydrate (RH) alone or in conjugation with α-tocopherol against cadmium chloride (CdCl2)-induced neurotoxicity and cognitive impairment in rats and to investigate the mechanisms of action. Rats intoxicated with CdCl2 were treated with the vehicle, RH, α-tocopherol or combined treatment were examined, and compared to control rats received vehicle or individual doses of either drug. Data confirmed that RH improves spatial memory function by increasing acetylcholine availability, boosting endogenous antioxidant potential, activating cell survival and inhibiting apoptotic pathways, an effect that is more effective when RH was conjugated with α-tocopherol...
December 7, 2017: Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry
B Shivananda Nayak, Karina Khan, Christian Kidney, Vanessa Knowles, Adrian Koo, Andrew Lakhan, Daniel Lalla, Christopher Lalloo, Staci-Ann Lallo, Shamjeet Singh
OBJECTIVES: To determine the awareness of HbA1c values and correlate this with educational levels, dietary intake and physical activity in type II diabetic population of Trinidad. METHODS: Total of 222 type II diabetic subjects were assessed via questionnaire evaluating their demographics, type and duration of diabetes, type and frequency of glucose testing, dietary intake and physical activity. HbA1c data was coded as patients who were aware versus patients who were not aware...
December 6, 2017: Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry
Brahm Kumar Tiwari, Abu Baker Abidi, Syed Ibrahim Rizvi, Kanti Bhooshan Pandey
Present study was conducted to evaluate the effect of oral supplementation of composite extract of leaves (CLE) of four medicinal plants; Aegle marmelos, Ocimum sanctum, Murraya koenigii and Azadirachta indica on markers of oxidative stress in brain tissues of alloxan-induced diabetic rats in vivo. Enhanced lipid peroxidation, protein oxidation and reduced antioxidative defence systems were measured in brain tissues of diabetic rats. Supplementation of CLE, once in a day for 35 days significantly (p < ...
December 6, 2017: Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry
Ayla Solmaz Avcıkurt, Oğuzhan Korkut
The paraoxonase gene family in humans consists of three members as PON1, PON2 and PON3. PON2 can be expressed in several tissues; however, it is not released from the cells in those tissues. PON2 is also expressed in macrophages. Firstly, the commonly used NSAIDs diclofenac sodium and tenoxicam were applied on U937 cell line, the in vitro human monocyte cell line. Than PON2 specific Lactonase activity and paraoxonase family specific arylesterase were determined. Use of Diclofenac sodium in 0.845 mM dose during 6-12 h of incubation and Tenoxicam in 0...
December 3, 2017: Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry
Ihsan Ates, Mehmet Fettah Arikan, Mustafa Altay, Fatma Meric Yilmaz, Nisbet Yilmaz, Dilek Berker, Serdar Guler
OBJECTIVE: We aimed to investigate the effects of oxidative stress in the pathogenesis and progression of Hashimoto's thyroiditis (HT). METHODS: Forty euthyroid and 40 subclinical hypothyroid patients older than 18 years and not yet had received treatment were enrolled in the study. RESULTS: In the 9 months follow-up, 14 of the HT patients developed overt hypothyroidism. The mean total oxidant status (TOS) and oxidative stress index (OSI) were higher in patients who developed overt hypothyroidism than those who did not (p < ...
November 29, 2017: Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry
Mariana G Bacelova, Julia G Nikolova, Tania Deneva, Petar F Nikolov
OBJECTIVE: To examine some anthropometric parameters, arterial stiffness, lipid profile, and soluble adhesion molecules in young adults with reduced physical activity. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The study is carried on 54 healthy young adults aged 20.97 ± 2.04 years. Two groups: 23 with reduced physical activity (INAC) and 31 with optimal physical activity (AC). Body mass index (BMI), basal metabolic rate (BMR), central aortic systolic blood pressure (CSBP, mmHg), plasma atherogenic index (AIP), and serum soluble cell adhesion molecules (sICAM-1, sVCAM-1) are followed up...
November 28, 2017: Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry
Tomasz Szkudelski, Iwona Hertig, Katarzyna Szkudelska
Myo-inositol is a ubiquitous cyclitol, has an important regulatory role, and its intracellular depletion is associated with pathological changes. Effects of myo-inositol on adipose tissue are poorly elucidated. In this report, short-term influence of 20, 100, and 500 µM myo-inositol on metabolism of the isolated rat adipocytes was studied. Cells were incubated for 90 min with glucose and insulin with or without myo-inositol and glucose conversion to lipids and lactate release were measured. Moreover, effects of myo-inositol on lipolysis and on the antilipolytic action of insulin were also studied...
November 27, 2017: Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry
Intissar Kammoun, Hichem Ben Salah, Hajer Ben Saad, Boutheina Cherif, Mickaël Droguet, Christian Magné, Choumous Kallel, Ons Boudawara, Ahmed Hakim, Neji Gharsallah, Ibtissem Ben Amara
CONTEXT: Hypercholesterolemia has significant cardiac consequences, since it is among the major risk factors of ischemic heart diseases. OBJECTIVE: The aim was searching the cardioprotective effect of chemical constituents from the sea lettuce Ulva lactuca upon hypercholesterolemic regime in mice. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Mice were randomly divided into three groups: untreated group, hypercholesterolemic group, and mice receiving 1% cholesterol associated with U...
November 24, 2017: Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry
Emanuela Zaharieva, Tsvetelina Velikova, Adelina Tsakova, Zdravko Kamenov
BACKGROUND: Soluble forms of Toll-like receptors (sTLR) 2 and 4 exert negative regulatory control on membrane-bound receptor activation. The study estimates the sTLR2 and sTLR4's serum levels in type 2 diabetes (T2D) and evaluates their relationship with metabolic and inflammatory parameters. SUBJECTS AND METHODS: Sixty three patients with T2D and 25 controls were enrolled. sTLR were assayed through ELISA. Inflammatory markers included Interleukin 6 (IL-6), high sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) and tumour necrosis factor α...
November 21, 2017: Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry
Raouia Dhouibi, Dorsaf Moalla, Kamilia Ksouda, Maryem Ben Salem, Serria Hammami, Zouheir Sahnoun, Khaled Mounir Zeghal, Hanen Affes
The present study was aimed to evaluate the analgesic properties of Urtica dioica (UD) and to profile phytochemicals by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). The ethanolic extracts were prepared by maceration method and extraction using rotary evaporator. The analgesic activity was analysed by hot plate method, formalin test, acetic acid-induced writhing test and the tail-flick test with different doses of the ethanolic extract. In all tests, the leaf's ethanolic extract exhibited significant analgesic activity (p < ...
November 20, 2017: Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry
Khaled Athmouni, Dalel Belhaj, Khaoula Mkadmini Hammi, Abdelfattah El Feki, Habib Ayadi
A total of five components (Catechin, Caffeic acid, Ferulic acid, Rosmarinic acid, and Amentoflavone) were identified in Periploca angustifolia leaf methanolic extract. This extract did not cause any cytotoxic effect on HepG2 cell line within the range of concentrations tested (0-400 µg mL(-1)). Thus, pre-treatment with 100 µg mL(-1) of P. angustifolia leaf methanolic extract (PAE) significantly (p < .05) protective HepG2 cells against cytotoxicity induced by cadmium exposure. However, Cd-intoxication significantly (p < ...
November 20, 2017: Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry
Yeimy González-Giraldo, Martha L Trujillo, Diego A Forero
Obesity is becoming an epidemic in Latin American countries. Genetic analyses of endophenotypes for obesity, such as body mass index (BMI), are quite useful for research. In this study, we analysed two functional polymorphisms in the dopamine receptor 4 (DRD4) and dopamine transporter (SLC6A3) genes. A sample of 232 Colombian young subjects were recruited and evaluated for BMI. Two functional polymorphisms in the DRD4 and SLC6A3 and genes were genotyped by PCR and electrophoresis. A significant association was found between BMI and the polymorphisms in DRD4 and SLC6A3 genes...
November 16, 2017: Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry
Anders Abildgaard, Betina Elfving, Marianne Hokland, Gregers Wegener, Sten Lund
CONTEXT: We have previously shown that an antidepressant-like effect of probiotics in rats was associated with a higher plasma level of the microbial tryptophan metabolite indole-3-propionic acid (IPA). OBJECTIVE: We therefore wanted to study the isolated effect of IPA on behaviour and glucose metabolism in rats. METHODS: Male Sprague-Dawley rats were fed control or IPA-enriched diet for six weeks (n = 12 per group) and assessed in the elevated plus maze, open field and forced swim test...
November 7, 2017: Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry
Faeze Daghigh, Alireza Alihemmati, Pouran Karimi, Parisa Habibi, Naser Ahmadiasl
CONTEXT: The important role of exercise in pulmonary function during menopause is not well known. Oestrogen deficiency in ageing female mice is accompanied by increase in apoptotic markers such as caspase3 in the lung. OBJECTIVE: The present study was designed to investigate whether swimming training will ameliorate fibrosis and apoptosis resolution in the ovariectomy-induced lung injury rats. MATERIAL AND METHOD: Thirty female rats were assigned to three groups (n = 10 in each group): sham; rats underwent bilateral laparotomy without ovariectomy, OVX; rats underwent bilateral ovariectomy, OVX...
November 7, 2017: Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry
Samira Ghorbani, Roya Mahdavi, Behnam Alipoor, Ghodratollah Panahi, Ensieh Nasli Esfahani, Farideh Razi, Mohhammad Taghikhani, Reza Meshkani
BACKGROUND: Recently, much attention has been paid to the role of circulating microRNAs (miRNAs) as novel biomarkers for various diseases. The aim of this study was to investigate the level of a subset of miRNAs in serum samples of the diabetic and healthy subjects. METHODS: Forty two healthy and 45 T2D subjects participated in this study. Serum miR-21, miR-126, and miR-146a levels were measured using real-time PCR. RESULTS: There was no significant difference in the serum level of miR-21, miR-126, and miR-146a between the diabetic and non-diabetic groups...
November 7, 2017: Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry
Houda Hamed, Manel Gargouri, Khaled Bellassoued, Zied Ghannoudi, Abdelfattah Elfeki, Ahmed Gargouri
The present study was designed to examine the preventive effects of camel milk (CM) against the toxic effects of acute exposure to carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) on the heart tissue of mice. Administration of a single dose of CCl4 caused cardio toxicity as monitored by an increase in lipid peroxidation (thiobarbituric acid reactive substances), protein carbonyl level and antioxidant markers (superoxide dismutase, catalase, glutathione peroxidase, glutathione and vitamin C) in the heart tissue. Moreover, CCl4 caused a distinguished rise of plasma aspartate aminotransferase, lactate dehydrogenase, troponin I, and creatine kinase activities...
November 6, 2017: Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry
Andriy Cherkas, Sergii Golota, Françoise Guéraud, Orest Abrahamovych, Christoph Pichler, Armen Nersesyan, Volodymyr Krupak, Vira Bugiichyk, Ostap Yatskevych, Mykhaylo Pliatsko, Peter Eckl, Siegfried Knasmüller
A potential contribution of H. pylori contamination to low-grade inflammation, oxidative stress (OS) and insulin resistance as well as correlations between these parameters in asymptomatic sedentary males was analysed. We enrolled 30 apparently healthy asymptomatic young subjects (18 H. pylori negative and 12 positive) and measured whole blood glucose, glycated haemoglobin, insulin, C-peptide, cortisol, aldosterone, testosterone, thyroid stimulating hormone, C-reactive protein, interleukins 6 and 10, TNF-alpha and comet assay...
November 6, 2017: Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry
Shaimaa Nasr Amin, Sherif Sabry Hassan, Laila Ahmed Rashed
BACKGROUND: Parkinson's disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder. Aspartame (l-aspartyl-l-phenylalanine methyl ester), a low calorie sweetener used in foods and beverages. OBJECTIVES: This study investigated the effect of chronic aspartame intake on Parkinsonism induced by 1-methyl-4-phenyl-1,2,3,6-tetrahydropyridine (MPTP). METHOD: Forty-eight mice (24 males and 24 females): control, aspartame, MPTP, and aspartame + MPTP groups tested by Y-maze, stepping, forced swimming and olfactory preference tests...
November 2, 2017: Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry
Awatef Elwej, Imen Ghorbel, Mariem Chaabane, Nejla Soudani, Hela Mnif, Tahia Boudawara, Najiba Zeghal, Madiha Sefi
CONTEXT: Barium (Ba) may induce oxidative stress leading to tissues injury. OBJECTIVE: Our study investigated the therapeutic efficiency of zinc (Zn) and selenium (Se) against neurotoxicity induced by Ba in adult rats and their progeny. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Pregnant rats are exposed either to Ba (67 ppm), Ba + Zn, Ba + S or to only Zn and Se. RESULTS: In Ba-treated rats, there was an increase of MDA, H2O2, AOPP levels and SOD activity in the cerebellum of dams and their pups, a decrease in GPx, CAT, AChE, Na(+)K(+)-ATPase and Mg(2+)-ATPase activities, GSH and NPSH levels...
October 26, 2017: Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry
Abhijit Nirwane, Anuradha Majumdar
Mitochondria play a pivotal role in physiological energy governance. Mitochondrial biogenesis comprises growth and division of pre-existing mitochondria, triggered by environmental stressors such as endurance exercise, caloric restriction, cold exposure and oxidative stress. For normal physiology, balance between energy intake, storage and expenditure is of utmost important for the coordinated regulation of energy homeostasis. In contrast, abnormalities in these regulations render the individual susceptible to cardiometabolic disorders...
October 26, 2017: Archives of Physiology and Biochemistry
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