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Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Piyaporn Karuwanarint, Benjaluck Phonrat, Anchalee Tungtrongchitr, Kanjana Suriyaprom, Somlak Chuengsamarn, Rungsunn Tungtronchitr
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The genetic variations of vitamin D receptor (VDR) have revealed its association with the risk of metabolic syndrome (MetS). In Thailand, evidence of this association has not been obtained. Thus, this study aimed to investigate the association of VDR gene polymorphism with MetS and related diseases as well as the possible linkage disequilibrium (LD) and haplotypes of VDR in Thai adults. METHODS AND STUDY DESIGN: Four single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of VDR gene, rs2228570, rs1544410, rs7975232 and rs731236, were genotyped using PCR-RFLP method in 259 MetS and 261 control groups...
2018: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Yanhua Ning, Juxia Zhang, Yun Li
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The quality of meta-analyses (MAs) on nutrition intervention in mainland China remains uninvestigated. To assess the quality of the evidence regarding nutrition intervention in mainland China, we used vitamin intervention as an example to assess the overall methodological and reporting qualities of MAs on nutrition interventions published in Chinese journals. METHODS AND STUDY DESIGN: A cross-sectional study on MAs of vitamin interventions was performed...
2018: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Jiajie Zang, Changyi Guo, Zhengyuan Wang, Yuejia Cheng, Wei Jin, Zhenni Zhu, Shurong Zou, Chunfang Wang, Ye Lu, Wenjing Wang, Xin He, Hongmei Tang, Hongmei Gao, Xiaodong Jia, Fan Wu
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Poor adherence to dietary guidelines is related to physical and mental disorders, as reflected in self-reported health statuses. This study evaluates the association between diet quality and selfreported health within the Shanghai Diet and Health Study. METHODS AND STUDY DESIGN: We used Chinese Dietary Guidelines Adherence scores to assess diet quality in a cross-sectional study of 4487 subjects above 15 years of age, who completed three-day 24h diet recalls and responded to self-reported health questionnaires...
2018: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Yue Xin Yang, Xiao Li Wang, Pooi Mun Leong, Huan Mei Zhang, Xiao Guang Yang, Ling Zhi Kong, Feng Ying Zhai, Yi Yong Cheng, Jun Sheng Guo, Yi Xiang Su
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The Chinese Dietary Guidelines (CDGs) were first released to the public in 1989 by the Chinese Nutrition Society (CNS). In 2016, the Ministry of Health commissioned the CNS to revise and publish new CDGs. METHODS AND STUDY DESIGN: The CNS convened an expert committee of leaders in the fields of nutrition, epidemiology, public health, preventive medicine, and food science. The CDGs were revised according to the World Health Organization Handbook for Guideline Development procedures...
2018: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Khairunnisa Mohamed, Tin Su Tin, Muhammad Yazid Jalaludin, Nabilla Al-Sadat, Hazreen Abdul Majid
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) is a dietary tool used to assess the habitual intake of the population. The goal of this study is to examine the reproducibility and validity of the FFQ that was developed for a multi-ethnic population in Malaysia. METHODS AND STUDY DESIGN: Collective food data from MyHeARTs 2012 database were used to construct the MyUM Adolescent FFQ. Seventy-eight participants between 13 and 15 years old in 2014 were selected through convenient sampling for test-retest study...
2018: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Marcelino Correia, V Swetha E Jeganathan, Nitin Verma
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Children age 6 to 72 months, living in refugee camps are at increased risk of developing vitamin A deficiency (VAD), resulting in increased morbidity and mortality. Due to poverty, often this population group has limited access to foods containing vitamin A from animal-based food sources and do not commonly consume available foods containing beta-carotene. To date, there is a paucity of data on vitamin A intake in young refugee children. To determine vitamin A intake in children ages 6 to 72 months at refugee camps in East Timor...
2018: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Wong Chee Yen, Zalilah Mohd Shariff, Siti Nur'Asyura Adznam, Norhasmah Sulaiman, Chin Yit Siew
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Information on the growth status of indigenous children is useful for developing intervention strategies, but the data are limited. This study determined the prevalence of undernutrition among under-five indigenous children (Orang Asli) and tracked the growth status of Orang Asli children aged 0-3 years. METHODS AND STUDY DESIGN: This study had two phases: a cross-sectional growth study of under-five Orang Asli children (N=304; Phase 1) and a 2-year prospective cohort growth study of Orang Asli children aged 0-3 years (N=214; Phase 2) in the Temerloh district of Pahang, Malaysia...
2018: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Ruo Zhang, Chao Li, Baibing Mi, Shanshan Li, Pengfei Qu, Shaonong Dang, Danmeng Liu, Ruhai Bai, Hong Yan
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The results of prenatal nutrient supplementation on birth weight are inconsistent in different areas. This study aimed to investigate whether the effects of prenatal iron plus folic acid and folic acid supplementation on neonatal birth weights differed between urban and rural areas of Northwest China. METHODS AND STUDY DESIGN: A stratified multistage random sampling method was used to recruit women between the ages of 15 and 49 and their offspring born between 2010 and 2013 from 10 urban areas and 20 rural areas of the Shaanxi Province of Northwest China...
2018: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Rebecca Kuriyan, Natasha Rodgers, Tinku Thomas, Jini Aravind, S V Subramanian, Anura V Kurpad
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Childhood obesity is increasing in urban India. This study aimed to examine the associations of younger siblings abdominal adiposity with individual, familial and environmental factors, in urban school aged siblings. METHODS AND STUDY DESIGN: Weight, height and waist circumference of 2906 siblings aged 3-16 years were measured along with details on demographics, diet, lifestyle, behavior and reported parental anthropometrics. Abdominal adiposity was classified as waist circumference above the age and sex specific 75th percentile value...
2018: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Paul N Morison, Montserrat Bacardi-Gascon, Manuel Lopez-Corrales, Arturo Jimenez-Cruz
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Excessive gestational weight gain has been associated with higher risk for large for gestational age newborns. This systematic review and meta-analysis aims to assess whether an intensive diet and exercise intervention has an effect in reducing gestational weight gain and large for gestational age newborns. METHODS AND STUDY DESIGN: The search was conducted on PubMed and Cochrane database. Through PRISMA flow diagram, clinical trials which met the inclusion criteria were selected...
2018: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Kharis Burns, Constance Yap, Ashraf Mina, Jenny E Gunton
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Iodine deficiency remains a public health concern, particularly in pregnant women and those planning pregnancy because of the risk of impaired fetal neurological development. Following implementation of strategies to improve iodine intake in Australia, there has been minimal investigation into current iodine status. We aimed to characterise iodine status in a population of women of childbearing-age in Australia. METHODS AND STUDY DESIGN: A cross-sectional study was performed in 97 women of childbearing-age attending outpatient clinics at a tertiary hospital in Sydney...
2018: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Eleanor Katherine Louise Mitchell, Julie Christine Martin, Angelo D'Amore, Ivan Francis, Gayle S Savige
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Pregnant women are at particular risk of iodine deficiency due to their higher iodine requirements. Iodine is known to be essential for normal growth and brain development, therefore neonatal outcomes in mildly iodine deficient areas, such as Gippsland, are a critical consideration. This study aimed to investigate whether iodine supplementation prevented iodine insufficiency as determined by neonatal thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) screening criteria. METHODS AND STUDY DESIGN: Gippsland-based women aged >=18 years, in their third trimester of pregnancy, provided self-reported information regarding their iodine supplement use and consent to access their offspring's neonatal TSH screening data...
2018: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Dyah Setyowati, Nuri Andarwulan, Puspo Edi Giriwono
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Dietary patterns are undergoing a major shift worldwide. This study analysed the consumption of processed and ultraprocessed foods in Jakarta and its contribution to the energy and nutrient intake based on the Individual Food Consumption Survey 2014. METHODS AND STUDY DESIGN: Food consumption data were based on 24-hour dietary recall. Foods were grouped into four food groups: nonprocessed foods, processed ingredients, processed foods, and ultraprocessed foods and subsequently categorised according to the Indonesian Food Category System...
2018: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Jing Liu, Wenjuan Ma, Lianhua Wei, Yan Yang, Ruifei Yang, Feifei Shao, Yu Wang, Limin Tian
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: This analytical cross-sectional study investigated the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and its association with metabolic risk factors in the adult population of Gansu Province, China. METHODS AND STUDY DESIGN: In total, 11,157 healthy participants (4,740 men and 6,417 women) were enrolled. A questionnaire was used to assess general characteristics and personal habits. We detected 25-hydroxyvitamin D and associated metabolic parameters through electrochemiluminescence immunoassays...
2018: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Shirin Kasturia, Mohammed K Ali, K M Venkat Narayan, Nikhil Tandon, Roopa Shivashankar, Vandana Garg, Deksha Kapoor, Anitha Mohanasundaram, Deepa Mohan, Muhammad M Kadir, Dorairaj Prabhakaran, Viswanathan Mohan, Lindsay M Jaacks
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: To determine how frequently diabetic diets are recommended to individuals with diabetes in South Asia, whether they are followed, and if they are associated with healthier dietary choices and clinical benefits. METHODS AND STUDY DESIGN: Data are from the Centre for cArdiometabolic Risk Reduction in South-Asia Cohort Study. Participants with self-reported physician-diagnosed diabetes (n=1849) were divided into four groups based on whether they reported being prescribed and/or were following a diabetic diet...
2018: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Bin Zhao, Yan Xia Wang, Xin Yue Liu, Hai Long Li, Dan Mei
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: To compare the effectiveness, safety, and costs of commercial standardized multi-chamber bag and customized compounded total parenteral nutrition (TPN) among gastric cancer patients after gastrectomy. METHODS AND STUDY DESIGN: A retrospective cohort study was conducted among 64 gastric cancer patients who underwent gastrectomy from 2014 to 2016 in a tertiary teaching hospital in Beijing, China. Patients were categorized into standardized (s-TPN) and customized TPN (c-TPN) groups based on their TPN order after gastrectomy...
2018: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Harsha V Chopra, Sarah H Kehoe, Sirazul A Sahariah, Harshad N Sane, Vanessa A Cox, Dnyaneshwar V Tarwade, Barrie M Margetts, Ramesh D Potdar, Caroline Hd Fall, Sadhana R Joshi
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: There are few data on the fatty acid status of non-pregnant Indian women. Our objective was to investigate the effect of a snack containing green leafy vegetables (GLVs) on women's erythrocyte long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid status (LCPUFA). METHODS AND STUDY DESIGN: Non-pregnant women (n=222) aged 14-35 years from Mumbai slums were randomized to consume a snack containing GLVs, fruit and milk (treatment) or a control snack containing foods of low micronutrient content such as potato and onion, daily under observation...
2018: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Hiroyuki Takeuchi, Chiaki Futatsuya, Akari Miki, Eiichi Tabuchi, Michihiro Sugano
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The excessive intake of trans fatty acids increases serum low-density lipoproteincholesterol and reduces high-density lipoprotein-cholesterol. We studied the effects of 1% energy trans fatty acid supplementation on serum lipid concentrations in healthy adult Japanese with different obesity-related gene polymorphisms. METHODS AND STUDY DESIGN: A randomized, double-blind, parallel trial was conducted in 53 healthy adults. The volunteers consumed one cookie containing either 1% energy or <0...
2018: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Maria Pauline, Sejil T Verghese, Bindu Y Srinivasu, Beena Bose, Tinku Thomas, Amit K Mandal, Prashanth Thankachan, Anura V Kurpad
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Nutritional anemia is a significant public health issue with 50-80% prevalence in Indian children. Fortification of food, specifically milk, with iron is a potential approach to increase dietary iron intake. Ferric pyrophosphate [Fe4(P2O7)3] is organoleptically neutral and is less soluble in acid medium and, further, has low bioavailability in milk. However, since ascorbic acid is a potent enhancer of iron absorption, the coadministration of ascorbic acid with Fe4(P2O7)3 might enhance the absorption of iron...
2018: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Ahmad Zare Javid, Habib Haybar, Parvin Dehghan, Mohammad Hosein Haghighizadeh, Seyede Marjan Mohaghegh, Maryam Ravanbakhsh, Assieh Mohammadzadeh
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Coronary artery disease (CAD) is a major cause of death worldwide. Chronic stable angina (CSA) is the primary sign of CAD. Oxidative stress and inflammation play a substantial role in pathogenesis and progression of CAD. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of oral administration of powdered Melissa officinalis (MO) on biomarkers of oxidative stress, inflammation, and lipid profile in patients with CSA. METHODS AND STUDY DESIGN: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial was performed in 80 patients with CSA...
2018: Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition
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