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Parasite: Journal de la Société Française de Parasitologie

Aurélie Smets, Thomas Fauchier, Grégory Michel, Pierre Marty, Christelle Pomares
A maternal Toxoplasma gondii infection during pregnancy is a risk for congenital infection through maternal-fetal transplacental transmission. Estimation of the date of infection is of the utmost importance for management and treatment recommendations. In this setting, IgG avidity has been shown to be useful as high avidity rules out an infection dating less than 4 months. The estimated date of infection can also be obtained by the ratio of T. gondii IgG titers measured by the Vidas (bioMérieux) assay versus T...
2016: Parasite: Journal de la Société Française de Parasitologie
Fen Li, Shi-Ping Wang, Chang-Jian Wang, Shi-Cheng He, Xiang Wu, Guo-Hua Liu
Toxoplasma gondii infections are prevalent in animals and humans worldwide. In the present investigation, the seroprevalence of T. gondii in goats was investigated in Hunan province, subtropical China between March 2014 and December 2015. A total of 1,028 serum samples collected from 14 administrative regions of Hunan province were evaluated by the indirect hemagglutination test (IHAT) for the detection of specific antibodies. Antibodies to T. gondii were detected in 124 serum samples (12%). The T. gondii seroprevalence ranged from 1...
2016: Parasite: Journal de la Société Française de Parasitologie
Shuai Wang, Nian Zhang, Zhenchao Zhang, Dong Wang, Zhijun Yao, Haizhu Zhang, Jingbo Ma, Bin Zheng, Hongbin Ren, Shiguo Liu
The heartworm Dirofilaria immitis is the causative agent of cardiopulmonary dirofilariosis in dogs and cats, and also infects humans. However, there has been no study on dirofilariasis in dogs in central China. From March 2015 to February 2016, sera from 1176 randomly selected household dogs from Henan province, central China were examined for D. immitis antigen using the Canine Heartworm Antigen Test Kit. The overall seroprevalence of D. immitis in dogs in Henan province was 13% (155/1176). The prevalence was significantly higher in older dogs and dogs kept outdoors, compared to the younger ones and those sheltered indoors...
2016: Parasite: Journal de la Société Française de Parasitologie
Jenny Knapp, Benoît Combes, Gérald Umhang, Soufiane Aknouche, Laurence Millon
Echinococcus multilocularis, a cestode parasite responsible for alveolar echinococcosis in humans, is often reported in Europe. It involves red foxes, domestic dogs, and domestic and wild cats as definitive hosts. The parasite infects small mammals and accidentally humans as intermediate hosts and develops in a similar way to a tumor, usually in the liver. Domestic animals are suspected of playing a role in parasite transmission, but this is rarely proven. Moreover, the role of domestic cats is thought to be small, because of experimental studies showing incomplete development of the parasite observed in their intestines...
2016: Parasite: Journal de la Société Française de Parasitologie
Jérôme Depaquit, Bernard Pesson, Denis Augot, James Gordon Campbell Hamilton, Phillip Lawyer, Nicole Léger
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2016: Parasite: Journal de la Société Française de Parasitologie
Klaus Teichmann, Maxime Kuliberda, Gerd Schatzmayr, Thomas Pacher, Karin Zitterl-Eglseer, Anja Joachim, Franz Hadacek
Disposal of organic plant wastes and by-products from the food or pharmaceutical industries usually involves high costs. In the present study, 42 samples derived from such by-products were screened in vitro against Cryptosporidium parvum, a protozoan parasite that may contaminate drinking water and cause diarrhoea. The novel bioassay was previously established in the microtitre plate format. Human ileocaecal adenocarcinoma (HCT-8) cell cultures were seeded with C. parvum oocysts and parasite development was monitored by an indirect fluorescent antibody technique (IFAT) and microscopic assessment for clusters of secondary infection (CSI)...
2016: Parasite: Journal de la Société Française de Parasitologie
František Moravec, Delphine Gey, Jean-Lou Justine
Parasitological examination of marine perciform fishes belonging to four species of Carangoides, i.e. C. chrysophrys, C. dinema, C. fulvoguttatus and C. hedlandensis (Carangidae), from off New Caledonia revealed the presence of nematodes. The identification of carangids was confirmed by barcoding of the COI gene. The eight nematode species found were: Capillariidae gen. sp. (females), Cucullanus bulbosus (Lane, 1916) (male and females), Hysterothylacium sp. third-stage larvae, Raphidascaris (Ichthyascaris) sp...
2016: Parasite: Journal de la Société Française de Parasitologie
Salah Meradi, Jacques Cabaret, Bourhane Bentounsi
Arrested development of abomasal trichostrongylid nematodes was studied in 30 permanent grazing lambs on a large farm in the North-East of Algeria. The steppe climate has cold winters and hot and dry summers. The lambs were monitored monthly for gastrointestinal nematodes using nematode faecal egg counts, from February 2008 to February 2009. Every 2 months, two of the original 30 permanent lambs were necropsied after being held in pens for three weeks so that recently ingested infective larvae could develop into adults...
2016: Parasite: Journal de la Société Française de Parasitologie
Frédéric Jourdain, Pascal Delaunay, Jean-Michel Bérenger, Yvon Perrin, Vincent Robert
The Common bed bug, Cimex lectularius, had virtually disappeared from France in the 1950s; however, a worldwide resurgence of bed bugs (C. lectularius and C. hemipterus) has been observed since the 1990s. To document modern pest control activities for the management of bed bugs, a survey was conducted in metropolitan France among the two main categories of professionals regularly called upon to deal with the control of infestations: Municipal Health and Safety Services (MHSSs) and private Pest Management Companies (PMCs)...
2016: Parasite: Journal de la Société Française de Parasitologie
Nelli Ignatievna Tumolskaya, Edoardo Pozio, Vera Mikhaylovna Rakova, Valentina Georgievna Supriaga, Vladimir Petrovich Sergiev, Evgeny Nikolaevich Morozov, Lola Farmonovna Morozova, Giovanni Rezza, Serguei Kirillovich Litvinov
An immature female worm, Dirofilaria immitis, was isolated from the scrotum of a 14-month-old child. This is the first identification of human dirofilariosis caused by D. immitis in a relatively Northern region (Moscow) of the Russian Federation. The parasite was diagnosed by means of morphological examination of the worm, confirmed by PCR assay. This case raises questions about the range of the D. immitis distribution among humans in Russia. To better understand the geographical distribution of dirofilarioses, detailed clinical and epidemiological information should be collected from human cases with appropriate laboratory confirmation...
2016: Parasite: Journal de la Société Française de Parasitologie
Heqing Huang, Boru Zhang, Hongjun Chu, Dong Zhang, Kai Li
We investigated infections with Gasterophilus spp. in three equids within the Kalamaili Nature Reserve (northern China). We conducted necropsies on 6 Przewalski's horses (Equus ferus przewalskii) and 6 Mongolian wild asses (Equus hemionus) and administered ivermectin to 10 overwintering domestic horses to expel parasites during winter periods. All 22 equids studied (100%) were infested with Gasterophilus spp. and a total of 17,225 larvae were collected. These included six species: G. haemorrhoidalis, G. inermis, G...
2016: Parasite: Journal de la Société Française de Parasitologie
Maria Elizabeth Cavalheiros Dorval, Elisa Teruya Oshiro, Andreia Fernandes Brilhante, Vânia Lúcia Brandão Nunes, Geucira Cristaldo, Manoel Sebastião Costa Lima Júnior, Eunice Aparecida Bianchi Galati
The phlebotomine fauna of Campo Grande city, capital of Mato Grosso do Sul state in Brazil, an endemic area for visceral leishmaniasis, has been thoroughly investigated, but all the insect collections were undertaken with automatic light traps. The present study sought to investigate the fauna in this city using Shannon and Disney traps, having human beings and hamsters, respectively, as bait. Both types of traps were installed in forest fragment and peridomiciliary areas in the period from 2007 to 2009. The phlebotomine females were analyzed by PCR for Leishmania identification...
2016: Parasite: Journal de la Société Française de Parasitologie
Nasserdine Papa Mze, Ambroise D Ahouidi, Cyrille K Diedhiou, Rahamatou Silai, Mouhamadou Diallo, Daouda Ndiaye, Mbacké Sembene, Souleymane Mboup
In the Union of Comoros, interventions for combating malaria have contributed to a spectacular decrease in the prevalence of the disease. We studied the current distribution of Plasmodium species on the island of Grande Comore using nested PCR. The rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) currently used in the Comoros are able to identify Plasmodium falciparum but no other Plasmodium species. In this study, we tested 211 RDTs (158 positive and 53 negative). Among the 158 positive RDTs, 22 were positive for HRP2, 3 were positive only for pLDH, and 133 were positive for HRP2 and pLDH...
2016: Parasite: Journal de la Société Française de Parasitologie
Dhikra Souidenne, Isabelle Florent, Marc Dellinger, Jean Lou Justine, Mohamed Salah Romdhane, Hidetaka Furuya, Philippe Grellier
Chromidina spp. are enigmatic apostome ciliates (Oligohymenophorea, Opalinopsidae) that parasitise the renal and pancreatic appendages of cephalopods. Only four species have been described, among which only three have been formally named. No DNA sequence has been reported so far. To investigate Chromidina spp. diversity, we sampled cephalopods in the Mediterranean Sea off Tunis, Tunisia, and identified two distinct Chromidina spp. in two different host species: Loligo vulgaris and Sepia officinalis. From haematoxylin-stained slides, we described morphological traits for these parasitic species and compared them to previous descriptions...
2016: Parasite: Journal de la Société Française de Parasitologie
Sydney Maghendji-Nzondo, Hermann Nzoughe, Guy Joseph Lemamy, Lady Charlene Kouna, Irene Pegha-Moukandja, Faustin Lekoulou, Bertrand Mbatchi, Fousseyni Toure-Ndouo, Jean Bernard Lekana-Douki
Recently, major progress has been made in controlling malaria in Africa. However, in Gabon, little information is available on the role of malaria in childhood febrile syndromes, the use and efficacy of preventive measures, and Plasmodium species distribution. Here, we characterized malaria in febrile children in Franceville, Gabon through a cross-sectional study at the pediatric unit of the Franceville Regional Hospital. We registered 940 febrile children. Their general condition was markedly altered in 11...
2016: Parasite: Journal de la Société Française de Parasitologie
Mohammad Akhoundi, Arnaud Cannet, Céline Loubatier, Jean-Michel Berenger, Arezki Izri, Pierre Marty, Pascal Delaunay
Wolbachia symbionts are maternally inherited intracellular bacteria that have been detected in numerous insects including bed bugs. The objective of this study, the first epidemiological study in Europe, was to screen Wolbachia infection among Cimex lectularius collected in the field, using PCR targeting the surface protein gene (wsp), and to compare obtained Wolbachia strains with those reported from laboratory colonies of C. lectularius as well as other Wolbachia groups. For this purpose, 284 bed bug specimens were caught and studied from eight different regions of France including the suburbs of Paris, Bouches-du-Rhône, Lot-et-Garonne, and five localities in Alpes-Maritimes...
2016: Parasite: Journal de la Société Française de Parasitologie
Shuai Wang, Zhijun Yao, Yichen Hou, Dong Wang, Haizhu Zhang, Jingbo Ma, Luwen Zhang, Shiguo Liu
The present study was performed to assess the prevalence of Enterobius vermicularis infection among preschool children in Xinxiang city, Henan province, China and the changes in the egg positive rate for E. vermicularis over a 10 year period. A total of 510 preschool children in 17 kindergartens were examined using the cellophane-tape perianal swab method in 2003, while 1734 preschool children in 10 kindergartens were examined in 2013 using the same method. The overall egg positive rate for E. vermicularis was 12...
2016: Parasite: Journal de la Société Française de Parasitologie
Marie-Lazarine Poulle, Marie-Amélie Forin-Wiart, Émilie Josse-Dupuis, Isabelle Villena, Dominique Aubert
Detection of Toxoplasma gondii DNA in cat feces is considered indicative of the presence of T. gondii oocysts. This study aims to demonstrate that the high sensitivity of qPCR can lead to T. gondii DNA detection in cat feces in the absence of oocysts. A cat immune to toxoplasmosis was fed with a mouse experimentally infected with T. gondii. Detection of DNA of this parasite was performed by qPCR on feces passed: (i) on the day the cat ingested the infected prey; (ii) during the three previous days; and (iii) during the three following days...
2016: Parasite: Journal de la Société Française de Parasitologie
Aurore Ogouyèmi-Hounto, Georgia Damien, Awa Bineta Deme, Nicaise T Ndam, Constance Assohou, Didier Tchonlin, Atika Mama, Virgile Olivier Hounkpe, Jules Doumitou Moutouama, Franck Remoué, Daouda Ndiaye, Dorothée Kinde Gazard
AIM: In Benin, artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) has been recommended as the first-line treatment for uncomplicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria since 2004. The emergence in Southeast Asia of parasites that are resistant to artemisinins poses a serious threat to global control of this disease. The presence of artemisinin resistance genotypes in parasite populations in Benin is currently unknown. The present study investigated the prevalence of relevant K13-propeller gene polymorphisms in parasite isolates from the north-western region of Benin...
2016: Parasite: Journal de la Société Française de Parasitologie
Caroline Ruetsch, Pascal Delaunay, Alexis Armengaud, Françoise Peloux-Petiot, Jean Dupouy-Camet, Isabelle Vallée, Bruno Polack, Pascal Boireau, Pierre Marty
Three cases of human trichinellosis due to Trichinella britovi were reported in 2015 in the Southeast of France resulting from consumption of raw pork sausages (figatelli) prepared in Corsica. Fourteen other people ate figatelli from the same batch but were not infected due to the figatelli being well cooked. This is the first reported human trichinellosis outbreak due to consumption of Corsican sausages prepared from uncontrolled pork. Consumption of raw figatelli is a common tradition in Corsica. As a result, the health recommendation to cook the product well is not always applied...
2016: Parasite: Journal de la Société Française de Parasitologie
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