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Korean Journal of Parasitology

Bin Yan, Xiafei Liu, Junyuan Wu, Shanshan Zhao, Wumei Yuan, Baoju Wang, Hazi Wureli, Changchun Tu, Chuangfu Chen, Yuanzhi Wang
Cystic echinococcosis (CE) caused by E. granulosus is a serious helminthic zoonosis in humans, livestock and wildlife. Xinjiang is one of high endemic province for CE in China. A total of 55 sheep and cattle livers containing echinococcal cysts were collected from slaughterhouses in Changji and Yining City, northern region of Xinjiang. PCR was employed for cloning 2 gene fragments, 12S rRNA and CO1 for analysis of phylogenetic diversity of E. granulosus. The results showed that all the samples collected were identified as G1 genotype of E...
August 2018: Korean Journal of Parasitology
Aisha Khan, Sarmad Zahoor, Haroon Ahmed, Uzma Malik, Rabia Amin Butt, Muhammad Sultanul Muzam, Seyma Gunyakti Kilinc, Noorulain Noor, Saroosh Zahoor, Muhammad Sohail Afzal, Hamza Mansur, Shumaila Irum, Sami Simsek
A retrospective study was performed to report the case occurrence of cystic echinococcosis (CE) in three hospitals of north-eastern region in Punjab Province, Pakistan. We reviewed retrospectively the clinical records of patients in 4 hospitals which were diagnosed with CE during 2012-2017. A total of 198 cases, 82 (41.4%) male and 116 (58.6%) females were detected as CE. The most Highest incidence was revealed in.... 21-30 years-old group (24.2%) followed by 41-50 (22.7%), 31-40 (16.2%), 11-20 (13.6%), 51-60 (8...
August 2018: Korean Journal of Parasitology
Keeseon S Eom, Hansol Park, Dongmin Lee, Seongjun Choe, Yeseul Kang, Mohammed Mebarek Bia, Sang-Hwa Lee, Julius Keyyu, Robert Fyumagwa, Hyeong-Kyu Jeon
The present study was performed with morphological and molecular analysis (cox1 and nad1 mitochondrial genes) to identify the proglottids of spirometrid tapeworm found in the stool of an African lion, Panthera leo, in the Serengeti plain of Tanzania. A strand of tapeworm strobila, about 75 cm in length, was obtained in the stool of a male African lion in the Serengeti National Park (34˚ 50' E, 02˚ 30' S), Tanzania, in February 2012. The morphological features of the adult worm examined exhibited 3 uterine coils with a bow tie appearance and adopted a diagonal direction in the second turn...
August 2018: Korean Journal of Parasitology
Hyo-Seok Kim, Joo-Yeon Kong, Jong-Hyun Kim, Seong-Chan Yeon, Il-Hwa Hong
A total of 44 adult or juvenile nutrias were necropsied for disease survey. A large nodule was found in the liver of a nutria. The histopathological specimen of the hepatic nodule was microscopically examined, and sectional worms were found in the bile duct. The worms showed a tegument with spines, highly branches of vitelline glands and intestine. Finally, we histopathologically confirmed fascioliasis in a wild nutria. In the present study, a case of fascioliasis in a wild nutria is first confirmed in Korea...
August 2018: Korean Journal of Parasitology
Sangmin Lee, Junki Kim, Doo-Sung Cheon, Eun-A Moon, Dong Joo Seo, Soontag Jung, Hansaem Shin, Changsun Choi
A 3-month-old female Maltese puppy was hospitalized with persistent diarrhea in a local veterinary clinic. Blood chemistry and hematology profile were analyzed and fecal smear was examined. Diarrheal stools were examined in a diagnostic laboratory, using multiplex real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) against 23 diarrheal pathogens. Sequence analysis was performed using nested PCR amplicon of 18S ribosomal RNA. Coccidian oocysts were identified in the fecal smear. Although multiplex real-time PCR was positive for Cyclospora cayetanensis, the final diagnosis was Cystoisospora ohioensis infection, confirmed by phylogenetic analysis of 18S rRNA...
August 2018: Korean Journal of Parasitology
Yonghong Liu, Bo He, Fei Li, Kairui Li, Luyao Zhang, Xianqiang Li, Li Zhao
To confirm that Bartonella and Wolbachia were carried by sheep keds (Melophagus ovinus) in southern Xinjiang of China, 17 M. ovinus samples, which were collected in Aksu Prefecture, Xinjiang, were randomly selected. In this study, the Bartonella gltA and Wolbachia 16S rRNA gene were amplified through conventional PCR and the sequence of those amplified products, were analyzed. The results demonstrated that Bartonella was carried by all of the 17 sheep keds and Wolbachia was carried by 15 out of them. Bartonella was identified as B...
August 2018: Korean Journal of Parasitology
Hyeong-Kyu Jeon, Sun Huh, Woon-Mok Sohn, Jong-Yil Chai, Keeseon S Eom
The taxonomy of Spirometra species has been controversial despite the medical and veterinary importance. Currently, only a few Spirometra species are considered valid species in the genus Spirometra. In the present study, the distribution of Spirometra species obtained from animals in Korea were identified by molecular analysis of the mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase I (cox1) gene. A total of 28 Spirometra species specimens were analyzed. These were all collected between 1973 and 2008 in the Republic of Korea...
August 2018: Korean Journal of Parasitology
Woon-Mok Sohn, Byoung-Kuk Na, Shin-Hyeong Cho, Jung-Won Ju, Cheon-Hyeon Kim, Ki-Bok Yoon
To grasp the infection status of Metagonimus spp. metacercariae (MsMc), the freshwater fishes were surveyed from Seomjin-gang (river) and Tamjin-gang in the Republic of Korea. Total 1,604 fishes from 7 local sites of Seomjin-gang and 1,649 fishes from 2 sites of Tamjin-gang were examined for 6 years (2012-2017) by the artificial digestion method. MsMc were detected in fishes from 7 sites, i.e., Osucheon in Imsil-gun (36.3% fish in 6 spp.), Seomjin-gang in Sunchanggun (49.8% in 18 spp.), Songdaecheon in Namwon-si (64...
August 2018: Korean Journal of Parasitology
Woon-Mok Sohn, Byoung-Kuk Na, Shin-Hyeong Cho, Jung-Won Ju, Cheon-Hyeon Kim, Ki-Bok Yoon, Jai-Dong Kim, Dong Cheol Son, Soon-Won Lee
The infection status of Centrocestus armatus metacercariae (CaMc) was broadly surveyed in freshwater fishes from major river systems in the Republic of Korea (Korea) during 2008-2017. A total of 14,977 fishes was caught and examined by the artificial digestion method. CaMc were detected in 3,818 (97.1%) (2,114 Z. platypus: 96.1% and 1,704 Z. temminckii: 98.4%) out of 3,932 Zacco spp. examined and their density was 1,867 (2,109 in Z. platypus and 1,567 in Z. temminckii) per fish infected. The prevalences with CaMc were high, 93...
August 2018: Korean Journal of Parasitology
Young Yil Bahk, Yun-Kyu Park, Byoung-Kuk Na, Woon-Mok Sohn, Sung-Jong Hong, Jong-Yil Chai, Tong-Soo Kim
This study was conducted to investigate the prevalence of intestinal parasites among students from Goseonggun, Gangwon-do and Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do as typical low and high endemic counties. From May to July 2017, a total of 2,033 fecal samples were collected at 27 elementary, 10 junior high, and 8 high schools from 2 counties and examined by the Kato-Katz technique for egg-positive surveys (Collection rate: 37.02% [2,033/5,492]). Of the participants examined, 13 (0.64%) were found to harbor eggs of 3 parasitic species, Trichuris trichiura, Clonorchis sinensis and Metagonimus yokogawai...
August 2018: Korean Journal of Parasitology
Jia-Qi Chu, Shuai Huang, Wei Ye, Xuan-Yan Fan, Rui Huang, Shi-Cai Ye, Cai-Yuan Yu, Wei-Yun Wu, Yu Zhou, Wei Zhou, Young-Ha Lee, Juan-Hua Quan
Toxoplasma gondii is an apicomplexan zoonotic protozoan parasite that infects most species of warm-blooded animals, including humans. The heavy incidence and severe or lethal damage caused by T. gondii infection clearly indicate a need for the development of an effective vaccine. T. gondii GRA8 is a member of the dense granules protein family and is used as a marker of acute infection. In the present study, we evaluated the protective immunity induced by DNA vaccination based on a recombinant eukaryotic plasmid, pDsRed2-GRA8, against acute toxoplasmosis in mice...
August 2018: Korean Journal of Parasitology
Yan Lv, Xian-Guo Guo, Dao-Chao Jin
This article reviews Leptotrombidium deliense, including its discovery and nomenclature, morphological features and identification, life cycle, ecology, relationship with diseases, chromosomes and artificial cultivation. The first record of L. deliense was early in 1922 by Walch. Under the genus Leptotrombidium, there are many sibling species similar to L. deliense, which makes it difficult to differentiate L. deliense from another sibling chigger mites, for example, L. rubellum. The life cycle of the mite (L...
August 2018: Korean Journal of Parasitology
Tae Yun Kim, You Shine Kwak, Ju Yeong Kim, Sung-Hyun Nam, In-Yong Lee, Simon Mduma, Julius Keyyu, Robert Fyumagwa, Tai-Soon Yong
This study was aimed to disclose the prevalence rate of tick-borne pathogens from ticks collected from cattle and wild animals in Tanzania in 2012. Ticks were collected from slaughtered cattle and dead wild animals from November 5 to December 23, 2012 and identified. PCR for detecting Anaplasmataceae, Piroplamidae, Rickettsiaceae, Borrelia spp., and Coxiella spp. were done. Among those tested, Rickettsiaceae, Piroplasmidae, and Anaplasmataceae, were detected in ticks from the 2 regions. Rickettsiaceae represented the major tick-borne pathogens of the 2 regions...
June 2018: Korean Journal of Parasitology
Jae-Hyung Lee, Shuang Gong, Yung Chul Park, Hyun-Ju Kim, In-Wook Choi, Young-Ha Lee
Rodents are important reservoirs of diseases affecting people and livestock, and are major sources of parasite contamination of agricultural products. We surveyed the infection status of intestinal helminths in 2 species of field mice, Apodemus agrarius and A. peninsulae, captured in the agricultural fields of Gangwon-do and Chungcheongnam-do, Korea. Total 83 mice (57 A. agrarius and 26 A. peninsulae) were collected in 2 surveyed areas, and the intestines of each mouse were opened with scissors, and then intestinal contents were examined with microscope...
June 2018: Korean Journal of Parasitology
Hyeong-Kyu Jeon, Kyu-Heon Kim, Woon-Mok Sohn, Keeseon S Eom
Human sparganosis was diagnosed by morphological and genetic analyses in Korea. The complete mitochondrial genomes of Spirometra erinaceieuropaei and S. decipiens isolated in Korea have been recorded. Present study was performed to provide information to diagnose the etiologic agent of sparganosis by multiplex PCR using mitochondrial genome sequences of S. erinaceieuropaei and S. decipiens. In an effort to examine the differential diagnosis of spirometrid tapeworms, multiplex PCR assays were performed on plerocercoid larvae of S...
June 2018: Korean Journal of Parasitology
Young-Il Lee, Min Seo, Suk-Bae Kim
Soil-transmitted helminthiases (STH) are now no longer public health problems in the Republic of Korea (South Korea), but their status are unavailable in the residents of North Korea (NK) despite the expectation of large scale traffic and future reunification of the Korean Peninsula. A total of 20 female refugees from NK who had been admitted to the Division of Gastroenterology, Dankook University Hospital, were subjected in this study. Among them, 15 refugees were examined by the colonoscopy and 10 ones were examined with the stool examination (formalin-ether sedimentation)...
June 2018: Korean Journal of Parasitology
Min-Goo Seo, In-Ouh Ouh, Seung-Hun Lee, Ui-Han Son, Paul John L Geraldino, Man Hee Rhee, Oh-Deog Kwon, Tae-Hwan Kim, Dongmi Kwak
Anaplasmosis is a tick-borne, non-contagious, zoonotic disease caused by Anaplasma spp., which include Anaplasma marginale, A. centrale, A. phagocytophilum, A. platys, A. ovis, and A. bovis. Recently, in Korea, the prevalence of Anaplasma spp. has been investigated in some animals, such as dogs, horses, goats, cats, and Korean water deer. In cattle, A. marginale is the most virulent species and regarded as the typical type of species. However, data on the seroprevalence of Anaplasma spp. in cattle in Korea during the last decade is limited...
June 2018: Korean Journal of Parasitology
Yuko Iijima, Naoyuki Itoh, Totsapon Phrompraphai, Yoichi Ito, Yuya Kimura, Satoshi Kameshima
Cryptosporidium is the most common protozoan that can infect a wide range of animals, including mammals and birds. Avian Cryptosporidium spp. can cause enteric and respiratory diseases which can be fatal in birds and some species are zoonotic. Companion birds have the potential as reservoir due to their close contact with humans. Pet shops are the major source of companion birds. However, few reports are available regarding Cryptosporidium spp. infection among companion birds kept in pet shops. The present study reports the prevalence and molecular characteristics of Cryptosporidium spp...
June 2018: Korean Journal of Parasitology
Hyeong-Kyu Jeon, Hansol Park, Dongmin Lee, Seongjun Choe, Yeseul Kang, Mohammed Mebarek Bia, Sang-Hwa Lee, Woon-Mok Sohn, Sung-Jong Hong, Jong-Yil Chai, Keeseon S Eom
In the present study, we identified a Spirometra species of Myanmar origin (plerocercoid) by molecular analysis using mitochondrial cox1 and nad1 genes, as well as by morphological observations of an adult tapeworm. Spargana specimens were collected from a paddy-field in Taik Kyi Township Tarkwa Village, Yangon, Myanmar in December 2017. A total of 5 spargana were obtained from 20 frogs Hoplobatrachus rugulosus; syn: Rana rugulosa (Wiegmann, 1834) or R. tigrina (Steindachner, 1867). The plerocercoids were used for experimental infection of a dog...
June 2018: Korean Journal of Parasitology
Vladimir S Kiyan, Aitbay K Bulashev, Aleksey V Katokhin
Aim of the present study was to provide presence of opisthorchiid metacercariae in cyprinid fish Leuciscus idus in Nura-Sarysu river, Kazakhstan. Infection rate of the ides by the metacercariae was 42%. The metacercariae, similar morphologically to those of the liver flukes, were found: elliptical in shape, 0.19-0.25×0.15-0.22 mm, oral and ventral suckers nearly equal size, and excretory bladder O-shape with black content, occupying posterior part of the body. The metacercariae were divided into 2 groups with differences in size and thickness of cyst wall...
June 2018: Korean Journal of Parasitology
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