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Kristina Lopatienė, Antanas Šidlauskas, Arūnas Vasiliauskas, Lina Čečytė, Vilma Švalkauskienė, Mantas Šidlauskas
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: The recent years have been marked by a search for new interrelations between the respiratory function and the risk of the development of malocclusions, and algorithms of early diagnostics and treatment have been developed. The aim of the study was to evaluate the relationships between hard and soft tissues and upper airway morphology in patients with normal sagittal occlusion and Angle Class II malocclusion according to gender. MATERIALS AND METHODS: After the evaluation of clinical and radiological data, 114 pre-orthodontic patients with normal or increased ANB angle, were randomly selected for the study...
2016: Medicina
Simonas Juzėnas, Juozas Kupčinskas, Irena Valantienė, Jolanta Šumskienė, Vitalija Petrenkienė, Jūrate Kondrackienė, Laimutis Kučinskas, Gediminas Kiudelis, Jurgita Skiecevičienė, Limas Kupčinskas
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Liver cirrhosis is the end-stage disease of chronic liver injury. Due to differences in the natural course of chronic liver diseases, identification of genetic factors that influence individual outcomes is warranted. HFE-linked hereditary hemochromatosis (HH) predisposes disease progression to cirrhosis; however, the role of heterozygous C282Y or H63D mutations in the development of cirrhosis in the presence of other etiological factors is still debated. The aim of this study was to determine the association between heterozygous C282Y and H63D mutations and non-HH liver cirrhosis in Lithuanian population...
2016: Medicina
Astra Zviedre, Arnis Engelis, Peteris Tretjakovs, Antra Jurka, Irisa Zile, Aigars Petersons
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: The diagnostic role of serum cytokines depends on the etiology and pathogenesis of acute appendicitis (AA) and acute mesenteric lymphadenitis (AML). The aim of this study was to evaluate differences in cytokine levels between AA and AML. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Data of 7- to 18-year-old children were collected prospectively from October 2010 to October 2013. There were 31 patients with AA (AA group), 26 with AML (AML group), and 17 with elective non-inflammatory surgical disease (control group)...
2016: Medicina
Ott Laius, Katre Maasalu, Sulev Kõks, Aare Märtson
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Osteoporosis is a major health threat nowadays. Aging of the population and changes in peoples' lifestyle result in a constant increase in the number of fractures all over the world. Our study aimed at describing the drug utilization pattern and choice of active substances of antiosteoporotic medicines in the Baltic countries. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Sales data of the antiosteoporotic medicines was obtained from the internet. These are available on the website of medicines regulatory agencies...
2016: Medicina
Raimonda Kubiliūtė, Indrė Šulskytė, Kristina Daniūnaitė, Rimantas Daugelavičius, Sonata Jarmalaitė
BACKGROUND AND AIM: Resistance to chemotherapy is the key obstacle to the effective treatment of various cancers. Accumulating evidence suggests significant involvement of the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) in the chemoresistance of most cancer types. This study aimed at analyzing the gene expression profile of doxorubicin (DOX)-resistant colorectal cancer cells CX-1. MATERIALS AND METHODS: DOX-resistant CX-1 cell sublines were acquired by stepwise increment of DOX concentrations in cell growth media...
2016: Medicina
Donatas Samsanavičius, Vygintas Kaikaris, Simonas-Jonas Norvydas, Rokas Liubauskas, Skaidra Valiukevičienė, Jurgita Makštienė, Kęstutis Maslauskas, Rytis Rimdeika
BACKGROUND AND AIM: Cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (CSCC) is a malignant epithelial cell tumor. CSCC has a tendency to spread via lymphogenic pathway. Metastases are found in 2%-6% of cases. Prognosis of patients with CSCC is directly related to the morphology and localization of primary tumor. The aim of this study was to evaluate the recurrence-free survival of patients with CSCC after tumor excision and SLNB as well as to analyze morphologic CSCC features related to patient recurrence-free survival...
2016: Medicina
Shariq Najeeb, Zohaib Khurshid, Sana Zohaib, Bilal Najeeb, Saad Bin Qasim, Muhammad Sohail Zafar
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: The exact etiology of recurrent aphthous ulcers (RAS) is unknown. The management of RAS is not always straightforward. The aim of this review is to critically analyze and summarize the clinical literature focusing on the management of aphthous ulcers using low-level lasers. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The Medline (PubMed), Web of Knowledge (ISI), Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL) and Embase databases were searched electronically for studies published in last 20 years (1995-2015) using the keywords "recurrent aphthous stomatitis," "aphthous ulcers," and "laser...
2016: Medicina
Oral Ospanov, Almantas Maleckas, Akzhunus Orekeshova
BACKGROUND AND AIM: Established anti-reflux procedures such as fundoplications are less efficient in obese patients. The aim of this study was to investigate clinical effectiveness of the fundoplication combined with gastric greater curvature plication in the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) in obese patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS: During the period from June 2010 to September 2014, patients operated for GERD with BMI from 30 to 39.9kg/m(2) were included into the prospective study...
2016: Medicina
Eligijus Poškus, Gediminas Platkevičius, Vilma Simanskaitė, Ernesta Rimkevičiūtė, Marius Petrulionis, Kestutis Strupas
Merkel cell carcinoma is an aggressive skin malignancy. Primary Merkel cell carcinomas are treated by wide radical excision with or without adjuvant radiotherapy, while benefits of adjuvant chemotherapy remain doubtful. There are only several cases of gastrointestinal metastases of Merkel cell carcinoma reported so far. We report a case of recurrent Merkel cell carcinoma with metastases to the stomach and the small intestines after wide excision of primary Merkel cell carcinoma.
2016: Medicina
Indrė Brasaitė, Marja Kaunonen, Arvydas Martinkėnas, Vida Mockienė, Tarja Suominen
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: The importance of patient safety is growing worldwide, and every day, health care professionals face various challenges in how to provide safe care for their patients. Patient safety skills are one of the main tools to ensure safe practice. This study looks to describe health care professionals' skills regarding patient safety. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Data were collected using the skill scale of the Patient Safety Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge (PS-ASK) instrument from different health care professionals (n=1082: physicians, head nurses, nurses and nurse assistants) working in hospitals for adult patients in three regional multi-profile hospitals in the western part of Lithuania...
2016: Medicina
Triin Kaldur, Eve Unt, Vahur Ööpik, Mihkel Zilmer, Jaan Eha, Kaido Paapstel, Jaak Kals
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: The aim of the study was to determine the acute effect of passive heat exposure (PHE) on arterial stiffness, oxidative stress (OxS) and inflammatory parameters. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Subjects were studied in thermoneutral conditions before and after PHE in a climatic chamber. Pulse wave analysis was used for assessment of central hemodynamic and arterial stiffness parameters. Venous blood samples were obtained to measure OxS and inflammatory parameters...
2016: Medicina
Irayda Jakušovaitė, Žydrunė Luneckaitė, Eimantas Peičius, Živilė Bagdonaitė, Olga Riklikienė, Edgaras Stankevičius
The prominence of biomedical criteria relying on brain death reduces the impact of metaphysical, anthropological, psychosocial, cultural, religious, and legal aspects disclosing the real value and essence of human life. The aim of this literature review is to discuss metaphysical and biomedical approaches toward death and their complimentary relationship in the determination of death. A critical appraisal of theoretical and scientific evidence and legal documents supported analytical discourse. In the metaphysical discourse of death, two main questions about what human death is and how to determine the fact of death clearly separate the ontological and epistemological aspects of death...
2016: Medicina
Ana Tichonova, Inesa Rimdeikienė, Daiva Petruševičienė, Eglė Lendraitienė
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Psychological responses to the initial injury and rehabilitation might be an important additional determinant of functional level outcomes after knee surgery. The objectives of this study were (1) to measure pain catastrophizing and kinesiophobia levels and (2) determine their association with self-reported subjective knee function during rehabilitation, following anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR) and meniscectomy. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study involved 41 participants...
2016: Medicina
Ramunė Kalėdienė, Daiva Rastenytė
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: The objective of the study was to analyze mortality from stroke in Lithuania the context of health care reform with particular interest in urban/rural and regional inequalities. Based on the analysis of trends in mortality, and to detection of break-points over two decades of socioeconomic transition, it focused on the challenges in stroke care provision. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The analysis covered the entire country. Information on deaths from 1991 to 2012 was gathered from death certificates held by the Lithuanian Department of Statistics...
2016: Medicina
Renata Petraškienė, Skaidra Valiukevičienė, Jūratė Macijauskienė
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to evaluate the interrelationships between the quality of life and psycho-emotional, demographic, and clinical factors in patients with psoriasis. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study included 18-year-old or older patients with psoriasis recruited from the university hospital (n=385). Their sociodemographic data, Psoriasis Area and Severity Index score and disease duration were assessed. The quality of life was evaluated by using the Dermatology Life Quality Index...
2016: Medicina
Renata Balnytė, Daiva Rastenytė, Antanas Vaitkus, Erika Skrodenienė, Astra Vitkauskienė, Ingrida Ulozienė
BACKGROUND AND AIM: Oligoclonal bands (OCB) may be associated with the genes of HLA complex, which allows to consider the possible interaction of genetic and immunological factors and its importance in the development and progression of multiple sclerosis (MS). The aim of this study was to evaluate the associations between HLA DRB1 alleles and oligoclonal bands (OCBs) in the disease course and disability of multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This was a prospective study of 120 patients with MS...
2016: Medicina
Ingrida Ulozienė, Renata Balnytė, Giedrė Alzbutienė, Irina Arechvo, Antanas Vaitkus, Milda Šileikaitė, Viktoras Šaferis, Virgilijus Ulozas
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to determine the reliability and validity of the Lithuanian version of the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI), a self-report measure of perceived tinnitus handicap. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A cross-sectional psychometric validation study was performed in the University Hospital. A total of 248 subjects reporting chronic tinnitus as their primary complaint or secondary to hearing loss were encluded in the study and filled in the Lithuanian version of THI...
2016: Medicina
Mehmet Sedat Durmaz, Hakan Demirtaş, Salih Hattapoğlu, Taylan Kara, Cemil Göya, Mehmet Emin Adin
Cleft foot deformity, also known as ectrodactyly, is a rare congenital developmental defect of extremities caused by malformation in continuity of apical ectoderm. The syndrome typically involves malformation or absence of the central rays of the feet and is characterized by deformities like median deep clefts of distal extremities. Routine examination of feet during second-trimester ultrasound (US) may increase the detection rates of foot malformations. Many malformations can be diagnosed with 2-dimensional (2D) US, but 3-dimensional (3D) US also helps better understanding of the foot malformations...
2016: Medicina
Ruta Ustinavičienė, Lina Škėmienė, Dalia Lukšienė, Ričardas Radišauskas, Gintarė Kalinienė, Paulius Vasilavičius
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Computers and the Internet have become an integral part of today's life. Problematic gaming is related to adolescent's health. The aim of our study was to evaluate the prevalence of Internet addiction among 13-18-year-old schoolchildren and its relation to sex, age, and time spent playing computer games, game type, and subjective health evaluation. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A total of 1806 schoolchildren aged 13-18 years were interviewed. The evaluation of Internet addiction was conducted by the Diagnostic Questionnaire according to Young's methodology...
2016: Medicina
Eero Merilind, Rauno Salupere, Katrin Västra, Ruth Kalda
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE: Several practice- and patient-related characteristics are reported to have an influence on a good quality outcome. Estonia started the pay-for-performance (P4P) system for family doctors (FDs) in 2006. Every year the number of FDs participating in P4P has increased, but only half of the FDs achieved good outcome. The aim of this study was to find out which practice- and patient-related characteristics could have an impact on a good outcome. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study was conducted using the database from the Estonian Health Insurance Fund...
2016: Medicina
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