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Central European Journal of Public Health

Kristýna Hricová, Magdaléna Röderová, Vendula Pudová, Vojtěch Hanulík, Dana Halová, Pavla Julínková, Monika Dolejská, Ivo Papoušek, Jan Bardoň
Increasing bacterial resistance to quinolone antibiotics is apparent in both humans and animals. For humans, a potential source of resistant bacteria may be animals or their products entering the human food chain, for example poultry. Between July 2013 and September 2014, samples were collected and analyzed in the Moravian regions of the Czech Republic to isolate the bacterium Escherichia coli. As a result, 212 E. coli isolates were obtained comprising 126 environmental isolates from poultry houses and 86 isolates from cloacal swabs from market-weight turkeys...
June 2017: Central European Journal of Public Health
Hülya Toker, Emine Pirim Görgün, Ertan Mahir Korkmaz
OBJECTIVE: Pro-inflammatory cytokines, interleukin-6 (IL-6), demonstrated to be suppressed by interleukin-10 (IL-10) are known to be regulated by the transcription factor nuclear factor-κB(NF-κB). The aim of this study was to ascertain the association between genetic polymorphism of these genes (IL-6(-174), IL-10(-597) and NF-κB1-94ins/del)) and chronic/aggressive periodontitis. METHODS: Forty-five patients with chronic periodontitis (CP), 58 patients with aggressive periodontitis (AP) and 38 periodontally healthy subjects were included in this study...
June 2017: Central European Journal of Public Health
Miroslav Fajfr, Vlasta Štěpánová, Jana Fajfrová
BACKGROUND: The incidence of mumps has decreased in many countries since the introduction of vaccination programmes, however, in the past decade a rapid increase in the disease occurrence has been reported worldwide. The reason for this situation is still not clear. We present the results of a serological survey carried out in the Eastern Bohemia Region of the Czech Republic during the years 2008-2012. METHODS: In total, 2,536 samples of 2,034 patients were examined during the study period...
June 2017: Central European Journal of Public Health
Helena Hnilicová, Siri Nome, Karolína Dobiášová, Miroslav Zvolský, Roger Henriksen, Elena Tulupova, Zuzana Kmecová
OBJECTIVE: The Czech Republic is characterized by high alcohol consumption and is well known as the world's biggest consumer of beer. In contrast, the alcohol consumption in Norway is relatively low. In this article, we describe and discuss alcohol policy development in the Czech Republic since the mid-1980s to the present and its impact on the alcohol consumption and compare our findings, including the dynamics of the total alcohol consumption and the development of drinking patterns among young people, with the situation in Norway...
June 2017: Central European Journal of Public Health
Kamila Zvolská, Keely Fraser, Miroslav Zvolský, Eva Králíková
OBJECTIVE: Tobacco related comorbidities and treatment of dependence are relevant to clinicians of all disciplines. Clinicians should provide a brief intervention about tobacco use with smokers at each clinical contact (success rate of 5-10 %). Intensive treatment (success rate >30%) should be available to those who need it. Brief intervention is not yet standard clinical practice. Our aim was to assess clinical practice guidelines (CPG) of selected medical professional societies to determine whether or not tobacco dependence treatment recommendations were included...
June 2017: Central European Journal of Public Health
Friderika Kresal, Jana Suklan, Vasja Roblek, Andrej Jerman, Maja Meško
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to determine the most common psychosocial risk factors for absenteeism and the extent to which low back pain occurs among Slovenian professional drivers as result of various psychosocial risk factors. METHOD: The study involved 275 professional drivers, mostly men (mean age 41.6 years). Statistical data analysis was conducted using SPSS package version 21, MS Excel version 2007 and Pajek, version 3. The main method for data processing was regression analysis...
June 2017: Central European Journal of Public Health
Pavel Bulejko, Vladimír Adamec, Robert Skeřil, Barbora Schüllerová, Vladimír Bencko
OBJECTIVE: The main effort of this work was to evaluate the situation of the atmosphere in selected regions of Brno during the years 2009-2013 and to estimate health risks which might come up due to the increased concentrations of airborne particulate matter. METHODS: PM10 samples were collected in four areas varying in degree of automobile traffic using automatic and gravimetric sampling methods. PM10 concentrations were assessed using Spearman's rank correlation coefficient...
June 2017: Central European Journal of Public Health
Beatrice Scholtes, Peter Schröder-Bäck, Morag Mackay, Joanne Vincenten, Helmut Brand
1S: The aim of this paper is to present the Child Safety Reference Frameworks (CSRF), a policy advice tool that places evidence-based child safety interventions, applicable at the sub-national level, into a framework resembling the Haddon Matrix. METHOD: The CSRF is based on work done in previous EU funded projects, which we have adapted to the field of child safety. The CSRF were populated following a literature review. RESULTS: Four CSRF were developed for four domains of child safety: road, water and home safety, and intentional injury prevention...
June 2017: Central European Journal of Public Health
Airi Oksanen, Katri Laimi, Katja Björklund, Eliisa Löyttyniemi, Kristina Kunttu
OBJECTIVE: The study aimed to explore changes in the prevalence of psychological distress and co-occurring psychological symptoms among 19-34 years old Finnish university students between the years 2000 and 2012. METHODS: The prevalence of perceived frequent psychological symptoms was compared in four nationwide cross-sectional student health surveys with random samples (N=11,502) in the following years: 2000 (N=3,174), 2004 (N=3,153), 2008 (N=2,750), and 2012 (N=2,425)...
June 2017: Central European Journal of Public Health
Milena Šantrić-Milićević, Nataša Rosić, Uroš Babić, Zorica Šupić-Terzić, Janko Janković, Jovana Todorović, Goran Trajković
OBJECTIVE: Studies about mental health among urban and rural residents are scarce. A limited number of studies report somewhat better mental health in rural settings, despite higher rates of suicides. The main objective of this study was to describe social conditions of the population of Serbia in rural and urban settlements and to assess the differences in the prevalence of mental health disorders. METHODS: Propensity score matching of urban and rural persons (2 × 3,569 persons) has eliminated confounding effects from social variables (age, gender, wealth index, education level, employment, family status) and self-rated health...
June 2017: Central European Journal of Public Health
Šárka Kunzová, Jindřich Fiala, Pavel Řimák, Petr Kaňovský
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to explore the potential of free comprehensive primary preventive examination (CPPE) combined with cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) test in terms of its attractiveness for general population and moreover to evaluate the induced behavioural changes. The main focus was on physical activity behaviour (PA). METHODS: In 2009-2013, 250 people (100 men, 150 women) aged 18-65 years were examined. CPPE included assessment of health status and lifestyle, CRF test and individualized counselling...
June 2017: Central European Journal of Public Health
Walid El Ansari, Sakari Suominen, Steve Draper
1S: We surveyed and compared, by gender, the levels and correlates of achieving the international guidelines of four forms of physical activity (PA): moderate PA (MPA), vigorous PA (VPA), moderate or vigorous PA (MVPA), and muscle strengthening PA (MSPA). The study assessed the associations between achieving the guidelines of the four PA forms and a range of socio-demographic, health and academic performance variables. METHODS: Data was collected across the seven faculties of the University of Turku (2013-2014 from a representative sample of 1,189 undergraduates)...
June 2017: Central European Journal of Public Health
Roman Alberty, Martin Studenčan, František Kovář
BACKGROUND: Acute coronary syndrome (ACS) is a major health problem and the leading cause of death and disability in Slovakia. This is the first study to describe the prevalence rate of conventional cardiovascular risk factors in patients hospitalized for ACS. METHODS: Hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia and cigarette smoking were documented in 1,567 cases (mean age, SD: 66.1±12.0 years, 34.8% of females) enrolled in the SLOVAKS registry from August 2011 through September 2011...
March 2017: Central European Journal of Public Health
John Quinn, Tomáš Zelený, Rammika Subramaniam, Vladimír Bencko
OBJECTIVE: Public health status of populations is multifactorial and besides other factors it is linked to war and conflict. Public health crisis can erupt when states go to war or are invaded; health security may be reduced for affected populations. METHODS: This study reviews in aggregate multiple indices of human security, human development and legitimacy of the state in order to describe a predictable global health portrait. RESULTS: Paradigm shift of large global powers to that non-state actors and proxies impact regional influence through scaled conflict and present major global health challenges for policy makers...
March 2017: Central European Journal of Public Health
Viera Fábryová, Peter Božek, Monika Drakulová, Andrea Kollárová, Zuzana Laluhová Striežencová, Michaela Macichová, Adriena Sakalová
BACKGROUND: The paper presents the results od 22-year study of screening and follow-up of haemoglobinopathies in Slovakia, an overview of genetic mutations, the coincidence with hereditary haemochromatosis mutations, and the procedure in genetic councelling. METHODS: Between 1993-2015, in three centres in Bratislava and in one centre in Kosice, carriers of beta-thalassaemic genes or other haemoglobinopathies were searched for. Diagnosis was performed by haematologists, whereby the family history was evaluated, together with the overall clinical condition, blood count and blood smear, iron and haemolysis parameters, mutations of hereditary haemochromatosis, and haemoglobin electrophoresis testing...
March 2017: Central European Journal of Public Health
Václav Vaněček, Milan Tuček, Søren Ballegaard
OBJECTIVE: The study examined the links between pressure pain sensitivity (PPS) measured during preventive medical examination of men, their health status and occupation. METHODS: A one year (2015-2016) convenience sampling technique was used to gain primary data from actual medical examination, health records (personal and occupational history) and pressure pain sensitivity (PPS) measured by Ull Meter equipment during preventive medical examination of 371 men of different occupations (average age 43...
March 2017: Central European Journal of Public Health
Daniel A Adeyinka, Meirion R Evans, Chamberline E Ozigbu, Hugo van Woerden, Esther F Adeyinka, Olanrewaju Oladimeji, Chris Aimakhu, Deborah Odoh, Dick Chamla
OBJECTIVE: Many sub-Saharan African countries have massively scaled-up their antiretroviral treatment (ART) programmes, but many national programmes still show large gaps in paediatric ART coverage making it challenging to reduce AIDS-related deaths among HIV-infected children. We sought to identify enablers of paediatric ART coverage in Africa by examining the relationship between paediatric ART coverage and socioeconomic parameters measured at the population level so as to accelerate reaching the 90-90-90 targets...
March 2017: Central European Journal of Public Health
Jana Zibolenová, Zuzana Chladná, Viera Švihrová, Tibor Baška, Iveta Waczulíková, Henrieta Hudečková
OBJECTIVE: In Slovakia, thanks to a highly effective vaccination programme, no domestic cases of measles have been reported since 1999. However, there are several outbreaks of measles currently hitting some countries in Europe. Difficulties in reaching the goal of measles elimination make it necessary to monitor the status of the population susceptibility to prevent similar outbreaks in the future. We hypothesize that immunity wanes overtime, which can substantially impact the population susceptibility...
March 2017: Central European Journal of Public Health
Snežana Radovanović, Dragan Vasiljević, Mirjana Milosavljević, Ivana Simić-Vukomanović, Svetlana Radević, Nataša Mihailović, Sanja Kocić
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study is to analyze epidemiological characteristics of suicide, as well as to emphasize possible risk factors. METHODS: This is a retrospective study, covering the period of fifteen years (1996-2010), which aims at discovering the relevant factors which have an influence on suicidal behaviour. This research uses the data from the documentation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia and Police Department in Kragujevac, hospitalization reports of patients treated at Psychiatric Clinic of the Clinical Centre Kragujevac, as well as the medical records of patients treated at the Health Centre Kragujevac...
March 2017: Central European Journal of Public Health
Grażyna Dębska, Małgorzata Pasek, Ewa Wilczek-Rużyczka
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to analyze the relationship between the sense of coherence and the level of mental load among nurses working at a chemotherapy ward. METHODS: The study, conducted in 2013, included 164 nurses working at inpatient chemotherapy wards in Krakow, Poznan, Kielce, and Gliwice (Poland). The mean age of the study participants was 43.07±7.99 years. The study was based on a diagnostic survey with Antonovsky's Sense of Coherence Scale (SOC-29) and Meister questionnaire...
March 2017: Central European Journal of Public Health
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