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Yutaka Nakajima, Yutaka Tokairin, Yasuaki Nakajima, Kenro Kawada, Kagami Nagai, Kumiko Yamaguchi, Keiichi Akita, Tatsuyuki Kawano
PURPOSE: Curative treatment of esophageal cancer requires meticulous superior mediastinal lymphadenectomy, in addition to esophagectomy, because superior mediastinal lymph node metastases are common in esophageal cancer. When preserving the tracheal branches of the left recurrent laryngeal nerve (RLN), good anatomical understanding is required for confirmation of the positional relationships between the courses of lymphatic vessels, lymph node distribution, and the left RLN and its tracheal branches...
October 20, 2017: Surgery Today
Yongbo An, Kai Shen, Yingjiang Ye
Postoperative acute kidney injury in patients undergoing abdominal surgery is not rare and often results in bad outcomes for patients. The incidence of postoperative acute kidney injury is hard to evaluate reliably due to its non-unified definitions in different studies. Risk factors for acute kidney injury specific to abdominal surgery include preoperative renal insufficiency, intraabdominal hypertension, blood transfusion, bowel preparation, perioperative dehydration, contrast agent and nephrotoxic drug use...
October 19, 2017: Surgery Today
Tsutomu Namikawa, Yasuhiro Kawanishi, Kazune Fujisawa, Eri Munekage, Jun Iwabu, Masaya Munekage, Hiromichi Maeda, Hiroyuki Kitagawa, Michiya Kobayashi, Kazuhiro Hanazaki
PURPOSE: We evaluated the diagnostic and prognostic value of three tumor markers: carcino-embryonic antigen (CEA), carbohydrate antigen 19-9 (CA19-9), and carbohydrate antigen 125 (CA125), in the pretreatment serum of patients with unresectable advanced or recurrent gastric cancer. METHODS: The subjects of this retrospective analysis were 245 patients with unresectable advanced or recurrent gastric cancer diagnosed at Kochi Medical School between 2007 and 2015. We ascertained the sensitivity of CEA, CA19-9, and CA125 to identify a certain survival time and then evaluated the relative prognosis of the patients...
October 17, 2017: Surgery Today
Yuki Murakami, Hiroaki Saito, Yusuke Kono, Yuji Shishido, Hirohiko Kuroda, Tomoyuki Matsunaga, Yoji Fukumoto, Tomohiro Osaki, Keigo Ashida, Yoshiyuki Fujiwara
PURPOSE: The prognostic nutritional index (PNI) is considered useful for predicting the prognosis of patients with gastric cancer (GC). This retrospective study investigated the relationship between both the pre- and postoperative PNI and the prognosis of GC patients. METHODS: The subjects of this study were 254 patients who underwent curative surgery for histopathologically diagnosed GC. RESULTS: Patients were divided according to their pre- and postoperative PNI as follows: preoperative PNI of ≥ 52 (pre-PNI(High)), preoperative PNI of < 52 (pre-PNI(Low)), postoperative PNI of ≥ 49 (post-PNI(High)), and postoperative PNI of < 49 (pre-PNI(Low))...
October 12, 2017: Surgery Today
Tsunekazu Mizushima, Tadafumi Fukata, Hiroshi Takeyama, Hidekazu Takahashi, Naotsugu Haraguchi, Junichi Nishimura, Taishi Hata, Chu Matsuda, Hirofumi Yamamoto, Yuichiro Doki, Masaki Mori
PURPOSE: The treatment outcomes for inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) have been improving, but the development of better therapies is needed. Stem cell therapy is promising, but little is known about the differences in adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs) between IBD patients and healthy individuals. METHODS: ADSCs were isolated from subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT) in IBD (Crohn's disease, 3; ulcerative colitis, 2) and non-IBD (colorectal cancer, 5; breast cancer, 1) patients...
October 12, 2017: Surgery Today
Hiroki Ebana, Takuo Hayashi, Keiko Mitani, Etsuko Kobayashi, Toshio Kumasaka, Teruaki Mizobuchi, Masatoshi Kurihara, Fumiyuki Takahashi, Kazuhisa Takahashi, Kuniaki Seyama
PURPOSE: The pleural covering technique, i.e., wrapping a part of or the entire surface of the lung with oxidized regenerative cellulose (ORC), reinforces visceral pleura through pleural thickening for patients with pneumothorax and cystic lung diseases. However, it remains undetermined how ORC induces pleural thickening. METHODS: A histopathological examination was performed for lung specimens from patients who had recurrent pneumothoraces after pleural covering and re-operation (n = 5)...
October 12, 2017: Surgery Today
Mitsumi Terada, Takahiro Kinoshita, Akio Kaito, Shizuki Sugita, Masahiro Watanabe, Ryuichi Hayashi
PURPOSE: The impact of adjuvant chemotherapy on the survival of patients with the pT3N0/pT1N2-3 subset of Stage II gastric cancer is unclear. The aim of this study was to evaluate the survival rate of pT3N0/pT1N2-3 patients who were treated by surgery alone and to identify a high-risk group within this cohort. METHODS: A total of 258 patients with pT3N0/pT1N2-3 gastric cancer who underwent gastrectomy alone in our hospital between January 1992 and December 2012 were enrolled in the present study...
October 9, 2017: Surgery Today
Hidekazu Takahashi, Naotsugu Haraguchi, Junichi Nishimura, Taishi Hata, Chu Matsuda, Hirofumi Yamamoto, Tsunekazu Mizushima, Yuichiro Doki, Masaki Mori
Lymph node dissection is a critical part of surgery for colorectal cancer. Japanese D3 and complete mesocolic excision are two unique principles for lymph node dissection in colorectal cancer. Laparoscopic surgery magnifies the targets and provides insight about the micro-anatomy through high-quality, high-definition imaging, which benefits the surgeon. Although laparoscopic colorectal resection is feasible, there is no universal procedure. We describe in detail the anatomy viewed during lymph node dissection around the inferior mesenteric artery...
October 9, 2017: Surgery Today
Masayoshi Inoue, Hajime Maeda, Yukiyasu Takeuchi, Kenjiro Fukuhara, Yasushi Shintani, Yasunobu Funakoshi, Soichiro Funaki, Takashi Nojiri, Takashi Kusu, Hidenori Kusumoto, Toru Kimura, Meinoshin Okumura
PURPOSE: We conducted a prospective clinical study to individualize adjuvant chemotherapy after complete resection of non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC), based on the drug sensitivity test. METHODS: Patients with resectable c-stage IB-IIIA NSCLC were registered between 2005 and 2010. We performed the collagen gel droplet-embedded culture drug sensitivity test (CD-DST) on a fresh surgical specimen to assess in vitro chemosensitivity and evaluated the prognostic outcome after adjuvant chemotherapy with carboplatin/paclitaxel based on the CD-DST...
October 9, 2017: Surgery Today
Yoshihiko Maehara, Ken Shirabe, Shunji Kohnoe, Yasunori Emi, Eiji Oki, Yoshihiro Kakeji, Hideo Baba, Masataka Ikeda, Michiya Kobayashi, Tadatoshi Takayama, Shoji Natsugoe, Masashi Haraguchi, Kazuhiro Yoshida, Masanori Terashima, Mitsuru Sasako, Hiroki Yamaue, Norihiro Kokudo, Katsuhiko Uesaka, Shinji Uemoto, Tomoo Kosuge, Yoshiki Sawa, Mitsuo Shimada, Yuichiro Doki, Masakazu Yamamoto, Akinobu Taketomi, Masahiro Takeuchi, Kouhei Akazawa, Takeharu Yamanaka, Mototsugu Shimokawa
In the original publication, the article category was published as "Review Article". The correct category should read as "Original Article".
September 27, 2017: Surgery Today
Ken Hayasaka, Hajime Ishida, Ryosuke Kimura, Tadashi Nishimaki
PURPOSE: To safely perform lymphadenectomy in the sub-aortic arch area during esophagectomy for esophageal cancer, we investigated the spatial relationships between the bronchial arteries (BAs) and the left recurrent laryngeal nerve (LRLN). METHODS: For this macro-anatomical study, 72 cadavers were used. RESULTS: Of the 195 dissected BAs, 15 (7.7%) arteries ran dorsally across the LRLN. Such a running pattern of the BA was found in 15 (20...
September 25, 2017: Surgery Today
Masashi Miguchi, Masanori Yoshimitsu, Keishi Hakoda, Ichiro Omori, Toshihiko Kohashi, Jun Hihara, Hideki Ohdan, Naoki Hirabayashi
PURPOSE: The number of elderly patients with colorectal cancer (CRC) treated with surgery has gradually increased. The aim of this study was to evaluate the short-term outcomes in patients ≥80 years of age who underwent laparoscopic or open surgery for CRC using a propensity score-matched analysis to make uniform the patient background characteristics affecting the postoperative morbidity and mortality. METHODS: We compared the short-term outcomes of open vs...
September 25, 2017: Surgery Today
Marta Silvestri, Chiara Dobrinja, Serena Scomersi, Fabiola Giudici, Angelo Turoldo, Elija Princic, Roberto Luzzati, Nicolò de Manzini, Marina Bortul
PURPOSE: Surgical site infection (SSI) is the most common complication of colorectal surgery, resulting in significant burden in terms of morbidity and length of hospital stay. The aims of this study were to establish the incidence of SSI in patients undergoing colorectal surgeries and to identify potentially modifiable risk factors to reduce overall SSI rates. METHODS: This retrospective study analyzed patients who underwent colorectal resection at our Department...
September 25, 2017: Surgery Today
Kazumi Kawase, Kyoko Nomura, Ryuji Tominaga, Hirotaka Iwase, Tomoko Ogawa, Ikuko Shibasaki, Mitsuo Shimada, Tomoaki Taguchi, Emiko Takeshita, Yasuko Tomizawa, Sachiyo Nomura, Kazuhiro Hanazaki, Tomoko Hanashi, Hiroko Yamashita, Norihiro Kokudo, Kotaro Maeda
PURPOSE: To assess the true conditions and perceptions of the personal lives of men and women working as surgeons in Japan. METHODS: In 2014, all e-mail subscribed members of the Japan Surgical Society (JSS, n = 29,861) were invited to complete a web-based survey. The questions covered demographic information, work environment, and personal life (including marital status, childcare, and nursing care for adult family members). RESULTS: In total, 6211 surgeons (5586 men and 625 women) returned the questionnaires, representing a response rate of 20...
September 18, 2017: Surgery Today
Taijiro Sueda, Shinya Takahashi
OBJECTIVE: Spinal cord ischemia (SCI) is a devastating complication of thoracic aortic aneurysm repair in the era of thoracic endovascular aneurysm repair (TEVAR). This review aims to clarify the causes of SCI during TEVAR and to propose ways that it may be prevented. METHODS AND RESULTS: We performed an extensive literature search of SCI during TEVAR. Based on the existing literature, we examined the anatomy of the anterior spinal cord artery, which supplies blood to the anterior aspect of the spinal cord, and discuss reported effective ways to prevent SCI during TEVAR, including augmentation of arterial blood pressure and drainage of cerebrospinal fluid...
September 18, 2017: Surgery Today
Kozo Miyatani, Hiroaki Saito, Yusuke Kono, Yuki Murakami, Hirohiko Kuroda, Tomoyuki Matsunaga, Yoji Fukumoto, Tomohiro Osaki, Keigo Ashida, Yoshiyuki Fujiwara
PURPOSE: The neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio (NLR) is a biochemical marker of the systemic inflammatory response and has been associated with prognosis for various types of cancer. This retrospective study investigates the relationship between the pre- and postoperative NLR and the prognosis of gastric cancer patients. METHODS: The subjects were 280 patients who underwent curative surgery for histopathologically diagnosed gastric adenocarcinoma. RESULTS: The preoperative NLR was significantly correlated with tumor size, tumor depth, lymphatic invasion, venous invasion, and disease stage...
September 15, 2017: Surgery Today
Kiyoshi Maeda, Hisashi Nagahara, Masatsune Shibutani, Tatsunari Fukuoka, Shigetomi Nakao, Hirokazu Yamagami, Noriko Kamata, Kazuya Muguruma, Hiroaki Tanaka, Takahiro Toyokawa, Kosei Hirakawa, Masaichi Ohira
PURPOSE: Single-incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS) offers excellent cosmetic results compared with conventional multi-port laparoscopic surgery. Recently, this technique has been applied to Crohn's disease (CD) with primary ileocolic strictures; however, the application of a laparoscopic approach for complex CD, which involves abscess formation, fistula formation, and recurrent CD, is controversial. The aim of this study was to investigate the safety and feasibility of SILS for patients with complex disease and to compare its clinical results in patients with complex disease vs...
September 13, 2017: Surgery Today
Yoshitaro Saito, Yohei Suzuki, Ryo Demura, Hideki Kawai
PURPOSE: Secondary spontaneous pneumothorax (SSP) is difficult to treat by itself and due to its association with serious underlying diseases. It has a high rate of recurrence and often requires extended hospitalization. Therefore, we evaluated the outcome and risk factors associated with recurrence and extended hospitalization. METHODS: We retrospectively examined 61 patients with SSP, and evaluated the patients' characteristics, underlying diseases, introduction of home oxygen therapy, Brinkman index, and X-ray imaging findings to determine the risk factors for recurrence and extended hospitalization...
September 13, 2017: Surgery Today
Shinichiro Mori, Yoshiaki Kita, Kenji Baba, Masayuki Yanagi, Kan Tanabe, Yasuto Uchikado, Hiroshi Kurahara, Takaaki Arigami, Yoshikazu Uenosono, Yuko Mataki, Akihiro Nakajo, Kosei Maemura, Shoji Natsugoe
PURPOSE: To evaluate the safety and feasibility of laparoscopic complete mesocolic excision (CME) via mesofascial separation for left-sided colon cancer. METHODS: We evaluated prospectively collected data on 65 consecutive patients with stage I-III left-sided colon cancer, who underwent laparoscopic CME between October 2011 and September 2016. After the exclusion of 5 patients who had T4b or other active tumors, 60 patients were the subjects of this analysis. The completeness of CME, preservation of the hypogastric nerve, operative data, pathological findings, complications, and length of hospital stay were assessed...
August 23, 2017: Surgery Today
Kazuhiro Migita, Sohei Matsumoto, Kohei Wakatsuki, Masahiro Ito, Tomohiro Kunishige, Hiroshi Nakade, Mutsuko Kitano, Mitsuhiro Nakatani, Masayuki Sho
PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to evaluate the prognostic impact of inflammation-based markers, including the neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio (NLR) and prognostic nutritional index (PNI), in patients with recurrent gastric cancer (RGC). METHODS: This study reviewed 167 patients with RGC. A receiver operating characteristics (ROC) curve analysis was performed to determine the NLR and PNI cutoff values. The prognostic significance of the NLR and PNI was evaluated by a multivariate analysis...
August 23, 2017: Surgery Today
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