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Microscopy Research and Technique

Eunjue Yi, Sung-Mi Han, Ji-Eun Chang, Hong-Tae Kim, Jong-Ki Kim, Seung-Jun Seo, Jin-Haeng Chung, Sanghoon Jheon
High-resolution tomographic images using synchrotron X-rays are expected to provide detailed reflection of microstructures, thereby allowing for the examination of histologic structures without destruction of the specimen. This study aims to evaluate the synchrotron tomographic images of mixed ground-glass opacity excised on 5-mm sections in comparison to pathologic examination. The Institutional Review Board of our institute approved this retrospective study, and written informed consent was obtained from each patient whose lung tissue would be used...
July 21, 2017: Microscopy Research and Technique
Raees Khan, Mushtaq Ahmad, Muhammad Zafar, Asad Ullah
SEM and light microscopy are of special interest for biologist to observe various features of the living bodies. In the current study we observed the foliar epidermal micro-morphological characters of 44 grass species using SEM and Light microscopy to assess their taxonomic utility for taxonomists in the identification process. The aim of this study is to use the foliar epidermal structural variations in both upper and lower surfaces for identification of grasses. Significant diversity was observed in both qualitative and quantitative characters using SEM and Light microscopy...
July 12, 2017: Microscopy Research and Technique
Dmitry O Shvedchenko, Elena I Suvorova
The practical need for a simple and reliable tool for routine size analysis of nanoparticles with diameters down to a few nm embedded in a polymer matrix motivated the development of a new approach. The idea underlying the method proposed in this work is to combine intensity thresholding and contrast fitting procedures in the same software for particle recognition and measurements of sizes and size distributions of nanoparticles in transmission and scanning transmission electron microscopy images. Particle recognition in images is performed in an interactive process of manual setting the numerical threshold level after image preprocessing...
July 12, 2017: Microscopy Research and Technique
Pabel Cervantes-Avilés, Enrique Díaz Barriga-Castro, Lourdes Palma-Tirado, Germán Cuevas-Rodríguez
To clarify the toxicological effects of metal oxide nanoparticles (NPs) on microorganisms with environmental relevance, it is necessary to understand their interactions. In this work, they were studied the effects and the morphological interactions of two metal oxide NPs (ZnO and TiO2 ) with microorganisms, during aerobic treatment of wastewater. The effects were evaluated according to nutrient removal from wastewater, while morphological interactions were determined by three different techniques such as TEM, HAADF-STEM, as well as an elemental mapping...
July 7, 2017: Microscopy Research and Technique
Alejandro Del Palacio, Patricia Laura Sarmiento, Muzón Javier
Anisopterous odonate male's secondary genitalia is a complex of several structures, among them the vesica spermalis is the most informative with important specific characters. The observation of those characters, mostly of membranous nature, is difficult in the Scanning Electron Microscope due to dehydration and metallization processes. In this contribution, we discuss a new and low cost procedure for the observation of these characters in the SEM, compatible with the most common agents used for preserving specimens...
July 4, 2017: Microscopy Research and Technique
Xiaopeng Sha, Pu Wang, Peng Shan, Huiguang Li, Zhiquan Li
For the microvision system, a new autofocus evaluation function based on the Robert function is proposed by increasing the threshold value. Compared with the traditional evaluation function, the new focus function reduces the local extreme value and increases the steepness of the focusing curve. According to the characteristics of the focusing evaluation function, the focus curve can be divided into two stages: the gentle area and the steep area. In the gentle area, there will be set a large step-length to realize the fast search...
June 29, 2017: Microscopy Research and Technique
Clarisse Maria Barbosa Fonseca, Andrezza Braga Soares da Silva, Maria Michele Araújo de Sousa Cavalcante, Ingrid Macedo de Oliveira, Selma Maria Santos Moura, Bruno Melo Cunha, Carla Maria de Carvalho Leite, Maria Acelina Martins de Carvalho, Waldilleny Ribeiro de Araújo Moura, Márcia Dos Santos Rizzo, Airton Mendes Conde Júnior
Armadillos, Xenarthras representatives, known for adaptability to different ecosystems, own specific morphophysiological characteristics that are not known and deserve to be studied. The aim of this study was to describe the morphology of cartilage of the larynx of the nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus). Five dead armadillos were donated by the Chico Mendes Institute of Biodiversity (ICMBio-PI) to the Federal University of Piauí. The animals were fixed and dissected for removal of the larynx. The cartilages were identified and described, photodocumented, and schematized...
June 27, 2017: Microscopy Research and Technique
Hyeongwon Choi, Eun Ha Choi, Kyung Sook Kim
Mechanical properties of a single cell are closely related to the fate and functions of the cell. Changes in mechanical properties may cause diseases or cell apoptosis. Selective cytotoxic effects of nonthermal atmospheric pressure micro-dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma have been demonstrated on cancer cells. In this work, changes in the mechanical properties of a single cell induced by nonthermal atmospheric pressure micro-DBD plasma were investigated using atomic force microscopy (AFM). Two cervical cancer cell lines (HeLa and SiHa) and normal human fibroblast cells (HFBs) were exposed to micro-DBD plasma for various exposure times...
June 22, 2017: Microscopy Research and Technique
Wen-Hao Wang, Jun Yang, Hua-Sheng Peng, Jiang-Ping Qian
Modern clinical studies have found that Pulsatilla radix contains a variety of active ingredients; however, its medicinal parts and microstructure have been controversial. Based on morphological observation and microscopic identification of different structures, we chose Anhui, Henan, Jilin, and Shanxi Province to study Pulsatilla chinensis (Bunge) Regel populations. We specifically addressed different diameters and anatomical structures of different parts of underground organs. We also found that P. chinensis (Bunge) Regel had a "joint point" structure in its underground organ...
June 16, 2017: Microscopy Research and Technique
Dai Hyun Kim, Ga Na Oh, In Hyuk Kwon, Soo Hong Seo, Young Chul Kye, Hyo Hyun Ahn
Aged skin is reported to be associated with unattractive skin color changes and solar elastosis. However, comparative studies have not documented the possible correlation between the two factors. This study investigated the plausible relationship between the facial skin color of elderly Asians and solar elastosis. A total of 22 skin specimens were collected from 22 Korean patients who underwent cheek skin biopsies. Skin color was quantitatively measured using colorimetric photography techniques to produce CIE L*a*b* values; the degree of solar elastosis was quantifiably assessed using a histologic grading scale...
June 11, 2017: Microscopy Research and Technique
Shouvik Chakraborty, Sankhadeep Chatterjee, Nilanjan Dey, Amira S Ashour, Ahmed S Ashour, Fuqian Shi, Kalyani Mali
Microscopic image analysis is one of the challenging tasks due to the presence of weak correlation and different segments of interest that may lead to ambiguity. It is also valuable in foremost meadows of technology and medicine. Identification and counting of cells play a vital role in features extraction to diagnose particular diseases precisely. Different segments should be identified accurately in order to identify and to count cells in a microscope image. Consequently, in the current work, a novel method for cell segmentation and identification has been proposed that incorporated marking cells...
May 30, 2017: Microscopy Research and Technique
N Yu Parkhimovich, A R Salikhov, M F Imayev
A graphical method for phase analysis of advanced materials by EDS-SEM was developed and demonstrated on deformed superconducting Bi(Pb)2223 ceramics. Through visual representation, this method allows for the rapid and efficient analysis of large X-ray microanalysis datasets and to identify phase composition of fine particles of secondary phases against a background of other phases. The graphical method can be applied using existing software and therefore does not require the development of new programs or complex computations...
May 27, 2017: Microscopy Research and Technique
Yulin Lin, Limin Ma, Ye Zhu, Zefeng Lin, Zilong Yao, Yu Zhang, Chuanbin Mao
There has not been a satisfying method to predict the fracture risk in tumorous bone lesions. To tackle this challenge, we used a finite element method to assess the fracture risk in the proximal tibia (pT) when the size and location of the tumorous defects are varied in bone. Towards this end, the circular cortical defects, mimicking the tumorous lesions by forming cortical window defects, with a diameter (Ф) of 20, 30, 40, or 50 mm, are structured on the anteromedial, lateral, posterior wall of pT, which is located 5, 15, and 25 mm below articular margin, respectively...
May 27, 2017: Microscopy Research and Technique
Carolina Andolfatto, Idomeo Bonetti-Filho, Iracilda Zeppone Carlos, Juliane Maria Guerreiro-Tanomaru, Milton Carlos Kuga, Fernanda Borges Cunha Tormin, Gisele Faria
The aim was to evaluate the cytocompatibility of the AH Plus and Sealapex associated with amoxicillin (AA) in a quantity of 10% by total weight of the sealers, the flow and setting time of these sealers with 10%-0.25% AA and antibiofilm activity of these sealers associated with AA in a concentration that does not alter their physical properties (1%). Cytocompatibility was assessed by MTT, neutral red and cytoskeletal fluorescence assays. Setting time and flow was evaluated using the specifications of ISO 6876/2012...
May 26, 2017: Microscopy Research and Technique
Genxia He, Junchao Qian
It was known that Spinal cord injury (SCI) leads to neuronal cell death, axonal damage and demyelination, and often results in severe functional loss. Noninvasive imaging of axonal integrity may hold great importance in clinic. This study evaluated the role of phase imaging in detection of axonal integrity of cranial corticospinal tract after spinal cord injury. Quantitative MR phase imaging and diffusion tensor imaging were performed on a group of rats prior to and after spinal cord injury at 9.4 T in this study...
May 23, 2017: Microscopy Research and Technique
Rafael Scaf de Molon, Celso Eduardo Sakakura, Rafael Silveira Faeda, Rafael Sartori, Daniel Palhares, Rogerio Margonar, Elcio Marcantonio
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of cyclosporine A (CsA) therapy on bone healing around osseointegrated implants in the rabbit by means of descriptive histologic and histomorphometric analyses. Eighteen rabbits received one implant each in the right tibia proximal metaphysis. After the bone-healing period of 3 months, 6 randomly selected animals were sacrificed (Group CTL-12) before the immunosuppression therapy initiation to obtain a standard of implant integration. Another six randomly selected animals were submitted to a daily subcutaneous (sc) injection of 10 mg/kg CsA (Group CsA) whereas the six remaining animals received daily sc injections of saline solution (Group CTL-24)...
May 22, 2017: Microscopy Research and Technique
E R Lauriano, S Pergolizzi, J Gangemi, M Kuciel, G Capillo, M Aragona, C Faggio
Serotonin [5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT)] is an important neuromodulator involved in a wide range of physiological functions. The effects of serotonin are mediated by an extended family of receptors coupled to multiple heterotrimeric G-proteins, associated with cellular membrane. G proteins connect receptors to effectors and thus trigger intracellular signaling pathways. These cellular processes several regulate systemic functions such as embryonic development, gonadal development, learning and memory, and organismal homeostasis...
May 22, 2017: Microscopy Research and Technique
Serhat Köseoğlu, Tuğba Pekbağr Yan K, Ebru Kucukyilmaz, Mehmet Sağlam, Sukru Enhos, Ayşe Akgün
This study evaluated four root repair materials for cytotoxicity and cell attachment in vitro. Cell viability was determined at 24 hr, 3 days and 7 days by using a 2,3-bis-(2-methoxy-4-nitro-5-sulfophenyl)-2H-tetrazolium-5-carboxanilide (XTT) assay with material extracts. Cell adhesion was examined with a scanning electron microscope on the surface of materials at 24 and 48 hr. Angelus MTA displayed the lowest cell viabilities at all-day incubations. Endocem had high biocompatibility on the first day. After culturing for 3 days and 7 days, the cell viabilities of Biodentine, Endocem and MM-MTA had similar results, and their cell viability was significantly higher than that of Angelus...
May 15, 2017: Microscopy Research and Technique
Aashish Choudhary, Nitin Gupta, Hafiz Ahmad, Bijay Ranjan Mirdha
The modified acid fast staining technique is a commonly used procedure for the detection of coccidian parasites in developing countries. The morphological variations observed in these parasites play a significant role to some extent in both identification and diagnosis of these parasitic infections. A prospective cross sectional study was performed over three years. The fecal smears were stained by modified Kinyoun acid-fast staining technique and were extensively studied for morphological variations in the coccidian parasites...
May 12, 2017: Microscopy Research and Technique
Young-Ran Ha, Jeongeun Ryu, Eunseop Yeom, Sang-Joon Lee
Mosquito-borne diseases, such as malaria, dengue fever, and Zika virus, are serious global health issues. Vector control may be an important strategy in reducing the mortality caused by these diseases. The respiratory system of mosquito larvae in the water has to inhale atmospheric oxygen as aquatic organisms. In this study, the three-dimensional (3D) structures of the dorsal longitudinal trunks (DLTs) of the tracheal systems of Anopheles sinensis and Aedes togoi were compared using synchrotron X-ray microscopic computed tomography...
May 12, 2017: Microscopy Research and Technique
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