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International Journal of Experimental Pathology

Nihong Lu, Yingrong Du, Haiyuan Li, Yu Luo, Bing Ouyang, Yangjun Chen, Yongrui Yang, Lixia Yang
The present study investigated the therapeutic potential of omega-6 fatty acids, according to their effects on antioxidant markers and matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), in coronary heart disease-induced rats. Rats were grouped into group I (sham control), group II (control), group III (0.5 g/kg bwt of omega-6 fatty acids) and group IV (1 g/kg bwt of omega-6 fatty acids). Reactive oxygen species (ROS), malondialdehyde (MDA), superoxide dismutase (SOD), reduced glutathione (GSH), catalase, glutathione peroxidase (Gpx) and acetylcholinesterase (AChE) enzyme activities were determined...
November 15, 2018: International Journal of Experimental Pathology
Juliana Tomaz Pacheco Latini, Gabriela Câmara Vicente, Luis Guillermo Coca Velarde, Hildebrando Gomes Benedicto, Ângela de Castro Resende, Michelle Teixeira Teixeira, Kátia Calvi Lenzi de Almeida, Gilson Teles Boaventura
The aim of this study was to evaluate the use of flaxseed in animals subjected to ethanol-induced hepatotoxicity. Twenty-four male rats were divided into four groups (n = 6): control group (CG) which received a control diet and water ad libitum; flaxseed group (FG) which received control diet with an addition of 25% flaxseed flour and water ad libitum; ethanol control group (ECG) which received control diet and a solution of 10% ethanol (v/v) as the only liquid source; and ethanol flaxseed group (EFG) which received control diet with an addition of 25% flaxseed flour and a solution of 10% ethanol (v/v) as the only liquid source...
October 19, 2018: International Journal of Experimental Pathology
Lúcia de Fátima Almeida de Deus Moura, Marina de Deus Moura de Lima, Cacilda Castelo Branco Lima, Ana Victória Lopes Bandeira, Marcoeli Silva de Moura, Airton Mendes Conde Júnior, Márcia Dos Santos Rizzo
The interradicular region of primary molars is permeated by many foramina, channels and accessories that connect the pulp cavity with the periapical tissues anatomically. Thus, pulp decomposition products or drugs used in endodontic treatment can trigger inflammatory reactions. The aim of this study was to evaluate the blood cell profile of the alveolar region after extraction of primary molars treated with CTZ paste. Forty-eight primary molars were selected with clinical and radiographic signs of extraction...
October 15, 2018: International Journal of Experimental Pathology
Cauê B Scarim, Cleverton R de Andrade, João A da Rosa, Jean L Dos Santos, Chung M Chin
Hydroxymethylnitrofurazone (NFOH) is a nitrofurazone prodrug effective in vivo during acute infections, and it has less hepatotoxicity effect than the standard drug benznidazole (BZN) which has been used during short- and long-term treatment. In the present study, we induced the indeterminate form of Chagas disease in mice with a Y strain of Trypanosoma cruzi and analysed the histopathological data about the effects of NFOH and BZN on different tissues, including the heart, skeletal muscle, liver, kidney, colon, spleen and brain...
October 15, 2018: International Journal of Experimental Pathology
Bianca R de Souza, Luiz Gustavo de Almeida Chuffa, Vinícius Augusto Simão, Isabel C C Camargo
Nandrolone decanoate (ND) is a synthetic steroid, which promotes adverse effects on the ovarian tissue, and melatonin (MLT) exhibits a number of beneficial properties in the reproductive system. This study evaluated the general features of the ovarian tissue and the immunoexpression of sex steroid receptors in ND-treated rats that were submitted to short-term melatonin treatment. Adult rats received mineral oil (control group) and ND at doses of 7.5 mg/kg for 15 days (ND-treated group). The treatment with MLT (10mg/kg for 7 days) was given alone, before or in combination with ND...
August 2018: International Journal of Experimental Pathology
Soumia Hammadi, Owen Chan, Mohamed Abdellali, Maha Medjerab, Hadjer Agoun, Zineb Bellahreche, Ali Khalkhal, Yasmina Dahmani
This study was designed to investigate the HPA-axis impairment in the streptozotocin (STZ)-diabetic gerbils (Gerbillus gerbillus). Twenty-six male gerbils (body weight ~27 g) were divided into 3 groups: vehicle control (n = 10), 2 days of diabetes (n = 09) and 30 days of diabetes (n = 07). The latter 2 groups received an intraperitoneal injection of STZ (150 mg/kg of body weight). At 2 and 30 days of diabetes, streptozotocin-diabetic gerbils underwent a retro-orbital puncture for assessment of biochemical and hormonal parameters...
August 2018: International Journal of Experimental Pathology
Michelle Meier, Kasper Jarlhelt Andersen, Anders Riegels Knudsen, Jens Randel Nyengaard, Stephen Hamilton-Dutoit, Frank Viborg Mortensen
In this study we investigated the dynamics of hepatocyte hyperplasia and hypertrophy in rats subjected to increasing sizes of partial hepatectomy (PH). A total of 104 rats were randomized according to the size of PH. On postoperative days (PODs) 1, 3 and 5, blood was drawn and the remnant liver removed for stereological analysis. Liver parameters and regeneration rate were significantly affected by size of PH. On POD 1, hepatocyte volumes had increased significantly in all PH groups. On POD 3, all groups showed hepatocyte volumes approximating baseline...
August 2018: International Journal of Experimental Pathology
Laura Colín-Barenque, Patricia Bizarro-Nevares, Adriana González Villalva, Jose Pedraza-Chaverri, Omar Noel Medina-Campos, Ruben Jimenez-Martínez, Daniela S Rodríguez-Rangel, Stefanie Reséndiz, Teresa I Fortoul
Carnosine (β-alanyl-L-histidine) is synthesized in the olfactory system, has antioxidant activity as a scavenger of free radicals and has been reported to have neuroprotective action in diseases which have been attributed to oxidative damage. In neurodegenerative disorders, such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, impairment of olfactory function has been described. Vanadium derivatives are environmental pollutants, and its toxicity has been associated with oxidative stress. Vanadium toxicity on the olfactory bulb was reported previously...
August 2018: International Journal of Experimental Pathology
Airton Pereira E Silva, João R A Soares, Erika Bertozzi de Aquino Mattos, Claudia Josetti, Isabelle M Guimarães, Sylvia M N Campos, Gerlinde A P B Teixeira
Gut-associated intestinal lymphoid tissue, the largest secondary lymphoid organ in the human body, constantly samples antigens from the gut lumen, presenting as a default response the activation of TCD4+ FOXP3+ regulatory T cells that secrete a profile of anti-inflammatory cytokines maintaining gut homeostasis denominated from an immunological perspective as mucosal tolerance. However, when antigens are sampled in an inflammatory setting, the immune response may either be protective, in the case of harmful pathogens, or cause further inflammatory reactions as in food allergy, inflammatory bowel diseases, coeliac disease or food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome...
August 2018: International Journal of Experimental Pathology
Peng Zhang, Changsheng Fan, Jun Du, Xueli Mo, Qikang Zhao
Our study aimed to clarify the correlation between miR-1247-5p expression and clinicopathological parameters and survival of patients with breast cancer (BC). We evaluated the expression level of miR-1247-5p in 224 formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded specimens (112 BC and matched cancer free tissues) by quantitative real-time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR). miR-1247-5p expression in BC tissues was found to be decreased compared with matched normal tissues (P < 0.01). Additionally, low miR-1247-5p expression in BC tissues was significantly associated with the advanced TNM stage (P = 0...
August 2018: International Journal of Experimental Pathology
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June 2018: International Journal of Experimental Pathology
Wang Qiong, Gu Xiaofeng, Wang Junfang
Precartilaginous stem cells (PSCs) are adult stem cells which could self-renew or differentiate into chondrocytes to promote bone growth. In this study, we aimed to understand the role of transforming growth factor-β1 (TGF-β1) in precartilaginous stem cell (PSC) differentiation and to study the mechanisms that underlie this role. We purified PSCs from the neonatal murine perichondrial mesenchyme using immunomagnetic beads, and primary cultured them. Their phenotype was confirmed by the PSC marker fibroblast growth factor receptor-3 (FGFR-3) overexpression...
June 2018: International Journal of Experimental Pathology
Ana Katusic Bojanac, Srdjan Rogosic, Nino Sincic, Gordana Juric-Lekic, Maja Vlahovic, Ljiljana Serman, Davor Jezek, Floriana Bulic-Jakus
We screened for the impact of hyperthermal regimes varying in the cumulative equivalent minutes at 43°C (CEM43°C) and media composition on tumour development using an original teratoma in vitro model. Rat embryos (three germ layers) were microsurgically isolated and cultivated at the air-liquid interface. During a two week period, ectodermal, mesodermal and endodermal derivatives developed within trilaminar teratomas. Controls were grown at 37°C. Overall growth was measured, and teratoma survival and differentiation were histologically assessed...
June 2018: International Journal of Experimental Pathology
Zayani Nesrine, Hamdouni Haithem, Boumaiza Imen, Neffati Fadoua, Omezzine Asma, Najjar Mohamed Fadhel, Bouslama Ali
Adipose tissue is an important endocrine organ that secretes a number of adipokines, like Leptin (LEP). The aim this study was to investigate the prevalence of single nucleotide polymorphisms in LEP gene (LEP 3'UTR A/C, -2548 G/A) and LEPR (K109R and Q223R) and their association with Leptin level and obesity. We recruited 169 non-obese (body mass index [BMI] = 24.51-3.69 kg/m2 ) and 160 obese (BMI = 36-4.78 kg/m2 ) patients. Genotyping was performed using polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism, BMI was calculated, and Leptin level was measured by ELISA...
June 2018: International Journal of Experimental Pathology
Malcolm R Alison
In the latter half of the 20th century, our understanding of mammalian liver regeneration was shaped by the manner of compensatory hyperplasia occurring after a partial rat liver resection. This response involves almost all hepatocytes and thus is unlikely to be the outcome of the multiple cycling of a small stem cell population. It was most intense in the outer third of lobule, the location closest to the afferent arterial blood supply. With the advent of heritable genetic labelling techniques, usually applied to mice, hitherto unrecognized hepatocytes with clonogenic potential have been discovered, contributing to homoeostatic renewal and/or regenerative responses after tissue loss...
June 2018: International Journal of Experimental Pathology
Ana Paula Franco Punhagui, Giovana Rampazzo Teixeira, Marcelo Conrado de Freitas, Patricia Monteiro Seraphim, Glaura Scantamburlo Alves Fernandes
Obesity and absence of physical exercise are global problems that affect concentration and sperm quality in the male reproductive system. The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of obesity and resistance training, considered separately or in association, on testicular function and reproductive capacity. Twenty pubertal male Wistar rats were distributed into four groups: control (C) and exercise (E) groups that received standard rat chow; and obese (O) and obese with exercise (OE) groups that received a high-fat diet...
April 2018: International Journal of Experimental Pathology
Elysse C Filipe, Jessica L Chitty, Thomas R Cox
The extracellular matrix (ECM) is present in all solid tissues and considered a master regulator of cell behaviour and phenotype. The importance of maintaining the correct biochemical and biophysical properties of the ECM, and the subsequent regulation of cell and tissue homeostasis, is illustrated by the simple fact that the ECM is highly dysregulated in many different types of disease, especially cancer. The loss of tissue ECM homeostasis and integrity is seen as one of the hallmarks of cancer and typically defines transitional events in progression and metastasis...
April 2018: International Journal of Experimental Pathology
Guoxi Zhang, Xiaofeng Zou, Quanliang Liu, Tianpeng Xie, Ruohui Huang, Huan Kang, Changfu Lai, Jiaxing Zhu
The mechanism of aldosterone-producing adrenocortical adenoma (APA) pathogenesis and the role of microRNAs (miRNAs) in APA pathogenesis have not been completely clarified. We examined the expression and function of miR-140-3p, miR-193a-3p and miR-22-3p, which have binding sites in CYP11B2. Expression of miRNAs and CYP11B2 mRNA was measured by quantitative reverse transcription PCR (qRT-PCR). Cell proliferation was monitored by colorimetric analysis, and cell apoptosis and cell cycle progression were analysed by flow cytometry...
April 2018: International Journal of Experimental Pathology
Sonja Šelemetjev, Aleksandar Bartolome, Tijana Išić Denčić, Ilona Đorić, Ivan Paunović, Svetislav Tatić, Dubravka Cvejić
Epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) and its downstream effector, focal adhesion kinase (FAK), have been shown to be overexpressed frequently in human malignancies and implicated in tumour aggressiveness. We aimed to investigate the relationship between EGFR and FAK expression and their possible correlation with the clinical phenotype of patients with papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC). Expression profiles of EGFR and FAK were analysed in PTC tissue samples (n = 104) by immunohistochemistry and Western blotting...
April 2018: International Journal of Experimental Pathology
Alaknanda Mishra, Shailendra Arindkar, Preeti Sahay, Jerald Mahesh Kumar, Pramod K Upadhyay, Subeer S Majumdar, Perumal Nagarajan
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)-like conditions enhance the production and action of clotting factors in humans. However, studies examining the effect of NAFLD due to high-fat high-fructose (HFHF) diet in factor VIII-deficient (haemophilia A) animals or patients have not been reported previously. In this study, we investigated the individual role of factor VIII in the progression of diet-induced NAFLD in the factor 8-/- (F8-/- ) mouse model system and its consequences on the haemophilic status of the mice...
February 2018: International Journal of Experimental Pathology
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