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Zeitschrift Für Naturforschung. C, A Journal of Biosciences

Alena Komersová, Markéta Kovářová, Karel Komers, Václav Lochař, Alexander Čegan
The dependence of the activity of acetylcholinesterase from electric eel at a pH value range of 4.8-9.8 (phosphate buffer), regarding acetylcholine and acetylthiocholine hydrolysis, was determined at 25 °C, ionic strength of 0.11 M, and initial substrate concentration of 4 mM. At a pH range of 4.8-9.8, the dependences A(pH) form a sigmoid increasing curve with the maximum catalytic activity at a pH range 8-9.5. For acetylcholine hydrolysis, the kinetic reason for such an increase in A consists mainly of an increase in the rate constant k2 (Michaelis-Menten) model with increasing pH of the reaction mixture...
June 25, 2018: Zeitschrift Für Naturforschung. C, A Journal of Biosciences
Kung-Ha Choi, Mi Hwa Park, Hyun Ah Lee, Ji-Sook Han
Exposure to high levels of glucose may cause glucotoxicity, leading to pancreatic β cell dysfunction, including cell apoptosis and impaired glucose-stimulated insulin secretion. The aim of this study was to explore the effect of cyanidin-3-rutinoside (C3R), a derivative of anthocyanin, on glucotoxicity-induced apoptosis in INS-1 pancreatic β cells. Glucose (30 mM) treatment induced INS-1 pancreatic β cell death, but glucotoxicity and apoptosis significantly decreased in cells treated with 50 μM C3R compared to that observed in 30 mM glucose-treated cells...
June 20, 2018: Zeitschrift Für Naturforschung. C, A Journal of Biosciences
Diana B Muñiz-Márquez, Jorge E Wong-Paz, Juan C Contreras-Esquivel, Raúl Rodríguez-Herrera, Cristóbal N Aguilar
Laurus nobilis leaves contain flavored and bioactive components with relevant biological properties for human health that are attributed to an abundant presence of highly bioactive secondary metabolites. However, the separation process for these bioactive molecules from plant matrix is seriously limited by the presence of a physical barrier (cell wall). Thus, the use of novel extraction procedures to enhance their release is particularly important. In this work, the potential use of microwave-assisted extraction (MAE) as a tool to improve the extraction efficiency of bioactive compounds from bay leaves and their characterization was evaluated...
June 14, 2018: Zeitschrift Für Naturforschung. C, A Journal of Biosciences
Eunsin Ju, Abdul Latif, Chang-Suk Kong, Youngwan Seo, Yeon-Ju Lee, Seema R Dalal, Maria B Cassera, David G I Kingston
This work reports the isolation of the three known compounds, smenotronic acid (1), ilimaquinone (2), and pelorol (3), from the 85% methanol (MeOH)-soluble fraction of the sponge Hyrtios erectus. The structures of the isolated compounds were determined with the help of modern spectroscopic techniques, and the resulting compounds were then subjected to in vitro screening to determine their antimalarial potential against the chloroquine-resistant Dd2 strain of Plasmodium falciparum. Amongst the three compounds, pelorol (3) showed significant activity against P...
May 29, 2018: Zeitschrift Für Naturforschung. C, A Journal of Biosciences
Cheng Libao, Liu Huiying, Jiang Runzhi, Li Shuyan
The formation of adventitious roots (ARs) is an important process for lotus (Nelumbo nucifera), which does not have a well-formed main root. In lotus, the removal of leaves above the waterline significantly promoted AR formation, while the removal of leaves below the waterline inhibited AR formation. Proteins were identified using isobaric tags for relative and absolute quantization technique. The number of proteins decreased with increasing sequencing coverage, and most of the identified proteins had fewer than 10 peptides...
May 25, 2018: Zeitschrift Für Naturforschung. C, A Journal of Biosciences
Seung-Whan Kim, Hyun-Woo Suh, Bo-Kyung Yoo, Kisang Kwon, Kweon Yu, Ji-Young Choi, O-Yu Kwon
In this study, we show that INS-1 pancreatic β-cells treated for 2 h with hemolymph of larvae of rhinoceros beetle, Allomyrina dichotoma, secreted about twice as much insulin compared to control cells without such treatment. Activating transcription factor 3 (ATF3) was the highest upregulated gene in DNA chip analysis. The A. dichotoma hemolymph dose-dependently induced increased expression levels of genes encoding ATF3 and insulin. Conversely, treatment with ATF3 siRNA inhibited expression levels of both genes and curbed insulin secretion...
May 22, 2018: Zeitschrift Für Naturforschung. C, A Journal of Biosciences
Şener Tulumoğlu, Belgin Erdem, Ömer Şimşek
This study aims to determine the effects of inulin and fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) on the probiotic properties of five Lactobacillus spp. isolated from human milk. Lactobacillus spp. were isolated and identified, and the growth characteristics, acid and bile salt tolerance, antagonistic effects, and cholesterol assimilation of Lactobacillus strains were investigated in the presence of inulin and FOS. Lactobacillus casei L1 was able to utilize inulin and FOS as carbon source as well as glucose even other strains were able to use, including Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG...
May 22, 2018: Zeitschrift Für Naturforschung. C, A Journal of Biosciences
Daniel E Kennedy Ii, Thomas P West
The ability of the fungus Aureobasidium pullulans ATCC 42023 to produce pullulan from yeast extract-supplemented xylan hydrolysates of the prairie grass prairie cordgrass was examined relative to polysaccharide and cell biomass production, yield, and pullulan content of the polysaccharide. A pullulan concentration of 11.2 g L-1 and yield of 0.79 g g-1 was produced by ATCC 42023 when grown for 168 h at 30°C on the phosphate-buffered hydrolysate supplemented with yeast extract. The highest biomass level being 8...
May 16, 2018: Zeitschrift Für Naturforschung. C, A Journal of Biosciences
Rose Vanessa Bandeira Reidel, Simona Nardoni, Francesca Mancianti, Claudia Anedda, Abd El-Nasser G El Gendy, Elsayed A Omer, Luisa Pistelli
The objective of the present paper was the assessment of the chemical composition of the essential oils from four Asteraceae species with a considerable food, medicinal, and agricultural value, collected in Egypt, together with their in vitro inhibitory activity against molds and yeasts. The essential oil of Launaea cornuta flowers was also evaluated for the first time, but because of its very low yield (<0.01%), no antifungal test was performed.
May 16, 2018: Zeitschrift Für Naturforschung. C, A Journal of Biosciences
Natália Babincová, Paul Sourivong, Peter Babinec, Christian Bergemann, Melánia Babincová, Štefan Durdík
There is substantial evidence regarding enhanced antitumor cytotoxicity of selected chemotherapeutic agents by appropriate heat exposure (40-44°C). Based upon these results, the integration of hyperthermia as an additional treatment modality given simultaneously with systemic chemotherapy is currently of considerable interest. Hyperthermia can be induced by alternating magnetic field and magnetic nanoparticles. Thus, we have used thermosensitive magnetoliposomes that contained superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles and doxorubicin for in vitro and in vivo therapy of rat glioma C6...
July 26, 2018: Zeitschrift Für Naturforschung. C, A Journal of Biosciences
Kalapad Santosh Prabhu, Anath Bandhu Das, Nilamani Dikshit
Finger millet (Eleusine coracana L. Gaertn., 2n=36) is one of the most important minor crops, commonly known as 'ragi' and used as a staple food grain in more than 25 countries including Africa and south Asia. Twenty-seven accessions of ragi were collected from different parts of India and were evaluated for morpho-genetic diversity studies. Simple sequence repeat (SSR) and random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers were used for assessment of genetic diversity among 27 genotypes of E. coracana. High degree of similarity (90%) was obtained between 'IC49979A' and 'IC49974B' genotypes, whereas low level of similarity (9...
April 25, 2018: Zeitschrift Für Naturforschung. C, A Journal of Biosciences
Waheda Rahman Ansary, Ferdous Rezwan Khan Prince, Effi Haque, Farzana Sultana, Helen M West, Mahbubur Rahman, Abdul Mojid Mondol, Abdul Mannan Akanda, Mahfuz Rahman, Michele L Clarke, Tofazzal Islam
Plant growth-promoting bacteria that are also capable of suppressing plant pathogenic fungi play an important role in sustainable agriculture. There is a critical need for conducting research to discover, characterize and evaluate the efficacy of new strains of such bacteria in controlling highly aggressive plant pathogens. In this study, we isolated endophytic bacteria from medicinal plants of Bangladesh and evaluated their antagonistic capacity against an important phytopathogenic fungus Sclerotinia sclerotiorum...
April 25, 2018: Zeitschrift Für Naturforschung. C, A Journal of Biosciences
Christèle Sorèle Mambou, Raymond Ngansop Nono, Jean Rodolphe Chouna, Jean-de-Dieu Tamokou, Pépin Nkeng-Efouet-Alango, Norbert Sewald
The antibacterial-guided investigation of the stem bark extract of Pseudocedrela kotschyi led to the isolation of a new secotirucallane triterpene derivative: 4-hydroxy-3,4-secotirucalla-7,24-dien-3,21-dioic acid (1), together with the known one: 3,4-secotirucalla-4(28),7,24-trien-3,21-dioic acid (2) and 3-methyl ester 3,4-secotirucalla-4(28),7,24-trien-3,21-dioic (3). The structures of the isolated compounds were elucidated on the basis of extensive 1D- and 2D-NMR spectroscopy. Extracts, fractions and compounds (1-3) were tested in vitro for antibacterial activity against two Gram positive bacteria (Bacillus subtilis and Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 25923), and two Gram negative bacteria (Escherichia coli S2(1) and Pseudomonas aeruginosa)...
April 25, 2018: Zeitschrift Für Naturforschung. C, A Journal of Biosciences
Dongmei Li, Zhimin Yang, Xinchun Liu, Zhen Song, Zongyun Feng, Yang He
As an important plateau cereal crop, hulless barley is the principal food for the Tibetan people in China. ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase (AGPase) is considered as the key enzyme for starch biosynthesis in plants. In this study, cDNAs encoding the small subunit (SSU I) and large subunit (LSU I) of AGPase were isolated from hulless barley. The results showed that SSU I and LSU I were 1438 and 1786 bp in length with a complete open reading frame (ORF) of 1419 and 1572 bp. The ORF-encoded polypeptides of 472 and 523 amino acids were having calculated molecular masses of 52...
April 25, 2018: Zeitschrift Für Naturforschung. C, A Journal of Biosciences
Amadou Dawé, Marius Mbiantcha, Fawai Yakai, Almas Jabeen, Muhammad Shaiq Ali, Mehreen Lateef, Bonaventure Tchaleu Ngadjui
Despite the well-documented benefits of Combretum fragrans in Cameroon, only few scientific works have been done on it. In this study we isolated eight compounds from the leaves extract of C. fragrans: velutin (1), belamcanidin (2), cirsilineol (3), cirsimaritin (4), 3β-acetoxy-20,24-epoxy-11,25-hydroxy-dammarane (5), combretin A (6), combretin B (7) and a mixture of arjunolic acid (8a) and asiatic acid (8b). Compounds 6 and 7 presented potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antidiabetic activities. Compounds 1, 3, 5 and the mixture of 8a and 8b were significantly active, and compounds 2 and 4 presented moderate activity for reactive oxygen species inhibitory and free-radical scavenging...
April 25, 2018: Zeitschrift Für Naturforschung. C, A Journal of Biosciences
Cheng Libao, Jiang Runzhi, Yang Jianjun, Xu Xiaoyong, Zeng Haitao, Li Shuyan
Adventitious roots (ARs) of lotus (Nelumbonucifera Gaertn.) play a critical role in water and nutrient uptake. We found that exogenously applied 10-μM indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) promoted the formation of ARs, while 150-μM IAA significantly inhibited the emergence of ARs. However, little is known about these different responses to various concentrations of IAA at the molecular level. This study, therefore, examined the gene expression profiling in four libraries treated with 10- and 150-μM IAA based on the high-throughout tag sequencing technique...
April 25, 2018: Zeitschrift Für Naturforschung. C, A Journal of Biosciences
Ashraf N E Hamed, Roland Schmitz, Anja Bergermann, Frank Totzke, Michael Kubbutat, Werner E G Müller, Diaa T A Youssef, Mokhtar M Bishr, Mohamed S Kamel, RuAngelie Edrada-Ebel, Wim Wätjen, Peter Proksch
Fifteen pyrrole alkaloids were isolated from the Red Sea marine sponge Stylissa carteri and investigated for their biological activities. Four of them were dibrominated [(+) dibromophakelline, Z-3-bromohymenialdisine, (±) ageliferin and 3,4-dibromo-1H-pyrrole-2-carbamide], nine compounds were monobrominated [(-) clathramide C, agelongine, (+) manzacidin A, (-) 3-bromomanzacidin D, Z-spongiacidin D, Z-hymenialdisine, 2-debromostevensine, 2-bromoaldisine and 4-bromo-1H-pyrrole-2-carbamide)] and finally, two compounds were non-brominated derivatives viz...
April 25, 2018: Zeitschrift Für Naturforschung. C, A Journal of Biosciences
Vesselin Kussovski, Vanya Mantareva, Mahmut Durmuş, Ivan Angelov
Photodynamic inactivation (PDI) has been featured as an effective strategy in the treatment of acute drug-resistant infections. The efficiency of PDI was evaluated against three periodontal pathogenic bacteria that were tested as drug-resistant strains. In vitro studies were performed with four water-soluble cationic Zn(II) phthalocyanines (ZnPc1-4) and irradiation of a specific light source (light-emitting diode, 665 nm) with three doses (15, 36 and 60 J/cm2). The well detectable fluorescence of ZnPcs allowed the cellular imaging, which suggested relatively high uptakes of ZnPcs into bacterial species...
April 25, 2018: Zeitschrift Für Naturforschung. C, A Journal of Biosciences
Masakazu Hara, Naoya Yamauchi, Yoshiki Sumita
Monoterpenes are common constituents of essential oils produced by plants. Although it has been reported that monoterpenes enhanced the heat tolerance of plants, the mechanism has not been elucidated. Here, we tested whether 13 monoterpenes promoted the heat shock response (HSR) in Arabidopsis. To assess the HSR-inducing activity of monoterpenes, we produced transgenic Arabidopsis, which has the β-glucuronidase gene driven by the promoter of a small heat shock protein (HSP17.6C-CI) gene. Results indicated that two monocyclic and four bicyclic monoterpenes showed HSR-inducing activities using the reporter gene system...
April 25, 2018: Zeitschrift Für Naturforschung. C, A Journal of Biosciences
Sabrin R M Ibrahim, Gamal A Mohamed, Mahmoud A Elfaky, Mohamed F Zayed, Amal A El-Kholy, Osama H Abdelmageed, Samir A Ross
Garcinia mangostana L. (the queen of fruits, mangosteen, family Guttiferae) is a wealthy source of xanthones. The CHCl3 soluble fraction of the air-dried pericarps of G. mangostana provided a new xanthone: mangostanaxanthone VII (5), along with four known xanthones: mangostanaxanthones I (1) and II (2), gartanin (3) and γ-mangostin (4). The structural verification of these metabolites was achieved by different spectral techniques, including UV, IR, 1D and 2D NMR and HRESIMS. The new metabolite was assessed for cytotoxic potential, using sulforhodamine B (SRB) assay towards the A549 and MCF-7 cancer cell lines...
April 25, 2018: Zeitschrift Für Naturforschung. C, A Journal of Biosciences
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