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Biomedical and Environmental Sciences: BES

Liang Liang Cui, Jing Wen Zhou, Xing Yi Geng, Xin Wei Li, Zhong Liu, George A Conway, Ji Zhang
Occupational carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning related to diesel motor fumes in an air-raid shelter (ARS) was first identified in Jinan City, China, in June 2015. A total of 17 cases were identified, including 14 possible cases of firemen and 3 confirmed cases of water channel clean-up workers. The overall attack rate (AR) of firemen was 42% (14/33). The firemen had a significantly higher AR with a longer exposure and more protracted time of rescue in the ARS (P < 0.05). All the cases stated that they did not realize the potentially high level of exposure to CO in the ARS...
October 2017: Biomedical and Environmental Sciences: BES
Nan Lin, Xin Lin Mu, Gui Lian Wang, Yu Ang Ren, De Liang Tang, Bin Wang, Zhi Wen Li, Shu Su, Hai Dong Kan, Shu Tao
To establish a genetic susceptibility assessment model of lung cancer risk potentially associated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) inhalation exposure among non-smokers in China, a total of 143 patients with lung adenocarcinoma and 143 cancer-free individuals were recruited. Sixty-eight genetic polymorphisms in 10 pathways related to PAH metabolism and tumorigenesis were selected and examined. It was observed that 3 genetic polymorphisms, along with 10 additional genetic polymorphisms via gene-gene interactions, significantly influenced lung cancer risk potentially associated with PAH inhalation exposure...
October 2017: Biomedical and Environmental Sciences: BES
Jing Li, Feng Gao, Shu Bin Hao, Dong Cheng, Wen Qiang Zhang, Bin Lin, Li Zhao, Xue Jie Yu, Zhi Yu Wang, Hong Ling Wen
Enterovirus 71 is a neuroinvasive virus that is associated with severe neurological complications. We had earlier suggested that the replication capacity of a severe strain was higher than that of a mild strain. The recombinant 3CRV and 3CDRV virus strains were successfully rescued in our previous study. In the present study, we found no difference in virulence between 3CRV and severe strains. However, the capacity of replication and to cause cell injury of 3CDRV strain decreased in vitro, especially at 39...
October 2017: Biomedical and Environmental Sciences: BES
Lian Duan, Li Xia Zhang, Shao Ping Zhang, Jian Kong, Hong Zhi, Ming Zhang, Kai Lu, Hong Wei Zhang
To evaluate the potential risk of arteriosclerosis caused by desalinated seawater, Wistar rats were provided desalinated seawater over a 1-year period, and blood samples were collected at 0, 90, 180, and 360 days. Blood calcium, magnesium, and arteriosclerosis-related indicators were investigated. Female rats treated with desalinated seawater for 180 days showed lower magnesium levels than the control rats (P < 0.05). The calcium and magnesium levels in female rats and the magnesium level in male rats were lower than the levels in the controls, following treatment with desalinated seawater for 360 days (P < 0...
October 2017: Biomedical and Environmental Sciences: BES
Wei Li, Taha Hussein Musa, Rong Gao, Xiao Shan Li, Wei Xiang Wang, Lei Hong, Ping Min Wei
Obesity and dental caries are increasing epidemics, especially among children and adolescents. This epidemiological observational cross-sectional study was conducted to assess the possible association between body mass index (BMI) and dental caries among 111,792 school children and adolescents in Jiangsu Province. We found that 13.14% participants of the study sample were overweight, and 7.37% were obese. The prevalence of dental caries was 12.95% in overweight and 7.89% in obese students. There were significant differences in caries prevalence by sex, region, age group, and BMI...
October 2017: Biomedical and Environmental Sciences: BES
Qiao Feng Song, Xiao Xue Liu, Wan Ning Hu, Xiao Chen Han, Wen Hua Zhou, Ai Dong Lu, Xi Zhu Wang, Shou Ling Wu
OBJECTIVE: Although sleep is one of the most important health-related behavioral factors, the association between night sleep duration and cognitive impairment has not been fully understood. A cross-sectional study was conducted with a random sample of 2,514 participants (⋝ 40 years of age; 46.6% women) in China to examine the association between night sleep duration and cognitive impairment. METHODS: Night sleep duration was categorized as ⋜ 5, 6, 7, 8, or ⋝ 9 h per night...
October 2017: Biomedical and Environmental Sciences: BES
Jing Yan, Yu Zhi Zheng, Lu Jia Cao, Yu Yan Liu, Wen Li, Guo Wei Huang
OBJECTIVE: To investigate the status of folic acid (FA) supplementation and determinants of its use in pregnant Chinese women. METHODS: In this cross-sectional study, questionnaires were used to collect information of participants and FA supplementation. Women were recruited between 6 and 12 weeks postpartum in Tianjin, China, between July 2015 and July 2016. RESULTS: A total of 1,921 women were recruited in the study. Approximately 93.1% of the study participants used FA, while 14...
October 2017: Biomedical and Environmental Sciences: BES
Rui Hua Dong, Han Zhang, Mei Ru Zhang, Jing Si Chen, Min Wu, Shu Guang Li, Bo Chen
OBJECTIVE: Consuming phthalates may be due to the presence of food contact materials, such as plastic containers. In this study, we investigated the association between plastic container use and phthalate exposure in 2,140 Shanghai adults. METHODS: Participants completed a questionnaire on the frequency of using plastic containers in different scenarios in the previous year (e.g., daily, weekly) and on the consumption of plastic-packaged foods in the previous three days (yes or no)...
October 2017: Biomedical and Environmental Sciences: BES
Ji Wang, Yue Hua Ke, Yong Zhang, Ke Qiang Huang, Lei Wang, Xin Xin Shen, Xiao Ping Dong, Wen Bo Xu, Xue Jun Ma
OBJECTIVE: Knowledge of an enterovirus genome sequence is very important in epidemiological investigation to identify transmission patterns and ascertain the extent of an outbreak. The MinION sequencer is increasingly used to sequence various viral pathogens in many clinical situations because of its long reads, portability, real-time accessibility of sequenced data, and very low initial costs. However, information is lacking on MinION sequencing of enterovirus genomes. METHODS: In this proof-of-concept study using Enterovirus 71 (EV71) and Coxsackievirus A16 (CA16) strains as examples, we established an amplicon-based whole genome sequencing method using MinION...
October 2017: Biomedical and Environmental Sciences: BES
Yu Liao, Lin Xu, Xiao Lin, Yuan Tao Hao
OBJECTIVE: To estimate the lung cancer burden that may be attributable to ambient fine particulate matter (PM2.5) pollution in Guangzhou city in China from 2005 to 2013. METHODS: The data regarding PM2.5 exposure were obtained from the 'Ambient air pollution exposure estimation for the Global Burden of Disease 2013' dataset at 0.1° ×0.1° spatial resolution. Disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) were estimated based on the information of mortality and incidence of lung cancer...
October 2017: Biomedical and Environmental Sciences: BES
Bo Shen Wang, Lin Chen, Xiu Ting Li, Ming Xu, Bao Li Zhu, Juan Zhang
This study aimed to investigate the characteristics of pesticide poisoning in Jiangsu Province, China, and to provide a scientific basis for developing effective interventional measures and preventive strategies. From 2006 to 2015, a total of 35,308 cases of pesticide poisoning were reported in Jiangsu Province. Non-occupational poisoning accounted for 73.79% of all poisoning cases. A comparison of the data collected before (2006) and after (2015) this study showed a decrease in non-occupational pesticide poisoning...
September 2017: Biomedical and Environmental Sciences: BES
Zhong Yao Xie, Guo Fang Huang, Hui Gao, Yu Qing Chi, Yan Xia Wang, Yu Pang, Jing Ping Wang
Nosocomial infections (NIs) are a critical issue affecting the quality of healthcare. In this study, we performed a retrospective study to explore the incidence rates, mortality rates, and microbial spectrum of NIs in Beijing Chest Hospital, a tuberculosis (TB) specialized hospital in China. Our data demonstrate that the overall incidence rate of inpatients with NIs slightly decreased from 2012 to 2016, which may be associated with the implementation of hand hygiene measures, while the mortality rates associated with NI did not significantly change...
September 2017: Biomedical and Environmental Sciences: BES
Wen Zhen Li, Yong Gan, Yan Feng Zhou, Ya Wen Chen, Jing Li, Naomiem Kkandawire, Sai Hu, Yan Qiao, Zu Xun Lu
The gatekeeper policy has been implemented for approximately ten years on a pilot population in China. It is necessary to assess the satisfaction of patients utilizing community health service (CHS) under the gatekeeper system. Our study showed that the cognition of gatekeeper policy was associated with four dimensions including doctor-patient relationships, information and support, organization of care, and accessibility (P < 0.001). One or more factors such as gender and self-perceived health scores also affected their satisfaction...
September 2017: Biomedical and Environmental Sciences: BES
Xue Lian Li, Na Xie, Song Wang Wang, Qian Hong Wu, Yan Ma, Wei Shu, Hong Mei Chen, Li Qun Zhang, Xiao Guang Wu, Li Ping Ma, Nan Ying Che, Meng Qiu Gao
The aim of this study was to evaluate the diagnostic value of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) T-SPOT.TB test for the diagnosis of TB meningitis (TBM). A retrospective analysis of 96 patients with manifested meningitis was conducted; T-SPOT.TB test was performed for diagnosing TBM to determine the diagnostic sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value (PPV), and negative predictive value (NPV). A receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve was also drawn to assess the diagnostic accuracy. The sensitivity, specificity, PPV, and NPV of CSF T-SPOT...
September 2017: Biomedical and Environmental Sciences: BES
Li Yun Gao, Feng Quan Zhang, Wei Hui Zhao, Guang Liang Han, Xiao Wang, Qiang Li, Shan Shan Gao, Wei Dong Wu
This study investigated the role of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) in the development of the palatal tissues. Cleft palates in mice were induced by 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD). Expression levels of long non-coding RNA H19 (lncRNA H19) and insulin-like growth factor 2 (IGF2) gene were measured by quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR). The rate of occurrence of cleft palate was found to be 100% by TCDD exposure, and TCDD could cause short upper limb, cerebral fissure, webbed neck, and short neck...
September 2017: Biomedical and Environmental Sciences: BES
Yan Ma, Mai Ling Huang, Tao Li, Jian DU, Wei Shu, Shi Heng Xie, Hong Hong Wang, Guo Feng Zhu, Shou Yong Tan, Yan Yong Fu, Li Ping Ma, Lian Ying Zhang, Fei Ying Liu, Dai Yu Hu, Yan Ling Zhang, Xiang Qun Li, Yu Hong Liu, Liang Li
We assessed the role of diabetes mellitus (DM) on treatment effects in drug-susceptible initial pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) patients. A prospective study was conducted in eight provinces of China from October 2008 to December 2010. We enrolled 1,313 confirmed drug-susceptible initial PTB patients, and all subjects received the treatment regimen (2H3R3E3Z3/4H3R3) as recommended by the national guidelines. Of the 1,313 PTB patients, 157 (11.9%) had DM; these patients had more sputum smear-positive rates at the end of the second month [adjusted odds ratios (aOR) 2...
September 2017: Biomedical and Environmental Sciences: BES
Li Li Mao, Xin Hua Xiao, Qian Zhang, Jia Zheng, Wen Hui Li, Miao Yu, Hua Bing Zhang, Fan Ping, Jian Ping Xu, Xiao Jing Wang
The study illustrate the inner correlation between global DNA methylation variation and different birth weights. Infant birth weight was used to identify cases and controls. Cord blood and placentas were collected. We performed DNA methylation profiling of bisulphite-converted DNA. We have identified many differentially methylated CpG sites in experimental groups; these sites involved in hundreds of signalings. Among these, more than ten pathways were referred to the glucose and lipid metabolism. Methylation changes in the insulin-signaling pathway (ISP), adipocytokine signaling pathway (ASP) and MAPK signaling pathway are involved in the fetal programming of diabetes...
September 2017: Biomedical and Environmental Sciences: BES
Wen Qing Ni, Jian Xu, Min Liu, Xiao Li Liu, Li Chen Yang, Zhi Peng Zhuo, Xue Li Yuan, Jin Ping Song, Hong Shan Chi, Ya Min Bai
We assessed the prevalence of non- communicable diseases (NCDs) risk factors with a focus on their clustering among healthy adults in Shenzhen, China. Data from the 2011 China Health and Nutrition Survey, comprising a regionally representative sample of 806 healthy adults aged 35 years or older, were obtained to determine the prevalence of five risk factors for NCDs. The prevalence of current smoking, central obesity, impaired fasting glucose, borderline hypertension, and borderline high total cholesterol was 19...
September 2017: Biomedical and Environmental Sciences: BES
Juan Li, Wu Yao, Jian Yong Hou, Lin Zhang, Lei Bao, Hui Ting Chen, Di Wang, Zhong Zheng Yue, Yi Ping Li, Miao Zhang, Chang Fu Hao
OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of SiO2 on fibrocytes and whether fibrocytes participate in silicosis in vivo. METHODS: A macrophagocyte (AM)/fibrocyte coculture system was established, and AMs were treated with 100 μg/mL SiO2. Flow cytometry was used to detect the number of fibrocytes. Real-time PCR was performed to measure the expression of collagen I, collagen III, and α-SMA mRNA. The levels of collagen I, collagen III, and TGF-β1 protein were determined by ELISA...
September 2017: Biomedical and Environmental Sciences: BES
Jian Hui Wu, Jiao Chen, Yong Wang, Bin Xia, Rong Wang, Yan Zhao, Qin Xia Wang, Qi Song, Shun Heng Yao, Yun Hui Zhang, Zu Yue Sun
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate whether mono (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (MEHP) affects genomic DNA methylation and the methylation status of some specific genes such as patched gene (PTCH) and smoothened gene (SMO) in LNCaP cells. METHODS: LNCaP cells were treated with MEHP (0, 1, 5, 10, and 25 μmol/L) for 3 days. An ELISA assay was preformed to detect genomic methylation, including 5-methylcytosine (5-mC) and 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5-hmC) content. A pyrosequencing assay was applied to assess DNA methylation in PTCH and SMO gene promoters...
September 2017: Biomedical and Environmental Sciences: BES
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