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Digestive Diseases

Jeanne H M de Vries, Milou Dijkhuizen, Petra Tap, Ben J M Witteman
BACKGROUND: The inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is a chronic lifelong inflammation that may affect the entire gastro-intestinal tract in Crohn's disease and the colon in ulcerative colitis (UC). Diet plays an important role in IBD patients and many of them follow strict diet restriction in order to reduce complaints and prolong remission intervals. The aim of this study was to assess dietary beliefs, dietary behaviour and nutrition knowledge in Dutch adults with IBD to enable considering the patient's perspective on dietary advice...
November 2, 2018: Digestive Diseases
Sangeta Vadivelu, Zheng Feei Ma, Ean Wah Ong, Norhaliza Hassan, Nik Fariza Husna Nik Hassan, Syed Hassan Syed Abdul Aziz, Yee Cheng Kueh, Yeong Yeh Lee
BACKGROUND: Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Questionnaire (GERDQ) and Quality of Life in Reflux and Dyspepsia Questionnaire (QOLRAD) are reliable tools for evaluation of GERD. AIM: We aimed to test validity and reliability of Malay language translations of GERDQ and QOLRAD in a primary care setting. METHODS: The questionnaires were first translated into the Malay language (GERDQ-M and QOLRAD-M). Patients from primary care clinics with suspected GERD were recruited to complete GERDQ-M, QOLRAD-M, and Malay-translated 36-item short-form health survey (SF-36 or SF-36-M), and underwent endoscopy and 24-h pH-impedance test...
November 1, 2018: Digestive Diseases
Stefania Chetcuti Zammit, John Schembri, Anthea Pisani, Sarah Vella, Matthias Azzopardi, Alexandros Skamnelos, Dimitrios K Christodoulou, Konstantinos H Katsanos, Pierre Ellul
INTRODUCTION: Patients with ulcerative colitis (UC) can suffer from low serum vitamin D that can result in complications such as low bone mineral density. It can also reflect underlying disease severity. METHODS: One hundred and ninety-seven patients previously diagnosed with UC from 2 European centers were prospectively recruited through the out-patient clinics. Clinical features (Montreal Classification, age, gender, previous and current medications, surgery), disease activity (Simple Clinical Colitis Activity Index [SCCAI]), blood investigations including serum inflammatory markers, and serum vitamin D were analyzed...
November 1, 2018: Digestive Diseases
Sun Hyung Kang, Hee Seok Moon, Jae Kyu Sung, Hyun Yong Jeong, Sae Hee Kim, Ki Bae Kim, Sei Jin Youn, Sun Moon Kim, Kyung Ho Song, Seung Woo Lee, Dong Soo Lee, Young Sin Cho, Il Kwun Chung, Ki Bae Bang
INTRODUCTION: Signet ring cell carcinoma (SRC) is a poorly differentiated cancer of the stomach. Recent studies imply that early gastric SRC can be well managed by endoscopic resection. Unfortunately, unlike differentiated cancers, the endoscopic features of early gastric SRC have not been well studied. This study evaluated the endoscopic features of early gastric SRC, as well as the risk factors for submucosal (SM) invasion. METHOD: The medical records of patients from 7 tertiary hospitals (Daejeon and Chungcheong province) were reviewed to examine endoscopic findings and clinical data...
November 1, 2018: Digestive Diseases
Yumi Kawai, Tsuyoshi Tsuchiya, Shigeru Aoki
BACKGROUND: This is the first retrospective report of pregnancy outcomes after exposure to adalimumab treatment in Japan. METHODS: Using the AbbVie safety database, we analyzed pregnancy outcome data from patients who received adalimumab treatment from April 16, 2008, to May 15, 2017. RESULTS: Data were extracted retrospectively for 74 pregnancies in 73 patients. More than half of the patients included in the study received adalimumab for the treatment of Crohn's disease (37...
October 10, 2018: Digestive Diseases
George Dafnis
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this population-based study was to present prospectively recorded functional data and health-related quality of life (HRQOL) questionnaire data to assess the long-term results of the first 100 consecutive ileal pouch-anal anastomosis (IPAA) performed chronologically by 3 surgeons in a single referral centre. METHODS: During 1993-2008, 100 patients underwent IPAA. The 90 patients still alive with an intact pouch were included (response rate = 92%)...
October 5, 2018: Digestive Diseases
Subhash Chandra, Jagpal Singh Klair, Kaartik Soota, Daniel J Livorsi, Frederick C Johlin
BACKGROUND: Only a small proportion of patients with biliary tree infection grow microorganisms in blood cultures. Antibiotics chosen or tailored based on organisms identified on blood cultures have a potential for under-treatment and unfavorable outcomes, including recurrent infection and early stent occlusion. In our current practice, we collect bile for culture if an Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography (ERCP) is performed in patients with suspected cholangitis. In this study, we compare the microbial yield of blood cultures and ERCP-obtained bile cultures in patients with ascending cholangitis...
October 3, 2018: Digestive Diseases
Shu-Fang Wang, Cong-Yong Li, Zhong-Ming Dai, Zi-Kai Wang, Li-Hua Peng, Xiu-Li Zhang, Jian-Feng Li, Yun-Sheng Yang, Bing Hu, Shou-Bin Ning, Bing-Yong Zhang, Jun-Ling Han, Ying Song, Gang Sun, Zhan-Guo Nie
AIM: To analyze the epidemiological features of colorectal diverticulum (CRD) in China. METHODS: We retrospectively analyzed CRD patients in 8 tertiary hospitals located in 5 regions of China from 2000 to 2016. The detection rates, number and distribution, demographic information, concomitant disorders, and their associations were investigated. RESULTS: Of 3,446,118 cases, 7,964 (2.3%) were CRD with a mean age of 56 years (11-92 years). The detection rate increased yearly and with increasing age...
October 3, 2018: Digestive Diseases
Simon Nennstiel, Matthias Treiber, Alexander Faber, Bernhard Haller, Stefan von Delius, Roland M Schmid, Bruno Neu
BACKGROUND: Percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage (PTBD) plays a significant role especially in the palliation of an endoscopically inaccessible biliary system. Since a standard technique of PTBD is not defined, we compared a fluoroscopically guided technique (F-PTBD) with an ultrasound (US-PTBD) guided approach. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Procedure characteristics, success-rates and complication-rates of the different PTBD techniques were compared in patients who underwent PTBD between October 1, 2006, and -December 31, 2014...
September 25, 2018: Digestive Diseases
Aline Gottlieb, Maren Kottmann, Paul Manka, Sotiria Bedreli, Johannes Hadem, Lars Bechmann, Jan-Peter Sowa, Guido Gerken, Ali Canbay
BACKGROUND: The definition of acute liver failure (ALF) usually implies no previous liver injury. Though, some patients admitted to liver transplantation centers with the diagnosis of ALF are obese or have diabetes. Elevated liver enzymes were not recorded previously, and no signs of cirrhosis or prior decompensation of the liver function were ever present. Still, these patients differ from the "typical" ALF-patient. GOALS: In this study, we aimed to confirm acute-on-chronic-liver failure (AOCLF) in patients diagnosed with ALF and to identify possible differences between ALF and AOCLF...
September 18, 2018: Digestive Diseases
Taro Iwatsubo, Yoji Takeuchi, Yasushi Yamasaki, Kentaro Nakagawa, Masamichi Arao, Masayasu Ohmori, Hiroyoshi Iwagami, Kenshi Matsuno, Shuntaro Inoue, Hiroko Nakahira, Noriko Matsuura, Satoki Shichijo, Akira Maekawa, Takashi Kanesaka, Sachiko Yamamoto, Koji Higashino, Noriya Uedo, Ryu Ishihara
BACKGROUND: Although the use of endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) as a minimally invasive treatment for large superficial colorectal neoplasms is increasing, colorectal ESD remains technically challenging. As perforation in the colorectum is generally considered to be associated with a higher risk of complications, the aim of this study was to investigate the characteristics of perforation caused by colorectal ESD. METHODS: This retrospective study included 635 lesions treated with colorectal ESD, between February 2011 and December 2015, in a tertiary cancer center...
September 18, 2018: Digestive Diseases
Ken Sugimoto, Kentaro Ikeya, Masaichi Kato, Ai Matsuura, Fumitoshi Watanabe, Ryosuke Takano, Satoshi Tamura, Shinya Tani, Satoshi Osawa, Hiroyuki Hanai
BACKGROUND: Although evidence for the short- to medium-term efficacy of adalimumab in ulcerative colitis (UC) patients is emerging, there are a limited number of reports on the long-term efficacy of adalimumab. This study was to understand baseline demographic features, which potentially could be risk factors for relapse or colectomy following induction of remission by adalimumab in UC patients. Additionally, factors affecting long-term outcomes were to be identified. METHODS: Twenty-one patients with UC who had been treated with adalimumab were reviewed retrospectively...
September 11, 2018: Digestive Diseases
Jun Takada, Hiroshi Araki, Taku Mizutani, Noritaka Ozawa, Tomohiko Sugiyama, Masaya Kubota, Takashi Ibuka, Masahito Shimizu
BACKGROUND: Pulmonary dysfunction often accompanies esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (SCC). AIMS: This study examined the use of carbon dioxide (CO2) insufflation and its safety during esophageal endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) while under conscious sedation. METHODS: ESD using CO2 insufflation (1.4 L/min) was performed in 102 consecutive esophageal SCC patients. Patients with a forced expiratory volume of 1.0 s/forced vital capacity (FEV1...
September 11, 2018: Digestive Diseases
Bilge S Akkelle, Engin Tutar, Burcu Volkan, Ozlem K Sengul, Ahmet Ozen, Cigdem A Celikel, Deniz Ertem
BACKGROUND: It has been reported that 5-50% of patients with primary immune deficiencies (PID) may present with or develop gastrointestinal (GI) manifestations. OBJECTIVE: This study was aimed at analyzing GI and related endoscopic, histopathological findings in children with PID. METHODS: Children with PID who were evaluated by endoscopy between 2005 and 2016 were enrolled in this study. Demographic data, growth parameters, signs and symptoms at diagnosis were obtained...
August 28, 2018: Digestive Diseases
Belén Beltrán, Marisa Iborra, Esteban Sáez-González, Maria R Marqués-Miñana, Inés Moret, Elena Cerrillo, Luis Tortosa, Guillermo Bastida, Joaquín Hinojosa, Jose Luis Poveda-Andrés, Pilar Nos
INTRODUCTION: The association between infliximab (IFX) and fecal calprotectin (FC) levels on one hand, and the clinical and endoscopic response of patients with inflammatory bowel disease on the other, is well established. OBJECTIVE AND METHODS: To investigate the association between inflammatory biochemical parameters and serum concentrations of IFX during induction treatment with a primary nonresponse in a prospective cohort of Crohn's disease (CD) patients. RESULTS: Of the 35 patients included, 8 (22...
August 27, 2018: Digestive Diseases
Peter Hoffmann, Johannes Krisam, Wolfgang Stremmel, Annika Gauss
BACKGROUND: Vedolizumab was approved for the therapy of ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease in mid-2014. Real-world treatment data are necessary for a balanced assessment of its position among other therapeutic options. SUMMARY: Patients with ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease, initiating vedolizumab therapy at the outpatient clinic for inflammatory bowel diseases at the University Hospital -Heidelberg between June 1, 2014 and August 31, 2016, were recruited based on electronic medical records...
August 22, 2018: Digestive Diseases
Nasser Ebrahimi Daryani, Maryam Sadr, Samaneh Soltani, Amene Saghazadeh, Shirin Moossavi, Sepideh Shahkarami, Elham Farhadi, Nima Rezaei
BACKGROUND: Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) mostly comprised of Crohn's disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC) is a condition arising from the combined effects of genetic, environmental, and immunological factors. IBD is associated with inflammation and altered cytokine profile. OBJECTIVE: This study was aimed at assessing the association between T helper type 1 (Th1) cytokine polymorphisms (interferon gamma [IFN-γ] +874 A/T, interleukin-12 [IL-12] -1188 A/C, IL-2 -330 G/T, IL-2 +166 G/T) and susceptibility to and clinical features of IBD...
August 22, 2018: Digestive Diseases
Dor Shirin, Noam Peleg, Orly Sneh-Arbib, Michal Cohen-Naftaly, Marius Braun, Tzipora Shochat, Assaf Issachar, Amir Shlomai
BACKGROUND: Patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and with abnormal liver function tests (LFTs) most commonly present with elevated hepatocellular enzymes (H pattern), but a subset of patients is found to have elevated cholestatic enzymes (C pattern) or a mixed (M) pattern. AIMS AND METHODS: To determine whether the epidemiologic background and comorbidities, as well as the degree of liver fibrosis, differ between NAFLD patients with different patterns of elevated LFTs by retrospectively analyzing data of 106 patients with a biopsy-proven diagnosis of NAFLD...
July 17, 2018: Digestive Diseases
Roger F Butterworth, Ali Canbay
BACKGROUND: Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is the leading chronic hepatic condition worldwide and new approaches to management and treatment are limited. SUMMARY: L-ornithine L-aspartate (LOLA) has hepatoprotective properties in patients with fatty liver of diverse etiology and results of a multicenter randomized clinical trial reveal that 12 weeks treatment with oral LOLA (6-9 g/d) results in a dose-related reduction in activities of liver enzymes and triglycerides together with significant improvements of liver/spleen CT ratios...
July 17, 2018: Digestive Diseases
Takeshi Ogura, Akira Miyano, Nobu Nishioka, Kazuhide Higuchi
Recently, due to improvement of imaging modality, malignant tumor such as pancreatic or bile duct cancer can be detected at earlier stage. Therefore, the frequency of surgical treatment may be increasing. According to this background, benign biliary stricture in anastomosis site may also be increasing. This complication can lead to repeated cholangitis, obstructive jaundice, or liver abscess. Traditionally, interventional radiology such as percutaneous transhepatic biliary drainage (PTCD) or surgical re-anastomosis may be the first choice of treatment for benign biliary stricture in anastomosis site...
2018: Digestive Diseases
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