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Annals of Saudi Medicine

Siew Chung Cheah, Hui Tong Wong, Chin Yee Lau
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September 2018: Annals of Saudi Medicine
Hebah Mohammadsalam Musalem, Aljoharah Abdulaziz Alshaikh, Lin M Tuleimat, Saad Alajlan
We used a topical formulation of sirolimus for treating port wine stain (PWS). Although pulsed dye laser (PDL) is the current treatment of choice for PWS, fast neovascularization after treatment is a major drawback. With PDL therapy there has been insufficient improvement and frustrating side effects. The objective was to study the efficacy and safety of combining topical sirolimus with PDL as dual therapy in managing PWS. We report five PWS cases that were treated with PDL initially, followed by 0.5-1% topical sirolimus...
September 2018: Annals of Saudi Medicine
Jing Li, Dezhi Liu, Jinfeng Wu, Xiaoyong Fan, Qianqian Dong
BACKGROUND: The safety and efficacy of dapoxetine for the treatment of premature ejaculation (PE) is still controversial. Thus, we decided to conduct a meta-analysis using trial sequential analysis (TSA) to determine the sufficiency of conclusions. OBJECTIVE: Evaluate the efficacy and safety of dapoxetine in the treatment of patients with PE and assess the reliability of the findings. DESIGN: Meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials (RCTs)...
September 2018: Annals of Saudi Medicine
Abdulrahman A Aljumah, Hadi Kuriry, Nabiha Faisal, Hamdan Alghamdi
BACKGROUND: Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is a primary liver malignancy and one of the most common cancers worldwide. Few studies in Saudi Arabia have compared the clinicopathologic characteristics of HCC caused by hepatitis B virus (HBV) versus hepatitis C virus (HCV) and their effect on patient survival and prognosis. OBJECTIVES: Identify differences in clinicopathological characteristics and outcomes of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) caused by HBV versus HCV...
September 2018: Annals of Saudi Medicine
Tracy Louise Ellison, Maha Alharbi, Morad Alkaf, Shamad Elimam, Mariam Alfaries, Randa Al Nounou, Rasheed Nasr, Tarek Owaidah
BACKGROUND: Total laboratory automation (TLA) is a relatively new way of improving the management of high volume clinical laboratories. TLA may reduce staff, reduce operating costs, decrease testing time and provide enhanced process control. OBJECTIVES: Establish a cost efficient TLA that is less labor intensive, improves productivity and reduces turnaround time (TAT). DESIGN: Implementation of TLA for random glucose and troponin-T as sentinel tests to compare change in TAT...
September 2018: Annals of Saudi Medicine
Abdulwahab Elbarsha, Maisoon Elhemri, Sami A Lawgaly, Ashraf Rajab, Badia Almoghrabi, Rafik Ramadan Elmehdawia
BACKGROUND: Fasting during Ramadan is a challenge for Muslim patients with diabetes and for their healthcare providers. However, data on the effects of Ramadan fasting on hospital admissions and outcomes in patients with diabetes are scarce. OBJECTIVES: Evaluate the characteristics of patients with diabetes admitted during the fasting month of Ramadan compared with the non-fasting month of Dhu al-Qidah. DESIGN: A retrospective cohort study medical record review...
September 2018: Annals of Saudi Medicine
Khalid S Aljabri, Samia A Bokhari, Muneera A Al, Patan Murthuza Khan
BACKGROUND: Thyroid carcinoma (TC) is the ninth most common site of all cancers in women in the world and the second most common malignancy in Saudi Arabia. This reports updates data on the epidemiology of the disease in Saudi Arabia. OBJECTIVE: Describe and interpret changes in the frequency of TC to compare with other populations and determine proportions of certain histological types of TC. DESIGN: Medical record review. SETTING: Military hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia...
September 2018: Annals of Saudi Medicine
Fatima Nouri Obeidat, Mamoun Ahram, Ali Al-Khader, Suzan Al Mbaideen, Huda Hassan, Bushra Altarawneh, Khairat Battah
BACKGROUND: The clinical relevance of androgen receptors (ARs) expressed in breast cancer cells and the suggested prognostic impact has been an area of active research. The prevalence rate of AR expression in breast cancer has never been reported among Jordanian patients. OBJECTIVE: Determine the expression rate of ARs among invasive ductal breast cancer cases of different stages and molecular subtypes. Also, analyze the relationship between AR expression and clinicopathologic and immunohistochemical criteria, and assess the impact of AR expression on survival...
September 2018: Annals of Saudi Medicine
Yasir Ibrahim, Shalam M Hussain, Sulaiman Alnasser, Hesham Almohandes, Ishaque Sarhandi
BACKGROUND: The problem of substance abuse is one of the top 20 risk factors for poor health worldwide. Though widely prevalent in the Middle East, there are few studies in Saudi Arabia. OBJECTIVE: Record the pattern of substances abuse and the sociodemographic characteristics of abusers attending the local rehabilitation center. DESIGN: Descriptive, retrospective medical record review. SETTING: Patients admitted to psychiatric rehabilitation center...
September 2018: Annals of Saudi Medicine
Ibtihaj Nasseraldeen Bifari, Ameen Alherabi, Haddad Alkaff, Hamzeh Al-Arqen, Raid Abdulrahman Jastania
Thyroglossal duct cyst carcinoma is a rare malignancy, with an incidence of 0.7% to 1.6%. Most cases of thyroglossal duct cyst carcinoma are papillary carcinoma, with follicular carcinoma having been rarely reported. In this study, a 33-year-old man presented with a typical thyroglossal duct cyst and underwent surgical resection of the cyst, which was determined to be follicular carcinoma. We have reported this rare case to increase the awareness of such entities within the general otolaryngology and the community of head and neck surgeons, as well as among endocrine surgeons...
July 2018: Annals of Saudi Medicine
Thomas F Morris, Tracy Louise Ellison, Maysoon Mutabagani, Sahar Isa Althawadi, Martin Heppenheimer
BACKGROUND: Demand for clinical laboratory services in our insti.tution has increased by 7% each year in the past 5 years, while the amount budgeted for services has remained fixed. To address the issue, we conducted a pilot study to curb inappropriate demand by implementing a minimum retest interval (time-based restrictions on the ordering certain tests) and thus reduce costs. OBJECTIVE: Explore the impact (financial and work volume) of restricting overuse of laboratory tests that add to costs but provide no additional clinical value...
July 2018: Annals of Saudi Medicine
Ahmad E Aboshaiqah, Regie B Tumala, Joel G Patalagsa, Ahmed A Al-Khaibary, Haya Al Fozan, John Paul Ben
BACKGROUND: Saudi nursing students are trained in theoretical and clinical nursing competencies for four years before transition to newly graduated nurses through a one-year internship program. The transition period is crucial as nursing students have low confidence without adequate clinical experience. OBJECTIVES: Validate and culturally adapt the Arabic version of the Self-Efficacy for Clinical Evaluation Scale (SECS) and explore nursing interns perceived confidence (self-efficacy)...
July 2018: Annals of Saudi Medicine
Hamdan Alhazmi, Noor Nabi Junejo, Mohammed Albeaiti, Ahmad Alshammari, Hossam Aljallad, Ahmed Almathami, Santiago Vallasciani
BACKGROUND: Orchidopexy should be performed during the first 18 months of life to decrease the risk of infertility and tumor formation. In our center, the timing of surgical correction varies depending on the availability of an operating room. OBJECTIVES: Evaluate whether orchidopexy performed for patients referred to our center is done within the recommended time period and to determine causes for delay. DESIGN: Retrospective descriptive study...
July 2018: Annals of Saudi Medicine
Sulaiman Alnasser, Shalam M Hussain, Tamader Saeed Kirdi, Ali Ahmed
BACKGROUND: Aluminum phosphide (AlP) is an insecticide and rodenticide used to protect stored grains from rodents and other household pests. This substance is highly toxic to humans and has been the cause of many accidental and intentional deaths due in part to poor regulation of sales and distribution in many countries. OBJECTIVES: Describe poisonings reported to the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia in terms of demographic variables and by time and geographic distribution...
July 2018: Annals of Saudi Medicine
Wei-Yoon Poh, Marhanis Salihah Omar, Hwee-Pheng Tan
BACKGROUND: Contrast-induced acute kidney injury (CI-AKI) is rec.ognized as a common complication of radiographic contrast-enhanced procedures. N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is commonly prescribed, but CI-AKI can still develop despite NAC administration as prophylaxis. OBJECTIVE: Identify the predictive factors for development of CI-AKI in patients prescribed NAC. DESIGN: Prospective, cross-sectional. SETTING: A tertiary hospital in Malaysia...
July 2018: Annals of Saudi Medicine
Tareq Al-Ayed, Naveed Ur Rahman, Abdullah Alturki, Fahad Aljofan
BACKGROUND: Continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) has become the preferred mode of dialysis to support critically ill children with acute kidney injury. However, there are limited pediatric data on CRRT use, especially in our region. OBJECTIVE: Determine the outcome of CRRT among critically ill children. DESIGN: Retrospective cohort study. SETTING: Pediatric intensive care unit. PATIENTS AND METHODS: The study included critically ill children 1-14 years of age who underwent CRRT from July 2009 to June 2015...
July 2018: Annals of Saudi Medicine
Tony Ibrahim, Claude Saer-Ghorra, Vivane Trak-Smayra, Samah Nadiri, Charbel Yazbeck, Maria Baz, Joseph G Kattan
BACKGROUND: The few studies of the molecular biology of colorectal cancer (CRC) in Middle Eastern populations have included only small samples of patients. OBJECTIVE: Evaluate the frequency and prognostic effect of RAS, BRAF, PIK3CA, PTEN, and EGFR somatic mutations as well as mismatch repair (MMR) deficiency in Lebanese Middle Eastern patients. DESIGN: Retrospective single-center descriptive study. SETTING: Lebanese Middle Eastern patients in a tertiary medical cen...
July 2018: Annals of Saudi Medicine
Ali Al Orf, Khawaja Bilal Waheed, Aftab Ahmed Baig, Khaled Saleh Mohammad, Mohamed Nasr El Sirafy, Muhammad Sohail Amin, Zechriah Jebakumar Arulanatham
BACKGROUND: Pan-scan (whole-body) computed tomography (CT) has a paramount role in the diagnosis of injuries in road traffic accidents (RTA). OBJECTIVE: Identify patterns of injuries on pan-CT scans. DESIGN: Retrospective medical record review. SETTING: Tertiary care center. PATIENTS AND METHODS: The records of all RTA patients who presented to the radiology department at King Fahad Military Medical Complex (KFMMC) in Dhahran for the 3-year period from July 2014 to July 2017 and underwent pan-CT were retrospectively reviewed...
July 2018: Annals of Saudi Medicine
Abdullah Saleh Alsultan, Hakeam Abdulaziz Hakeam
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
May 2018: Annals of Saudi Medicine
Emrah Duman, Ahmet Aslan, Nesrin Gunduz, Ibrahim Inan
Sclerosing encapsulated peritonitis (SEP) is a rare disease characterized by intestinal encasement within a fibrocollagenous membrane. Diagnosis of SEP may be challenging due to a lack of specific symptoms. Demonstration of clustered intestinal segments surrounded by a membranous sac by various imaging modalities is crucial to reveal the presence of SEP. Radiologic examinations play an important role in the management of the disease. This case is not unusual. Our intention is to emphasize the role of the imaging findings of a patient with primary SEP that presented with recurrent intestinal obstruction...
May 2018: Annals of Saudi Medicine
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