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Health Progress

Joanna Tenet, Indu Spugnardi
In a recent review of hospital community health needs assessments and implementation strategies, which are now required of tax-exempt hospitals by the Affordable Care Act, the Catholic Health Association found childhood obesity' and mental health services2 were some of the most commonly identified needs that hospitals planned to address. However, CHA found little or no mention of the needs of the elderly and their family caregivers. This was surprising, given the rapid aging of the U.S. population, a population that is living longer with multiple chronic conditions...
July 2016: Health Progress
Bruce Compton
Children are resilient. For those of you who have participated in medical mission trips or other programs where you have traveled to low- and middle-income countries, you most likely have noted or commented upon the children you encounter. I often hear, "They're so happy!"
July 2016: Health Progress
Brian Smith
CHA has developed new videos and other resources for members and Catholic uni- versities and colleges to use in recruiting new mission leaders to the ministry. All the resources are now available in the mission focus area on the website.
July 2016: Health Progress
Charles Bouchard
If you want to avoid violence, stay away from hospitals. The first time I went to an emer- gency room, to pick up an elderly friar who had taken a fall, I was shocked to encounter armed guards, metal detectors, police officers and even a handcuffed prisoner sitting in the waiting area. Was I in a hospital or a jail? This brief, daytime experience changed my im- age of emergency care forever. Since that first visit, I have learned that things are even worse than they appeared that day. Hospitals are dangerous places...
July 2016: Health Progress
Thomas Nairn
The social tradition of the church constantly has decried violence. Pope Paul VI was clear when he stated: "The Church cannot accept violence ... because she knows that violence always provokes violence and irresistibly engenders new forms of oppression and enslavement."'.
July 2016: Health Progress
Malcolm Herring, Rachel Forbes Kaufman, Richard Bogue
The importance of a person's spirit and eternal destiny are eclipsed in American medi- cine. The most alarming effect of this eclipse is that the prevalence of burnout among physicians is high (about 46 percent) and growing.' It is alarming because trends that deplete the physician's spirit tragically impair the physician's capacity as a healer and as one who renews the spirit.
July 2016: Health Progress
Rachel Lucy, Rosanne Ponzetti, Kathleen Pruitt
Leaders of today's Catholic ministries are entrusted with an organizational responsibility to promote, sustain and remain true to Christ's healing ministry and the Catholic tradi- tion of caring for and nurturing people in need. Mission integration is a dynamic pro- cess that sets the context for the ministry of service, embedding mission into organizational practices, policies, structures and decisions and formally socializing people into a collective culture of mission and service.
July 2016: Health Progress
Ann M Garrido
The tensions of the wider world all too frequently erupt in our nation's emergency rooms in the form of gunshot wounds and domestic battery, gang brawls and road rage accidents. As health care professionals, you generally are called into action after things have taken a turn toward violence. Even as you suture and bandage and console frightened family members, I imagine you sigh: "Why did things have to go this far?"
July 2016: Health Progress
Diana Zuckerman
Bullying used to be considered an unfortunate, inevitable rite of childhood, but researchers now tell us that bullying often occurs in conjunction with more serious aggressive and antisocial behavior. They conclude that bullying, therefore, should not be considered a normal and accepted part of growing up.
July 2016: Health Progress
Craig A Anderson
I killed my first Klingon in 1979. It took place in the computer center at Stanford University, where I was playing a new video game based on the Star Trek television series. I was an "early adopter" of the new technology of video games, and continued to be so for many years, first as a fan of this entertainment medium, and later as a researcher interested in the question of what environmental factors influence aggressive and violent behavior.
July 2016: Health Progress
Angela Lisburg
Imagine, for a moment, finding courage. Finding courage to tell someone about something happening to you; something bad, maybe something so terrible that you feel embarrassed and ashamed about it and are afraid no one will believe you. Maybe you believe that it's your fault. Maybe the person who did this to you threatened you and told you never to tell, and you are so frightened about what might happen next.
July 2016: Health Progress
Fred Rottnek
During Jesus' healing ministry, he addressed the diseases of his day, particularly the conditions that ostracized people, such as demon possession, paralysis, hemorrhage and blindness. This healing ministry is much of our focus in Catholic health care, as it should be. But Jesus addressed the deeper stories that surrounded the people he healed. He challenged his listeners to recognize the role they played in creating their own narrative of disease and their communities' norms in responding to illness. He did not shy away from separating the afflicted person's illness from moral failings or character weakness...
July 2016: Health Progress
Jane Stevens
Many people and organizations focus on preventing violence with the belief that if our society can stop violence against chil- dren, then most childhood trauma will be eradicated. How- ever, research that has emerged over the last 20 years clearly shows that focusing primarily on violence prevention - physical and sexual abuse, in particular - doesn't eliminate the trauma that children experience, and it won't even prevent further violence.
July 2016: Health Progress
John Sawicki
The Oct. 10, 2015, suicide bomber attack at the village of Baga Sola in Chad killed and wounded dozens. Amid a long litany of terrible attacks launched by the Islamist group Boko Haram, this one was notable not so much for its severity, but for its perpetra- tors: one male, two females and two child bombers.
July 2016: Health Progress
Colleen Scanlon, Laura Krausa
Human trafficking is modern-day slavery - an insidious, criminal industry that gener- ates billions of dollars in labor trafficking alone. It knows no boundary of continent, country, race or class; it is a shattering, impartial predator that robs individuals of their basic human dignity.
July 2016: Health Progress
Ann Victory, Ann Oestreich
The history of women's religious congregations is a history of addressing unmet needs. The founders and foundresses of our communities read the signs of their times and gathered women together to serve God and God's most vulneiable people. When the Second Vatican Council invited us to re-examine our founding charisms in light of the needs of our times, we rediscovered our own preferential option for those who are poor, often with a special care for women and children. While we continued to engage in traditional minis- tries serving the people of God without distinction, we expanded our outreach through social services, pastoral ministries and work for social justice and systemic change...
July 2016: Health Progress
Mary Ann Steiner
Fr. Gregory Boyle, SJ, founder and executive director of Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles, can move an audience to tears. He doesn't get that result with the distressing accounts of individuals whose gang activities sank them to harrowing depths. He does it with simple descriptions of how some of those men and women manage to climb rungs of unconditional love to return to their rightful place in the eyes of God.
July 2016: Health Progress
Michael Romano
Five years ago, a coalition of community groups, government agencies and nonprofit organizations was struggling to reduce violent behavior and delinquency among under- privileged youths in a low-income suburban neighborhood about 15 miles north of Tacoma, Washington.
July 2016: Health Progress
John Morrissey
Violence permeates every corner of our society, from trauma within families to abuse of intimate partners to confrontations in schools and neighborhoods. The direct injury is usually evident, often graphic and sometimes sensationalized. But the siege mentality and health consequences stemming from violence experienced, witnessed or feared are wounds in their own right.
July 2016: Health Progress
Gary Slutkin
In many cities across the United States, we see a familiar scene unfold virtually every week- end - dozens of youth between the ages of 15 and 24, most of whom are black or Hispanic, are injured or killed in major cities including Baltimore, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans and Detroit. Outcries spread through neighborhoods and the nation; most are focused on the "senseless violence."
July 2016: Health Progress
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