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Community Dental Health

J M J Duale, Y A Patel, J Wu, T P Hyde
BACKGROUND: OHIP-EDENT is widely used in the literature to assess Oral-Health-Related-Quality-of-Life (OHRQoL) for edentulous patients. However the normal variance and mean of the baseline OHIP scores has not been reported. It would facilitate critical appraisal of studies if we had knowledge of the normal variation and mean of baseline OHIP-EDENT scores. An established figure for baseline OHIP-EDENT, obtained from a meta-analysis, would simplify comparisons of studies and quantify variations in initial OHRQoL of the trial participants...
February 20, 2018: Community Dental Health
J Patel, C Granger, L Morrow
Edentulism presents an ongoing challenge for prosthodontic dentistry. Many aspects of complete denture construction lack contemporary evidence. One such aspect is denture occlusion. Balanced occlusion (BO) has become the prevailing occlusal scheme. It has been suggested that canine guidance (CG) is unsuitable for complete denture occlusion due to an increased risk for tipping of the prostheses. However it may be indicated in patients with minimal alveolus resorption. There has been limited evidence suggesting the superiority of either occlusal scheme over another...
February 20, 2018: Community Dental Health
A J Delgado, S P Amaya-Pajares, Y Su, L Behar-Horenstein, T E Donovan
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to assess the gelation and polymerization time of three polyvinyl siloxane (PVS) putty materials and to determine if those times were affected by nitrile gloves under different conditions. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Ten specimens (n=10) were obtained for each PVS putty material (Express STD, 3M ESPE; Extrude Xtra, Kerr and Exafast, GC) and tested under different conditions (gloves washed, gloves unwashed and hands contaminated)...
February 20, 2018: Community Dental Health
M Revilla-León, M Olea-Vielba, A Esteso-Saiz, I Martínez-Klemm, M Özcan
STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM: On a pressed lithium disilicate restoration, the building up of a wax pattern of the future restoration is a necessary step on the fabrication process. Conventionally, a wax pattern can be produced by handmade or milled procedures; however, the development of additive manufacturing technologies allows a new fabrication method. PURPOSE: The present study measured the marginal and internal gap of handmade, milled and additive manufactured patterns for an onlay restoration...
February 20, 2018: Community Dental Health
D P Laverty, K Fairbrother, O Addison
BACKGROUND: This systematic review aims to evaluate the survival of retaining or replacing deciduous teeth in hypodontia patients with a variety of prosthetic tooth replacement options, to evaluate prognostic factors associated with retaining deciduous teeth, and report on patient based outcomes with these treatment modalities. METHODS: MEDLINE, The Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials and Science Direct databases were searched (01/1980 - 08/2017) for studies reporting outcomes associated with retaining or replacing deciduous teeth via prosthetic means in adult hypodontia patients...
February 20, 2018: Community Dental Health
H Raison, R Corcoran, R V Harris
OBJECTIVE: Since behaviour is underpinned by both cognitive and automatic processes, psychological interventions aiming to instigate or modify habitual behaviour (cue-automaticity interventions) offer an alternative to the more commonly used (mainly educational) strategies to increase preventive healthcare use. Theory suggests that low socio-economic (SES) groups are especially likely to benefit. Cue-automaticity describes how repetition of behaviour, initiated by a particular 'cue', in a constant context, leads to the automatic instigation and/or execution of behaviour...
February 6, 2018: Community Dental Health
L Abuhaloob, S Carson, D Richards, R Freeman
OBJECTIVE: To determine the scope and quality of evidence on the effectiveness of community-based nutrition interventions to promote oral health and restore healthy body weight in school-aged refugee children. BASIC RESEARCH DESIGN: Scoping review using a systematic approach. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Oral health and body weight. RESULTS: Four primary studies, two evaluation studies and one systematic review met the inclusion criteria...
January 25, 2018: Community Dental Health
A Plessas, M B Delgado, M Nasser, Y Hanoch, D R Moles
INTRODUCTION: Dentistry is recognised as a stressful profession and dentists perceive their profession to be more stressful than other healthcare professions. While earlier studies have shown a link between stress and well-being among dentists, whether stress negatively impacts their clinical performance is an important and open question. We do know, however, that stress is associated with reduced performance in other health (and non-health) related professions. OBJECTIVES: This systematic review aimed to answer the question: how does stress impact on dentists' clinical performance? METHODS: This systematic review was registered in PROSPERO (CRD42016045756)...
January 12, 2018: Community Dental Health
D J Worsley, K Jones, J C Harris, J Charlesworth, Z Marshman
A description of the process of a review of oral health improvement in special schools in Sheffield and the implementation of an action plan for these activities. Public health competencies encompassed: assessing the evidence on oral health and dental interventions, programmes and services; strategic leadership and collaborative working for health; oral health improvement.
January 12, 2018: Community Dental Health
M Paisi, E Kay, I Kaimi, R Witton, R Nelder, C Christophi, D Lapthorne
OBJECTIVE: To examine the spatial clustering of obesity and dental caries in young children in Plymouth, United Kingdom, to evaluate the association between these conditions and deprivation, and explore the impact of neighbourhood-level characteristics on their distribution. BASIC RESEARCH DESIGN: Cross-sectional study analysing data from the National Child Measurement Programme (N=2427) and the Local Dental Health Survey (N=1425). The association of deprivation with weight status and caries was determined at individual and area level, using ANOVA and Poisson models...
January 11, 2018: Community Dental Health
E Kay, L Owen, M Taylor, L Claxton, L Sheppard
BACKGROUND: Economic evaluations are important tools for decision makers to determine the best allocation of resources in a healthcare system. This study explored the use of economic evaluation in oral health promotion. METHODS: A literature review identified oral health promotion programmes that measured both the health impact and costs of oral health interventions. A decision analysis model was constructed to examine the cost utility of preventing dental caries in 5 and 12-year-old children via tooth brushing schemes and fluoride varnish programmes...
March 1, 2018: Community Dental Health
A C Mafla, F H Villalobos-Galvis, M W Heft
OBJECTIVE: To assess individuals' perception of dental caries, in order to explain how illness representations might influence their coping with the disease. METHODS: Cross-sectional questionnaire study. PARTICIPANTS: 520 consecutive patients (aged ≥18 years) of the General Dentistry Clinic at Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Pasto, Colombia who had experienced dental caries. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Illness perception of dental caries was assessed using the Illness Perception Questionnaire Revised (IPQ-R)...
March 1, 2018: Community Dental Health
Peter G Robinson
Rhetoric tells us there are three approaches to persuasive argument; logos, ethos and pathos (Bernanke, 2010). Logos is the appeal to logic by use of facts, data and analogies. Ethos is ethical appeal, focusing on the author's credibility or character with allied use of audience appropriate language and grammar. Pathos relates to emotional appeal by invoking sympathy, fear and anger.
January 1, 2018: Community Dental Health
B Christian, E Amezdroz, H Calache, M Gussy, R Sore, E Waters
AIM: to compare two methods of in vitro examiner calibration in populations and settings where clinical (in vivo) calibration is not practical. METHODS: Study design was cross-sectional and fully-crossed. The units of analysis were 880 tooth surfaces, from ten children ages 3 to 4 years. The study had three data components: (1) Examiner training and calibration using the International Caries Detection and Assessment System (ICDAS) e-Learning programme (2) In vivo community-based visual examination and (3) Intra-oral digital photographs of the same tooth surfaces from the in vivo visual examination...
December 1, 2017: Community Dental Health
P Andersson, S Renvert, P Sjogren, M Zimmerman
OBJECTIVE: To describe the dental health status of elderly people in nursing homes receiving domiciliary dental care. DESIGN: Case note review. CLINICAL SETTING: Nursing homes in 8 Swedish counties. PARTICIPANTS: Care dependent elderly people (≥65 years). METHODS: Clinical data, including the number of remaining natural teeth, missing and decayed teeth (manifest dental caries) and root remnants, recorded by dentists according to standard practices...
December 1, 2017: Community Dental Health
P Da Rosa, Marie-Claude Rousseau, A Edasseri, M Henderson, B Nicolau
OBJECTIVES: Socioeconomic position (SEP) is inversely associated with most oral health outcomes, but the patterns of association may vary depending on the specific outcome. We estimated associations between SEP and two oral health outcomes, dental caries and traumatic dental injuries (TDI), in Quebec children. METHODS: We used data from the baseline visit of the QUALITY (QUebec Adipose and Lifestyle Investigation in Youth) Cohort, an ongoing study in Montreal and Quebec, Canada...
December 1, 2017: Community Dental Health
V Dickson-Swift, A Kenny, M Gussy, A M de Silva, J Farmer, S Bracksley-O'Grady
OBJECTIVE: In this article we report the findings of a scoping review that aimed to identify and summarise the range of programs and guidelines available for toothbrushing programs in schools and early childhood settings. Dental caries is one of the most common preventable diseases affecting children worldwide. Untreated caries can impact on child health and wellbeing, development, socialisation and school attendance. Supervised toothbrushing programs in schools and other early childhood settings can be effective in improving the oral health of young children...
December 1, 2017: Community Dental Health
T Tuononen, J Lammintakanen, A L Suominen
OBJECTIVE: The aim was to study factors associated with staying in a dentist leadership position. PARTICIPANTS AND METHODS: We used an electronic questionnaire to gather data from 156 current or former Finnish dentist leaders in 2014. Principal component analysis categorized statements regarding time usage and opportunities in managerial work into five main components. Associations between these main component scores and the tendency to stay as a leader were analyzed with logistic regression...
December 1, 2017: Community Dental Health
R Suzuki
BACKGROUND: Racial minority groups and adults with functional disabilities (FDs) disproportionally experience periodontal diseases. However, little is known about the interactions of these two characteristics in disease prevalence. The purpose of this study was to examine the association between FDs and periodontal experiences, and to identify whether race has a particular influence on this relationship. METHODS: Data were derived from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2011-2012, in a representative sample of adults aged 30 years and older...
December 1, 2017: Community Dental Health
A Grönholm, D Litkey, J Jokelainen, J Keto, M Pöyry, K Linden, A M Heikkinen
OBJECTIVES: To investigate Finnish dentists' smoking cessation related attitudes, consultation practices and familiarity with the local treatment guideline on smoking cessation. BASIC RESEARCH DESIGN: An online questionnaire was sent to 1740 dentists, which corresponds to 39% of dentists in Finland. A total of 456 dentists responded (response rate 26%), of whom 435 (95%) were clinicians. The dentists' smoking cessation practices were also compared to ones reported in a previous study in Finnish physicians...
December 1, 2017: Community Dental Health
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