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Acta Veterinaria Hungarica

Tulay Elal Mus, Figen Cetinkaya, Recep Cibik, Gul Ece Soyutemiz, Husniye Simsek, Nilay Coplu
In this study, the presence of genes responsible for the pathogenicity and antibiotic resistance profile of enterococci isolated from various foodstuffs of animal origin was investigated. The percentage prevalence of enterococci was 54.1% (203/375) and the average count was found to be 3.81 log cfu/ml-g. Species-specific primers revealed Enterococcus faecalis as the predominant species carrying one or more virulence-associated traits of efa, gelE, ace, esp and agg genetic markers. Only one E. faecium isolate (from milk) was positive for the esp gene...
December 2017: Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Tomislav Keros, Lorena Jemeršić, Ivan Toplak, Jelena Prpić
A survey was conducted to evaluate the presence and prevalence of Porcine Bocavirus (PBoV) in Croatian domestic pigs by means of PCR targeting the NS1 gene fragment of PBoV. This study included testing of faecal samples collected from 10 small commercial farms and 11 small backyard holdings in Croatia. The presence of PBoV was confirmed by PCR in 24 out of 57 composite faecal samples from small commercial farms and in 12 out of 43 composite faecal samples from small backyard holdings. The PCR products of 18 positive samples were sequenced for genotyping...
December 2017: Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Zoltan Szabo
A 7-year-old castrated male rabbit was presented with a red oedematous mass at the prepuce. The tissue was identified as the urinary bladder, and the condition was diagnosed as complete transurethral urinary bladder eversion. Exploratory laparotomy was performed, the prolapse was successfully reduced and the bladder was secured to the body wall with cystopexy. The surgery was successful and the bladder remained in place without complications until the time of this report (three years after surgery). Transurethral bladder prolapse is a very rare condition previously reported only in women, mares, cows, bitches, queens, and rabbit does...
December 2017: Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Tayita Suttirojpattana, Tamás Somfai, Satoko Matoba, Takashi Nagai, Rangsun Parnpai, Masaya Geshi
This study determined the optimum storage vessel and the effects of resveratrol for the storage of in vitro matured (IVM) bovine oocytes. After IVM, the oocytes were kept in a Hepes-buffered medium at 25 °C for 20 h in different containers including Eppendorf tubes (ET) made of polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS), and tissue culture tubes (TCT) made of PP, PS, and glass. Then oocytes were subjected to IVF and subsequent in vitro embryo development was compared among the groups and to that of a control group without storage...
December 2017: Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Zsófia Bohák, Ottó Szenci, Andrea Harnos, Orsolya Kutasi, Levente Kovács
Temperament has not been taken into account in previous studies evaluating the stress response to exercise in horses. The aim of the present study was to investigate the cortisol response in Thoroughbred racehorses to a single exercise bout, and to analyse the results based on the basic personality of the horse examined. Twenty healthy Thoroughbred horses were selected for the study based on a 25-item rating questionnaire survey used for characterising equine temperament. Eight temperamental and twelve calm horses took part in the experiment...
December 2017: Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Vincenzo Carnevali, Benjamín Nogueda-Torres, María E Villagrán-Herrera, José A De Diego-Cabrera, Gonzalo Rocha-Chávez, José A Martínez-Ibarra
Small populations of Virginia opossum (Didelphis virginiana) in western Mexico are endangered by hunting and natural predators as well as by different kinds of diseases. After two serological analyses using Serodia® latex particle agglutination and indirect haemagglutination (IHA) tests, 35 (53.03%) of 66 collected opossums in two small towns in western Mexico were positive for the presence of Trypanosoma cruzi. Twenty-eight of the 35 seropositive opossums had pathological lesions: 11 had changes in only one organ, 13 in two organs, and four had pathological changes in three organs...
December 2017: Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Renáta Fábián, András Kovács, Viktor Stéger, Krisztián Frank, István Egerszegi, János Oláh, Szilárd Bodó
The Polled Intersex Syndrome (PIS) is responsible for the absence of horns in homozygous and heterozygous goats causing a female-to-male sex reversal in the homozygous polled genotypic female (XX) goats. A simple and efficient non-invasive method was elaborated to detect the genotypic sex from hair and faecal samples using a pair of primers to amplify the X- and Y-linked alleles of the amelogenin gene. The PCR products were easily distinguishable using agarose gel electrophoresis: we detected an X-specific single band in samples originating from healthy phenotypic females and double (X- and Y-) bands in samples from males...
December 2017: Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Anna Linda Nógrádi, Iain Cope, Márton Balogh, János Gál
The authors present eight cases of gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV) in guinea pigs from the Department and Clinic of Exotic Animal and Wildlife Medicine, University of Veterinary Medicine, Budapest, Hungary between 2012 and 2016. Seven animals were operated on and two survived. Gastric torsion has been noted in many mammalian species. Gastric volvulus has a high morbidity and high mortality rate with a guarded to poor prognosis in all of these species. How GDV develops is still not widely understood. Postmortem examinations, in both our cases and previously reported cases, have failed to reveal the exact causes of the gastric torsions...
December 2017: Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Judit Csöndes, Ibolya Fábián, Bernadett Szabó, Ákos Máthé, Péter Vajdovich
Inflammatory markers and adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) stimulation test results may help us recognise critically ill dogs with poor disease outcome. Systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) criteria, the fast version of the Acute Patient Physiologic and Laboratory Evaluation Score (APPLEfast), complete blood count, albumin and C-reactive protein (CRP) levels, baseline and stimulated cortisol levels and Δcortisol value were recorded in 50 client-owned dogs admitted to the Small Animal Hospital of the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest with various inflammatory or neoplastic conditions...
December 2017: Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Béla Lakatos, Ákos Hornyák, Zoltán Demeter, Petra Forgách, Frances Kennedy, Miklós Rusvai
Adenoviral nucleic acid was detected by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue samples of a cat that had suffered from disseminated adenovirus infection. The identity of the amplified products from the hexon and DNA-dependent DNA polymerase genes was confirmed by DNA sequencing. The sequences were clearly distinguishable from corresponding hexon and polymerase sequences of other mastadenoviruses, including human adenoviruses. These results suggest the possible existence of a distinct feline adenovirus...
December 2017: Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Krisztin Szőke, Attila D Sándor, Sándor A Boldogh, Tamás Görföl, Jan Votýpka, Nóra Takács, Péter Estók, Dávid Kováts, Alexandra Corduneanu, Viktor Molnár, Jenő Kontschán, Sándor Hornok
Kinetoplastids are flagellated protozoa, including principally free-living bodonids and exclusively parasitic trypanosomatids. In the most species-rich genus, Trypanosoma, more than thirty species were found to infect bats worldwide. Bat trypanosomes are also known to have played a significant role in the evolution of T. cruzi, a species with high veterinary medical significance. Although preliminary data attested the occurrence of bat trypanosomes in Hungary, these were never sought for with molecular methods...
December 2017: Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Dávid Herczeg, Dóra Sipos, Ádám Dán, Christina Loy, Dennis M Kallert, Edit Eszterbauer
One of the main obstacles in freshwater aquaculture is the parasitic ciliate Ichthyophthirius multifiliis (Ich), the causative agent of white spot disease. The use of immunostimulants as feed additives may be a promising approach to control Ich infection. In the present study, we tested the prophylactic effect of orally administered β-1,3/1,6-glucan and propolis extract E50 against Ich infection in common carp. In total, 122 fish were separated into three experimental groups fed with a control, 3% β-glucan and 1% propolis diet for 40 consecutive days, respectively...
December 2017: Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Seung-Hun Lee, Kyung-Yeon Eo, Byeong Yeal Jung, Dongmi Kwak, Oh-Deog Kwon
Besnoitia besnoiti is an obligate intracellular parasite that is transmitted by direct contact or via mechanical transmission by flies as vectors. Besnoitiosis causes economic losses in the cattle industry and is regarded as a re-emerging disease in Europe. This study evaluated the seroprevalence of B. besnoiti in Korean cattle using a commercial ELISA kit. Among 558 serum samples, 19 (3.4%) tested seropositive for B. besnoiti. The statistically significant risk factors included age (≥ 2 years), sex (castrated males), and region (lower latitudes) (P < 0...
December 2017: Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Mariam Kachlek, Judit Szabó-Fodor, Zsófia Blochné Bodnár, Katalin Horvatovich, Melinda Kovács
Fusarium mycotoxins, such as fumonisin B1 (FB1 ), deoxynivalenol (DON) and zearalenone (ZEN), frequently co-occur in feed raw materials and their presence is ubiquitous. The aims of this study were to determine the concentration that inhibits cell viability by 50% (IC50 values) for each mycotoxin (after 24, 48 and 72 h) and to investigate their combined effects in binary (DON + ZEN: DZ, DON + FB1 : DF, FB1 + ZEN: FZ) and ternary (DFZ) mixtures using cyto- and genotoxicity on porcine lymphocytes as endpoints...
September 2017: Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
László Fodor, Péter Sótonyi
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
September 2017: Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Wenlong Zhang, Xiaodan Liu, Mengcheng Liu, Bo Ma, Li Xu, Junwei Wang
Pasteurella multocida, Mannheimia haemolytica and Trueperella pyogenes are three bacterial pathogens closely associated with the bovine respiratory disease complex (BRDC). In the current study, a multiplex PCR for the simultaneous detection of these three bacteria in cultures was established. After serial optimisation, the detection limit of the method for the genomic DNA of the three bacteria was 40 pg/μl. The method could detect the genomic DNA of these three bacteria but not the genomic DNA of seven other bacterial strains...
September 2017: Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Adam Šuluburić, Svetlana Milanović, Sanja Vranješ-Đurić, Ivan B Jovanović, Tomislav Barna, Milica Stojić, Natalija Fratrić, Ottó Szenci, Dragan Gvozdić
Early embryonic development may be negatively affected by insufficient progesterone (P4) production. Therefore, the aim of our study was to increase P4 by gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) and/or human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) treatments after inducing oestrus by prostaglandin (PG) treatment. Lactating Simmental dairy cows (n = 110), between 1 to 5 lactations, with an average milk production of 6,500 1/305 days, at 40-80 days postpartum were used and grouped as follows: (1) PG + GnRH treatment at AI (GnRH group), (2) PG + hCG treatment at day 7 after AI (hCG group), (3) PG + GnRH at AI + hCG treatment at day 7 after AI (GnRH/hCG group), and (4) spontaneous oestrus (C: control group)...
September 2017: Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Alica Letnická, Viera Karaffová, Mikuláš Levkut, Viera Revajová, Róbert Herich
Campylobacteriosis is mainly caused by infection with Campylobacter jejuni following consumption or handling of Campylobacter-contaminated poultry meat. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of probiotic Enterococcus faecium AL41 on TGF-β4 and IL-17 expression and on immunocompetent cell distribution after C. jejuni infection in broiler chicken, as a second part of the previous study of Karaffová et al. (2017). Accordingly, day-old chicks were randomly divided into four experimental groups of 10 chicks each (n = 10): control (C), E...
September 2017: Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Romain Potier, Emma Monge, Tatiana Loucachevsky, Robert Hermes, Frank Göritz, Daphné Rochel, Emmanuel Risi
In Europe, the yellow-bellied slider (Trachemys scripta sp.) is a non-native species in competition with native freshwater turtles. Research on contraception could be useful to control the captive population. Identifying a method of contraception in chelonians would potentially help to control aggression in other chelonian species. The objective of the current study was to evaluate the effects of a single 4.7-mg deslorelin acetate implant on plasma testosterone concentrations in yellow-bellied sliders (Trachemys scripta sp...
September 2017: Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
Basak Hanedan, Akin Kirbas, Fatih Mehmet Kandemir, Mustafa Sinan Aktas, Ahmet Yildiz
It is known that inflammatory organ damages due to various agents, such as microorganisms including mycoplasmas, lead to oxidative stress. Nitric oxide (NO) functions as an antimicrobial agent, and arginase decreases proinflammatory cytokine release. There are very few studies on arginase activity, NO level and oxidative stress status in mycoplasmal infections. Therefore, the aim of this study was to evaluate erythrocyte arginase activity, plasma NO level and oxidative stress status in sheep with contagious agalactia...
September 2017: Acta Veterinaria Hungarica
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