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Journal of Environmental Biology

Shanivarsanthe Leelesh Ramya, Thiruvengadam Venkatesan, Kottilingam Srinivasa Murthy, Sushil Kumar Jalali, Abraham Varghese
Acephate-degrading bacterial isolates were isolated from the larval gut of diamondback moth Plutella xylostella, a notorious pest of cruciferous crops worldwide that has developed resistance to insecticides. Partial 16S rRNA gene sequencing identified the isolates as Bacillus cereus (PX-B.C.Or), Enterobacter asburiae (PXE), and Pantoae agglomerans ( All isolates grew on minimal media (MM) in the presence of acephate at 100 and 200 ppm, with maximum growth at 200 ppm. LC-MS analyses of spent medium showed that E...
July 2016: Journal of Environmental Biology
Hong Cui, Xiaode Zhou, Mengjing Guo, Wu Wei
Land-use change is very important for determining and assessing the influence of human activity on aquatic environment of rivers and lakes. The present work with Bosten River basin as the subject, analyzes features of dynamic land-use change of the basin from 1993 to 2013, in order to study the influence of land-use pattern change on the basin water quality, according to the land-use/land-cover(LUCC) chart from 2000 to 2013 made by ArcGIS and ENVI. It shows cultivated land, wetland and forestland constitute most of Bosten River basin, taking up over 41...
July 2016: Journal of Environmental Biology
Shamima Akter, Jugah Kadir, Abdul Shukor Juraimi, Halimi Mohd Saud
The ability for biocontrol and plant growth promotion of three Pseudomonas bacterial isolates namely Pseudomonas fluorescens (UMB20), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (KMB25) and Pseudomonas asplenii (BMB42) obtained from rice plants was investigated. Fungal growth inhibition by the isolates ranged from 86.85 to 93.15% in volatile and 100% in diffusible metabolites test. Among the isolates, BMB42 showed fungal growth inhibition significantly in the volatile metabolite test. Isolates UMB20 and BMB42 were able to synthesis chitinase with chitinolytic indices of 13...
July 2016: Journal of Environmental Biology
Jae-Sung Yoon, Byung-Sung Park
The objective of the present study was to determine the effect of feeding fermented earthworm casts (EEC) to layers on egg-laying performance, blood lipid profiles, cecal microflora, and fecal odor removing performance. A total of 200 Hyline Brown layer chicks at 33-week-old were used in this study. They were randomly assigned to two numerically equal groups with 100 replications per treatment for 10 weeks. All the birds were caged individually. The control group was not treated with EEC. The EEC group was treated with top dressing containing 3...
July 2016: Journal of Environmental Biology
Bhalchandra Waykar, Ram Petare
The concentrations of zinc, copper, cadmium and lead in surface water, sediments and two native snail species, Bellamya bengalensis and Melanoides tuberculata from Latipada reservoir were determined. The concentrations of cadmium and lead in surface water were higher than the WHO recommended limits for drinking water standards; where as those of zinc and copper were within the permissible limits. The concentrations of zinc, copper, cadmium and lead were higher in sediments than in water. The observed bioaccumulated level of zinc, copper, cadmium and lead in Bellamya bengalensis were Zn- 197...
July 2016: Journal of Environmental Biology
L Sekhar, B M Khadi, Rajesh S Patil, I S Katageri, Ganapati Mukri
Diploid cotton, due to its inherent problem of stamen brittleness, its found unsuitable for traditional method of hybrid seed production which involves hand emasculation followed by pollination. Due to shortfall in other methods viz., Genetic Male Sterility (GMS), as well as, Cytoplasmic Genetic Male Sterility (CGMS), hybrid seed production in diploid cotton becomes costly and thereby, covers less area among the total cotton grown area. Thermo-sensitive genetic male sterility, which overcomes the drawbacks of both GMS and CGMS can be an effective tool in coming years for hybrid cotton research...
July 2016: Journal of Environmental Biology
B I Usman, S M N Amin, A Arshad, M S Kamarudin
Samples of grey eel catfish Plotosus canius were collected from the coastal waters of Port Dickson, Malaysia from January to December, 2012. A total of 341 specimens (172 males and 169 females) were used to estimate the length-weight relationship parameters. Mean population size of females were 0.72 cm taller than the males, however difference was not significant (t-test, P > 0.05). The overall relationship equations between total length (TL) and body weight (BW) were established for males as Log TW = 2...
July 2016: Journal of Environmental Biology
V Jhansi Lakshmi, K P Kannan
An indigenous fungal strain was isolated from Indian Kolar Gold Field mine soil. The isolate was heterothallic, branched septate, deeply floccose, fast-growing, dull green with white background conidial columnar mycelium from Aspergillus section Fumigati. Diverse metabolic patterns of the isolate exhibit high metal, thermal resistance which grews well from 28 ± 1 degrees C to 37 degrees C and pH concentration was significant on the growth of isolate. Phylogenetic analysis of 16srRNA β-Tubulin gene sequence established relationship among isolate and other taxa...
July 2016: Journal of Environmental Biology
Hamiyet Sahin Kol, Günay Özbay
Heat treatment of wood leads to chemical, structural and physical changes in wood constituents, which can significantly affect the bonding performance of wood in several ways depending on the adhesive type used. In the present study, fir (Abies bornmülleriana Mattf.) and beech (Fagus orientalis L.) were heat treated at 170 degrees C, 180 degrees C, 190 degrees C, 200 and 212 degrees C for 2 hours. Four different types of adhesives were used for bonding process: melamine-urea-formaldehyde (MUF), melamine formaldehyde (MF), phenol formaldehyde (PF), and polyurethane (PUR)...
July 2016: Journal of Environmental Biology
Naveen Dwivedi, Chandrajit Balomajumder, Prasenji Mondal
The present study aimed to investigate the removal efficiency of cyanide from contaminated water by adsorption, biodegradation and simultaneous adsorption and biodegradation (SAB) process individually in a batch reactor. Adsorption was achieved by using almond shell granules and biodegradation was conducted with suspended cultures of Bacillus cereus, whereas SAB process was carried out using Bacillus cereus and almond shell in a batch reactor. The effect of agitation time, pH, and initial cyanide concentration on the % removal of cyanide has been discussed...
July 2016: Journal of Environmental Biology
Anjineyulu Kothakota, J P Pandey, A H Ahmad, Anil Kumar, Wasif Ahmad
The present study provides information about the concentrations of Vitamin B (thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine and niacin) in polished brown rice treated with xylanase. Xylanase enzyme was produced from Aspergillus awamori MTCC 9166. Brown rice was treated with 60-100% enzyme (40 ml of buffer -undiluted) for 30 to 150 min (with variation of 30 min) at 30 degrees C to 50 degrees C (with variation of 5 degrees C) to attain a saturated moisture level of 35.5 g100(-1)g .The enzyme acted upon selective degradation (polishing time 10-50 sec) of bran layer facilitating retention of more vital nutrients along with the vitamins...
July 2016: Journal of Environmental Biology
G K Sivaraman, S Visnuvinayagam, Ashish Kumar Jha, V Renuka, S Remya, Deesha Vanik
The present study was carried out to assess the microbial quality of fish processing industries effluent at Bhidia bar-mouth, Veraval, Gujarat during April, 2012 to March 2013. The total viable bacterial count (TVBC), total Enterobacteriaceae count, E. coli count (EC), Staphylococcus aureus and Fecal Streptococcal count in effluent ranged from 3.0 x 10(-1) to 6.8 x 10(6), 9.0 x 10(1) to 2.9 x 10(4), 0 to 0. 5 x 10(4), 0 to 0. 4 x 102 and 0.3 x 10(1) to 0. 1 x 10(4) cfu.(-1)respectively. Significantly higher load of TEC, E...
July 2016: Journal of Environmental Biology
Mahsa Bahrami, Mostafa Heidari, Hadi Ghorbani
In general, salinity and heavy metals interfere with several physiological processes and reduce plant growth. In order to evaluate of three levels of salinity (0, 4 and 8 ds m(-1)) and three concentration of chromium (0, 10 and 20 mg kg(-1) soil) in bitter melon (Momordica charantia), a plot experiment was conducted in greenhouse at university of Shahrood, Iran. The results revealed that chromium treatment had no significant affect on fresh and dry weight, but salinity caused reduction of fresh and dry weight in growth parameter...
July 2016: Journal of Environmental Biology
Amudala Prathap, Vivek Kujur, Sukalyaon Chakraborty, Tanushree Bhattacharya
Coal mining is inevitable for economic growth of a country, but at the same time deteriorates the quality of the environment. Open cast mine, especially affects the top soil most negatively. In the present study, soil samples from three representative areas of mining viz proposed, operational and abandoned sites from Charhi and Kuju of Jharkhand were collected and analysed for physicochemical parameters and metals with an objective to determine their suitability for vegetative reclamation. Soil samples appeared to be slightly acidic (5...
July 2016: Journal of Environmental Biology
Arti Bartwal, Anjali Pande, Priyadarshini Sharma, Sandeep Arora
Drought is a major form of abiotic stress leading to lower crop productivity. Experiment was carried out for selecting the most tolerant genotype among six different genotypes of finger millet under drought stress. Seeds of six finger millet genotypes were sown in pots and grown for 35 days. After this period, drought was induced by withholding watering for stressed plants while control plants were watered regularly for comparison. Among all six different varieties of finger millet screened (PR202, PES400, PRM6107, VL283, VL328 and VL149) under varying intensities of drought stress,PRM6107 and PR202 showed highest stress tolerance by limiting excessive accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) through activation of ROS scavenging antioxidative enzymes...
July 2016: Journal of Environmental Biology
Neetu Shahi, Debaji Sarma, Jyoti Pandey, Partha Das, Dandadhar Sarma, Sumanta Kumar Mallik
The present study was carried out to evaluate sub-lethal mechanism of acid mine drainage toxicity in fingerlings (9.5 ± 2.4 cm) of golden mahseer, Tor putitora. Exposed fingerlings showed significant reduction (P < 0.01) in blood erythrocytes, neutrophils, thrombocytes, lymphocytes and leukocytes in contrast to increase in number of immature circulating cells. Hyperplasia, degeneration of glomeruli, presence of inflammatory cells and increased number of melanomacrophage aggregates, vacuolization of cell cytoplasm, hepatocyte swelling were marked in kidney and liver of fish...
July 2016: Journal of Environmental Biology
Halil Bariş Ozel
In the present study, the effect of some pre-treatments implemented on seeds of Oriental hornbeam (Carpinus orientalis), which has wide geographical variation along Turkey on germination percentage values were investigated. For this purpose, 13 different pre-treatments were implemented to seeds obtained from 17 different populations. According to the obtained results (except control seeds), pre-treatments leading to lowest germination percentage value (8.1%) in Oriental hornbeam seeds was PT10: Keeping seeds for 90 min in sulfuric acid, while highest germination percentage (86...
July 2016: Journal of Environmental Biology
Pushp Sharma, Virender Sardana
A study was conducted under irrigated conditions to test the performance of improved cultivars of Indian mustard (B. juncea), Gobhi sarson (B. napus) and African sarson (B. carinata) under changing climatic conditions. The effect of cultivar, environment and their interactions were significant in mustard and canola gobhi sarson. Environment had significant impact on all the studied traits except for leaf area index (LAI). Cultivar x Year (G x Y) interaction was significant for flowering behavior, days to maturity, SPAD, photosynthetic active radiations (PAR), growth parameters, yield components and yield except photosynthesis photochemical efficiency, relative water content (RWC) and LAI...
July 2016: Journal of Environmental Biology
Xiaogang Liu, Fusheng Li, Qiliang Yang, Xinle Wang
To obtain optimal irrigation management for young coffee tree, the effects of alternate drip irrigation (ADI) and superabsorbent polymers on physiology, growth, dry mass accumulation and water use on one-year old Coffea arabica L. tree were investigated. This experiment had three drip irrigation methods, i.e., conventional drip irrigation (CDI), alternate drip irrigation (ADI) and fixed drip irrigation (FDI), and two levels of superabsorbent polymers, i.e., no superabsorbent polymers (NSAP) and added superabsorbent polymers (SAP)...
July 2016: Journal of Environmental Biology
Siti Aqlima Ahmad, Mohd Khalizan Sabullah, Nor Aripin Shamaan, Mohd Yunus Abd Shukor, Hussain Jirangon, Ariff Khalid, Mohd Arif Syed
Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) from the brain tissue of local freshwater fish, Tor tambroides was isolated through affinity purification. Acetylthiocholine iodide (ATCi) was preferable synthetic substrate to purified AChE with highest maximal velocity (V(max)) and lowest biomolecular constant (K(m)) at 113.60 Umg(-1) and 0.0689 mM, respectively, with highest catalytic efficiency ratio (V(max)/K(m)) of 1648.77. The optimum pH was 7.5 with sodium phosphate buffer as medium, while optimal temperature was in the range of 25 to 35 degrees C...
July 2016: Journal of Environmental Biology
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