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Israel Journal of Psychiatry and related Sciences

Azgad Gold, Yadin Dudai
The complexity of the human brain and the difficulties in identifying and dissecting the biological, social and contextual underpinnings of mental functions confound the study of the etiology and pathophysiology of mental disorders. Simulating mental disorders in animal models or in computer programs may contribute to the understanding of such disorders. In the companion paper (30), we discussed selected concepts and pragmatics pertaining to mental illness simulation in general, and then focused on issues pertaining to animal models of mental disease...
2016: Israel Journal of Psychiatry and related Sciences
Azgad Gold, Yadin Dudai
The complexity of the human brain and the difficulties in identifying and dissecting the biological, social and contextual underpinnings of mental functions confound the study of the etiology and pathophysiology of mental disorders. Large-scale computer simulation of the human brain was recently proposed as a method to circumvent some of these difficulties. In this two-partpaper, we discuss selected conceptual and pragmatic issues pertaining to the mental illness simulation in general and computer simulation in particular...
2016: Israel Journal of Psychiatry and related Sciences
Yaira Hamama-Raz, Reut Walker, Yuval Palgi, Reuven Mashiach, Karin Lee-Ovadia, Ariel Manny, Menachem Ben-Ezra
BACKGROUND: Mental health and well-being among obstetric nurses after perinatal death is understudied. The primary goal of this study is to explore the comorbidity of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms and depressive symptoms among obstetric nurses. In addition, we explore associations between personal resources - coping self-efficacy and active social support - and comorbidity symptoms. METHOD: One hundred and twenty-five obstetric nurses who represent 25% of the entire population of Israeli obstetric nurses completed self-report questionnaires regarding demographic data, coping self-efficacy, active social support, history of exposure to traumatic events, PTSD symptoms and depressive symptoms...
2016: Israel Journal of Psychiatry and related Sciences
Orit Levi Shachar, Shlomo Mendlovic, Libi Hertzberg, Yehuda Baruch, Ido Lurie
BACKGROUND: Individual psychotherapy is an efficient tool and an integral part of psychiatric treatment. However, its status among psychiatrists in Israel has never been explored. OBJECTIVES: To explore and map the attitudes of psychiatrists in Israel regarding psychotherapy and psychotherapy training during residency, with comparisons between residents vs. specialists, peripheral vs. central institutions and mental health vs. medical centers. METHOD: We conducted a cross-sectional survey to examine the attitudes toward individual psychotherapy...
2016: Israel Journal of Psychiatry and related Sciences
Maya Gerner, Sharon Barak, Jana Landa, Etzyona Eisenstein
BACKGROUND: Functional somatic symptoms (FSS) are a type of somatization phenomenon. Integrative rehabilitation approaches are the preferred treatment for pediatric FSS. Parental roles in the treatment process have not been established. STUDY AIMS: to present 1) a parent-focused treatment (PFT) for pediatric FSS and 2) the approach's preliminary results. METHODS: The sample included 50 children with physical disabilities due to FSS. All children received PFT including physical and psychological therapy...
2016: Israel Journal of Psychiatry and related Sciences
Yael Segal-Triwitz, Louisa M Kirchen, Tal Shani Sherman, Miriam Levav, Yael Schonherz-Pine, Jonathan Kushnir, Raya Ariel, Doron Gothelf
BACKGROUND: To determine teacher and parental perception of minimal expected sustained attention span during various daily tasks among elementary school children. METHODS: 54 parents and 47 teachers completed the attention span questionnaire (AtSQ) that was developed for this study. The AtSQ consists of 15 academic and leisure tasks that require a child's sustained attention. The study focused on third and fourth graders in Israel. RESULTS: There was a high degree of variability among teachers and parents in their responses to the AtSQ...
2016: Israel Journal of Psychiatry and related Sciences
Leo Wolmer, Daniel Hamiel, Nitzan Margalit, Tali Versano-Eisman, Yael Findler, Nathaniel Laor, Michelle Slone
BACKGROUND: Children's exposure to stressful events requires effective interventions to strengthen adaptive development. Expanding the teachers' role to deliver resilience-focused interventions has been shown to enhance children's coping and to have a positive impact on the teachers themselves. METHOD: This study compared the self-efficacy and perceived performance of 48 teachers following the implementation of such an intervention with 52 control teachers. RESULTS: Trained teachers reported higher self-efficacy and perceived performance...
2016: Israel Journal of Psychiatry and related Sciences
Tamar Silberg, Amichai Brezner, Gilad Gal, Jaana Ahonniska-Assa, Miriam Levav
BACKGROUND: Assessments of psychological symptoms in children often rely on caregivers' (usually mothers') reports. However, the reliability may be affected by the caregivers' own emotional distress (ED). The main objectives of this study were to assess the variability in ED of mothers of children with chronic physical disabilities, and its association with the ratings of their children's emotional and behavioral problems. METHODS: Medical data of children diagnosed with chronic disabilities were analyzed (N = 72)...
2016: Israel Journal of Psychiatry and related Sciences
Sreten Vicentic, Rosa Sapic, Aleksandar Damjanovic, Berislav Vekic, Zlatibor Loncar, Ivan Dimitrijevic, Andrej Ilankovic, Aleksandar A Jovanovic
BACKGROUND: Burnout syndrome is under-researched within caregivers (CGs) of children with cerebral palsy. The primary aim was to determine the burnout level of formal CGs of children with cerebral palsy (G1) and to compare it with a control group (G2) of professional pediatric nurses, and second, to correlate the level of depression and anxiety with the burnout level. METHOD: In a total sample of 60 CGs, the Maslach Burnout Inventory Human Services Survey (MBI-HSS), consisting of three structural units - emotional exhaustion (MBIEE) subscale, depersonalization (MBI-DP) subscale and personal accomplishment (MBI-PA) subscale - was used to measure burnout...
2016: Israel Journal of Psychiatry and related Sciences
Asher Ornoy, Moran Ovadia, Dori Rivkin, Ellen Milshtein, Lital Barlev
INTRODUCTION: The world prevalence of ADHD ranges between 5-10%. The prevalence in Israel was generally studied from prescriptions of methylphenidate and not from cohorts of children. METHODS: We assessed the prevalence of ADHD among a cohort of early school age children in the Jewish and Arab populations using DSM-IV criteria and evaluated the difference between teachers' and parental assessment. We also studied in the Jewish population the differences in several social-behavioral parameters between children with and without ADHD...
2016: Israel Journal of Psychiatry and related Sciences
Jacek Bomba
The Israeli-Polish Mental Health Association (IPMHA) was founded in 2000. It is a unique organization as it is not only one of the many associations for mental health professionals but also a platform for people from distant countries who share an important and traumatic past. IPMHA members have been engaged in studies of consequences of massive trauma, intergenerational transmission of trauma and help for trauma survivors. Keeping in mind the obligation of mental health professions to contribute to an enlightened and tolerant society, the IPMHA members have been trying to deal with "the past in the present," investigating the roots of the harm caused by racial and ethnic hatred, anti-Semitism and other forms of social prejudice...
2015: Israel Journal of Psychiatry and related Sciences
Amit Shrira, Dov Shmotkin, Yuval Palgi, Yechiel Soffer, Yaira Hamama Raz, Patricia Tal-Katz, Menachem Ben-Ezra, Charles C Benight
BACKGROUND: We examined how positive affect (PA) and meaning in life (MIL) conjointly regulate posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms and perceived coping self-efficacy. Hypotheses were guided by a recent holistic model, according to which PA and MIL should compensate for each other in relating to adaptation to high stress. METHOD: The sample included 75 Israeli firefighters who took active part in extinguishing the 2010 Mount Carmel forest fire. RESULTS: PA and MIL helped to compensate for the other, demonstrating that when one of them was low, the other related to higher adaptation...
2015: Israel Journal of Psychiatry and related Sciences
Tal Shachar-Malach, Rena Cooper Kazaz, Naama Constantini, Tzuri Lifschytz, Bernard Lerner
BACKGROUND: Physical exercise has been shown to reduce depressive symptoms when used in combination with antidepressant medication. We report a randomized controlled trial of aerobic exercise compared to stretching as an augmentation strategy for hospitalized patients with major depression. METHODS: Male or female patients, 18-80 years, diagnosed with a Major Depressive Episode, were randomly assigned to three weeks of augmentation therapy with aerobic (n=6) or stretching exercise (n=6)...
2015: Israel Journal of Psychiatry and related Sciences
Taner Oznur, Suleyman Akarsu, Murat Erdem, Murat Durusu, Mehmet Toygar, Yavuz Poyrazoglu, Umit Kaldirim, Mehmet Eryilmaz, Kamil Nahit Ozmenler
BACKGROUND: Military personnel deployed abroad could be exposed to more risk factors that adversely affect quality of life. In this study, we examined psychiatric symptoms and quality of life in Turkish Armed Forces deployed to Afghanistan. METHOD: A total of 289 Turkish military personnel working in Afghanistan enrolled in this study. They completed two surveys containing questions about socio-demographic characteristics. Data were collected and analyzed from 258 of the participants...
2015: Israel Journal of Psychiatry and related Sciences
Yael Netz, Tzvi Dwolatzky, Abid Khaskia, Ayelet Dunsky
BACKGROUND: Cardiovascular fitness is associated with cognition in advanced age. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a risk factor for cognitive decline beyond the normal aging process, thus we investigated this association in CVD patients. METHOD: Patients in phase III of cardiac rehabilitation were divided into high and low cardiovascular fitness groups based on their predicted peak VO2. Cognition was assessed by a battery of neuropsychological tests examining memory, attention, visual spatial function, executive function and global cognitive score...
2015: Israel Journal of Psychiatry and related Sciences
Yael Shoval-Zuckerman, Rachel Dekel, Zahava Solomon, Ofir Levi
This study had two aims: 1. To examine whether soldiers who participated in Early Group Intervention (EGI) would show less distress and better functioning and physical health than soldiers who did not participate in EGI, and 2. To examine the contribution of the intervention to participants with repressive coping style. The sample comprised 166 male reserve soldiers who fought in the Second Lebanon War. The intervention was conducted three months after the traumatic event, was based on military protocol, and took place over the course of one day...
2015: Israel Journal of Psychiatry and related Sciences
Friedrich Leidinger, Andrzej Cechnicki
Polish psychiatry was since its origin deeply influenced by German (Austrian) and Russian psychiatry. As a larger part of the Polish territory had belonged to Germany or Austria before 1918, many institutions and staff in mental health had a German or Austrian history. During the occupation nearly all mental hospitals were taken over by the Germans, sometimes all the patients, sometimes part of them were murdered, and often the staff members were shot together with their patients. Jews were separated from non-Jews and killed...
2015: Israel Journal of Psychiatry and related Sciences
Alex Gruber, Raz Levin, Pesach Lichtenberg
The medical clown has become an accepted therapeutic figure in non-psychiatric hospital departments in recent years. However, the potential role of the clown in psychiatry, especially for the treatment of psychosis, has not been investigated. We report here on the functioning of a medical clown in an inpatient psychiatric department. A program using psychodramatic group therapy techniques with the clown serving as moderator was developed. We describe the case of one individual diagnosed with schizophrenia who in the course of four and a half months of group therapy led by the medical clown was able to adopt a succession of surprising roles...
2015: Israel Journal of Psychiatry and related Sciences
Michal Dick, Shmuel Fennig, Ido Lurie
BACKGROUND: Emotional distress (ED) is prevalent among immigrants. The open clinic of Physicians for Human Rights (PHR)-Israel provides free medical and psychiatric treatment to immigrants without access to the ambulatory health service. In 2010, the psychiatric records represented 1% of the total medical files (N=28,000) in the open clinic. OBJECTIVE: To compare service users' self-reported ED and its identification by general practitioners (GP) and to identify socio-demographic variables associated with ED...
2015: Israel Journal of Psychiatry and related Sciences
Beata Hintze, Alina Borkowska
OBJECTIVE: The purpose of the present study was to assess the relationship between various domains of cognitive functions, the intensity of psychopathological symptoms, and the general functional outcome in adolescents with early-onset schizophrenia. METHOD: 33 adolescents with early-onset schizophrenia (EOS) were investigated in their partial symptom remission period. The control group consisted of 30 healthy adolescents. Schizophrenia was diagnosed on the basis of ICD-10 criteria...
2015: Israel Journal of Psychiatry and related Sciences
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