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European Journal of Radiology

Mehdi Naderi, Fereshteh Jalalvandi, Samira Fatahi
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May 2, 2018: European Journal of Radiology
Giampiero Francica, Maria Franca Meloni, Laura Riccardi, Ilario de Sio, Fulvia Terracciano, Eugenio Caturelli, Maddalena Diana Iadevaia, Annabianca Amoruso, Paola Roselli, Jason Chiang, Mariano Scaglione, Maurizio Pompili
The present retrospective study was aimed at characterizing the clinical impact of contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) as a guidance technique for ablation of primary and secondary liver tumors at six interventional ultrasound centers. 148 patients (103M/45F, median age 74 yrs.) with 151 liver target lesions (median size 15 mm, 86.7% Hepatocellular Carcinomas) in whom CEUS guidance was used for Percutaneous Ethanol Injection (35.2%), Radiofrequency (46.3%) and Microwave (18.5%) were selected during the period 2008-2016...
August 2018: European Journal of Radiology
Pauline Copin, Maxime Ronot, Alexandre Nuzzo, Léon Maggiori, Yoram Bouhnik, Olivier Corcos, Valérie Vilgrain
PURPOSE: To evaluate the inter-reader agreement of the CT features of acute mesenteric ischemia (AMI). METHODS: Between 2006 and 2014, 109 patients (57 men, 52%, mean age 50 years old [17-83]) admitted to our institution with a diagnosis of AMI were included. CT scans (42% were initially performed in our institution) were reviewed by two abdominal radiologists. Inter-observer agreement of the imaging features of vascular insufficiency and bowel ischemia was assessed by the percentage of agreement and the kappa value...
August 2018: European Journal of Radiology
Enlong Zhang, Jiahui Zhang, Ning Lang, Huishu Yuan
OBJECTIVES: Cellular schwannoma that occurs in the spine is relatively rare. Herein, we retrospectively analyzed the clinical and imaging data from nine cases of spinal cellular schwannoma. MATERIALS AND METHODS: The clinical, imaging data and pathological manifestations were retrospectively analyzed from nine cases of pathologically confirmed spinal cellular schwannoma. RESULTS: All nine cases were treated with surgical excision; seven cases were solitary lesions characterized by a dumbbell-shaped soft tissue mass growing out across the intervertebral foramen and two cases were multiple nodular lesions in the spinal canal...
August 2018: European Journal of Radiology
Liang Zhu, Meng-Hua Dai, Shi-Tian Wang, Zheng-Yu Jin, Qiang Wang, Timm Denecke, Bernd Hamm, Hua-Dan Xue
OBJECTIVE: To determine the prevalence of multiple solid pancreatic lesions on dynamic enhanced CT performed for suspected pancreatic diseases, and to identify CT features of non-malignancies. METHODS: We investigated 8096 consecutive patients who underwent dynamic enhanced CT pancreas protocol at a tertiary center over 40 months. The final clinical /pathological diagnosis served as reference standard. The diagnostic accuracy of dynamic enhanced CT for non-malignancies was calculated...
August 2018: European Journal of Radiology
Shaun Zheng Liang Yap, Sebastian Leathersich, Joy Lu, Laura Fender, Glen Lo
PURPOSE: Endometriosis is a disease of significant burden among pre-menopausal women characterised by the appearance of functional endometrial tissue in locations outside the uterus. Deep infiltrating endometriosis (DIE) is an invasion of the endometriotic lesion that exceeds 5 mm in depth into the peritoneum. In most cases, pelvic MRI is the imaging modality of choice for the pre-operative workup for DIE to guide surgery. The recommended standard for pelvic MRI images is at 1.5 T with patient preparations in the form of laxatives, anti-spasmodics and/or rectal contrast...
August 2018: European Journal of Radiology
Hongxiang Li, Jing Zhang, Zeyu Zheng, Yihao Guo, Maodong Chen, Caiqin Xie, Zhongping Zhang, Yingjie Mei, Yanqiu Feng, Yikai Xu
PURPOSE: To evaluate the value of intravoxel incoherent motion (IVIM) histogram analysis based on whole tumor volume in predicting microvascular invasion (MVI) of single hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). MATERIALS AND METHODS: The study enrolled 41 patients with pathologically proven HCCs who underwent IVIM diffusion-weighted imaging with nine b values and contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Histogram parameters including mean; skewness; kurtosis; and percentiles (5th, 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, 90th, 95th) were derived from apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC), perfusion fraction (f), true diffusion coefficient (D), and pseudo diffusion coefficient (D*)...
August 2018: European Journal of Radiology
Rafael Heiss, Ali Guermazi, Mohamed Jarraya, Lars Engebretsen, Frank W Roemer
OBJECTIVE: To describe the prevalence, severity and location of pelvic injuries, including hip, muscle and tendon pathologies, as assessed on MRI in athletes participating in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympic Games. METHODS: We analyzed all pelvic MRIs that were acquired for suspected injury as reported by the National Olympic Committee (NOC) medical teams and the Organizing Committee medical staff during the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics. Diagnostic imaging was performed through the Olympic Village Polyclinic, using 3 T and 1...
August 2018: European Journal of Radiology
Sireesha Yedururi, Sumedha Chawla, Behrang Amini, Wei Wei, Usama I Salem, Ajaykumar C Morani, Wei-Lien Wang, Richard Gorlick, Valerae O Lewis, Najat C Daw
PURPOSE: To evaluate the frequency of tumor thrombus in the large veins draining primary pelvic osteosarcoma on early cross-sectional imaging studies and its effect on patient survival. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Our retrospective study included all patients with primary pelvic osteosarcoma treated at our facility between January 2000 and May 2014, who were ≤ 45 years of age, and had adequate imaging studies and clinical follow up. Four radiologists evaluated for tumor in the large draining veins on initial CT, MRI and PET/CTs...
August 2018: European Journal of Radiology
Michele Bertolotto, Stefano Bucci, Massimo Valentino, Francesca Currò, Camilla Sachs, Maria Assunta Cova
On cross-sectional imaging studies performed for other indications, incidental discovery of renal lesions is not uncommon. In daily use, grey-scale ultrasonography (US) and conventional Doppler modes are often the modality of choice for the initial assessment. While simple cysts are fully characterized with US, other lesions require further characterization, which is traditionally obtained by multiphase imaging, such as contrast-enhanced CT and MRI. Contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) has become a powerful additional tool for imaging renal lesions...
August 2018: European Journal of Radiology
Claudia Frellesen, Daniel Klein, Patricia Tischendorf, Julian L Wichmann, Sebastian Wutzler, Johannes Frank, Hanns Ackermann, Thomas J Vogl, Moritz H Albrecht, Katrin Eichler
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the diagnostic potential of the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS), the mechanism of injury (MOI) and clinical examination (CE) for the indication of whole body computed tomography (WBCT) in pediatric polytrauma patients. MATERIALS & METHODS: 100 pediatric polytrauma patients with WBCT were analysed in terms of age, gender, (MOI), GCS, detected injury, FAST, CE and Injury Severity Score (ISS). Correlations between all clinical variables and patient groups with (p+) and without (p-) injury were assessed...
August 2018: European Journal of Radiology
Stephanie Marchesseau, Sue-Ann Ng, Yu Tien Wang, Wanying Xie, David Chee-Eng Ng, John James Totman, Andrea Hsiu Ling Low
BACKGROUND: Systemic sclerosis-associated gastrointestinal tract involvement (SSc-GIT) is an independent predictor of 2-year mortality in early SSc. Availability of non-invasive investigations will facilitate early diagnosis and monitoring. HYPOTHESIS: We investigate the role of 18 F-FDG-PET-MRI in SSc-GIT, hypothesizing that i) higher bowel FDG-PET uptake, a surrogate biomarker for inflammation, distinguishes healthy bowel from inflamed SSc-GIT; ii) MRI T1-MOLLI mapping, a surrogate biomarker for cardiac fibrosis, distinguishes healthy bowel from fibrotic SSc-GIT...
August 2018: European Journal of Radiology
João Lopes, Mariana Horta, Teresa Margarida Cunha
Clinical and pathological aspects of endometrial cancers that develop after radiation therapy for cervical carcinoma have been studied for years but their imaging features have not yet been described. To determine these features, we performed a retrospective study that included all patients of our institution that were diagnosed with an endometrial cancer after being submitted to radiation therapy for cervical cancer and that performed computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance (MR) imaging at the time of the diagnosis, in a period of 11 years...
August 2018: European Journal of Radiology
Muhammed Yesiloz, Matthias Louis, Jacques DeVerbizier, Gilles Dautel, François Dap, Alain Blum, Pedro Gondim Teixeira
The management of Kienböck's disease is complex and constantly evolving in parallel with progress in the understanding of the pathophysiological mechanisms of this condition. Cross-sectional imaging techniques have an essential role in the diagnosis and prognostic assessment of this disease. CT allows the optimal study of the morpho-structure of lunate bone. MRI makes it possible to study bone marrow viability. As for CT arthrography, it allows to evaluate accurately articular cartilage of the different carpal joints...
August 2018: European Journal of Radiology
Lena S Kiefer, Jana Fabian, Susanne Rospleszcz, Roberto Lorbeer, Jürgen Machann, Corinna Storz, Mareen S Kraus, Christopher L Schlett, Frank Roemer, Elke Wintermeyer, Wolfgang Rathmann, Konstantin Nikolaou, Annette Peters, Fabian Bamberg
OBJECTIVES: Intra- and intermyocellular lipid deposition and adipose tissue are part of glucose homeostasis and insulin resistance; however, their role in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) remains unclear. We assessed differences in the degree of abdominal myosteatosis among subjects with T2DM and prediabetes. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Asymptomatic subjects from the general population were classified as subjects with T2DM, prediabetes or healthy controls and underwent multi-echo Dixon magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) (TR 8...
August 2018: European Journal of Radiology
Simon S Martin, Rouben Czwikla, Julian L Wichmann, Moritz H Albrecht, Lukas Lenga, Rock H Savage, Christophe Arendt, Renate Hammerstingl, Thomas J Vogl, Benjamin Kaltenbach
PURPOSE: To investigate the value of dual-energy computed tomography (DECT)-derived iodine and fat quantification in differentiating malignant abdominal lymphoma from lymph node metastasis. MATERIALS AND METHODS: In this retrospective study, 59 patients (39 men; mean age, 62.7 years) with histopathologically-confirmed diagnosis of either malignant lymphoma or lymph node metastasis were included. For each lesion, contrast-enhanced attenuation, as well as DECT-derived iodine density and fat fraction measurements were recorded...
August 2018: European Journal of Radiology
D den Boer, L A J Dam-Vervloet, M F Boomsma, E de Boer, J A van Dalen, L Poot
OBJECTIVES: Validation of a pressure-standardized compression mammography (PSCM) system, which aims to reduce discomfort and pain by applying the same pressure to every breast, independent of breast size. METHODS: We retrospectively studied mammograms of 39 patients acquired with a conventional force-standardized compression mammography (FSCM) technique and intra-individually compared them to mammograms acquired on a checkup visit with PSCM technique. Patients received one craniocaudal (CC) and one mediolateral oblique (MLO) compression for both breasts...
August 2018: European Journal of Radiology
Manavjit Singh Sandhu, Ajay Gulati, J Saritha, Brusabhanu Nayak
OBJECTIVE: To assess the diagnostic performance of digital tomosynthesis (DT) in detecting urolithiasis and compare it with ultrasonography (USG), keeping standard volumetric multi-detector computed tomography (MDCT) as the reference. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This prospective analytical study was approved by our institutional ethical committee. A total of 66 patients were enrolled who had either clinical suspicion of urolithiasis or history of recurrent urolithiasis...
August 2018: European Journal of Radiology
Mohammad Ihsan Fazal, Muhammed Ebrahim Patel, Jamie Tye, Yuri Gupta
Artificial intelligence (AI) is already widely employed in various medical roles, and ongoing technological advances are encouraging more widespread use of AI in imaging. This is partly driven by the recognition of the significant frequency and clinical impact of human errors in radiology reporting, and the promise that AI can help improve the reliability as well the efficiency of imaging interpretation. AI in imaging was first envisioned in the 1960s, but initial attempts were limited by the technology of the day...
August 2018: European Journal of Radiology
Xin Chen, Tianyi Qian, Bénédicte Maréchal, Guojun Zhang, Tao Yu, Zhiwei Ren, Duanyu Ni, Chang Liu, Yongjuan Fu, Nan Chen, Kuncheng Li
PURPOSE: Surgical resection is the most effective treatment for focal cortical dysplasia (FCD). However, many patients with FCD have unremarkable or even negative findings on conventional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In this study, we explored the brain volume abnormalities of FCD patients at the individual level using an experimental volume-based morphometry algorithm and further estimated whether the volume abnormalities can help in the detection of FCD lesions. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Sixteen patients with histologically-proven FCD lesions were retrospectively studied...
August 2018: European Journal of Radiology
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