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European Journal of Radiology

Sven S Walter, Sven Schneeweiß, Michael Maurer, Mareen S Kraus, Julian L Wichmann, Malte N Bongers, Mario Lescan, Fabian Bamberg, Ahmed E Othman
OBJECTIVE: To assess virtual non-enhanced dual energy computed tomography (DECT) reconstruction as a potential alternative to true non-enhanced thoracic and abdominal CT scans in patients with suspected active hemorrhage. METHODS AND MATERIALS: Ninety-seven consecutive patients with suspected active bleeding, who underwent routine triphasic CT with intravenous contrast, were included. All patients underwent single energy non-enhanced (TNE) and arterial phase CT as well as venous DECT...
October 28, 2018: European Journal of Radiology
Jia-Wei Sun, Xiao-Lei Wang, Qing Zhao, Hang Zhou, Lin Tao, Zhao-Peng Jiang, Wan-Yu Zhang, Xian-Li Zhou
PURPOSE: To investigate the factors that could cause a misdiagnosis in virtual touch tissue imaging and quantification (VTIQ) when differentiating benign and malignant breast lesions, and to analyze the imaging characteristics of those lesions with incorrect findings. METHODS: The conventional ultrasound (CUS) features and the VTIQ parameters of 153 benign lesions and 99 malignant lesions were retrospectively analyzed and compared with histopathological and/or core-needle biopsy (CNB)-proven results...
January 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Michela Tezza, Maarten Witsenburg, Koen Nieman, Pieter C van de Woestijne, Ricardo P J Budde
BACKGROUND: Coronary compression (CC) is a life threatening complication that can occur during percutaneous pulmonary valve implantation (PPVI). We describe our experience using cardiac CT prior to PPVI to identify patients at high CC-risk due to a close relationship between the coronary arteries and pulmonary trunk (PT). METHODS: A retrospective evaluation of candidates for PPVI who underwent CT prior to the procedure was done. Measurements of PT were performed using double oblique reconstructed images, with special attention to the stenotic tract of the PT...
January 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Margarita Posso, Javier Louro, Mar Sánchez, Marta Román, Carmen Vidal, María Sala, Marisa Baré, Xavier Castells
OBJECTIVES: To investigate how breast density affects screening performance indicators in a digital mammography context. METHODS: We assessed the effect of breast density over the screen-detected and interval cancers rates, false-positives, specificity, sensitivity, recall rate, positive predictive value of recall (PPV-1), and PPV of invasive tests (PPV-2). Radiologists classified breast density using the BIRADS System. We used generalized estimating equations to account for within-woman correlation by means of the robust Huber-White variance estimator...
January 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Thi Nguyen, Geoiphy Pulickal, Arvind Singh, Ravi Lingam
Conductive hearing loss (CHL) commonly results from middle ear fluid and inflammation (otitis media). Less commonly in patients with CHL, the middle ear cleft is well aerated or 'dry' with absence of soft tissue or fluid clinically and on imaging. There are numerous causes for this but they can be clinically challenging to diagnose. This pictorial review aims to illustrate and discuss the CT features of both common and less common causes of CHL in patients with a "dry middle ear cavity".
January 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Alireza Aminsharifi, Rajan T Gupta, Efrat Tsivian, Sitharthan Sekar, Christina Sze, Thomas J Polascik
PURPOSE: To introduce and assess the efficacy of a Reduced Core Targeted (RCT) biopsy template (image-targeted + laterally directed sextant biopsy) to detect clinically-significant cancer in patients with elevated PSA and a previous negative biopsy or on active surveillance. The performance and added value of either targeted alone vs random sextant vs combined biopsy template was appraised. METHODS: Data from 113 patients with a suspicious lesion on mpMRI and previous history of extended 10-12 core standard biopsy who subsequently had a RCT-biopsy were analyzed...
January 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Grigory Karmazanovsky, Elena Belousova, Wolfgang Schima, Andrei Glotov, Dmitry Kalinin, Andrei Kriger
PURPOSE: The purpose of our study was to determine contrast-enhanced MDCT features to differentiate nonhypervascular pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (PNETs) from pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomas (PDACs). METHODS: and materials: We included 74 patients with PNETs and 80 patients with PDACs who underwent preoperative MDCT. Two radiologists evaluated the morphologic characteristic and enhancement patterns of the tumors. Quantitative and qualitative analysis was performed, including evaluation of tumor size, homogeneity, contrast enhancement pattern, presence of pancreatic duct dilatation and tumor invasion to the adjacent vessels and peripancreatic infiltration...
January 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Marie-Anne Berthelin, Matthias Barral, Clarisse Eveno, Pascal Rousset, Raphaël Dautry, Marc Pocard, Philippe Soyer, Anthony Dohan
PURPOSE: To estimate the performances of computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and those of the combination of CT with MRI in the identification of splenic involvement in patients with peritoneal carcinomatosis (PC). MATERIAL AND METHOD: CT and MRI examinations of 26 patients with PC with splenic involvement and 26 patients with PC and no splenic involvement treated by total cytoreductive surgery (CRS) and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) were reviewed...
January 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Ahmed M Tawfik, Donia M Sobh, Basma Gadelhak, Hoda M Sobh, Nihal M Batouty
BACKGROUND: To study the effect of age and gender on tortuosity of the descending thoracic aorta, and to evaluate inter-observer agreement of tortuosity index (TI) measurements. METHODS: Contrast-enhanced CT scans of 182 patients were analyzed by an experienced radiologist using routine 3D imaging software. The descending aorta was defined by proximal and distal endpoints. The software generated centerline length, and straight line distance between the 2 endpoints were measured...
January 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Xiaoxin Li, Yanwei Miao, Liang Han, Junyi Dong, Yan Guo, Yuqing Shang, Lizhi Xie, Qingwei Song, Ailian Liu
PURPOSE: To evaluate the application of conventional MRI histogram analysis based on the whole tumor measurement on assessing meningioma grading. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This retrospective study was approved by the institutional review board. A total amount of 90 patients with meningioma were enrolled and the preoperative MRI of them were analyzed. To be specific, the patient group were consisted of 45 patients with grade I, 38 with grade II, and 7 with grade III meningioma...
January 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Kostas Perisinakis, Antonis Tzedakis, Styliani Pouli, Kostas Spanakis, Adam Hatzidakis, John Damilakis
OBJECTIVES: To accurately determine and compare patient radiation burden from routine multi-phase CT (MPCT) and dynamic CT liver perfusion (CTLP) studies taking into account the effect of iodine uptake of exposed tissues/organs. MATERIALS AND METHODS: 40 consecutive MPCT of upper abdomen and 40 consecutive CTLP studies performed on a modern CT scanner were retrospectively studied. Iodine uptake of radiosensitive tissues at the time of acquisition was calculated through the difference of tissues' CT numbers between NECT and CECT images...
January 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Fu-Sheng Ouyang, Bao-Liang Guo, Xi-Yi Huang, Li-Zhu Ouyang, Cui-Ru Zhou, Rong Zhang, Mei-Lian Wu, Zun-Shuai Yang, Shang-Kun Wu, Tian-di Guo, Shao-Ming Yang, Qiu-Gen Hu
OBJECTIVES: To explore the feasibility of preoperative prediction of vascular invasion (VI) in breast cancer patients using nomogram based on multiparametric MRI and pathological reports. METHODS: We retrospectively collected 200 patients with confirmed breast cancer between January 2016 and January 2018. All patients underwent MRI examinations before the surgery. VI was identified by postoperative pathology. The 200 patients were randomly divided into training (n = 100) and validation datasets (n = 100) at a ratio of 1:1...
January 2019: European Journal of Radiology
D D B Bates, Z Liu, J Gibbons, C A LeBedis, N S Holalkere
BACKGROUND: Previous authors have reported an increased incidence of acute pulmonary embolism (PE) in patients with sickle cell disease (SCD) based on retrospective analysis of ICD codes. It is unknown whether patients with SCD have higher rates of positive CT pulmonary angiogram (CTPA) in the emergency department (ED). METHODS: The institutional review board (IRB) approved this retrospective study; informed consent was waived. Between January 1, 2005 and May 31, 2015, 28 patients with SCD underwent a total of 78 CTPA studies in the ED...
January 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Chun-Yi Liang, Mao-Dong Chen, Xi-Xi Zhao, Cheng-Gong Yan, Ying-Jie Mei, Yi-Kai Xu
PURPOSE: To investigate whether the apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC), intravoxel incoherent motion (IVIM), and stretched exponential model (SEM) based on histogram analyses derived from the whole-tumor volume combined with prognostic factors can be used to assess the response to chemotherapy and radiation therapy (CRT) in locally advanced rectal cancer (LARC). MATERIALS AND METHODS: This study included 60 patients with LARC who underwent diffusion-weighted imaging with 9b values (0-1000s/mm2 ) before CRT...
January 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Kedan Liao, Lian Tang, Cheng Peng, Lan Chen, Ruiying Chen, Lu Huang, Ping Liu, Chunlin Chen
PURPOSE: To determine whether birth weight can be reliably estimated using three-dimensional (3D) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) foetal body volume at term. METHOD: Foetuses between 37+5 weeks and 41 weeks of gestation were delivered within 7 days after MRI and ultrasound (US) examinations. 3D foetal models were reconstructed from MRI data, and body volume was calculated. The MRI-based weight estimations were calculated using the Baker equation and the modified Baker equation with a higher density coefficient...
January 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Michele Porcu, Davide Craboledda, Paolo Garofalo, Luigi Barberini, Roberto Sanfilippo, Fulvio Zaccagna, Max Wintermark, Roberto Montisci, Luca Saba
OBJECTIVES: To assess whether there is mid-term reorganization in brain networks connectivity after Carotid Endarterectomy (CEA) using resting state functional connectivity Magnetic Resonance (fc-rsMR), with a special focus on the Default Mode Network (DMN). MATERIALS AND METHODS: In this prospective exploratory study, 14 asymptomatic consecutive patients (10 males and 4 females, mean age 73.5) with unilateral, significant ICA stenosis eligible for CEA according to European Society for Vascular Surgery guidelines were prospectively recruited...
January 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Kimia Khalatbari Kani, Hyojeong Mulcahy, Jack A Porrino, Felix S Chew
Rib fractures are the most common form of blunt thoracic injury. Multiple rib fractures are an important indicator of trauma severity, with increased morbidity and mortality occurring with increasing numbers of rib fractures, especially in the elderly. Thoracic cage injuries may be associated with concomitant and potentially life-threating injuries. In the acute setting, correct recognition of the pattern, extent and severity of thoracic cage injuries, may aid in more accurate delineation of concomitant injuries...
January 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Tristan Barrett, Edward M Lawrence, Andrew N Priest, Anne Y Warren, Vincent J Gnanapragasam, Ferdia A Gallagher, Evis Sala
PURPOSE: To investigate the repeatability of diffusion-weighted imaging parameter including ADC-derived histogram values in prostate cancer. METHODS: 10 patients with prostate cancer were prospectively recruited to a retest cohort. 3 T diffusion-weighted MRI of the prostate was acquired consecutively with patient getting off the scanner between studies. Prostatectomy-histopathology defined tumour regions-of-interest were outlined on ADC maps and diffusion-weighted metrics including histograms were calculated...
January 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Wenting Rui, Yue Wu, Zengyi Ma, Yongfei Wang, Yin Wang, Xiao Xu, Junhai Zhang, Zhenwei Yao
OBJECTIVES: To explore the value of magnetic resonance textural analysis (MRTA) in assessing consistency of pituitary macroadenoma (PMA) based on contrast enhanced (CE) three-dimensional sampling perfection with application-optimized contrasts by using different flip angle evolution (3D-SPACE) images. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Fifty-three patients with PMAs that underwent CE 3D-SPACE scanning by 3.0 T MRI and endoscopic trans-sphenoidal surgery were included in the present study...
January 2019: European Journal of Radiology
Ayse Erden, Diğdem Kuru Öz, Ayşegül Gürsoy Çoruh, İlhan Erden, Funda Seher Özalp Ateş, Murat Törüner
OBJECTIVE: To reveal the MR enterography (MRE) findings that distinguish backwash ileitis (BWI) from terminal ileitis due to Crohn's disease (CD) and to determine the usability of barium studies manifestations (ileocecal valve (ICV) gaping, terminal ileum dilatation) in MRE for the diagnosis of BWI in ulcerative colitis (UC) patients by pointing at the diagnostic performance of these imaging findings. SUBJECTS-METHODS: The study population consisted of patients who were diagnosed as ulcerative colitis (UC), and underwent 1...
January 2019: European Journal of Radiology
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