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Odonto-stomatologie Tropicale, Tropical Dental Journal

G I Isiekwe, K A Umeizudike, A A Abah, A D Fadeju
Background: Students’ perception of their education is a subject that has received very little attention by those providing dental school education. This is more so in the Nigerian environment, where limited research has been carried out in dental education, particularly with respect to the students’ perspectives on the quality of training received. Objective: Thus, the aim of this study was to determine the perceptions of dental students and recent dental graduates in Nigeria on their level of satisfaction with the quality of academic and clinical training received in their respective dental schools and the challenges faced in receiving this training...
June 2016: Odonto-stomatologie Tropicale, Tropical Dental Journal
F Hakkou, S Chbicheb, W El Wady
Introduction: Primary lymphoma of the mandible are rare and most often revealed by painless swelling. They are often confused with odontogenic lesions. Hence, their diagnosis is delayed. The authors report the case of an isolated mandibular lymphoma revealed by hypoesthesia of the lower lip and enlargement of the left mandibular canal. Case Report: A 35-year-old woman patient consulted for hemi-mandibular pain with episodes of left labial hypoesthesia. Clinically, we noted the presence of a vestibular tumor in front of tooth 34...
June 2016: Odonto-stomatologie Tropicale, Tropical Dental Journal
I B Sekele, P S Lutula, M K Ntumba, N J Dilu
The authors describe the early neglected oral communication of maxillary sinus and nasal cavity, causing reflux of liquid and sometimes solids through the nose, followed by immediate intrabuccal flow or posterior pharyngeal with fetidness. The objective of this work was to improve the therapy of immediate or delayed oral communication of maxillary sinus with nasal cavity and eventually and the quality of life.
June 2016: Odonto-stomatologie Tropicale, Tropical Dental Journal
D C Umesi, O A Oremosu, J O Makanjuola, N C Nwachukwu
BACKGROUND: Single visit root canal treatment (RCT) is being advocated around the world. This study profiles RCT in a Nigerian population and compares pattern of single versus multiple visit RCT to tooth type and skill level of the doctors. METHOD: A retrospective study was carried out on RCT performed in one year by fresh graduates and postgraduate dentists. Records retrieved included patients' sex and age, tooth type, location in the jaw and whether single- or multiple-visit RCT was done...
March 2016: Odonto-stomatologie Tropicale, Tropical Dental Journal
K A Umeizudike, P O Ayanbadejo, A T Onajole, T I Umeizudike, G O Alade
BACKGROUND: A growing body of evidence suggests a relationship between periodontal disease and non-communicable systemic diseases with rising prevalence in developing countries, Nigeria inclusive. OBJECTIVES: To determine the periodontal status and its association with self-reported hypertension among non-medical staff in a university teaching hospital in Nigeria. METHODS: A cross-sectional study was conducted among non-medical staff using self-administered questionnaires and periodontal clinical examination between July and August 2013...
March 2016: Odonto-stomatologie Tropicale, Tropical Dental Journal
I B Sekele, I Naert, P S Lutula, M K Ntumba, I Bolenge, K Kaba, G M Mayunga, G T Dzaringa
OBJECTIVE: This study aims to evaluate dental decay incidence and DMF index, plaque index and gingival index, and to assess the satisfaction/dissatisfaction in acrylic removal partial denture wearers (ARPD) and in partial edentate no wearers. It aims to improve the therapeutic management in prosthetic oral rehabilitation in DR Congo. MATERIAL AND METHODS: This prospective cohort interventional randomized study on 376 patients enrolled and divided into two groups (with and without denture prosthesis) was performed in University Clinics of Kinshasa, Kinshasa Medical Center and Clinic Glory during the period August 2008 to August 2010...
March 2016: Odonto-stomatologie Tropicale, Tropical Dental Journal
C Davila Peixoto, K Almas
Peri-implantitis is an inflammatory disease of the peri-implant mucosa with the loss of supporting bone. Because of the absence of an un-inflamed connective tissue zone between the healthy and diseased sites, peri-implant lesions are thought to progress more rapidly than periodontal lesions, suggesting the importance of early diagnosis and intervention if possible. A number of risk factors have been identified that may lead to the initiation and progression of peri-implant mucositis and peri-implantitis, eg...
March 2016: Odonto-stomatologie Tropicale, Tropical Dental Journal
P Pachauri, R Sangur, L Rao Bathala, T Mahajan
PURPOSE: This laboratory study conducted to evaluate and compare the influence of different flask closure methods on linear dimensional changes of standardized simulated maxillary complete dentures. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thirty casts were made from a silicone mold representing an edentulous maxillary arch. Thirty identical maxillary dentures were made and randomly assigned to 3 test groups (A, B, C). In Group A, flasks were placed directly in pressure clamp after trial closure...
March 2016: Odonto-stomatologie Tropicale, Tropical Dental Journal
R Bationo, F Jordana, W A D Kabore, P I Ngom
Orthodontic needs to reply on a reliable anchoring as fixed as possible to ensure the best orthodontic movements. The orthodontic mini-screws provide a fixed anchorage for performing movements and treatments considered until then to be difficult or even impossible, particularly the treatment of ingression in the posterior area. The orthodontic anchorage mini-screw has the advantage of being cheaper, easier to place and do not require surgical procedure. This article illustrates two clinical indications of orthodontic mini-screws namely the intrusion of incisors and cross tooth movement...
March 2016: Odonto-stomatologie Tropicale, Tropical Dental Journal
Bruno Foti
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
March 2016: Odonto-stomatologie Tropicale, Tropical Dental Journal
L Kissi, I Benyahy
Oral Lichen Planus (OLP) is a chronic inflammatory dermatosis usually benign that can affect skin, integuments and mucosal membranes. It is characterized by a disorder of keratinization and the polymorphism of clinical disease. Some of them correspond to a very intense lichen activity as erythematous, erosive and bullous forms, others concern mostly old forms of lichen planus as atrophic or hyperkeratotic and hypertrophic verrucous forms. In most of the cases, the OLP has a benign evolution but malignant transformation may occur warranting strict monitoring of the disease and effective treatment of exacerbations...
December 2015: Odonto-stomatologie Tropicale, Tropical Dental Journal
Y Ouedraogo, W A D Kabore, T Konsem, M Fall, M Millogo, S Ouattara, D Ouedraogo
INTRODUCTION: In order to improve the prevention and treatment of dental caries in Burkina Faso, we conducted a study on the epidemiological and therapeutic aspects of dental caries in the dental services of University Teaching Hospital Yalgado Ouedraogo and in the Municipal Centre of Oral Health of Ouagadougou. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A prospective and descriptive study from October, 15th 2012 to January, 15th 2013 was conducted on a sample of 191 patients. The variables recorded were: patient's identity, age, sex, area of residence, food mode, socioeconomic level, reason for consultation, oral hygiene, DMFT index, degree of tissue damage, the topography of the carious lesions and the applied therapy...
December 2015: Odonto-stomatologie Tropicale, Tropical Dental Journal
Z A D Pockpa, E L E Didia, Y S Mobio, N T Coulibaly, K B Djeredou
BACKGROUND: The confection of a fixed prosthesis finds its indication in response to the patient's aesthetic and/or functional whose requirements are stronger in terms of satisfaction. This involves maintaining the stability of prosthetic reconstructions on a sufficiency long time. To achieve this, the preservation of periodontal health of the prosthetic abutments occupies a special choice. PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to evaluate the periodontal health of fixed prosthesis abutment...
December 2015: Odonto-stomatologie Tropicale, Tropical Dental Journal
C C Azodo, M A Agbor
OBJECTIVE: To determine the prevalence and unmet treatment need of traumatized incisor in 12-13 years old among Cameroonian Schoolchildren in the North West Province. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This cross-sectional survey among 12-13 years old children of selected rural and urban secondary schools in North West province of Cameroon was conducted between March and November, 2010. RESULTS: The majority of the 2287 studied children were females (50...
December 2015: Odonto-stomatologie Tropicale, Tropical Dental Journal
D M Pesson, O D Bakou, E L E Didia, A Kouame, M R J J Blohoua, K B Djeredou
INTRODUCTION: Access to cervical margins allows the practitioner to record the entire cervical margin in order to provide a true copy to the technician. This requires a gingival displacement obtainable by different techniques. This study aimed to assess the implementation of gingival displacement methods prior to impression taking in fixed prosthodontics. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This is a descriptive and cross-sectional survey of sample of 71 dentists practising in Abidjan, Ivory Coast; which ran from October 2nd, 2010 to November 14th, 2010...
December 2015: Odonto-stomatologie Tropicale, Tropical Dental Journal
J C Abou Chedid, N Mchayleh, I Khalil, B Melki, L S Hardan
Pulpotomy is the most performed and controversial therapeutic in pediatric dentistry. Formocresol is known to have a toxic effect on living tissues, a mutagenic and carcinogenic potential with a systemic uptake of formocresol via pulpotomized teeth, other alternative products have been investigated. 40 molars were pulpotomized using Micro Mega Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MM-MTA), which eliminates the need for the use of formocresol. The effects of this material were evaluated both clinically and radiographically...
December 2015: Odonto-stomatologie Tropicale, Tropical Dental Journal
M Soroye, P Ayanbadejo, K Savage, A Oluwole
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the association between periodontal disease and pregnancy outcomes like preterm birth and low birth weight. PATIENTS AND METHOD: Interviewer-administered questionnaires were completed by the subjects who attended the antenatal clinic of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Lagos. Information obtained included; maternal age, gestational age, marital status, educational status, occupation and expected date of delivery. After delivery, the questionnaire was completed with baby's weight at birth and the actual date of delivery...
December 2015: Odonto-stomatologie Tropicale, Tropical Dental Journal
H Ben Rejeb, N Douki
The high frequency of iatrogenic incidents during endodontic treatment is a source of stress for the practitioner. These incidents may occur during the different steps of a root canal treatment. During irrigation, extrusion of sodium hypochlorite beyond the apex is a rare but impressive accident. Sodium hypochlorite, is the most common irrigant used in modern endodontics, but when it comes in contact with the periapical tissue, it can cause complications ranging from mild discomfort to serious tissue damage such as the hematoma and hemato-emphysema...
September 2015: Odonto-stomatologie Tropicale, Tropical Dental Journal
A A Kouadio, F Jordana, J K N'Goran, P Le Bars
Removable dentures are always transient current. The epidemiology and causes of tooth gaps demonstrate the need to master the different prosthetic treatment. This made whether to propose treatment plans that take into account psychological, physiological and technical support for this patient. Different situations may arise. A gradual transition may be considered or immediate passage to the total edentulous according to general criteria, local and desiderata of patients. After tooth extraction, the transitional prosthesis can control bone lysis thereby it is part of a complete treatment before prosthesis...
September 2015: Odonto-stomatologie Tropicale, Tropical Dental Journal
A M Agbor, C C Azodo, S Naidoo
INTRODUCTION: Ritual tooth mutilation is a relatively understudied human body mutilatory practices. The purpose of the study was to examine the effects of ritual tooth modification, teeth cleaning measures and herbal medications for their oral health problems among the Baka pygmies in Cameroon. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This cross-sectional study was conducted between January and March, 2012 using semi-structured questionnaire as the tool of data collection. Intra-oral examinations were carried out to determine the dental hard tissue loss using Smith and Knight Tooth Wear Index (TWI)...
September 2015: Odonto-stomatologie Tropicale, Tropical Dental Journal
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