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Neuro Endocrinology Letters

Alena Ondrejkovicova, Gabriel Petrovics, Katarína Svitkova, Bibiana Bajtekova, Ondrej Bangha
Acupuncture is one of the branches of Chinese Traditional Medicine dating back almost 5 000 years. The expansion of China's trade and business relations with other Asian countries brought about the spreading of acupuncture in 7th Century. Nowadays, acupuncture is an interdisciplinary clinical field of Medicine dealing with treatment, diagnostics and prevention of mainly functional disorders, algic, allergic and addictive conditions of various etiology, localization and intensity. It draws from the millennia of experience of Oriental Medicine as well as contemporary knowledge of morphology, physiology and neurophysiology...
July 16, 2016: Neuro Endocrinology Letters
Vaclav Masopust, David Netuka, Daniel Horinek, Mikulas Kosak, Vaclav Hana, Michal Krsek
INTRODUCTION: To increase radicality and avoid surgical complications new treatment options are under investigation. One of the promising possibilities is to assess early morning cortisol levels on the first and second postoperative day. MATERIAL AND METHODS: We enrolled 34 patients (9 males, 25 females) diagnosed with Cushing's disease. Blood samples to determine cortisol level were taken always at 06:00 and sent to the lab. The samples were taken on the first and second postoperative day...
July 16, 2016: Neuro Endocrinology Letters
Jan Sulc, Krystof Slaby, Zuzana Hlinkova, Pavel Kolar, Jiri Kozak, Jiri Kriz
OBJECTIVES: Respiratory complications are most common cause of morbidity/mortality in patients with cervical spinal cord injury (cSCI) due to respiratory muscle weakness and lower diaphragm position resulting in limited availability of inspiration, reduced thorax mobility and limited forced expiration. Differences in respiratory dysfunctions (RDs) in patients with motor complete versus incomplete cSCI were assessed. DESIGN: Prospective longitudinal study, serial measurement...
July 16, 2016: Neuro Endocrinology Letters
Gabriela Timarova, Iveta Lisa, Peter Kukumberg
Rasmussen's encephalitis is a rare autoimmune encephalitis usually involving one brain hemisphere, presenting with refractory epileptic seizures, and neurological and cognitive decline. Only 10% of cases start later in adolescence/adulthood. The only effective treatment for refractory seizures in childhood is hemispherectomy. For late-onset cases with mild neurological deficit the hemispherectomy is usually postponed because of its severe consequences. Immunotherapy shows some temporal effect for seizure control and slowing the brain atrophy, mainly in late onset Rasmussen's encephalitis...
July 16, 2016: Neuro Endocrinology Letters
Wojciech Roczniak, Joanna M Oswiecimska, Barbara Brodziak-Dopierala, Elzbieta Cipora, Przemyslaw G Nowak, Magdalena Babuska-Roczniak
OBJECTIVES: Stimulation of some noradrenergic system receptors demonstrates a synergistic anti-nociceptive effect with the opioid system at the level of peripheral tissues, spinal cord, and supraspinal structures. Furthermore, opioids stimulate the noradrenergic descending pathways originating from the substantia nigra by presynaptic inhibition of the GABA neuron ends. It is thus important to determine whether a disruption to the adrenergic transmission obtained via DPS-4 administration to neonatal rats impacts the perception of noxious stimuli mediated by 5-HT3-serotonin receptors at the level of spinal cords or higher tiers of the central nervous system...
July 16, 2016: Neuro Endocrinology Letters
Martin Jerie, Zdenek Vojtech, Hana Malikova, Sylva Prochazkova, Zuzana Vackova, Arndt Rolfs
We report a young woman with the clinical picture of Allgrove syndrome in whom neurological symptoms are prominent. It usually presents in the first decade of life with a deficiency of tears, recurrent vomiting and dysphagia due to achalasia, severe hypoglycemic seizures and shock due to adrenal insufficiency. Neurological symptoms such as hyperreflexia, dysarthria, hypernasal speech, ataxia, sensory impairment, muscle weakness, and mental retardation are extremely slow to develop and manifest at a later age...
July 15, 2016: Neuro Endocrinology Letters
Riad Awad, Eyad Mallah, Bayan Al Khawaja, Wael Abu Dayyih, Feras El-Hajji, Khalid Z Matalka, Tawfiq Arafat
OBJECTIVES: Food or drinks may significantly alter the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs which may lead to adverse events. A drug such as metformin is widely used to regulate plasma glucose level and pomegranate and licorice have been identified to help in type-2 diabetes management. However, the interactions of the latter on metformin pharmacokinetics were not studied. Therefore, we aimed here to study the impact of pomegranate and licorice on metformin pharmacokinetics in rats...
July 12, 2016: Neuro Endocrinology Letters
Lisandra Damian, Cristina Mihaela Ghiciuc, Lucia Corina Dima-Cozma, Maria Christina Ungureanu, Sebastian Cozma, Francesca Romana Patacchioli
The purpose of this literature review was to examine the available clinical studies performed during the last 15 years to identify if there is a causal relationship between the onset and course of autoimmune thyroid diseases (AITDs) and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis/sympathetic-adrenomedullary system (SAM) (dys)function in women. Using the PubMed, Web of Science and Scopus databases, a comprehensive search was performed, and 14 articles were finally identified. The majority of selected studies suggested a causal connection between Graves' Disease (GD) and stress, as well as between Hashimoto Thyroiditis (HT), with its variant postpartum thyroiditis, and stress...
July 12, 2016: Neuro Endocrinology Letters
Dana Maresova, Petr Kozler, Jaroslav Pokorny
OBJECTIVES: The aim of the study was to determine whether the functional state of neurons is affected by the duration of the induced cellular edema and by the age of animals tested. The cellular edema was induced by water intoxication and neuronal functions were tested by the standard method of electrical stimulation of neurons of the cerebral cortex. METHODS: water intoxication was induced by standard method of fractionated hyperhydration. Excitability of cortical neurons was tested by cortical stimulation with the intensity required to induce cortical afterdischarge (AD)...
July 12, 2016: Neuro Endocrinology Letters
Yi Shao, Yu-Qing Qu, Xian-Ling Wang, Zhi-Gang Song, Qing-Hua Guo, Jing-Tao Dou, Jian-Ming Ba, Zhao-Hui Lü, Yi-Ming Mu
OBJECTIVE: Patients with malignant insulinoma always present with symptoms of severe hypoglycemia and have poor life expectancy. In addition, inoperable metastatic malignant insulinomas are very difficult to manage. The aim of this report is to present our successful experiences in diagnosis and treatment of this disease in 6 patients. PATIENTS/METHODS: Six patients (male 2, female 4) with malignant insulinomas were admitted into our hospital. Their clinical histories, including clinical presentations, endocrine evaluations, radiological images, pathological examination and treatments, were reviewed...
July 12, 2016: Neuro Endocrinology Letters
Viktor Foltin, Annelies Schrott-Fischer, Viliam Zilinek, Wolfgang Freysinger
OBJECTIVES: In this paper we study effects of irradiation to pulmonary tissue on a micro and ultrastructural level to get insights into the dynamics of morphological changes and associated post-radiative physiological conditions. METHODS: Animal and human pulmonary tissue with and without radiation damage was subject to light, transmission, scanning and polarization microscopy and morphometric evaluation. RESULTS: The present investigations on the influence of irradiation on experimental and human lung tissue demonstrate that complex changes are induced in the cells which are essential for mucociliary clearance...
July 12, 2016: Neuro Endocrinology Letters
Lenka Wachsmannova, Sona Ciernikova, Juraj Majek, Michal Mego, Viola Stevurkova, Vladimir Zajac
OBJECTIVES: Bacteria from the intestinal tract of Slovak and American HIV/AIDS patients and Slovak colon cancer patients were tested for the capacity to be internalized by cells of the HL-60 cell line as well as by normal human lymphocytes. They were anticipated to possess a specific characteristic, i.e. a vigorous ability to be internalized by HL-60 cells and human lymphocytes. This assumption was confirmed by gentamicin protection assay. RESULTS: Internalization of bacteria from HIV/AIDS patients frequently resulted in partial (patients SKM1, SKM22) or complete lysis (patients SKK1-1, SKM12) of HL-60 cells...
July 12, 2016: Neuro Endocrinology Letters
Elzbieta Skowronska-Jozwiak, Stanislaw Sporny, Joanna Szymanska-Duda, Dominika Baranowska, Andrzej Lewinski
Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) in adults is a rare disorder of unknown etiology characterized by monoclonal proliferation of Langerhans cells. It belongs to dendritic cell disorders and occurs in 1-2 adults per million. The most common endocrine manifestation of classical LCH is associated with the posterior pituitary, with clinical symptoms of diabetes insipidus. Less than 80 reported cases of LCH involving the thyroid gland have been published so far. We present the case of a 39 years old woman with 10 years history of diabetes insipidus and secondary amenorrhoea, which appeared after second delivery...
July 12, 2016: Neuro Endocrinology Letters
VladimIr Vietoris, Petra Barborova, Jana Jancovicova, Lucia Eliasova, Marian Karvaj
OBJECTIVES: During certification process of sensory assessors of Slovak certification body we obtained results for basic taste thresholds and lifestyle habits. MATERIALS AND METHODS: 500 adult people were screened during experiment with food industry background. For analysis of basic and non basic tastes, we used standardized procedure of ISO 8586-1:1993. RESULTS: In flavour test experiment, group of (26-35 y.o) produced the lowest error ratio (1...
July 12, 2016: Neuro Endocrinology Letters
Enzo Emanuele, Marco Bertona, Helios Pareja-Galeano, Carmen Fiuza-Luces, Javier Salvador Morales, Fabian Sanchis-Gomar, Alejandro Lucia
OBJECTIVES: Muscle wasting in patients with cancer has been linked to an increased activity of nuclear factor κB (NF-κB) and higher circulating levels of activin-A (ActA), a negative growth factor for muscle mass. Baicalin is a natural flavonoid that can reduce skeletal muscle atrophy in animal models of cancer cachexia by inhibiting NF-κB. This pilot open-label study assessed the effects of baicalin supplementation (50 mg daily for 3 months) in cancer patients who showed involuntary weight loss >5% over the past 6 months...
July 12, 2016: Neuro Endocrinology Letters
(no author information available yet)
OBJECTIVES: Heatstroke is a big threat to human health, however the character of pathological changes of neurons during heatstroke development remains unclear. The aim of the study was to explore the damage to primary cultured neurons by high temperature and exposure time. METHODS: the neurons were cultured with high purity and high survival rates, and then were heated at different temperatures for 45 min(minute) and 1h(hour). The mortality of neurons were detected by trypan blue staining, Annexin V/PI (Propidium Iodide) immunofluorescence and flow cytometry...
May 15, 2016: Neuro Endocrinology Letters
Miroslav Vastik, Pavel Hok, Petr Hlustik, Pavel Otruba, Zbyněk Tüdös, Petr Kanovsky
BACKGROUND: Freezing of gait (FOG) is a common disabling symptom of (in) Parkinson's disease (PD). The mechanism of FOG is (in) not clearly understood. We investigated the clinical effect and changes of the activity of the sensorimotor system using repeated functional MRI (fMRI) before and after application of botulinum toxin in Parkinson's disease patients with FOG. METHODS: We investigated 20 patients with PD, 10 with FOG and 10 without FOG. PD patients with FOG were treated with intramuscular application of botulinum toxin type A into the tensor fasciae latae muscle bilaterally...
2016: Neuro Endocrinology Letters
Monika Szafarowska, Agnieszka Segiet, Malgorzata M Jerzak
OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to compare SNP C677T and A1298C in the MTHFR gene and pregnancy outcome in PCOS women. STUDY DESIGN: We investigated 76 PCOS and 56 non-PCOS women. Among PCOS patients 63 were women with a history of recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) and 13 women were infertile. In non-PCOS group 40 women were RPL and 16 were infertile. We investigated the relationship between SNP in the MTHFR gene and pregnancy loss, homocysteine and AMH concentration in the study groups...
2016: Neuro Endocrinology Letters
Jaroslav Pancak, Helena Wagnerova, Andrea Škultéty Szárazová, Andrej Blaho, Ondrej Durovsky, Judita Durovska
OBJECTIVES: Dementias are one of the most serious health and socioeconomic issues. Multi-infarct dementia (MID) and Alzheimer´s type dementia (AD) exhibit differences in cerebrovascular blood flow velocity profiles and in presence of microemboli, detected by transcranial Doppler sonography. MATERIAL AND METHODS: A group of 77 persons was divided into 4 subgroups: 1. subgroup of patients with MID (n=19; 10 male and 9 female, mean age was 74.32±8.30 years); 2. subgroup of patients with AD (n=19; 11 male and 8 female, mean age was 70...
2016: Neuro Endocrinology Letters
David Calderón Guzmán, Maribel Ortiz Herrera, Norma Osnaya Brizuela, Gerardo Barragán Mejía, Francisca Trujillo Jiménez, Ernestina Hernández García, Hugo Juárez Olguín
OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to measure the effect of oseltamivir and indomethacin on dopamine and 5-HIAA levels and some oxidative biomarkers in brain and stomach of young rats in conditions of infection. METHODS: Female Sprague Dawley rats in absence or presence of a live culture of Salmonella typhimurium (S.Typh), were treated as follows: PBS, group 1 (control); oseltamivir (100 mg/kg), group 2; indomethacin (67 µg/kg) group 3; oseltamivir (100 mg/kg) + indomethacin (67 µg/kg), group 4...
2016: Neuro Endocrinology Letters
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