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Lin-Qing Yuan, Can Wang, Kun Zhu, Hua-Mei Li, Wei-Zhong Gu, Dong-Ming Zhou, Jia-Qi Lai, Duo Zhou, Yao Lv, Santi Tofani, Xi Chen
Certain magnetic fields (MF) have potential therapeutic antitumor effect whereas the underlying mechanism remains undefined. In this study, a well-characterized MF was applied to two common childhood malignancies, nephroblastoma and neuroblastoma. This MF has a time-averaged total intensity of 5.1 militesla (mT), and was generated as a superimposition of a static and an extremely low frequency (ELF) MF in 50 Hertz (Hz). In nephroblastoma and neuroblastoma cell lines including G401, CHLA255, and N2a, after MF exposure of 2 h per day, the cell viability decreased significantly after 2 days...
May 2, 2018: Bioelectromagnetics
Chiara Agliassa, Ravishankar Narayana, Cinzia M Bertea, Christopher T Rodgers, Massimo E Maffei
Variations in magnetic field (MF) intensity are known to induce plant morphological and gene expression changes. In Arabidopsis thaliana Col-0, near-null magnetic field (NNMF, i.e., <100 nT MF) causes a delay in the transition to flowering, but the expression of genes involved in this response has been poorly studied. Here, we showed a time-course quantitative analysis of the expression of both leaf (including clock genes, photoperiod pathway, GA20ox, SVP, and vernalization pathway) and floral meristem (including GA2ox, SOC1, AGL24, LFY, AP1, FD, and FLC) genes involved in the transition to flowering in A...
April 30, 2018: Bioelectromagnetics
Beatrice Siervo, Maria Sole Morelli, Luigi Landini, Valentina Hartwig
The use of wireless communication devices, such as tablets or laptops, is increasing among children. Only a few studies assess specific energy absorption rate (SAR) due to exposure from wireless-enabled tablets and laptops, in particular with Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMax) technology. This paper reports the estimation of the interaction between an E-shaped patch antenna (3.5 GHz) and human models, by means of finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method. Specifically, four different human models (young adult male, young adult female, pre-teenager female, male child) in different exposure conditions (antenna at different distances from the human model, in different positions, and orientations) were considered and whole-body, 10 and 1 g local SAR and magnetic field value (Bmax) were evaluated...
April 30, 2018: Bioelectromagnetics
Juhani Multanen, Arja Häkkinen, Pauli Heikkinen, Hannu Kautiainen, Sirpa Mustalampi, Jari Ylinen
Low-energy pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy has been suggested as a promising therapy to increase microcirculation, which is of great concern in patients with fibromyalgia. This study evaluated the effectiveness of PEMF therapy on the treatment of fibromyalgia. A group of 108 women with fibromyalgia were allocated to a 12-week treatment period with an active Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation (BEMER) device and a similar treatment period with an inactive device. Each patient received active and sham treatments in a random order...
April 30, 2018: Bioelectromagnetics
Eun-Cheol Kim, Jaesuh Park, Gunwoo Noh, Su-Jung Park, Kwantae Noh, Il-Keun Kwon, Su-Jin Ahn
Although we recently demonstrated that static magnetic fields (SMFs) of 3, 15, and 50 mT stimulate osteoblastic differentiation, the effects of SMFs on osteoclastogenesis are still poorly understood. This study focused on the suppressive effects of SMFs on receptor activator of nuclear factor κB ligand (RANKL)-induced osteoclastogenesis and bone resorption. Direct SMFs inhibit RANKL-induced multinucleated osteoclast formation, tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase activity, and bone resorption in mouse bone marrow-derived macrophage cells...
April 30, 2018: Bioelectromagnetics
Ling Guo, Jun-Ping Zhang, Ke-Ying Zhang, Huan-Bo Wang, Huan Wang, Guang-Zhou An, Yan Zhou, Guo-Lin Meng, Gui-Rong Ding
To investigate the effects of 1.8 GHz radiofrequency (RF) field on bone microstructure and metabolism of femur in mice, C57BL/6 mice (male, age 4 weeks) were whole-body exposed or sham exposed to 1.8 GHz RF field. Specific absorption rates of whole body and bone were approximately 2.70 and 1.14 W/kg (6 h/day for 28 days). After exposure, microstructure and morphology of femur were observed by microcomputed tomography (micro-CT), Hematoxylin and Eosin (HE) and Masson staining. Subsequently, bone parameters were calculated directly from the reconstructed images, including structure model index, bone mineral density, trabecular bone volume/total volume, connectivity density, trabecular number, trabecular thickness, and trabecular separation...
April 30, 2018: Bioelectromagnetics
Dongmei Wang, Ze Wang, Lei Zhang, Zhiyuan Li, XiaoFei Tian, Jun Fang, Qingyou Lu, Xin Zhang
Mitochondrion is the major cellular energy producing organelle that is at the boundary between chemical reactions and physical processes. Although mitochondria have been shown to be affected by physical methods such as nonthermal plasma, whether static magnetic field (SMF) could also affect them is still unclear. Here we used rat adrenal PC12 cells to compare SMFs of different intensities for their effects on ATP (adenosine-5'-triphosphate), the major energy source produced by mitochondria, which is essential for various cellular processes...
April 30, 2018: Bioelectromagnetics
Yashar Bashirzadeh, Jonathan Poole, Shizhi Qian, Venkat Maruthamuthu
Electrotaxis-the directional migration of cells in response to an electric field-is most evident in multicellular collectives and plays an important role in physiological contexts. While most cell types respond to applied electric fields of the order of a Volt per centimeter, our knowledge of the factors influencing this response is limited. This is especially true for collective cell electrotaxis, in which the subcellular migration response within a cell has to be coordinated with coupled neighboring cells...
April 17, 2018: Bioelectromagnetics
Javier Torres, Alfredo Socorro, Eduard Hincapié
In order to analyze the treatment of seeds with homogeneous static magnetic field on the water adsorption process, an experimental-theoretical study of hygroscopic equilibrium in maize seeds (Zea mays L. cv. ICAV305) was carried out. Four treatments with magnetic induction of 80.0, 120.0, 160.0, and 200.0 mT were applied for 10 min, and there was a control group without treatment. The doses were selected because they showed a decrease in mean germination time. Treated seeds were subjected to an environment with a stable temperature of 30...
April 11, 2018: Bioelectromagnetics
Lei Guo, Amin Abbosh
For any chance for stroke patients to survive, the stroke type should be classified to enable giving medication within a few hours of the onset of symptoms. In this paper, a microwave-based stroke localization and classification framework is proposed. It is based on microwave tomography, k-means clustering, and a support vector machine (SVM) method. The dielectric profile of the brain is first calculated using the Born iterative method, whereas the amplitude of the dielectric profile is then taken as the input to k-means clustering...
March 25, 2018: Bioelectromagnetics
(no author information available yet)
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May 2018: Bioelectromagnetics
Karl H Schoenbach
This article is based on my presentation at the D'Arsonval Ceremony at the Joint Annual Meeting of the Bioelectromagnetics Society and the European BioElectromagnetics Association in Hangzhou, China, in June of 2017. It describes the pathway from the first studies on the effects of intense, nanosecond pulses on biological cells to the development of medical therapies based on these effects. The motivation for the initial studies of the effects of high voltage, nanosecond pulses on mammalian cells was based on a simple electrical circuit model, which predicted that such pulses allow us to affect not just the plasma membrane but also the subcellular structures...
May 2018: Bioelectromagnetics
Jakub Misek, Igor Belyaev, Viera Jakusova, Ingrid Tonhajzerova, Jan Barabas, Jan Jakus
This study examines the possible effect of radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic fields (EMF) on the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The effect of RF EMF on ANS activity was studied by measuring heart rate variability (HRV) during ortho-clinostatic test (i.e., transition from lying to standing and back) in 46 healthy grammar school students. A 1788 MHz pulsed wave with intensity of 54 ± 1.6 V/m was applied intermittently for 18 min in each trial. Maximum specific absorption rate (SAR10 ) value was determined to 0...
May 2018: Bioelectromagnetics
Isil Ocal, Mehmet B Yilmaz, Sabriye Kocaturk-Sel, Turan Tufan, Mehmet A Erkoc, Gamze Comertpay, Hale Oksuz, Esma D Barc
Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disease that causes increased morbidity and mortality in developed and developing countries. With recent advancements in technology, alternative treatment methods have begun to be investigated in the world. This study aims to evaluate the effect of pulsed magnetic field (PMF) on vascular complications and contractile activities of aortic rings along with Kir6.1 and Kir6.2 subunit expressions of ATP-sensitive potassium channels (KATP ) in aortas of controlled-diabetic and non-controlled diabetic rats...
May 2018: Bioelectromagnetics
Amirhossein Hajiaghajani, Ali Abdolali
In cancer therapy, magnetic drug targeting is considered as an effective treatment to reduce chemotherapy's side effects. The accurate design and shaping of magnetic fields are crucial for healthy cells to be immune from chemotherapeutics. In this paper, arbitrary 2-dimensional spatial patterns of magnetic fields from DC to megahertz are represented in terms of spatial Fourier spectra with sinusoidal eigenfunctions. Realization of each spatial frequency was investigated by a set of elliptical coils. Therefore, it is shown that the desired pattern was synthesized by simultaneous use of coil sets...
May 2018: Bioelectromagnetics
Michael E Wyde, Thomas L Horn, Myles H Capstick, John M Ladbury, Galen Koepke, Perry F Wilson, Grace E Kissling, Matthew D Stout, Niels Kuster, Ronald L Melnick, James Gauger, John R Bucher, David L McCormick
Radiofrequency radiation (RFR) causes heating, which can lead to detrimental biological effects. To characterize the effects of RFR exposure on body temperature in relation to animal size and pregnancy, a series of short-term toxicity studies was conducted in a unique RFR exposure system. Young and old B6C3F1 mice and young, old, and pregnant Harlan Sprague-Dawley rats were exposed to Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) or Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) RFR (rats = 900 MHz, mice = 1,900 MHz) at specific absorption rates (SARs) up to 12 W/kg for approximately 9 h a day for 5 days...
April 2018: Bioelectromagnetics
Günter Vermeeren, Wout Joseph, Luc Martens
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
April 2018: Bioelectromagnetics
Frank Barnes, Sahithi Kandala
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
April 2018: Bioelectromagnetics
Marvin C Ziskin, Stanislav I Alekseev, Kenneth R Foster, Quirino Balzano
Exposures to radiofrequency (RF) energy above 6 GHz are characterized by shallow energy penetration, typically limited to the skin, but the subsequent increase in skin temperature is largely determined by heat transport in subcutaneous layers. A detailed analysis of the energy reflection, absorption, and power density distribution requires a knowledge of the properties of the skin layers and their variations. We consider an anatomically detailed model consisting of 3 or 4 layers (stratum corneum, viable epidermis plus dermis, subcutaneous fat, and muscle)...
April 2018: Bioelectromagnetics
Anke Huss, Susan Peters, Roel Vermeulen
We performed a meta-analysis to examine associations of occupational exposure to extremely-low frequency magnetic fields (ELF-MF) with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Epidemiologic studies were identified in EMBASE and MEDLINE, in reference lists and a specialist database. We included studies that reported risk estimates of ALS in association with occupational ELF-MF exposure. Summary relative risks (RR) or odds ratios (OR) were obtained with random effect meta-analysis, and analyses were stratified by type of exposure assessment...
February 2018: Bioelectromagnetics
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