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Journal of UOEH

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2017: Journal of UOEH
Akira Nakazawa, Ning Tang, Yoshinori Inoue, Waka Kamichatani, Toshifumi Katoh, Mitsuru Saito, Kenji Obara, Akira Toriba, Kazuichi Hayakawa
Diallylamine-maleic acid copolymer (DAM)-nonwoven fabric (DAM-f), a fibrous adsorbent, contains DAM with zwitter-ionic functional groups and forms a hydration layer on the surface. The aim of this report was to evaluate the adsorption selectivity of DAM-f to semi-volatile organic acid (C1-C5). In the aqueous phase, formic acid dissolved in the hydration layer bound to the imino group of DAM-f due to anion exchange interaction. In the gas phase, the adsorption amounts of organic acids increased with the exposure time...
2017: Journal of UOEH
Keiko Tsuji, Naomi Iwata, Hiromi Kodama, Tomoko Hagiwara, Kiyako Takai, Maki Matsumoto
It is difficult to understand nursing practically for students who have just started studying nursing, because they cannot imagine the actual medical scene. The authors expect that they can improve nursing learning through experiences in virtual medical environments supported by ICT (information and commnication technology). We developed teaching materials in nursing education, and in a previous study we reported that the use of a virtual hospital was useful for students who had not had medical experience. The aim of the present study was to have students consider the meaning of a hospital room ceiling...
2017: Journal of UOEH
Tomoko Shiraishi, Hiroshi Ishimoto, Kentaro Akata, Toshinori Kawanami, Kazuhiro Yatera, Hiroshi Mukae
A 50-year-old female with a history of chronic sinusitis and rheumatoid arthritis visited our department with repetitive lower respiratory tract infections of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Her chest CT showed diffuse panbronchiolitis-like pulmonary lesions, her blood examination revealed atypical lymphocytes, and she was serologically positive for anti-human T-lymphotrophic virus type 1 (HTLV-1) antibody. Her rheumatoid arthritis had been well-controlled after biological agent treatment followed by anti-inflammatory analgesic treatment...
2017: Journal of UOEH
Hayato Nakamura, Toyohi Isse, Akinori Sakai
For the purpose of understanding the current conditions of the duties of industrial physicians and the consciousness of graduates of the University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan (UOEH) engaged in industry, we performed a questionnaire survey in July, 2001 and July, 2008 and reported the results (J UOEH 2009 31: 281-91). A similar survey was carried out in July, 2015. We dispatched the questionnaire to industrial physicians and physicians in occupational health organizations who had graduated from UOEH and got the replies...
2017: Journal of UOEH
Nobuhisa Ochiai, Hiroyuki Kondo
The effects of color perception are utilized in visual displays for the purpose of safety in the workplace and in daily life. These effects, generally known as color functionality, are divided into four classifications: visibility, legibility, conspicuity and discriminability. This article focuses on the relationship between the color functionality of color schemes used in visual displays for occupational and environmental safety and color vision deficiency (particularly congenital red-green color deficiency), a critical issue in ophthalmology, and examines the effects of color functionality on the perception of the color red in individuals with protan defects...
2017: Journal of UOEH
Toshiyuki Umata
Nuclear fusion technology is expected to create new energy in the future. However, nuclear fusion requires a large amount of tritium as a fuel, leading to concern about the exposure of radiation workers to tritium beta radiation. Furthermore, countermeasures for tritium-polluted water produced in decommissioning of the reactor at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station may potentially cause health problems in radiation workers. Although, internal exposure to tritium at a low dose/low dose rate can be assumed, biological effect of tritium exposure is not negligible, because tritiated water (HTO) intake to the body via the mouth/inhalation/skin would lead to homogeneous distribution throughout the whole body...
2017: Journal of UOEH
Kuninobu Kashiyama, Shinjo Sonoda, Yutaka Otsuji
The main risk factors in ischemic heart diseases, including myocardial infarction, are hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes, obesity and smoking. The incidence of ischemic heart disease in Japan has been lower than that in Western countries because of differences in lifestyle and the anatomy of the coronary arteries, but the situation has been changing recently because of the westernization of lifestyle. Cardiovascular diseases have become the second most common cause of death in Japan, and 40% of those deaths are attributed to ischemic heart disease...
2017: Journal of UOEH
Tadashi Arao, Yosuke Okada, Keiichi Torimoto, Kei Sugai, Takashi Otsuka, Akira Kurozumi, Yoshiya Tanaka
We analyzed the effects of 100 mg/day sitagliptin and a switch to mitiglinide calcium hydrate/voglibose compound tablets (MIT/VOG) in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) treated with 50 mg/day sitagliptin. Five patients with T2DM treated with 50 mg/day sitagliptin and hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) of ≥6.5% were switched to MIT/VOG, or the dose of sitagliptin was increased to 100 mg/day. The effects of the changes in therapy were compared in a crossover fashion by continuous glucose monitoring. The primary endpoint was mean amplitude of glycemic excursions (MAGE), and the secondary end points were 24-hour mean blood glucose level and mean blood glucose level from 0:00 a...
2017: Journal of UOEH
Kanako Hirowatari, Emi Nakamura
The purpose of this study was to extract the risk factors recognized by students before pediatric nursing practice in order to conduct medical safety education based on student's learning readiness. Third-year nursing students of A nursing college used the P-mSHELL model to find the risk factors in a simulated pediatric hospital room, and the researchers analyzed the contents. The students recognized four categories of risk factors: "burden on the family", "characteristics of the infant", "characteristics of children with disease", and "the family's cognition and understanding"...
September 2016: Journal of UOEH
Chiharu Yoshii, Soushi Uchida, Shingo Noguchi, Ryo Torii, Ikuko Shimabukuro, Kazuhiro Yatera
Although chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) affects one in several smokers, only a few patients are correctly diagnosed compared to the estimated number of patients. Several recent reports indicate that the development of rotator cuff tears is related to smoking. In this study, we investigated smoking status in patients with rotator cuff tears and evaluated the possibility of undiagnosed COPD by a pulmonary function test. The subjects were 150 consecutive patients over 40 years old, who had been diagnosed with rotator cuff tears and had been examined by a pulmonary function test before surgery in our orthopedic department between April 2011 and June 2015...
September 2016: Journal of UOEH
Hideaki Suzuki, Hiroki Koizumi, Takuro Kitamura, Takahisa Tabata, Yasuhiro Kise, Koichi Hashida
Myringoplasty is one of the basic procedures in otologic surgery, and is important to achieve good hearing outcome. The temporal fascia is most widely used and considered to be a stable graft in this procedure, although 10-20% of patients develop reperforation after surgery, which is often hard to repair, even by revision surgery. We herein conducted revision myringoplasty using a cartilage graft to repair postoperative reperforation in 7 patients (8 ears) with chronic otitis media. The patients were 3 males and 4 females, aged 13-80 years with an average of 53...
September 2016: Journal of UOEH
Reiji Yoshimura, Hikaru Hori, Asuka Katsuki, Kiyokazu Atake
Meige syndrome is a relatively rare type of oral facial dystonia. The dominant symptoms involve involuntary eye blinking and chin thrusting. Some patients may experience excessive tongue protrusion, squinting, muddled speech, or uncontrollable contraction of the platysma muscle. A 44-year-old Japanese male was suffering from schizophrenia. The initial presentation of his psychosis consisted of auditory hallucinations, delusions of persecution, psychomotor excitement, loosening association, and restlessness...
September 2016: Journal of UOEH
Kazumasa Fukuda, Midori Ogawa, Hatsumi Taniguchi, Mitsumasa Saito
Culture-independent methods to detect microorganisms have been developed in parallel with traditional culture-based methods ever since the classification of bacteria based on 16S rRNA gene sequences was advocated in the 1970s. The development and the prevalence of culture-independent molecular technologies have provided revolutionary progress in microbial studies. The development of these technologies contributes significantly to the research of microorganisms that cannot be detected by traditional methods such as culture-dependent methods...
September 2016: Journal of UOEH
Kenji Sakurai, Yuichi Miyake, Takashi Amagai
The passive sampler is a simple device for collecting gaseous compounds. It is affected by environmental conditions such as relative humidity, but a dehumidification system (DHS) has not been developed for it. We have developed a dehumidification device for the passive sampler for determining 1,3-butadiene. It consists of a passive sampler surrounded by a DHS consisting of a basket filled with granular magnesium perchlorate as the dehumidification agent. The passive sampler consists of a porous polytetrafluoroethylene tube packed with Carboxen 1000 adsorbent...
September 2016: Journal of UOEH
Yukichi Zenke, Satoshi Ikeda, Fumio Fukuda, Masahiro Tanaka, Hidetoshi Tanaka, Fumitaka Hirano, Akinori Sakai
UNLABELLED: There are several causes of atypical femoral fractures (AFF) in elderly Japanese patients, including longterm bisphosphonate (BP) use or bowed femoral shaft stress fractures, but the available sample size for examining AFF etiology in a single institution is limited. The purpose of this study was to categorize the characteristics of AFF by analyzing the data compiled on patients treated at our hospital and at affiliated institutes. This multicenter, retrospective, observational study included 34 AFF cases (bilateral AFF 10) in one male and 23 female patients (age range 30-90 years, mean age 73...
September 2016: Journal of UOEH
Itthiphat Arunsurat, Swita Luengyosluechakul, Krittin Prateephoungrat, Pittayapoom Siripaupradist, Sukanya Khemtong, Kunranan Jamcharoensup, Narin Thanapatkaiporn, Panita Limpawattana, Supawan Laohasiriwong, Somdej Pinitsoontorn, Sirintip Boonjaraspinyo, Kittisak Sawanyawisuth
Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a common disease associated with major cardiovascular diseases. Male subjects are more at higher risk for OSA than female subjects. The Berlin questionnaire is a beneficial screening tool for OSA and has 14 items. The Berlin questionnaire may need some adjustment for Thai or Asian populations. We aimed to find items that should be asked in the Berlin questionnaire to identify high risk for obstructive sleep apnea among Thai male healthcare workers. This study was performed in Thai male healthcare workers over the age of 35 and currently working at the Faculty of Medicine, Khon Kaen University...
September 2016: Journal of UOEH
Kazunori Ikegami, Masafumi Eguchi, Yohei Osaki, Tomo Nakao, Kengo Nakamoto, Hisanori Hiro
In this study we discuss the measures of providing care to young workers with mental health disturbance by analyzing the cases of workers who had taken sick leave due to mental health disturbance. We analyzed 36 cases, collected from 11 occupational physicians, of workers who had taken sick leave due to mental health disturbance, and discuss measures for providing care to such young workers. We organized and classified data containing the details of the care provided to the workers and analyzed the main aspects and problems in providing it...
June 1, 2016: Journal of UOEH
Akira Ootsuyama
We studied the carcinogenic effects caused by repetitive irradiation at a low dose, which has received attention in recent years, and examined the experimental methods used to evaluate radiation-induced carcinogenesis. For this experiment, we selected a mouse with as few autochthonous cancers as possible. Skin cancer was selected as the target for analysis, because it is a rare cancer in mice. Beta-rays were selected as the radiation source. The advantage of using beta-rays is weaker penetration power into tissues, thus protecting organs, such as the digestive and hematogenous organs...
June 1, 2016: Journal of UOEH
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