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Neurological Research

Ruisheng Duan, Xing Xing, Yachao Qi, Nan Yin, Hongyu Hao, Hongshan Chu, Ya Gao, Weiping Wang, Peiyuan Lv
OBJECTIVE: Discussed the protection of taxane-derived compounds, 7-deacetyl-taxine B and 5-cinnamoyloxy-taxin B, against oxidative stress injury. METHODS: SK-N-SH cells were pretreated with 7-deacetyl-taxine B, 5-cinnamoyloxy-taxin B or DMSO (control) and then incubated with H2O2 for another 24 h. Cell viability was measured by MTT colorimetric assay. Apoptosis rate, reactive oxygen species (ROS) and mitochondrial membrane potential (MMP) were detected using flow cytometry assay...
March 22, 2017: Neurological Research
Arjun Dhar, Sumeet Pawar, Apurva Prasad, Premanand Ramani
OBJECTIVE: Analysis of three case reports of nerve root anomalies detected intra-operatively and its implications. DESIGN: Data collected during one year prospective non-randomised study using hospital records. SETTING: Single tertiary care centre. SUBJECTS: 3 patients in one year period.
March 22, 2017: Neurological Research
Sumeet G Pawar, Arjun Dhar, Apurva Prasad, Satyashiva Munjal, P S Ramani
INTRODUCTION: Internal decompression of spinal stenosis (IDSS) and Posterior dynamic stabilization (PDS) form a bridge between decompression laminectomy alone and rigid fusion, by attempting to sustain beneficial effects of decompression and stabilization in an attempt to prevent bad effects of relentless degeneration. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the clinical outcome in operated patient of posterior dynamic stabilization. DESIGN: Data were collected over 1 year in prospective, nonrandomized follow-up study using outcome scales...
March 21, 2017: Neurological Research
Vanessa Briceno, Hasan A Zaidi, Joanne A Doucette, Kaho B Onomichi, Amer Alreshidi, Rania A Mekary, Timothy R Smith
OBJECTIVES: Growth hormone-secreting pituitary adenomas in adults can result in severe craniofacial disfigurement and potentially fatal medical complications. Surgical resection leading to remission of the disease is dependent on complete surgical resection of the tumor. Lesions that invade the cavernous sinus may not be safely accessible via an endonasal transsphenoidal surgery (TSS), and the rates of biochemical remission of patients with residual disease vary widely in the literature...
March 16, 2017: Neurological Research
Wenxiang Zhong, Min Yang, Wenchuan Zhang, Massimiliano Visocchi, Xiangjun Chen, Chenlong Liao
OBJECTIVE: Recently, neural microcirculation and regeneration were regarded as critical factors in diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) improvement. In the present study, we explored the cytological and molecular mechanisms how peripheral nerve decompression impaired nerve injury. METHODS: Forty-five male SD rats were established as the DPN model. HE staining was used to observe the morphology and distribution of microvessels. Transmission electron microscopy was applied to observe the morphology and distribution of Schwann cells...
March 14, 2017: Neurological Research
Ichiro Nakagawa, Hun Soo Park, Takeshi Wada, Shohei Yokoyama, Syuichi Yamada, Yasushi Motoyama, Kimihiko Kichikawa, Hiroyuki Nakase
BACKGROUND: It is essential that patients undergoing carotid artery stenting (CAS) receive optimal antiplatelet inhibition. Although a reduction in platelet reactivity and improved clinical outcomes occur when using adjunctive cilostazol with dual antiplatelet therapy, this can lead to an increased risk of hemorrhagic complications. Therefore, our current study examined patients undergoing CAS and evaluated the impact of cilostazol-based dual antiplatelet treatment on the outcomes. METHODS: Between 2010 and 2015, 137 consecutive patients underwent CAS...
March 14, 2017: Neurological Research
Zhenggang Wu, Yujing Huang, Jing Huang, Lin Fan
AIMS: To investigate the association of C-reactive protein (CRP) gene single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), additional gene-gene, and gene-smoking interaction with ischemic stroke (IS) risk. METHODS: Logistic regression is performed to investigate association between SNPs within CRP gene and IS risk. Generalized multifactor dimensionality reduction (GMDR) was used to analyze the gene-gene and gene-smoking interaction, cross-validation consistency, the testing balanced accuracy and the sign test were calculated...
March 13, 2017: Neurological Research
Shumin Liu, Yongfu Wu, Xu Liu, Jiahui Zhou, Ziyou Wang, Zhiwei He, Zunnan Huang
OBJECTIVES: Previous studies have investigated the association between MTHFR A1298C (rs1801131) polymorphism and susceptibility to Alzheimer's disease (AD). Nevertheless, an ultimate conclusion remains obscure. We then executed this meta-analysis to estimate this association more precisely. METHODS: Related studies were systematically searched on PubMed, Embase, China National Knowledge Infrastructure, Google scholar, and AlzGene databases. The association was evaluated by reviewing the odds ratios (ORs) with corresponding 95% confidence intervals (CIs)...
March 10, 2017: Neurological Research
Takeshi Mikami, Tomoyoshi Kuribara, Katsuya Komatsu, Yusuke Kimura, Masahiko Wanibuchi, Kiyohiro Houkin, Nobuhiro Mikuni
OBJECTIVES: Meandering flow void around the splenium, which can be recognized on conventional T2-weighted images, implicates collateral flow in the splenial artery in patients with moyamoya disease. In this report, curves of flow voids around the splenium (SFVs) were evaluated in patients with moyamoya disease, and their diagnostic value and pathophysiology were verified. METHODS: A total of 65 consecutive patients with moyamoya disease were included in this analysis...
March 10, 2017: Neurological Research
Bin Liu, Chaonan Lv, Jinxia Zhang, Ying Liu, Jing Sun, Xiaohua Cheng, Wenjing Mao, Yuanyuan Ma, Shiying Li
OBJECTIVES: Inflammation is involved in the occurrence and progression of Parkinson's disease (PD), but the exact mechanisms remain unclear. This study aimed to observe the expressions of glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP) and integrin αM (CD11b) in the substantia nigra and striatum, and to investigate the effect of eldepryl on these expressions in a rat model of PD. METHODS: Seventy-two rats were randomly divided into three groups: control, model, and eldepryl...
March 9, 2017: Neurological Research
Mohammad Reza Javan, Sarieh Shahraki, Amin Safa, Mohammad Reza Zamani, Arash Salmaninejad, Saeed Aslani
BACKGROUND: Through mounting genetic investigations, it has been established that IL12B and IL23R gene single nucleotide polymorphisms have significant associations with autoimmune diseases including inflammatory bowel disease, psoriasis, and ankylosing spondylitis. IL-12/IL-23 pathway plays a pivotal role in etiopathogenesis of multiple sclerosis (MS), suggested by studies both in patients and animal models. METHODS: In a case-control study, 145 MS patients and 200 healthy subjects were genotyped for polymorphisms in IL12B and IL23R genes using Real-Time PCR allelic discrimination approach...
March 9, 2017: Neurological Research
Juan Manuel L Mariano, Erickson F Torio, Ma Socorro S D Santos, Ibet Marie Y Sih, Roy Allan Dominique G Torcuator
OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this paper are to describe pain control, neurologic improvement, local tumor control, progression-free survival, and overall survival of spine SRS/SFRT patients, and to compare our outcomes with other studies on spine stereotactic radiotherapy for metastatic tumors. METHODS: A chart review of patients who underwent spine SRS/SFRT was done. Information was collected on patient age, sex, histology, site treated, pain relief, local control, neurologic function, prescription dose, and complications...
March 7, 2017: Neurological Research
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March 6, 2017: Neurological Research
Youming Long, Linzhan Wu, Rong Zhong, Xiaoming Ouyang, Junyan Liang, Cong Gao, Xiaohui Chen, Wei Qiu, Yanyu Chang, Zhanhang Wang, Jinlong Ye
Posterior limb of the internal capsule lesions (PLICL) are one of the MRI features of neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder (NMOSD). However, there is no evidence that such lesions are pathogenically related to NMOSD. We retrospectively analyzed features of PLICL in NMOSD, and other central nervous system inflammatory disorders, in 561 patients. We also examined the pathological samples of six patients. Of the 561 patients investigated, PLICL were found in 65 patients (11.6%). Lesions were bilateral in 26 cases (40%) and unilateral in 39 cases (60%)...
March 6, 2017: Neurological Research
Kwang-Chun Cho, Yong Bae Kim, Sang Hyun Suh, Jin Yang Joo, Chang-Ki Hong
OBJECTIVES: Aneurysms of the proximal posterior inferior cerebellar artery (PICA) are rare. The management of proximal PICA aneurysms is challenging with either surgical or endovascular treatment. We report our successful experience of treating PICA aneurysms with a multimodal approach. METHODS: Of 2382 treated aneurysms, 22 aneurysms in 21 patients (male:female 8:13, mean age 48.9 years) were enrolled from March 1998 to December 2015. We treated the aneurysms with a multimodal approach and performed angiography to examine aneurysm regrowth at the 12 months follow-up...
March 3, 2017: Neurological Research
Zhe Zhang, Rongbo Yu, Lei Cao
BACKGROUND: Cerebral ischemia exhibits a multiplicity of pathophysiological mechanisms. Taurine (Tau), an endogenous substance, possesses a number of cytoprotective properties. The aim of the present study was to examine the neuroprotective effect of Tau, through affecting 12/15 lipoxygenase (12/15-LOX) signal pathway in an acute permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) model of rats. METHODS: Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly divided into 3 groups (n = 10), namely the sham-operated group, MCAO group and Tau group...
March 3, 2017: Neurological Research
Kunio Yokoyama, Masahiro Kawanishi, Makoto Yamada, Hidekazu Tanaka, Yutaka Ito, Shinji Kawabata, Toshihiko Kuroiwa
OBJECTIVES: The global spinal sagittal alignment varies widely among healthy individuals as it is affected by not only race, but also aging. We investigated age-related changes in the spinal alignment in asymptomatic Japanese individuals. METHODS: The subjects comprised 220 individuals without any spine-related neurological symptoms or treatment history thereof who visited our outpatient clinic. Lateral radiographs of the whole spine were taken for all subjects in the standing position...
March 1, 2017: Neurological Research
J I Rojas, F Sanchez, L Patrucco, J Miguez, C Besada, E Cristiano
Some studies suggest an inflammatory mechanism associated with the presence of depression in multiple sclerosis (MS); however, there is little data concerning these findings. The purpose of this study was to investigate the presence of brain structural changes in patients with MS and depression and to compare them with patients suffering from MS without depression and healthy controls. METHODS: A case-control study that included patients with relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS) defined by validated criteria, over 18 years of age, with less than three years from disease onset, EDSS ≤ 3, with no history of previous depression and under immunomodulatory treatment with interferon beta, if any...
March 1, 2017: Neurological Research
Ali Khaligh, Maryam Goudarzian, Alireza Moslem, Amirhosein Mehrtash, Javad Jamshidi, Hossein Darvish, Babak Emamalizadeh
INTRODUCTION: Recent genome-wide association studies have explored some new loci in association with Parkinson's disease (PD). RAB7L1 is an important gene involved in one of the important neurological pathways, located in PARK16 locus. We performed a case-control study to examine the association between rs823144 SNP located in the promoter region of the RAB7L1 gene and PD risk in Iranian population. METHODS: A total of 960 samples including 480 PD patients and 480 healthy controls were collected for analysis of the RAB7L1 rs823144 polymorphism using polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR - RFLP) method...
February 28, 2017: Neurological Research
Jun Nishiyama, Takatoshi Sorimachi, Rie Aoki, Go Inoue, Mitsunori Matsumae
OBJECTIVE: Both the spot signs, which is a bright spot on computed tomography angiography (CTA) source images, and hypodensity areas within a hematoma on precontrast CT scans, which presumably represent uncoagulated blood, have been reported to be predictive of hematoma enlargement in acute spontaneous intracerebral hematoma (ICH). The aim was to investigate densities on precontrast CT scans in an area within a hematoma that matched the locations of spot signs on CTA source images. METHODS: In consecutive cases of spontaneous ICH admitted within 6 h after onset, early spot signs on CTA source images and delayed spot signs on delayed-phase CT scans 90 s after CTA were evaluated...
February 25, 2017: Neurological Research
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