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Current Microbiology

Fatemeh Riyahi Zaniani, Sharareh Moghim, Hossein Mirhendi, Hajieh Ghasemian Safaei, Hossein Fazeli, Mahshid Salehi, Bahram Nasr Esfahani
In this study, we aimed to identify the genetic lineages of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates in Isfahan via the mycobacterial interspersed repetitive-unit-variable number tandem repeat typing method based on 15 loci. Forty-nine M. tuberculosis isolates were collected between 2013 and 2015 from Tuberculosis patients in Mollahadi Sabzevari Tuberculosis Center in Isfahan. All isolates were typed by 15-locus MIRU-VNTR typing. The highest percentage of isolates, 44.89 % (22/49), belonged to the Euro-American lineage, while the frequencies of the East-African-Indian, East-Asian, and Indo-Oceanic lineages were 28...
October 14, 2016: Current Microbiology
Faten K Abd El-Hady, Walid Fayad, Carmine Iodice, Zeinab A El-Shahid, Mohamed S Abdel-Aziz, Egle Crudele, Giuseppina Tommonaro
Marine organisms have been considered as the richest sources of novel bioactive metabolites, which can be used for pharmaceutical purposes. In the last years, the interest for marine microorganisms has grown for their enormous biodiversity and for the evidence that many novel compounds isolated from marine invertebrates are really synthesized by their associated bacteria. Nevertheless, the discovery of a chemical communication Quorum sensing (QS) between bacterial cells and between bacteria and host has gained the researchers to expand the aim of their study toward the role of bacteria associated with marine invertebrates, such as marine sponge...
October 14, 2016: Current Microbiology
Doron Ben-Gad, Yoram Gerchman
Brevibacterium halotolerans is currently classified as a member of the Brevibacterium genus, a genus that groups together many bacterial species of similar morphology but diverse biochemical and physiological features. Here we suggest, based on multiple gene sequencing and microbial and biochemical characterization of two environmental isolates and one type strain (DSM8802), that the B. halotolerans DSM8802 (and probably the other deposited under this species name) should be re-classified into the Bacillus genus, and offered the name B...
October 7, 2016: Current Microbiology
Mohammad Bagher Javadi, Gerd Katzenmeier
Helicobacter pylori is a human-specific Gram-negative pathogenic bacterium which colonizes the gastric mucosal layer in the stomach causing diseases such as peptic ulcer, adenocarcinoma, and gastric lymphoma. It is estimated that approximately half of the world's population is infected with H. pylori making it the most intensively characterized microbial pathogen up to now. Hemolysis has been suggested to significantly contribute to colonization of the stomach and disease progression by H. pylori. In a number of earlier studies, TlyA was characterized as a putative pore-forming cytolysin...
December 2016: Current Microbiology
Qingqing Feng, Lu Han, Xu Tan, Yali Zhang, Tianyi Meng, Jun Lu, Jie Lv
The Chishui River is the last undammed tributary of the upper Yangtze River, extends cross Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou provinces, and it is the significant water source of Maotai liquor, Southwest of China. We investigated microbial community of the Chishui River in the Maotai town section, because of deep relationship between the water and the most famous Chinese liquor, Maotai liquor. In this study, diversities of bacteria and archaea of four seasons were analyzed in two different sampling sites using a barcoded 16S rRNA gene-pyrosequencing approach...
December 2016: Current Microbiology
Silvana Petrocelli, Maite R Arana, Marcela N Cabrini, Adriana C Casabuono, Laura Moyano, Matías Beltramino, Leandro M Moreira, Alicia S Couto, Elena G Orellano
Type IV pili (Tfp) are widely distributed adhesins of bacterial surfaces. In plant pathogenic bacteria, Tfp are involved in host colonization and pathogenesis. Xanthomonas citri subsp. citri (Xcc) is the phytopathogen responsible for citrus canker disease. In this work, three Tfp structural genes, fimA, fimA1, and pilA from Xcc were studied. A pilA mutant strain from Xcc (XccΔpilA) was constructed and differences in physiological features, such as motilities, adhesion, and biofilm formation, were observed...
December 2016: Current Microbiology
Lan Shen, Xiao-Qin Wu, Qing-Wei Zeng, Hong-Bin Liu
Phytate-mineralizing rhizobacteria (PMR) play an important role in providing phosphorus for the sustainable plant growth. It is important to investigate the ability of PMR to produce phytase under different phosphate levels for its application. The effects of different concentrations of soluble phosphate on the ability of phytate mineralization of Pseudomonas fluorescens JZ-DZ1, a phytate-mineralizing rhizobacterium, were investigated in both solid and liquid media. The results on solid media showed that halo zone width gradually reduced with concentrations of soluble phosphate increasing from 0...
December 2016: Current Microbiology
Xiaofei Ji, Huilin Zhao, Ying Zhang, Xingxing Chen, Jiaojiao Li, Boqing Li
Helicobacter pylori infection plays an important role in the etiology of various gastroduodenal diseases. However, pathogenic mechanism of H. pylori is not clear. More potential pathogenic factors need to be further discovered and studied. In this study, two vectors for generating double-crossover recombination gene knockout plasmids in H. pylori were designed based on the backbone of plasmid pLYL03. Genes on plasmid pLYL03 were rearranged, and the redundant sequences were reduced. Erythromycin-resistant gene on pLYL03 was replaced by aphA or catGC to generate the kanamycin-resistant plasmid pSJHK or the chloramphenicol-resistant plasmid pSJHC...
December 2016: Current Microbiology
Debanjana Bhattacharya, Semantee Bhattacharya, Madhu Manti Patra, Somnath Chakravorty, Soumyadev Sarkar, Writachit Chakraborty, Hemanta Koley, Ratan Gachhui
The emergence of multi-drug-resistant enteric pathogens has prompted the scientist community to explore the therapeutic potentials of traditional foods and beverages. The present study was undertaken to investigate the efficacy of Kombucha, a fermented beverage of sugared black tea, against enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli, Vibrio cholerae, Shigella flexneri and Salmonella Typhimurium followed by the identification of the antibacterial components present in Kombucha. The antibacterial activity was evaluated by determining the inhibition zone diameter, minimal inhibitory concentration and minimal bactericidal concentration...
December 2016: Current Microbiology
Ana Paula Paris, Cristiane Persel, Cleber Fernando Serafin, Rita de Cássia Garcia Simão, Rinaldo Ferreira Gandra
The occurrence of infections caused by Candida albicans in developed and developing countries and their resistance to some available antifungal drugs have been viewed as causing a great problem to human health worldwide. In order to find new researched molecules, there are some mycoses secreted by yeasts, especially mycocins produced by Wickerhamomyces anomalus with a broad antimicrobial spectrum of activity. Thus, this trial aimed at evaluating mycocins' activity obtained from environmental W. anomalus cell wall compared to thirty C...
December 2016: Current Microbiology
Gaël Mourembou, Jaishriram Rathored, Jean Bernard Lekana-Douki, Angélique Ndjoyi-Mbiguino, Saber Khelaifia, Catherine Robert, Nicholas Armstrong, Didier Raoult, Pierre-Edouard Fournier
The identification of human-associated bacteria is very important to control infectious diseases. In recent years, we diversified culture conditions in a strategy named culturomics, and isolated more than 100 new bacterial species and/or genera. Using this strategy, strain GM7, a strictly anaerobic gram-negative bacterium was recently isolated from a stool specimen of a healthy Gabonese patient. It is a motile coccobacillus without catalase and oxidase activities. The genome of Gabonibacter massiliensis is 3,397,022 bp long with 2880 ORFs and a G+C content of 42...
December 2016: Current Microbiology
Amy Huei Teen Teh, Sui Mae Lee, Gary A Dykes
Campylobacter jejuni is one of the most common causes of bacterial gastrointestinal food-borne infection worldwide. It has been suggested that biofilm formation may play a role in survival of these bacteria in the environment. In this study, the influence of prior modes of growth (planktonic or sessile), temperatures (37 and 42 °C), and nutrient conditions (nutrient broth and Mueller-Hinton broth) on biofilm formation by eight C. jejuni strains with different antibiotic resistance profiles was examined. The ability of these strains to form biofilm on different abiotic surfaces (stainless steel, glass, and polystyrene) as well as factors potentially associated with biofilm formation (bacterial surface hydrophobicity, auto-aggregation, and initial attachment) was also determined...
December 2016: Current Microbiology
Nicole A Lloyd, Sarah E Janssen, John R Reinfelder, Tamar Barkay
The emergence and spread of antibiotic-resistant pathogenic bacteria is currently one of the most serious challenges to human health. To combat this problem, it is critical to understand the processes and pathways that result in the creation of antibiotic resistance gene pools in the environment. In this study, we examined the effects of mercury (Hg) exposure on the co-selection of Hg and antibiotic-resistant bacteria that colonize the gastrointestinal tract of the mummichog (Fundulus heteroclitus), a small, estuarine fish...
December 2016: Current Microbiology
Hao Ji, Bin Zhuge, Hong Zong, Xinyao Lu, Huiying Fang, Jian Zhuge
Candida glycerinogenes, the glycerol producer with excellent multi-stress tolerances, is considered to be a potential biotechnological host used in the production of glycerol and its derivatives under extreme fermentation conditions. In this study, to evaluate the multiple roles of mitogen-activated protein kinase CgHOG1, we constructed a gene disruption system in the diploid C. glycerinogenes to obtain CgHOG1 null mutant. Pseudohyphae generation of the CgHOG1 mutant under non-inducing condition indicated a repressor role in morphological transitions...
December 2016: Current Microbiology
Shilpa Jain, Hemal Dholakia, Winston Kirtley, Peter Oelkers
Mechanisms that may regulate the storage of energy as triacylglycerol in Saccharomyces cerevisiae were examined. First, the kinetics of Dga1p, which mediates the majority of diacylglycerol esterification, the lone committed step in triacylglycerol synthesis, was measured in vitro. With an apparent K m of 17.0 μM, Dga1p has higher affinity for oleoyl-CoA than the only S. cerevisiae acyltransferase previously kinetically characterized, Lpt1p. Lpt1p is a 1-acylglycerol-3-phosphate O-acyltransferase that produces phosphatidate, a precursor to diacylglycerol...
December 2016: Current Microbiology
Filomena Febbraro, Donatella Maria Rodio, Gianluca Puggioni, Guido Antonelli, Valeria Pietropaolo, Maria Trancassini
We evaluated the reliability and accuracy of the combined use of MALDI-TOF MS and classical ID VITEK2 to identify monomicrobial infection in blood culture bottles. In total, 70 consecutive positive blood cultures were included in this study. Positive blood culture bottles were subjected to Gram staining and subcultured on solid media. Isolates grown from such culture media were used for classical ID using VITEK2 system. In parallel, an aliquot was subjected to a lysing-centrifugation method and used for the identification with the MALDI-TOF system...
December 2016: Current Microbiology
Xvchuan Ma, Jinhua Li, Yao Xiong, Zhengyuan Zhai, Fazheng Ren, Yanling Hao
A cryptic plasmid pM411 isolated from Lactobacillus plantarum 1-3 consisted of a 2303-bp circular molecule with a G + C content 32.96 %. Sequence analysis of pM411 revealed four putative open reading frames (ORFs). ORF1 shared 99 and 94 % similarities, respectively, with the Rep proteins of plasmids pLC2 and pYC2, which belong to the rolling-circle replication pMV158 family. A typical pMV158 family double-strand origin (dso) and a putative single-strand origin (sso) located upstream of the rep gene. Southern hybridization confirmed the presence of single-strand DNA (ssDNA) intermediates, suggesting that pM411 belongs to the RCR pMV158 family...
December 2016: Current Microbiology
Preeti Sinha, Ranjeet Kumar Paswan, Anjali Kumari, Sanjay Kumar, Sanjeeva Bimal, Pradeep Das, Chandra Shekhar Lal
In this work, we have described the expression of ecto-ATPDase on the external surface of Leishmania donovani. This enzyme has the ability to hydrolyze extracellular ATP. There is a low level of ATP hydrolysis in the absence of divalent cation 2.5 ± 0.51 nM Pi 10(7) cells/h which shows the divalent cation-dependent activity of this enzyme in the intact parasite. However, MgCl2 stimulated the ATP hydrolysis to a greater extent compared with CaCl2 and ZnCl2. This activity was also observed when replaced by MnCl2...
December 2016: Current Microbiology
Jianyuan Wu, Zhirui Ji, Na Wang, Fumei Chi, Chengnan Xu, Zongshan Zhou, Junxiang Zhang
The Colletotrichum gloeosporioides is one of the most significant pathogens leading to huge economic losses. To infect plants and cause disease dissemination, the fungus elaborates to produce asexual spores called conidia, which are long-lived and highly resistant to environmental stresses. Here, we report a large-scale, systematic genome-wide screening of conidiogenesis-associated genes via conidiation assays, and high-efficiency TAIL-PCRs. Of 10,210 independent transformants tested, 59 mutants exhibited significant variation in conidial production...
December 2016: Current Microbiology
Xuejiao Guan, Wenchao Li, Chongxi Liu, Pinjiao Jin, Siyu Guo, Xiangjing Wang, Wensheng Xiang
During a screening for novel and biotechnologically useful actinobacteria, a novel actinobacteria with weak antifungal activity, designated strain NEAU-Spg19(T), was isolated from a soil sample collected from pine forest in Songpinggou, Sichuan, southwest China. The strain was characterized using a polyphasic taxonomic approach which confirmed that it belongs to the genus Streptomyces. Growth occurred at a temperature range of 10-30 °C, pH 5.0-11.0 and NaCl concentrations of 0-5 %. The cell wall peptidoglycan consisted of LL-diaminopimelic acid and glycine...
December 2016: Current Microbiology
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