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Hannah Elena Suhrs, Anna Meta Kristensen, Anna Bay Rask, Marie Mide Michelsen, Daria Frestad, Naja Dam Mygind, Kira Bové, Eva Prescott
BACKGROUND: Reproductive risk factors such as preeclampsia and recurrent miscarriages have been associated with adverse cardiovascular (CV) events. Underlying coronary microvascular dysfunction (CMD) may be a common denominator. PURPOSE: We investigated whether a history of reproductive risk factors was associated with CMD in women with angina pectoris and no obstructive coronary artery disease (CAD). METHODS: Participants from the iPOWER study, including women with angina pectoris and no obstructive CAD (<50% stenosis), were invited to complete an electronic survey regarding reproductive risk factors: recurrent miscarriages, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, rhesus immunity, polycystic ovary syndrome and menopausal status as well as migraine and Raynaud phenomenon...
August 11, 2017: Maturitas
Juliet Compston
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
August 5, 2017: Maturitas
Neerujah Balachandren, Melanie Davies
Improvements in survival rates and the rise in the incidence of cancer, particularly in young people, has shifted the focus of treatment towards less gonadotoxic therapies, such that a larger number of survivors will remain fertile after treatment. Unfortunately, for the vast majority of cancer therapies, there is incomplete data on the extent of injury to the reproductive organs. This review uses case series and cohort studies on conception rates and menstrual cyclicity after gonadotoxic cancer therapies, and relevant studies on ovarian reserve assessment...
July 31, 2017: Maturitas
Irena Stepanikova, Karen Powroznik, Karen S Cook, D Kathryn Tierney, Ginna Laport
OBJECTIVE: Little is known about how long-term cancer survivors adapt in the realm of work and finances, and whether there are differences in these adaptations based on overall health status. We hypothesize that survivors with better health-related quality of life (HQL) have better work and financial outcomes. STUDY DESIGN: Cross-sectional study with 200 adult recipients of autologous hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT) 3-26 years after transplant using self-administered questionnaires and medical records extraction...
July 8, 2017: Maturitas
D Brandenbarg, A J Berendsen, G H de Bock
INTRODUCTION: Most survivors of cancer enter a follow-up routine after their treatment, the aim of which is to detect recurrence, provide psychological support, monitor treatment-related side-effects, and to evaluate care. Due to rising numbers of people with cancer and better survival of these patients, current follow-up routines are under pressure. We reviewed the literature on patients' expectations and preferences regarding this care. METHODS: We systematically searched the databases of Pubmed, CINAHL, and PsychInfo...
July 5, 2017: Maturitas
Nina Johnston, Karin Schenck-Gustafsson
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July 3, 2017: Maturitas
Rónán O'Caoimh, Nicola Cornally, Ronan O'Sullivan, Ruth Hally, Elizabeth Weathers, Amanda H Lavan, Tara Kearns, Alice Coffey, Ciara McGlade, D William Molloy
Advances in the medical treatment of cancer have increased the number of survivors, particularly among older adults, who now represent the majority of these. Survivorship care plans (SCPs) are documents that cancer patients receive summarising their care, usually at the end of treatment but preferably from initial diagnosis. These may increase patient satisfaction and represent an opportunity to initiate preventative strategies and address future care needs. Advance care planning (ACP), incorporating advance healthcare decision-making, including formal written directives, increases satisfaction and end-of-life care...
June 23, 2017: Maturitas
Natalia Teixeira, Simone Maistro, Maria Del Pilar Estevez Diz, Marian J Mourits, Jan C Oosterwijk, Maria Aparecida Koike Folgueira, Geertruida H de Bock
OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the accuracy of algorithms for predicting BRCA1/2 germ-line mutation carrier probability, and to identify factors that could improve their performance among Brazilian women with ovarian cancer (OC). STUDY DESIGN: In this cross-sectional study, we enrolled patients (unselected for family history of cancer) undergoing treatment or follow-up for OC in a single centre in Brazil. Clinical and demographic data, including family history of cancer, were obtained...
June 4, 2017: Maturitas
Mehida Alexandre, Jonathan Black, Margaret Whicker, Mary Jane Minkin, Elena Ratner
"Previvors", or "pre-survivors", are individuals who do not have cancer but have a genetic predisposition to cancer. One such example is women with BRCA mutations. As a result of their predisposition to cancer, many will undergo a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy when they are premenopausal. For premenopausal women, the removal of ovaries results in the depletion of estrogen, immediate menopause, and, in many cases, resultant Sexuality, Intimacy, and Menopausal Symptoms (SIMS). Furthermore, they may undergo changes in body image...
June 3, 2017: Maturitas
W R Naaktgeboren, M Linschoten, A de Graeff, A V Rhenen, M J Cramer, F W Asselbergs, A H E M Maas, A J Teske
The number of cancer survivors has tremendously increased over the past decades as a result of aging of the population and improvements in early cancer detection and treatment. Ongoing successes in cancer treatment are expected to result in a further increase in the number of long-term survivors. However, cancer treatment can have detrimental cardiovascular side-effects that impact morbidity and mortality, reducing quality of life in cancer survivors. The spectrum of radiotherapy- and chemotherapy-induced cardiovascular disease is broad, varying from subclinical valvular dysfunction to overt congestive heart failure, and such effects may not be apparent for more than twenty years after the initial cancer treatment...
May 21, 2017: Maturitas
Adela Castelló, Elena Boldo, Beatriz Pérez-Gómez, Virginia Lope, Jone M Altzibar, Vicente Martín, Gemma Castaño-Vinyals, Marcela Guevara, Trinidad Dierssen-Sotos, Adonina Tardón, Víctor Moreno, Montserrat Puig-Vives, Cristóbal Llorens-Ivorra, Juan Alguacil, Inés Gómez-Acebo, Jesús Castilla, Esther Gràcia-Lavedán, Verónica Dávila-Batista, Manolis Kogevinas, Nuria Aragonés, Pilar Amiano, Marina Pollán
OBJECTIVE: To externally validate the previously identified effect on breast cancer risk of the Western, Prudent and Mediterranean dietary patterns. STUDY DESIGN: MCC-Spain is a multicase-control study that collected epidemiological information on 1181 incident cases of female breast cancer and 1682 healthy controls from 10 Spanish provinces. Three dietary patterns derived in another Spanish case-control study were analysed in the MCC-Spain study. These patterns were termed Western (high intakes of fatty and sugary products and red and processed meat), Prudent (high intakes of low-fat dairy products, vegetables, fruits, whole grains and juices) and Mediterranean (high intake of fish, vegetables, legumes, boiled potatoes, fruits, olives, and vegetable oil, and a low intake of juices)...
September 2017: Maturitas
Eleni Pitsouni, Themos Grigoriadis, Matthew E Falagas, Stefano Salvatore, Stavros Athanasiou
This study aimed to identify and then synthesize all available data regarding the efficacy of laser therapy for postmenopausal women with genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM) with/without urinary incontinence (UI). PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science, Cochrane Library and were searched in October 2016. The keywords were "laser genitourinary syndrome of menopause", "laser vulvovaginal atrophy", "laser vaginal atrophy" and "laser women incontinence". Quality of reporting and risk of bias of the included studies were assessed according to STROBE and MINORs checklists, respectively...
September 2017: Maturitas
Rafael Sánchez-Borrego, Clemens von Schacky, María José Alonso Osorio, Plácido Llaneza, Xavier Pinto, Fernando Losa, Mª Concepción Navarro, Daniel Lubián, Nicolás Mendoza
The consumption of long-chain omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCO3-PUFAs) has shown a great variety of beneficial effects, including cardiovascular, metabolic and inflammatory effects, which make them interesting for the postmenopausal woman. Because LCO3-PUFAs could be effective and safe during this period, a panel of experts from the Spanish Menopause Society met to establish a set of recommendations for their use in postmenopausal women based on the best available evidence. The decrease in triglycerides is the most consistent effect observed with LCO3-PUFAs (at doses greater than 3g/day)...
September 2017: Maturitas
Rachid Mahmoudi, Jean-Luc Novella, Patrick Manckoundia, Faiza Ahssaini, Pierre-Olivier Lang, François Blanchard, Damien Jolly, Moustapha Dramé
OBJECTIVE: To investigate whether functional mobility is a predictor of 12-month mortality in elderly subjects with dementia. STUDY DESIGN: Prospective multicentre study performed in nine French university hospitals. Patients aged 75 years or more and hospitalised in medical wards via the emergency department were eligible. Those with a diagnosis of dementia were considered in the analyses. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Patients' characteristics obtained through comprehensive geriatric assessment performed during the first week of hospitalisation...
September 2017: Maturitas
Holly N Wilkinson, Matthew J Hardman
Combined advances in modern medical practice and increased human longevity are driving an ever-expanding elderly population. Females are particularly at risk of age-associated pathology, spending more of their lives in a post-menopausal state. Menopause, denoted by a rapid decline in serum sex steroid levels, accelerates biological ageing across the body's tissues. Post-menopause physiological changes are particularly noticeable in the skin, which loses structural architecture and becomes prone to damage. The sex steroid most widely discussed as an intrinsic contributor to skin ageing and pathological healing is 17β-estradiol (or estrogen), although many others are involved...
September 2017: Maturitas
Yun Mi Yu, Ju-Yeun Lee, Euni Lee
PURPOSE: This study aims to evaluate access to anti-osteoporosis medication (AOM) and the factors affecting their prescription for Korean elderly patients with a hip fracture. METHODS: A cross-sectional study was conducted on hip fracture patients aged 65 years or more using national-level data from 2013 to 2014. The prescription rates of AOM within 3 months after hip fracture were determined and the factors affecting AOM prescriptions were identified through multivariate logistic regression...
September 2017: Maturitas
James M Baker, Layla Al-Nakkash, Melissa M Herbst-Kralovetz
Low levels of gonadal circulating estrogen observed in post-menopausal women can adversely impact a diverse range of physiological factors, with clinical implications for brain cognition, gut health, the female reproductive tract and other aspects of women's health. One of the principal regulators of circulating estrogens is the gut microbiome. This review aims to shed light on the role of the gut microbiota in estrogen-modulated disease. The gut microbiota regulates estrogens through secretion of β-glucuronidase, an enzyme that deconjugates estrogens into their active forms...
September 2017: Maturitas
Christina Bamia, Philippos Orfanos, Hendrik Juerges, Ben Schöttker, Hermann Brenner, Roberto Lorbeer, Mette Aadahl, Charles E Matthews, Eleni Klinaki, Michael Katsoulis, Pagona Lagiou, H B As Bueno-de-Mesquita, Sture Eriksson, Ute Mons, Kai-Uwe Saum, Ruzena Kubinova, Andrzej Pajak, Abdonas Tamosiunas, Sofia Malyutina, Julian Gardiner, Anne Peasey, Lisette Cpgm de Groot, Tom Wilsgaard, Paolo Boffetta, Antonia Trichopoulou, Dimitrios Trichopoulos
OBJECTIVES: To evaluate, among the elderly, the association of self-rated health (SRH) with mortality, and to identify determinants of self-rating health as "at-least-good". STUDY DESIGN: Individual data on SRH and important covariates were obtained for 424,791 European and United States residents, ≥60 years at recruitment (1982-2008), in eight prospective studies in the Consortium on Health and Ageing: Network of Cohorts in Europe and the United States (CHANCES)...
September 2017: Maturitas
Sharon L Brennan-Olsen, Julie A Pasco, Sarah M Hosking, Amelia G Dobbins, Lana J Williams
OBJECTIVES: Despite their public health importance, little is known about associations between modifiable lifestyles, quality of life (QOL), and psychiatric symptoms in men. We investigated relationships between QOL, obesity, mobility and lifestyle in Australian men, including whether associations were mediated by anxiety and depression. STUDY DESIGN: A cross-sectional study of 893 men (aged 24-92 yrs) participating in the Geelong Osteoporosis Study: an age-stratified, population-based sample of men randomly recruited from the Barwon Statistical Division (BSD), in south-eastern Australia...
September 2017: Maturitas
Mi-Ra Cho, Jin-Kyung Park, Won-Jun Choi, A-Ra Cho, Yong-Jae Lee
OBJECTIVE: Serum ferritin, a marker of iron metabolism, has recently emerged as a biomarker of chronic low-grade inflammation. After menopause, there is a remarkable increase in insulin resistance (IR) and metabolic syndrome (MetS), which is increasingly being viewed as an inflammatory disease. Thus, we examined the associations of serum ferritin with insulin resistance and MetS in postmenopausal women. METHODS: A nationwide cross-sectional study was conducted to examine the relationship between serum ferritin and IR and MetS in 2734 postmenopausal women using data from the 2010-2012 Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey...
September 2017: Maturitas
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