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Cédric Annweiler, Frédéric Noublanche, Cécile Jaglin-Grimonprez, Yann Bubien
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May 18, 2018: Maturitas
Michael J Bray, Eric S Torstenson, Sarah H Jones, Todd L Edwards, Digna R Velez Edwards
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate individual characteristics of women with fibroids in relation to fibroid size and number. METHODS: This cross-sectional study involved 2302 women (black and white, age range 18-87) with image- or surgery-confirmed fibroids from the Synthetic Derivative, a database of de-identified demographic and clinical information from patient electronic health records (EHRs) from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. We performed multivariate regression analyses on the following outcomes: volume of largest fibroid, largest dimension of all fibroids, and number of fibroids (single vs multiple)...
August 2018: Maturitas
Ju-Young You, Yun-Jee Kim, Woo-Young Shin, Na-Yeon Kim, Soo Hyun Cho, Jung-Ha Kim
OBJECTIVES: Decreased muscle mass is known to be associated with several serious medical conditions. We analyzed the Fifth Korean National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (KNHANES V, 2010-2011) to estimate the heritability of muscle mass in Korean parent-offspring pairs. STUDY DESIGN: Cross-sectional. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: A total of 1233 parents (average age 57.67 ± 8.50 years) and 917 offspring (average age 29.10 ± 7.57 years) from 743 families were included in the analysis...
August 2018: Maturitas
Muqing Gu, Lijuan Wang, Chun Yang, Xue Li, Chanwei Jia, Stephane Croteau, Xiangyan Ruan, Pierre Hardy
BACKGROUND: Recent investigations have indicated that hormone therapy may increase the risk of breast cancer (BC), and the addition of synthetic progestins may play a critical role in this. Several studies have pointed out the important role of progesterone receptor membrane component 1 (PGRMC1) in the development of BC, especially with hormone therapy using progestins. Although the deregulation of microRNA-181a (miR-181a) is often associated with human BC, the effect of miR-181a on PGRMC1 expression during hormone therapy has not been investigated...
August 2018: Maturitas
Carina J Gronlund, Kyle P Sullivan, Yonathan Kefelegn, Lorraine Cameron, Marie S O'Neill
Cold and hot weather are associated with mortality and morbidity. Although the burden of temperature-associated mortality may shift towards high temperatures in the future, cold temperatures may represent a greater current-day problem in temperate cities. Hot and cold temperature vulnerabilities may coincide across several personal and neighborhood characteristics, suggesting opportunities for increasing present and future resilience to extreme temperatures. We present a narrative literature review encompassing the epidemiology of cold- and heat-related mortality and morbidity, related physiologic and environmental mechanisms, and municipal responses to hot and cold weather, illustrated by Detroit, Michigan, USA, a financially burdened city in an economically diverse metropolitan area...
August 2018: Maturitas
Assaf Buch, Eli Carmeli, Gabi Shefer, Lital Keinan-Boker, Yitshal Berner, Yonit Marcus, Rebecca Goldsmith, Naftali Stern
OBJECTIVE: To evaluate whether specific obesity phenotypes in community-dwelling elderly: (a) affect differently the relationship between frailty and functional impairment and (b) are related to cognitive impairment. STUDY DESIGN: A post-hoc cross-sectional analysis of the last Israeli national health and nutrition survey of the elderly (≥ 65 yrs.; n = 1619). MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: We implemented a previously validated frailty model based on frailty-related variables that were obtained in the survey...
August 2018: Maturitas
Ching-Lung Cheung, Annie W C Kung, Kathryn C B Tan
Menopause is an important transition of reproductive stage in a woman's life. It is associated with diabetes, but the role of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), a menopause-related hormone, in the risk of diabetes is largely unknown. We evaluated the relationship between serum FSH and diabetes in 1274 participants from the Hong Kong Osteoporosis Study aged≥55 at baseline. We also searched relevant databases for studies on serum FSH and incident diabetes and conducted a meta-analysis using fixed-effect modeling...
August 2018: Maturitas
Timothy David Robbins, Sarah N Lim Choi Keung, Theodoros N Arvanitis
Enabling successful active ageing is an international priority to meet the challenges of increasing life expectancy. Digital strategies, such as telemedicine and e-health, offer the potential to deliver active ageing in a cost-effective manner at scale. This article aims to establish the extent to which the research literature considers e-health-based and telemedicine-based active ageing interventions. A systematic review was conducted according to PRISMA standards. Independently, two authors searched the Cochrane, EMBASE & CINAHL databases, with subsequent independent extraction and semi-quantitative analysis...
August 2018: Maturitas
Jerry Cheng-Yen Lai, Yiing-Jenq Chou, Nicole Huang, Hung-Hui Chen, Kung-Liahng Wang, Chien-Wei Wang, I-Hsuan Shen, Hung-Chang Chang
OBJECTIVE: To assess the risk of stroke (and subtypes of stroke) in women after elective bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy at hysterectomy for benign diseases. STUDY DESIGN: We conducted a nationwide population-based, retrospective cohort study using claims data from Taiwan's National Health Insurance program between 1997 and 2013. Women aged 20 years or more who underwent bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy at hysterectomy for benign diseases (n = 1083) were compared with women who did not undergo bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy at hysterectomy for benign diseases (n = 3903)...
August 2018: Maturitas
Vera Stara, Richard Harte, Mirko Di Rosa, Liam Glynn, Monica Casey, Patrick Hayes, Lorena Rossi, Anat Mirelman, Paul M A Baker, Leo R Quinlan, Gearóid ÓLaighin
BACKGROUND: User-centred design (UCD) is a process whereby the end-user is placed at the centre of the design process. The WIISEL (Wireless Insole for Independent and Safe Elderly Living) system is designed to monitor fall risk and to detect falls, and consists of a pair of instrumented insoles and a smartphone app. The system was designed using a three-phase UCD process carried out in Ireland, which incorporated the input of Irish end-users and multidisciplinary experts throughout. OBJECTIVE: In this paper we report the results of a usability and user experience (UX) assessment of the WIISEL system in multiple countries and thus establish whether the UCD process carried out in Ireland produced positive usability and UX results outside of Ireland...
August 2018: Maturitas
Mary Yannakoulia, Eirini Mamalaki, Costas A Anastasiou, Niki Mourtzi, Irene Lambrinoudaki, Nikolaos Scarmeas
Nutrition is a modifiable factor affecting the quality of life and independence of older people. The physiological, psychological and social changes during aging affect their dietary choices. Many older adults have inadequate energy and protein intake. Carbohydrate intake and intake of total lipids, in terms of contribution to total energy intake, generally are within the recommended levels, but a decline in overall energy intake as well as the limited variety of micronutrient-dense foods that older people tend to consume result in an inadequate intake of several micronutrients...
August 2018: Maturitas
Meletios P Nigdelis, Samuel J Martínez-Domínguez, Dimitrios G Goulis, Faustino R Pérez-López
OBJECTIVE: To clarify the effect of programmed exercise (PE), performed for at least six weeks, on perceived stress (PS) in middle aged and old women. METHODS: A structured search was carried out in PubMed, Embase, Cochrane Library, Scielo, Web of Science and Scopus, from database inception through January 10, 2018, without language restriction. The US, UK, and Australian clinical trials databases were also searched. The search included a combination of the terms "programmed exercise", "perceived stress", "menopausal women" and "randomized controlled trial" (RCTs)...
August 2018: Maturitas
Rositsa G Koleva-Kolarova, Alicja M Daszczuk, Chris de Jonge, Mohd Khalil Abu Hantash, Zhuozhao Z Zhan, Erik Jan Postema, Talitha L Feenstra, Ruud M Pijnappel, Marcel J W Greuter, Geertruida H de Bock
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
August 2018: Maturitas
Natalie Cotterell, Tine Buffel, Christopher Phillipson
The extent of social isolation amongst older people has emerged as a major concern for health and social policy. Although the social and health outcomes of social isolation are well documented, evidence regarding the prevention of isolation in later life remains scarce. This article addresses this by presenting the findings from a literature review focusing on the identification, assessment, prevention, and intervention strategies relevant to social isolation in older age. The paper first addresses the issues of identification and assessment, using an ecological framework to identify the risk factors for social isolation at four levels: individual, relationship, community, and societal...
July 2018: Maturitas
Adriana J van Ballegooijen, Sinony R van Putten, Marjolein Visser, Joline W Beulens, Emiel O Hoogendijk
OBJECTIVE: We examined the association between vitamin K status and physical functioning over 13 years in the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam. STUDY DESIGN: Longitudinal cohort study of 633 community-dwelling adults from the Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam (LASA) aged 55-65 years (54% women). MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: At baseline (2002-2003), plasma desphospho-uncarboxylated matrix Gla protein (dp-ucMGP) was measured with a sandwich ELISA as a marker of vitamin K status...
July 2018: Maturitas
Sin Ki Ng, Flavia M Cicuttini, Susan R Davis, Robin Bell, Roslin Botlero, Bernadette M Fitzgibbon, Donna M Urquhart
While low back pain significantly impacts on an individual's well-being, our understanding of the role of well-being in the natural history of low back pain is limited. This cohort study aimed to investigate the association between psychological and general well-being and the development and progression of low back pain and disability in community-based women over a 2-year period. 506 women recruited from a research database were invited to participate. Overall psychological and general well-being and its subdomains were assessed at baseline using the Psychological General Well-Being Index (PGWB)...
July 2018: Maturitas
Samuel Stuart, Rodrigo Vitorio, Rosie Morris, Douglas N Martini, Peter C Fino, Martina Mancini
An emerging body of literature has examined cortical activity during walking and balance tasks in older adults and in people with Parkinson's disease, specifically using functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) or electroencephalography (EEG). This review provides an overview of this developing area, and examines the disease-specific mechanisms underlying walking or balance deficits. Medline, PubMed, PsychInfo and Scopus databases were searched. Articles that described cortical activity during walking and balance tasks in older adults and in those with PD were screened by the reviewers...
July 2018: Maturitas
Lynne Coventry, Dawn Branley
Electronic healthcare technology is prevalent around the world and creates huge potential to improve clinical outcomes and transform care delivery. However, there are increasing concerns relating to the security of healthcare data and devices. Increased connectivity to existing computer networks has exposed medical devices to new cybersecurity vulnerabilities. Healthcare is an attractive target for cybercrime for two fundamental reasons: it is a rich source of valuable data and its defences are weak. Cybersecurity breaches include stealing health information and ransomware attacks on hospitals, and could include attacks on implanted medical devices...
July 2018: Maturitas
A Godfrey, V Hetherington, H Shum, P Bonato, N H Lovell, S Stuart
Wearable technology (WT) has become a viable means to provide low-cost clinically sensitive data for more informed patient assessment. The benefit of WT seems obvious: small, worn discreetly in any environment, personalised data and possible integration into communication networks, facilitating remote monitoring. Yet, WT remains poorly understood and technology innovation often exceeds pragmatic clinical demand and use. Here, we provide an overview of the common challenges facing WT if it is to transition from novel gadget to an efficient, valid and reliable clinical tool for modern medicine...
July 2018: Maturitas
Nini H Jonkman, Kimberley S van Schooten, Andrea B Maier, Mirjam Pijnappels
eHealth solutions are increasingly being applied to deliver interventions for promoting an active lifestyle in the general population but also in older people. Objective assessment of daily physical activity (PA) is essential to accurately and reliably evaluate the effectiveness of such interventions. This review presents an overview of eHealth interventions that focus on promoting PA in community-dwelling older people, and discusses the methods used to objectively assess PA, and the effectiveness of the eHealth interventions in increasing PA...
July 2018: Maturitas
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