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Animal Reproduction Science

Xiao-Xia Li, Ping-Hua Cao, Wen-Xia Han, Ya-Kun Xu, Hua Wu, Xue-Li Yu, Jun-Yi Chen, Fan Zhang, Ying-Hua Li
The aim of the present study was to compare differences in composition between in vitro cultured early developmental embryos resulting from either in vitro fertilization (IVF) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Non-invasive metabolomic profiling of culture media was conducted with laser tweezer Raman spectroscopy (LTRS), providing molecular information that was used to aid the diagnosis or treatment of embryos that were adversely affected by ICSI treatment, ultimately improving the ICSI embryonic developmental potential...
July 6, 2018: Animal Reproduction Science
Yue Liu, Harry Grier, Terrence R Tiersch
Previous studies of sperm cryopreservation of livebearing fish have been limited to two genera within the family Poeciliidae. The goal of the present study was to investigate the feasibility to produce live young of livebearing goodeids (family Goodeidae) with cryopreserved sperm, using aquarium-trade populations of the endangered species Redtail Splitfin (Xenotoca eiseni, Rutter, 1896). Reproductive condition of females was evaluated by histological categorization of ovarian development. A total of 117 females were inseminated with cryopreserved sperm, 81 were inseminated with fresh sperm, 27 were mixed with males for natural breeding, and 30 were maintained without males or insemination...
June 30, 2018: Animal Reproduction Science
M Hidalgo, C Consuegra, J Dorado, M Diaz-Jimenez, I Ortiz, B Pereira, R Sanchez, F Crespo
Vitrification is based on rapid freezing by direct exposure of sperm to liquid nitrogen (LN2 ). This study evaluated the effect of non-permeable CPAs and equilibration temperature on stallion sperm quality after vitrification. In Experiment 1, different concentrations of sucrose (20, 50, 100 mM; mmol/L) and bovine serum albumin (BSA 1%, 5%, 10%) were compared including different temperatures for the equilibration (≈22 °C or 5 °C). Vitrification was performed dropping 30 μl sperm suspension directly into LN2...
June 30, 2018: Animal Reproduction Science
Xiaojing Zhu, Chunyang Guo, Chongyuan Lin, Danli Wang, Chunlin Wang, Shanliang Xu
The aim of the study was to examine seasonal variations in the estradiol-17β (E2 ) and testosterone (T) levels in the gonad of Mytilus coruscus in relation to the reproductive cycle. M. coruscus individuals were obtained from March 2012 to February 2013 and gonadal tissue was studied by histological analysis and transmission electron microscopy. Histological data revealed that gametogenesis occurs from autumn to winter (i.e., from September to January) when the water temperature is lower than the rest of the year, and spawning occurs in spring (i...
June 26, 2018: Animal Reproduction Science
Ayman Abdel-Aziz Swelum, Islam M Saadeldin, Hani Ba-Awadh, Abdullah N Alowaimer
The effects of a shortened photoperiod on the reproductive performance and hormones of mature dromedary camel bulls (Camelus dromedarius) were evaluated. A group of 6 bulls were blindfolded to induce a daily photoperiod that was ∼2.55 h shorter than the natural day length (10.83L:13.17D), whereas 6 others served as the control group. The trial started in June and continued for 10 weeks during the non-breeding season. The reproductive performance of all animals was evaluated weekly during this time and also during the breeding season, starting in December and continuing for 10 weeks...
June 25, 2018: Animal Reproduction Science
Mohammad Saeed Ahrari Khafi, Asghar Mogheiseh, Sina Salavati, Saghar Karimi
A thorough knowledge about anastomoses between uterine and ovarian arteries could have great impact in surgical interventions. The present study aimed to use an angiographic procedure to show the vascular relationship between uterus and ovaries, possible anastomoses between uterine arteries during pregnancy, blood supply to gestational sacs, and the vascular pattern in the uterus of a bitch with pyometra. Uteri from 6 dogs (3 non-pregnant, 2 pregnant, and one with a pyometra uterus) were collected after ovariohysterectomy...
June 25, 2018: Animal Reproduction Science
Gerhard van der Horst, Katarina Medger, Daniela Steckler, Ilse Luther, Paul Bartels
Computer aided sperm analysis systems allow detailed examination of sperm motility and morphology variables, which are important for the understanding of the spermatology of a species and the development of assisted reproductive techniques. Cetacean biology is too complex to study in the wild and data from captive individuals provide an important alternative for the conservation of these charismatic animals. The present study evaluates ejaculate and sperm characteristics, including sperm motility, kinematic variables and quantitative sperm morphology and ultrastructure, of consecutive ejaculates from Atlantic bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)...
June 22, 2018: Animal Reproduction Science
F M Abreu, T W Geary, M A Coutinho da Silva, L H Cruppe, M L Mussard, C A Madsen, T Martins, G A Bridges, B R Harstine, M L Day
Two experiments were conducted to investigate the role of relatively lesser and greater progesterone (P4) concentrations during early follicular development on ovulatory follicle growth and pregnancy rate in beef cattle. In Experiment 1, time of ovulation was synchronized with the 5 d CO-Synch + CIDR (Controlled Internal Drug Release) program in multiparous cows (n = 241). Six days after the 2nd GnRH injection of the pre-synchronization program (d 0), ablation of follicles ≥ 5 mm in the ovaries was performed and cows were assigned to receive either a previously used CIDR and 2x-25 mg PGF2α doses 8 h apart (LoP4), or a new CIDR (HiP4)...
June 22, 2018: Animal Reproduction Science
Romina Nuñez Favre, María Florencia García, María Carla García Mitacek, Ramiro Rearte, Christelle Fontaine, Rodolfo Luzbel de la Sota, María Alejandra Stornelli
The aim of the study was to determine the time after treatment with a 4.7 mg deslorelin implant until Tomcat spermatogenesis activity was restored, and seminal parameters reached pre-implant values. Tomcats (n = 6) were randomly assigned to one of two treatments. Three cats (n = 3) received a deslorelin implant (4.7 mG; Suprelorin® , Virbac, France) in the interscapular subcutaneous region whereas three (n = 3) received no implant and served as control group. Semen samples were collected by electroejaculation every 4 wk from 3 mo before treatment (pretreatment samples) until reestablishment of pre-treatment sperm quality, 32 mo post-implant insertion (PI)...
June 18, 2018: Animal Reproduction Science
A Kraisoon, C Navanukraw, W Inthamonee, T Bunma
The objective of this study was to examine effects of sunflower (SO) and palm oil (PO) supplements in the diet on embryonic development, luteal size and blood flow area, PGF2α metabolite (PGFM), and progesterone (P4) concentrations. Prepartum cows (n = 42) were randomly assigned to one of three dietary treatments (control, 4% PO, and 4% SO supplements). Animals were fed diets individually from day 28 prepartum to day 111 postpartum. Luteal size and blood flow area were determined throughout the estrous cycle by Doppler ultrasonography...
June 13, 2018: Animal Reproduction Science
Mohd Amran Aaqillah-Amr, Ariffin Hidir, Mat Noordin Noordiyana, Mhd Ikhwanuddin
This study describes the fatty acids, total carotenoids, and cell diameter characteristics of the female ovary and hepatopancreas of the mud crab, Scylla olivacea, with comparisons at different ovarian maturation stages. Seventy-one S. olivacea individuals at all stages of ovarian maturation were sampled from the Setiu wetlands, Terengganu, Malaysia. The ovary and hepatopancreas of each crab were used for morphological studies, histological and biochemical analyses (fatty acid composition and total carotenoids)...
June 9, 2018: Animal Reproduction Science
Bibiana Noal Ribas, Daniele Missio, Isac Junior Roman, Normélio Alves Neto, Izaias Claro, Daniela Dos Santos Brum, Fabio Gallas Leivas
This study aimed to evaluate the effect of equine chorionic gonadotrophin (eCG) stimulation prior to ovum pick-up (OPU) on follicular development, number and quality of recovered oocytes, fertilization rate, and early embryo development in vitro. There were four OPU sessions (cross over) conducted on 16 Braford cows to evaluate the effect of various eCG doses. The timing of the wave of ovarian follicular development was synchronized, and three days after, the respective eCG dose was administrated (0, 200, 400, or 800 IU)...
June 9, 2018: Animal Reproduction Science
Karim Benhenia, Hamza Rahab, Mustapha-Adnane Smadi, Hamza Benmakhlouf, Ali Lamara, Takfarinas Idres, Mokrane Iguer-Ouada
Vitamin E is a potent molecule, especially when loaded in cyclodextrin, in modulating oxidative stress during the freeze-thawing process. The present study aimed to investigate the effect of different concentrations of cyclodextrin-vitamin E complex (CD-Vit E) on cryopreserved ram sperm. Ejaculates collected from five adult rams were pooled and divided into four aliquots. All aliquots were treated in Tris-extender (Tris-glucose-citric acid) containing 2 mg cholesterol-loaded methyl-β- cyclodextrin/120 × 106 spermatozoa and either 0 (Control), 2, 4 or 6 mg CD-Vit E/120 × 106 spermatozoa, corresponding to 0, 0...
June 6, 2018: Animal Reproduction Science
Mariana Rita Fiorimanti, María Belén Rabaglino, Andrea Lorena Cristofolini, Cecilia Inés Merkis
Angiopoietins (Ang-1, Ang-2) participate in vascular development and placental growth, both bind to Tie-2. This study aimed to determine the localization of angiopoietins in placental development of sows by immunohistochemistry and to validate the gene expression during gestation through a bioinformatic approach. Samples were collected from fifteen maternal-fetal interface from approximately 30 (n = 5), 60 (n = 5) and 114 (n = 5) days of gestation for immunohistochemistry. A bioinformatic approach was performed by re-analysis of public datasets to determine the increase or decrease of genes involved in angiogenesis during pregnancy...
June 2, 2018: Animal Reproduction Science
Viviane Maria Codognoto, Paulo Henrique Yamada, Rúbia Alves Schmith, Felipe Rydygier de Ruediger, Caroline Scott, Patrícia de Faria Lainetti, Suzane Brochine, Camila de Paula Freitas-Dell'Aqua, Fabiana Ferreira de Souza, Eunice Oba
The objective of the present study was to describe the proteins from the seminal plasma of buffalo and correlate these proteins with sperm motility. Ejaculates from sixteen Murrah buffalo were used. Semen collection was performed by electroejaculation, and the ejaculate was evaluated by macroscopic (volume) and microscopic analysis (subjective motility and vigor, as well as sperm concentration). After the analysis, the samples were centrifuged (800g for 10 min and 10,000 for 30 min at 4 °C), and the supernatant (seminal plasma) was used to determine total protein concentration by the Bradford method...
June 2, 2018: Animal Reproduction Science
Qingqing Li, Xiaolong Yuan, Zitao Chen, Ailing Zhang, Zhe Zhang, Hao Zhang, Jiaqi Li
Age at puberty closely correlates to the lifetime reproductive performance in sows. This study aimed to estimate the heritability of age at puberty and analyze the effect of age at puberty on lifetime reproductive performance in sows. In total, 1492 Duroc, 2142 Landrace and 3176 Yorkshire gilts with pubertal records were collected from two genetically independent breeding farms in southern China. Heritability estimates of age at puberty were 0.25-0.42. Based on the distribution of age at puberty, gilts in each breed were classified into 1) early puberty (EP); 2) intermediate puberty (IP); and 3) late puberty (LP)...
May 30, 2018: Animal Reproduction Science
A Hidir, M A Aaqillah-Amr, M N Noordiyana, M Ikhwanuddin
Recently, there has been a growing interest in the ovarian maturation of mud crabs, genus Scylla. Studies regarding the factors that affect ovarian maturation in mud crabs, however, are still lacking. This study, therefore, evaluates the relationship between diet and internal physiological changes of female orange mud crabs, Scylla olivacea. Sixty female adult S. olivacea were sampled from Setiu Wetland, Malaysia. Foreguts were sampled to study fullness and content. The hepatopancreas was sampled to study digestive enzyme activity, biochemical composition, and histology...
May 30, 2018: Animal Reproduction Science
Camille Gautier, Kathrin Schmidt, Jörg Aurich, Christine Aurich
The hypothesis in this study was continuous treatment of stallions with the GnRH agonist deslorelin inhibits reproductive functions. A 2-week pre-experimental period was followed by an 11-week deslorelin implant treatment. Stallions received 4.7 (D1, n = 7), or 18.8 mg deslorelin (D2, n = 5) or remained untreated (C, n = 5). Libido, sperm motility, membrane integrity, DNA fragmentation, estrogen receptors, basal plasma testosterone and Anti Muellerian hormone (AMH) concentrations were evaluated once weekly during the treatment period...
May 26, 2018: Animal Reproduction Science
Abouzar Najafi, Ramezan Ali Taheri, Mahdieh Mehdipour, Gholamreza Farnoosh, Felipe Martínez-Pastor
Antioxidants may ameliorate the effects of the freeze-thawing stress on cryopreserved spermatozoa. Lycopene is an effective antioxidant yet to be tested for rooster sperm cryopreservation and nanoliposomes, a technology recently applied to sperm cryopreservation, could improve conservation and antioxidant delivery to spermatozoa. Therefore, we evaluated the effect of 0.1, 0.2, and 0.3 mM lycopene and lycopene-loaded nanoliposomes (LnL) on the cryopreservation of rooster sperm in Beltsville extender. Post-thawing evaluation included sperm motility, membrane integrity, abnormal morphology, mitochondria activity, apoptotic status, malondialdehyde (MDA) and antioxidant activities: Glutathione peroxidase (GPx), superoxide dismutase (SOD) and total antioxidant capacity (TAC)...
May 25, 2018: Animal Reproduction Science
Alicia Steel, Rebecca Z Athorn, Christopher G Grupen
There is a need for an early marker for reproductive success in gilts as the traditional process for selecting breeding females is inefficient. There is evidence that circulating anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) is indicative of ovarian reserve, antral follicle populations, gonadotropin responsiveness and fertility in various species other than the pig. Additionally, oestradiol (E2) has been shown to mark antral follicle populations in cattle and pregnancy outcomes in women, after gonadotropin treatment. The aims of this study were to determine whether 1) serum levels of AMH or E2, prior to or after gonadotropin injection at 60, 80 or 100 days of age, and 2) hormonal changes in response to gonadotropin stimulation (i...
May 24, 2018: Animal Reproduction Science
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