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Singapore Dental Journal

Richa Khatri, Jeevanand Deshmukh, Ratika Shrivastava, Saurabh Gupta, Abhishek Kawadkar, K Vinaya Kumar
OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to assess the interrelationship between periodontitis and atherosclerosis by comparing the ultrasound and clinical markers of atherosclerosis in systemically healthy patients with and without periodontitis and whether periodontitis can be an independent risk factor for atherosclerosis. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Total 40 subjects, of same socioeconomic status, belonging to age group of 35-65 years, were recruited and divided into two groups - Group I (Chronic Generalised Periodontitis without any systemic disease: CP-SH), Group II (Normal healthy patients without periodontitis and any systemic disease - SH)...
December 2016: Singapore Dental Journal
Peter Yu Tsao Pan, Wendy Wang Chia Wei, Ling Loh Poey, Liang Shen, Victoria Yu Soo Hoon
A well-constructed essay is indicative of deep strategic understanding and is considered a valid assessment tool in many dental schools. It has been suggested that constructing MCQs could be an effective learning tool for students while at the same time contribute towards a pool of well-constructed MCQs that could stand up to scrutiny at high-stakes examinations. This study aimed to compare the quality of essays written by students trained and untrained in MCQ construction. The null hypothesis was that construction of MCQs did not result in higher grades achieved in "closed-book" time-limited assessment conditions...
December 2016: Singapore Dental Journal
Virender Gombra, Mandeep Kaur, Keya Sircar, Deepika Bablani Popli
Solitary pigmented melanocytic intraoral lesions of the oral cavity are rare. Oral nevus is a congenital or acquired benign neoplasm. Oral compound nevus constitutes 5.9%-16.5% of all oral melanocytic nevi. The oral compound nevus is commonly seen on hard palate and buccal mucosa and rarely on other intraoral sites. The objective of this article is to present a rare case report of oral compound nevus in the retromolar pad region along with a review of literature. A 22 year old female reported with a solitary black pigmented papule at retromolar pad region which was surgically removed and microscopic investigation confirmed the diagnosis of oral compound nevus...
December 2016: Singapore Dental Journal
Palash Modi, Sakshi Aggarwal, Preetinder Bhatia, Palak Modi
Orthodontic treatment often requires extraction or distalization for gaining space. With both treatment modalities, emphasis has always been given to the simplicity and effectiveness of the treatment, time required for each visit, cost and minimum requirement of the inventory. To accomplish this, various appliances and auxiliaries have been designed in the past of which sliding jigs are commonly used. They pose various clinical problems of which time to fabricate them for each patient is one as they cannot be stored in a prefabricated form...
December 2016: Singapore Dental Journal
Dalia Abdullah, Suet Yeo Soo, Shalini Kanagasingam
BACKGROUND: Dental and maxillofacial injuries are one of the areas of concern highlighted in the Malaysian National Oral Health Plan 2011-2020. General dental practitioners (GDPs) have the responsibility of diagnosing and assessing dental trauma and determining the prognosis and outcomes of trauma along with its management. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the knowledge base and preferred methods of general dental practitioners regarding the management of avulsed tooth. METHODS: A random convenient sampling methodology was employed for sample selection...
December 2016: Singapore Dental Journal
Rahul Nair, Robert Yee
OBJECTIVE: To examine the differences in Willingness to pay (WTP) for an extraction, a filling, and cleaning of teeth among older adults with varying levels of Oral Health-related Quality of Life (OHQoL). BACKGROUND: OHQoL has been used extensively to measure utilities as reported by individuals of interest. Currently there are no reports that examine the WTP of individuals at various levels of OHQoL. METHODS: A convenience sample of adults 60 years or older were recruited...
December 2016: Singapore Dental Journal
Cristiana Antipa, Coralia Bleotu, Camelia Grancea, Andreea Oana Rosu, Gabriela Anton, Simona Ruta
BACKGROUND: Recent studies have suggested that latent herpes virus infections can be associated with chronic periodontal sites that exhibit a predisposition to disease progression. The aim of this study was to identify the possible relationship between infections with CMV and EBV and the severity of periodontal disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Fifty two patients aged between 27 and 70 years, diagnosed with periodontal disease were enrolled in the study after giving informed consent...
December 2016: Singapore Dental Journal
Sum Chee Peng
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 2016: Singapore Dental Journal
Dinesh Rokaya, Pokpong Amornvit, Binit Shrestha
Finger prosthesis often needs refabrication due to its discoloration following use. This article presents a novel, economical, and cost-effective technique to duplicate the patient׳s existing prosthesis to obtain a new wax replica, which is then clinically tried and processed to obtain new silicone finger prosthesis. This technique requires comparatively less clinical and laboratory steps as to fabricate an entirely new prosthesis. The newly fabricated silicone finger prosthesis has the fit and marginal adaptation of the patient׳s existing prosthesis but the esthetics is improved...
December 2015: Singapore Dental Journal
Nanditha Suresh, Balamanikandasrinivasan Chandrasekaran, Senthilkumar Muthusamy, Sathya Kannan, Kavitha Muthu
BACKGROUND: Application of principles of electrocautery for hemostasis dates back to prehistoric times. Its modern implementation in various fields of general and head and neck surgeries have been well documented. However its usage in minor oral surgical procedures has gained popularity only recently. Complications associated with electro-surgery in the dental field are relatively rare and there is insufficient literature on its management. CASE REPORT: We present a case report on management of an electrosurgery induced osteonecrosis involving maxillary alveolus of left premolars...
December 2015: Singapore Dental Journal
Afaf Zia, Syed Mukhtar-Un-Nisar Andrabi, Shagufta Qadri, Afshan Bey
Necrotizing periodontitis is a distinct and specific disease characterized by rapidly progressing ulceration of the interdental gingiva and then spreading along the gingival margins and leading to acute destruction of periodontal tissues. Necrotizing ulcerative gingival lesions are common in developing countries because of poor nutritional status, poor oral hygiene and debilitating conditions. In the developed world it is mostly seen in patients with the HIV infections and other immune system dysfunctions. The exact etiology of the necrotizing lesions is still unknown; however a fuso-spirochaetal infection along with weakened host immune system seems to play a major role in the pathogenesis of these diseases...
December 2015: Singapore Dental Journal
Prashant Monga, Nitika Bajaj, Pardeep Mahajan, Shiwani Garg
Biomechanical preparation is one of the most important steps in endodontic therapy. Rotary instrumentation has facilitated this step. Nowadays the market is flooded with different types of rotary instruments. The present study compared the root dentinal crack formation with continuous rotating versus reciprocating root canal preparation methods. One hundred and fifty freshly extracted teeth were used for the study. They were divided into 5 groups with 30 teeth in each group. Thirty teeth were kept under control group A and no root canal preparation was done for this group...
December 2015: Singapore Dental Journal
Wendy C W Wang, Takanori Suzuki
This case report utilized a patient's natural teeth as provisional restorations supported by immediately placed implants to provide a seamless transition from hopeless teeth to implant supported restorations.
December 2015: Singapore Dental Journal
Su-Hwan Kim, Su-Yeon Lee, Yong-Moo Lee, Young-Kyoo Lee
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are short, noncoding RNAs that act as key regulators of diverse biological processes by mediating translational repression or mRNA degradation of target genes. Recent studies discovered miRNAs in saliva, and these miRNAs are promising candidates for use as biomarkers of dental diseases. In this review, the results of miRNA studies in the dental field are presented, and a brief overview of the current progress, limitations, and perspectives regarding miRNA biomarkers for dental diseases is given...
December 2015: Singapore Dental Journal
Ngo Di Ying Joanna, William Murray Thomson
This paper presents an overview of dry mouth, an important condition in the older population. Dry mouth will first be defined, followed by consideration of its occurrence. There will then be an overview of the leading causes of dry mouth. Next, the impact of dry mouth will be discussed in order to explain why it is a significant condition. Lastly, there will be a brief description of the diagnosis and management of dry mouth.
December 2015: Singapore Dental Journal
Mahul Patel, Aws Alani
Occlusal diagnosis plays an important role in the planning and subsequent delivery of predictable functional and aesthetic restorations and prostheses. Once an occlusal problem is identified there are a number of techniques and materials that can be utilised to record occlusal relationships, subsequently analyse them and incorporate information obtained into the delivery of tooth restoration or replacement. This paper discusses the clinical and technical aspects of occlusal examination and analysis outlining contemporary and traditional techniques in their utilisation...
December 2015: Singapore Dental Journal
(no author information available yet)
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
December 2015: Singapore Dental Journal
Binit Shrestha, Reiyal Goveas, Sita Thaworanunta
Restoration of orbital defects with silicone prosthesis has been a well-documented and accepted treatment option. Adhesive retained prosthesis offer the patients with adequate retention and treatment satisfaction. However, marginal breakdown and discoloration are common problems associated with these prostheses, necessitating their refabrication. Fabrication of a silicone orbital prosthesis is time consuming and requires multiple clinical and laboratory procedures. This technical article describes simple and cost effective steps for rapid fabrication of a silicone prosthesis using conventional methods...
December 2014: Singapore Dental Journal
Manoj Mahadeo Ramugade, Kishor Dattatray Sapkale, Sachin Shashikant Metkari
Discovery of multiple foreign objects in the root canal is unusual and their removal is often difficult and challenging procedure. Entrapment of the foreign object in the pulp chamber or in root canal usually occur accidentally in children with the habit of chewing or placing various objects in the oral cavity. Clinically it was often encountered in tooth with wide carious lesion, exposed pulp chamber due to trauma or tooth left open for the drainage during root canal treatment. This impacted foreign body may act as a potential source of pain or infection...
December 2014: Singapore Dental Journal
D Sardana, A Goyal, K Gauba
BACKGROUND: Avulsion is one of the most serious injuries of the tooth which is most commonly seen in young children and occurs in the upper front teeth. Immediate transplantation of the avulsed tooth is recommended treatment and results in good prognosis although this may not be always possible. CASE REPORT: The present case highlights the 3-year follow-up of delayed replantation (after 15h) of maxillary central incisor which was avulsed due to trauma. The complications seen in the present case were ankylosis and inflammatory resorption, but clinically the tooth was asymptomatic and maintains the esthetics of the individual signifying the importance of delayed replantation even after prolonged extra-oral time...
December 2014: Singapore Dental Journal
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