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Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo

Camila Freze Baez, Flavia Savassi-Ribas, Wilker Menezes da Rocha, Stéphanie G S Almeida, Marianna T V Gonçalves, Maria Angelica A M Guimarães, Silvia Maria B Cavalcanti, Rafael B Varella
The aim of this study was to investigate the association of EBV and HPV with gingivitis and/or periodontitis according to the immunologic status. To this end, 74 oral biopsies from transplanted and non-transplanted individuals with the abovementioned oral manifestations were submitted to a screening by PCR for both viruses. According to the results, EBV was strongly associated with gingivitis and/or periodontitis in transplanted individuals (p = 0.011) but not HPV (p = 0.766). EBV-HPV co-detections did not enhance the presence of tissue injury as well...
July 11, 2016: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Flávia Fonseca Fernandes, Victor Oliveira Alves, Tarquino Erastides Gavilanes Sánchez, Wagner Diniz de Paula, Alfredo Nicodemos Cruz Santana
A previously healthy, 52-year-old woman presented with a nine months history of low fever and weight loss (> 30 kg). Physical examination disclosed generalized lymphadenopathy, skin lesions, abdominal distension, mild tachypnea and a left breast mass. Laboratory tests showed anemia; (prerenal) kidney injury, low serum albumin level; and negative serology for HIV and viral hepatitis. Computed tomography (neck/chest/abdomen) showed generalized lymph node enlargement, splenomegaly, pleural effusion and ascites...
July 11, 2016: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Paulo Eduardo Neves Ferreira Velho, Maria Ângela Bellomo-Brandão, Marina Rovani Drummond, Renata Ferreira Magalhães, Gabriel Hessel, Maria de Lourdes Barjas-Castro, Cecília Amélia Fazzio Escanhoela, Gilda Maria Barbaro Del Negro, Thelma Suely Okay
Severe anemia and cholestatic hepatitis are associated with bartonella infections. A putative vertical Bartonella henselae infection was defined on the basis of ultrastructural and molecular analyses in a three-year-old child with anemia, jaundice and hepatosplenomegaly since birth. Physicians should consider bartonellosis in patients with anemia and hepatitis of unknown origin.
July 11, 2016: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Íria Márcia Pereira, Sarah Buzaim Lima, Aline de Araújo Freitas, Marina Clare Vinaud, Ruy de Souza Lino Junior
Human cysticercosis is one of the most severe parasitic infections affecting tissues. Experimental models are needed to understand the host-parasite dynamics involved throughout the course of the infection. The subcutaneous experimental model is the closest to what is observed in human cysticercosis that does not affect the central nervous system. The aim of this study was to evaluate macroscopically and microscopically the experimental subcutaneous cysticercosis caused by Taenia crassiceps cysticerci in BALB/c and C57BL/6 mice...
July 11, 2016: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Salwa Dawaki, Hesham Mahyoub Al-Mekhlafi, Init Ithoi, Jamaiah Ibrahim, Awatif Mohammed Abdulsalam, Abdulhamid Ahmed, Hany Sady, Wahib Mohammed Atroosh, Mona Abdullah Al-Areeqi, Fatin Nur Elyana, Nabil Ahmed Nasr, Johari Surin
Schistosomiasis remains one of the most prevalent neglected tropical diseases especially in Nigeria which has the greatest number of infected people worldwide. A cross-sectional study was conducted among 551 participants from Kano State, North Central Nigeria. Fecal samples were examined for the presence of Schistosoma mansoni eggs using the formalin-ether sedimentation method while the urine samples were examined using the filtration technique for the presence of S. haematobium eggs. Demographic, socioeconomic and environmental information was collected using a pre-validated questionnaire...
July 11, 2016: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Ana Carolina Costa Reis, Susana Regia da Silva Santos, Siane Campos de Souza, Milena Góes Saldanha, Thassila Nogueira Pitanga, Ricardo Riccio Oliveira
OBJECTIVE: To identify the main bacterial species associated with community-acquired urinary tract infection (UTI) and to assess the pattern of ciprofloxacin susceptibility among bacteria isolated from urine cultures. METHODS: We conducted a retrospective study in all the patients with community-acquired UTI seen in Santa Helena Laboratory, Camaçari, Bahia, Brazil during five years (2010-2014). All individuals who had a positive urine culture result were included in this study...
July 11, 2016: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Leonardo Duarte Sobreira Luna, Douglas de Sousa Soares, Geraldo Bezerra da Silva Junior, Malena Gadelha Cavalcante, Lara Raissa Cavalcante Malveira, Gdayllon Cavalcante Meneses, Eanes Delgado Barros Pereira, Elizabeth De Francesco Daher
BACKGROUND: The aim of this study is to describe clinical characteristics, outcomes and risk factors for death among patients with HIV-related acute kidney injury (AKI) admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU). METHODS: A retrospective study was conducted with HIV-infected AKI patients admitted to the ICU of an infectious diseases hospital in Fortaleza, Brazil. All the patients with confirmed diagnosis of HIV and AKI admitted from January 2004 to December 2011 were included...
July 11, 2016: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Edvânia Beatriz Dos Santos Pereira, Sâmara Lauren Cunha Rodrigues, Gustavo Henrique Bahia-DE-Oliveira, Suedali Villas Bôas Coelho, Ricardo Andrade Barata
Intestinal parasites are a major public health problem in developing countries, most prevalent in areas where sanitation is poor and the population's hygiene is inadequate. They affect people of all ages, although school-age children are the most susceptible. In this study, we investigated the presence of intestinal parasites in the shared environments of a public school in the town of Diamantina, Minas Gerais State. From December 2012 to February 2013, samples were collected for three months (once a month) by using the Graham method (1941), in duplicate, by affixing a 6 x 5 cm clear tape, six times in each collection site, in a space of about 30 cm2...
July 11, 2016: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Quezia Nunes Peres-Dias, Claudete Diniz Oliveira, Marcos Barbosa de Souza, Antônio de Medeiros Meira, Ciro Benigno Villanova
The municipality of Cantagalo is an area with sustained transmission of American Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (ACL). Monthly sand fly collections were performed for three years (June 2012 - May 2015) using a CDC light trap. A total of 3,310 specimens belonging to 12 species were trapped: Nyssomyia intermedia, Nyssomyia whitmani, Migonemyia migonei, Evandromyia lenti, Evandromyia cortelezzii, Micropygomyia quinquefer, Brumptomyia brumpti, Psathyromyia aragaoi, Micropygomyia schreiberi, Pintomyia fischeri, Sciopemyia sordellii, and Evandromyia edwardsi...
July 11, 2016: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Karla Spelta, Lucia M Diniz
BACKGROUND: Tuberculosis is a serious health problem in Brazil so that the knowledge on the aspects of cutaneous tuberculosis is medically important. OBJECTIVE: To assess the characteristics of patients with cutaneous tuberculosis treated at the Cassiano Antonio Moraes University Hospital, located in the city of Vitória, State of Espírito Santo, Brazil. METHODS: This is a retrospective, descriptive, observational and cross-sectional study using the medical records of 29 patients with cutaneous tuberculosis treated at the Dermatology and Pulmonology services of the hospital from 1986 to 2011...
July 11, 2016: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Claudio Nazaretian Rossi, Thaise Yumie Tomokane, Luis Fábio da Silva Batista, Mary Marcondes, Carlos Eduardo Larsson, Márcia Dalastra Laurenti
Thirty-eight dogs naturally affected by visceral leishmaniasis were recruited in Araçatuba, São Paulo State, Brazil - an endemic area for visceral leishmaniasis. The animals were distributed into one of two groups, according to their clinical and laboratory features, as either symptomatic or asymptomatic dogs. Correlations between clinical features and inflammatory patterns, cellular immune responses, and parasitism in the macroscopically uninjured skin of the ear were investigated. Histological skin patterns were similar in both groups, and were generally characterized by a mild to intense inflammatory infiltrate in the dermis, mainly consisting of mononuclear cells...
July 11, 2016: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Francisco Afrânio Cunha, Kamila Rocha Maia, Eduardo José Jucá Mallman, Maria da Conceição Dos Santos Oliveira Cunha, Antonio Auberson Martins Maciel, Ieda Pereira de Souza, Everardo Albuquerque Menezes, Pierre Basílio Almeida Fechine
Nanotechnology can be a valuable ally in the treatment of infections. Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) are structures that have antimicrobial activity. The aim of this study was to produce AgNPs by green methods, characterize these structures, and assess their antimicrobial activity against Escherichia coli associated with the antibiotic ciprofloxacin. AgNPs were characterized by spectroscopic and microscopic techniques. Antimicrobial activity was evaluated by the disk diffusion method against 10 strains of E. coli...
2016: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Margarete do Socorro Mendonça Gomes, José Luiz Fernandes Vieira, Gustavo Capatti Cassiano, Lise Musset, Eric Legrand, Mathieu Nacher, Vanja Suely Calvosa D'Almeida Couto, Ricardo Luiz Dantas Machado, Álvaro Augusto Ribeiro D'Almeida Couto
Malaria is a major health problem for people who live on the border between Brazil and French Guiana. Here we discuss Plasmodium vivax distribution pattern in the town of Oiapoque, Amapá State using the circumsporozoite (CS) gene as a marker. Ninety-one peripheral blood samples from P. vivax patients have been studied. Of these, 64 individuals were from the municipality of Oiapoque (Amapá State, Brazil) and 27 patients from French Guiana (August to December 2011). DNA extraction was performed, and a fragment of the P...
2016: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Gilmar Ferreira Vita, Maria Angélica Vieira DA Costa Pereira, Ildemar Ferreira, Argemiro Sanavria, Celso Guimarães Barbosa, Rita de Cássia Martins Aurnheimer, Ericson Ramos de Mello, Claudia Bezerra da Silva, Rísia Brígida Gonçalves Cabral
The aim of the present study was to analyze the status of the American Tegumentary Leishmaniasis (ATL) in the state of Rio de Janeiro, from 2004 to 2013, through its spatiotemporal distribution. We also described variables considered relevant to the epidemiology of the disease, such as the clinical form, gender, ethnic group, age group, and progression of disease. This is a descriptive study, which used notified secondary data from the Brazilian Information System of Notifiable Diseases (SINAN), Ministry of Health, Brazil, regarding confirmed diagnoses...
2016: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Ali Rostami, Seyyed Javad Seyyedtabaei, Somayeh Aghamolaie, Hamed Behniafar, Zohreh Lasjerdi, Alireza Abdolrasouli, Saeed Mehravar, Cosme Alvarado-Esquivel
Toxoplasmosis is the fourth most common cause of hospitalization and the second cause of death due to food-borne infections. We conducted a cross-sectional study to determine the prevalence, disease awareness and risk factors associated with toxoplasmosis among rural communities in Northern Iran. Data were obtained from serological testing and from participant's questionnaires and were analyzed using a logistic regression. Of the 630 participants, 465 (73.8%), and 12 (1.9%) had IgG and both IgG and IgM anti-Toxoplasma gondii antibodies, respectively...
2016: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Thais Pandini Figueiredo, Rosymar Coutinho de Lucas, Rodrigo Anselmo Cazzaniga, Carolina Nunes França, Fernando Segato, Rafael Taglialegna, Claudia Maria Leite Maffei
Cryptococcosis is a leading invasive fungal infection in immunocompromised patients. Considering the high prevalence and severity of these infections in immunocompromised patients attended at HC-FMRP-USP, the present research aimed to characterize the clinical isolates of Cryptococcus strains by biochemical and molecular methods and evaluate antifungal susceptibility of clinical isolates. Fifty isolates from 32 HIV-positive patients were obtained at HC-FMRP-USP. Most of the isolates (78.1%) were identified as C...
2016: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Marcelo Rosandiski Lyra, Sonia Regina Lambert Passos, Maria Inês Fernandes Pimentel, Sandro Javier Bedoya-Pacheco, Cláudia Maria Valete-Rosalino, Erica Camargo Ferreira Vasconcellos, Liliane Fatima Antonio, Mauricio Naoto Saheki, Mariza Mattos Salgueiro, Ginelza Peres Lima Santos, Madelon Noato Ribeiro, Fatima Conceição-Silva, Maria Fatima Madeira, Jorge Luiz Nunes Silva, Aline Fagundes, Armando Oliveria Schubach
American tegumentary leishmaniasis is an infectious disease caused by a protozoan of the genus Leishmania. Pentavalent antimonials are the first choice drugs for cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL), although doses are controversial. In a clinical trial for CL we investigated the occurrence of pancreatic toxicity with different schedules of treatment with meglumine antimoniate (MA). Seventy-two patients were allocated in two different therapeutic groups: 20 or 5 mg of pentavalent antimony (Sb5+)/kg/day for 20 or 30 days, respectively...
2016: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Léia Regina de Souza Alcântara, Izabel Galhardo Demarchi, Sandra Mara Alessi Aristides
Leishmaniases are infectious diseases caused by protozoa of the genus Leishmania. They are widely distributed worldwide and endemic in 88 countries in four continents. The present study analyzed the reported cases of American Tegumentary Leishmaniasis (ATL) in Paraná State (Brazil) from January 2007 to December 2013. The data were grouped according to Regional Health (RH) districts and macroregions, which allowed visualization of the reality in each region in the state. A total of 2,879 ATL cases were reported and distributed among the 22 RH districts, with an average detection rate of 3...
2016: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Rosiléia Marinho de Quadros, Paulo Henrique Exterchoter Weiss, Sandra Marcia Tietz Marques, Luiz Claudio Miletti
Giardia duodenalis is an enteric parasite that has distinct genetic groups. Human infections are mainly caused by assemblages A and B, although sporadic infections by assemblages C and D have also been reported. Animals can be infected by a wide range of assemblages (A to H). The aim of this study is to identify the assemblages and sub-assemblages of G. duodenalis with zoonotic features in fecal samples of school-aged children, and in dogs that coexist in the same households in Lages, Santa Catarina, Brazil...
2016: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
Valter Oberdan Borges de Oliveira, Juliana Passos Rocha Oliveira, Eloy Vianey Carvalho de França, Hugo Leite de Farias Brito, Tereza Virgínia Nascimento, Alex França
Introduction: According to the guidelines, the viral load of 2,000 IU/mL is considered the level to differentiate between inactive carriers and HBeAg(-) chronic hepatitis B patients. Even so, liver damage may be present in patients with lower viral load levels, mainly related to regional variations. This study aims to verify the presence of liver injury in patients with viral load below 2,000 IU/mL. Methods: Patients presenting HBsAg(+) for more than six months, Anti-HBe(+)/HBeAg(-), viral load below 2,000 IU/mL and serum ALT levels less than twice the upper limit of normality underwent liver biopsy...
2016: Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo
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