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Folia Biologica (Krakow)

Lidia Kołodziejczyk, Wojciech Podraza, Bolesław Gonet, Ewa Dzika, Danuta I Kosik-Bogacka
The aim of this study was to determine the effect of an extremely low-frequency magnetic field (ELFMF) on the production of liver fluke larvae in a parasite-host system: Fasciola hepatica--Galba truncatula. Both F. hepatica eggs and F. hepatica-infected snails were exposed to an ELFMF (50 Hz, 2.0 mT) for 14 days and 36 days, respectively. F. hepatica-infected snails were divided into 4 groups, 10 specimens each. The snails of groups I and II were infected with F. hepatica larvae--miracidia obtained from control cultures, while the snails of groups III and IV were infected with miracidia reared from eggs that had been incubated in an ELFMF...
2016: Folia Biologica (Krakow)
Patrycja Zagata, Magdalena Greczek-Stachura, Sebastian Tarcz, Maria Rautian
Paramecium bursaria (Ehrenberg 1831), a freshwater ciliate, typically harbors hundreds of green algal symbionts inside the cell. The aim of present study was the molecular identification of newly analyzed P. bursaria symbionts. The second aspect of the present survey was testing a hypothesis whether endosymbionts prefer the specified syngen of the host, and the specified geographical distribution. Ten strains of endosymbionts isolated from strains of P. bursaria originating from different geographical locations were studied...
2016: Folia Biologica (Krakow)
Katarzyna Stadnicka, Magdalena Bodnar, Andrzej Marszałek, Anna Bajek, Tomasz Drewa, Grazyna Płucienniczak, Luiza Chojnacka-Puchta, Violetta Cecuda-Adamczewska, Aleksandra Dunisławska, Marek Bednarczyk
This work shows the usefulness of chicken oviduct epithelial cells (COEC) in evaluating the efficacy of non-viral expression vectors carrying human therapeutic genes. Secondly, an efficient source of progenitor COEC for in vitro studies is described. Within the distal part of the oviduct, weak to moderate expression of a trans membrane glycoprotein (CD44) was observed. Single cells presenting only weak expression of CD44 were found in magnum sections. in vitro cultured oviduct cells originating from the distal oviduct were suitable for subculturing and showed a stable proliferation potential up to the 2nd passage...
2016: Folia Biologica (Krakow)
Ewa Pecka-Kiełb, Jolanta Bujok, Dorota Miśta, Bozena Króliczewska, Justyna Górecka, Wojciech Zawadzki
The aim of this study was to evaluate wild boar (Sus scrofa scrofa) caecal and colon products of microbial activity including short chain fatty acids (SCFA), ammonia and methane concentrations. The in vitro method was applied to caecal and colon contents after 12 and 24-hour incubation with the substrate (wheat bran), or without any additive (control samples). The pH was also measured in each sample. In samples incubated with the substrate, a lower pH was noted as compared to the control (P < 0.001). In terms of the total SCFA concentration, the hindgut microbial fermentation pattern of wild boar was characterized by a high acetate level, followed by propionate and then butyrate at a ratio of 7:1...
2016: Folia Biologica (Krakow)
Vilmar Machado, Jose Serrano, Jose Galián
The fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda, Noctuidae, Lepidoptera) is one of the most important crop pests in the Americas, causing significant damage to maize, rice and sorghum. The mechanisms that determine its defences against pathogens are particularly relevant for the development of management and control strategies. We used an in silico approach to identify and characterize pathogen response genes (repat) present in different tissue libraries of S. fugiperda. The analyses revealed complete cDNA for nine repat genes; of these, repat15 and repat39 were found in libraries from a specific tissue--the midgut of larvae fed with xenobiotic substances...
2016: Folia Biologica (Krakow)
Grazyna Furgała-Selezniow, Małgorzata Jankun, Roman Kujawa, Joanna Nowosad, Maria Biłas, Dariusz Kucharczyk, Andrzej Skrzypczak
The ontogeny of the digestive tract was studied histologically in burbot, Lota lota L., from hatching to 42 days post-hatch (dph). At hatching, the digestive tract consisted of a straight tube with discernible digestive accessory glands (the liver and the pancreas) dorsally attached to the yolk sac. Most of the yolk sac reserves were consumed during the first 12 days and were completely depleted by 17 dph. The first PAS-positive goblet cells appeared at 6 dph, dispersed within the epithelium of the oesophagus and increasing substantially in number and distribution as development progressed...
2016: Folia Biologica (Krakow)
Jacek Czepiel, Joanna Gdula-Argasińska, Aleksander Garlicki
The implications of circulating essential fatty acids (FA) on the inflammatory risk profile and clinical outcome are still unclear. In order to gain a deeper understanding of the role of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) in the pathogenesis of acute infection, we analyzed the FA content in red blood cell (RBC) membranes of patients with Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) and controls. We prospectively studied 60 patients including 30 patients with CDI and 30 controls to assess lipid concentrations in erythrocyte membranes using gas chromatography...
2016: Folia Biologica (Krakow)
Malgorzata Prajer
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2016: Folia Biologica (Krakow)
Marija Stanojević, Srdjan Lopicic, Zorica Jovanovic, Dhruba Pathak, Dragan V Pavlovic, Svetolik Spasic, Vladimir Nedeljkov, Milica Prostran
The effects of Mg2+ on Ni(2+)-induced epileptiform bursting activity and input membrane resistance during this activity of leech Retzius neurons were examined using intracellular recordings. To induce epileptiform activity, 3 mmol/l NiCl2 was added into superfusing Ringer (Ri) saline. To test for dose-dependence of the effects of Mg2+ on the induced epileptiform activity, MgCl2 was added in concentrations from 1 mmol/l to 20 mmol/l Mg2+ to the Ni(2+)-containing Ri saline. Input membrane resistance (IMR) was measured in standard Ri, Ni2+ Ri and 20 mmol/l Mg2+Ni2+ Ri saline...
2015: Folia Biologica (Krakow)
Nazar Shapoval, Vladimir Lukhtanov
In our study we use a 690 bp fragment of the COI gene to analyze a taxon from southern Greece, usually treated as Polyommatus (Agrodiaetus) iphigenia nonacriensis (Brown, 1977). The previous conclusions on taxonomy and nomenclature of P. (A.) iphigenia nonacriensis were not supported by molecular or cytological data, therefore the problem of identity of this taxon has remained unsolved. We found that with respect to COI haplotypes, P. (A.) iphigenia nonacriensis from Greece is similar to the studied populations of P...
2015: Folia Biologica (Krakow)
Maria Rautian, Ewa Przyboś, Alexandra Beliavskaia
Paramecium is one of the most studied genera among ciliates. In particular, it is a model organism for investigation of the sibling species problem (also known as the cryptic species problem), spatial distribution, and its role in speciation. The global distribution of Paramecium species and of sibling species belonging to the P. aurelia species complex (Ciliophora, Protista) still need study, e.g. sampling in some territories has been quite limited, while Europe has been investigated for years with the majority of the P...
2015: Folia Biologica (Krakow)
Piotr Niedbała, Olga Szeleszczuk, Marta Kuchta-Gładysz, Maria Joneczek, Małgorzata Dobrzyńska, Dorota Maj
The influence of two commercial and two laboratory oriented extenders on survival rate and DNA integrity of chinchilla (Chinchilla lanigera) sperm was determined during liquid storage. Semen was collected using an electroejaculator from 6 adult male chinchillas. Ejaculates (n = 16) were diluted with extenders to obtain a concentration of 40 x 10 (3) sperm/5 μl. After dilution the semen samples were stored at 4"C. The percent motility, progressive motility, and morphology were assessed conventionally, whereas DNA integrity was evaluated by Single Cell Gel Electrophoresis (comet) assay at 0 (just after dilution), 24, 48 and 72 h...
2015: Folia Biologica (Krakow)
Hesham Noaman Mustafa
Natural, products were studied to combat reproductive alterations of lead. The current work aimed to disclose the efficacy of Chlorella vulgaris and Zingiber officinale to alleviate lead acetate induced toxicity. Sixty adult male Wistar rats were distributed into four groups. Group 1 was considered control, group 2 received 200 mg/l PbAc water, group 3 received 50 mg/kg/rat of C. vulgaris extract and 200 mg/l PbAc water, and group 4 received 100 mg/kg/rat of Z. officinale and 200 mg/l PbAc water for 90 days...
2015: Folia Biologica (Krakow)
Iwona Łuszczewska-Sierakowska, Agata Wawrzyniak-Gacek, Tomasz Guz, Marcin R Tatara, Anna Charuta
The aim of the study was a quantitative examination of neurons of hippocampal subfields (CA1-CA4) in mature male Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus; syn. Alopex lagopus). The preparations were dyed using cresyl violet. Histological preparations were used to morphometricaly analyze the neurons of hippocampus. This analysis included the following parameters: average size of cells in μm, periphery of cells in μm, average cell area in μm2, percentage of cells in area and size of the largest and smallest cells in μm in CA1-CA4 fields...
2015: Folia Biologica (Krakow)
Vladimir A Lukhtanov, Olga A Khruleva
We use analysis of mitochondrial DNA barcodes in combination with published data on morphology to rearrange the taxonomy of two arctic species, Gynaephora groenlandica and G. rossii. We demonstrate that (1) the taxon lugens Kozhanchikov, 1948 originally described as a distinct species is a subspecies of Gynaephora rossii, and (2) the taxon kusnezovi Lukhtanov et Khruliova, 1989 originally described as a distinct species in the genus Dicallomera is a subspecies of Gynaephora groenlandica. We also provide the first evidence for the occurrence of G...
2015: Folia Biologica (Krakow)
Włodzimierz Korohoda, Jarosław Oczkowicz, Kamil Rolski, Damian Ryszawy, Zbigniew Madeja
The local anesthetics procaine, lidocaine and tetracaine permit the reversible detachment of viable cells and their passaging or preservation in a non-adherent state in the absence of proteolytic enzymes. The effects of these anesthetics, dissolved in various media, on cell viability, cell detachment from substrata and preservation of cells in a non-adherent state, were compared using the AT-2 line of rat prostate carcinoma cells of moderate malignancy and the 3T3 mouse fibroblast cell line. It was found that all three local anesthetics can induce cell rounding followed by detachment of over 95% of viable cells in both lines in Ca2+/Mg(2+)-free PBS...
2015: Folia Biologica (Krakow)
Katarzyna Grzelkowska-Kowalczyk, Kamil Grabiec, Justyna Tokarska, Małgorzata Gajewska, Maciej Błaszczyk, Marta Milewska
The extracellular matrix (ECM) is considered a part of the myogenesis signaling mechanism. we hypothesized that insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) modifies ECM during differentiation of mouse C2C12 cells. The myogenic effect of IGF-I (30 nmol/l) was manifested by increased myogenin and myosin heavy chain (MyHC) levels as well as fusion index (2.6 times over control) on the 3rd day of differentiation. IGF-I markedly augmented laminin, but not fibronectin. Cellular contents of integrin α3, α5 and β1 during 3-day differentiation increased in the presence of IGF-I...
2015: Folia Biologica (Krakow)
Kamila Dmochowska-Slezak, Ewa Zaobidna, Joanna Domeracka, Marta Swiatkowska, Małgorzata Rusznica, Krystyna Zółtowska
The red mason bee (Osmia bicornis) is a highly effective pollinator that is exposed to various xenobiotics. The organism's potential resistance to the toxic effects of xenobiotics can be determined based on cholinesterase activity. The activity of cholinesterases (ChEs) towards acetylcholine (ACh) and butyrylcholine (BCh) was determined in extracts of diapausing (between October and late March) and flying bees (May). In both males and females, enzyme activity was higher towards ACh than towards BCh. The ratio of ACh/BCh activity was determined in the range of 1...
2015: Folia Biologica (Krakow)
Joanna Czerwińska, Katarzyna Chojnowska, Tadeusz Kamiński, Iwona Bogacka, Grzegorz Panasiewicz, Nina Smolińska, Barbara Kamińska
Glucocorticoids (GCs) and adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) are major components of the classic endocrine stress response. Free-living vertebrates are characterized by circannual changes in the baseline and/or stress-induced secretion of GCs and ACTH. In mammalian species, GC and ACTH levels vary seasonally but there is no consensus to the season in which animals have elevated GC and ACTH levels. The aim of our study was to determine, for the first time, the type and amount of glucocorticoids produced in free-living beaver (Castor fiber L...
2015: Folia Biologica (Krakow)
Aneta Teległów, Jakub Marchewka, Zbigniew Tabarowski, Konrad Rembiasz, Jacek Głodzik, Anna Scisłowska-Czarnecka
The aim of the study was to examine potential differences in the morphological, rheological and biochemical blood parameters of winter swimmers who remained physically active during the period between the end of one winter swimming season and the beginning of another. The study included a group of healthy winter swimmers (n = 17, all between 30 and 60 years of age). Six months following the end of winter season, the levels of mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration and mean corpuscular hemoglobin turned out to be significantly higher, while erythrocyte count and hematocrit level significantly lower than at the baseline...
2015: Folia Biologica (Krakow)
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