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Archiwum Medycyny Sa̧dowej i Kryminologii

Piotr J Bochyński, Anna Karpiewska, Maciej Kuliczkowski, Tadeusz Dobosz
This article deals with traditional hunting amunitions in paper cases, intended for smooth-bore shotgun. The paper describes the development of gunshot cartridges in historical terms, with particular emphasis on the origins and development of systems, initiating the combustion of subsequent generations of propelling cargo. The work gives an author's look into the uprising process of an integrating gunshot cartridge. The article contains a number of information about historical cartridges, currently not to be found, their dimensions, markings and ignition systems...
2017: Archiwum Medycyny Sa̧dowej i Kryminologii
Grażyna Kostrzewa, Magdalena Konarzewska, Witold Pepiński
Aim of the study: We present the application of massively parallel sequencing (MPS) to extend the scope of analysis in a disputed paternity case. Material and methods: A standard paternity test comprising 16 autosomal STRs was performed by capillary electrophoresis (CE) using 3130xl Genetic Analyzer. Additionally, MPS was performed with ForenSeq DNA Signature Prep Kit and Illumina MiSeq FGx™ Forensic Genomics System. Paternity index (PI) was calculated using DNAStat v.2.1 software. Results: CE revealed two mismatches, at D21S11 and VWA, between the putative father and the child...
2017: Archiwum Medycyny Sa̧dowej i Kryminologii
Changiz Rostami, Khodabakhsh Karami, Salman Daliri, Afsaneh Mardani, Firouzeh Narimisa
Aim of the study: Suicide is a worldwide major public health problem. This study was carried out in Khuzestan province for the examination of the epidemiology of suicide. Material and methods: This is a descriptive-cross-sectional study on epidemiology of suicide in 23 township of Khuzestan provinces, during 2011 to 2014. Data were collected from records in Mental Health Units in Khuzestan Province which has located in South West of Iran. Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS-22 software. Results: from 11180 recorded suicides, about 60% were female and about 40% were male...
2017: Archiwum Medycyny Sa̧dowej i Kryminologii
Farkhonde Jamshidi, Glareh Fathi, Hannaneh Davoodzadeh
Introduction: Paraquat is the most important herbicide of bi-prides class which is used widely in agriculture part but in many countries such as Iran, this herbicide use for suicide. This study was conducted with the aim to investigating Paraquat poisoning in Khuzestan province of Iran. Material and methods: This study is a retrospective and statistic investigation in which 159 files of toxicity cases were investigated during 2004 to 2015. The patients were contacted to inquire into their health, after completing a questionnaire, the data was gathered and analyzed using SPSS software...
2017: Archiwum Medycyny Sa̧dowej i Kryminologii
Renata Jacewicz, Andrzej Ossowski, Olgierd Ławrynowicz, Maciej Jędrzejczyk, Adam Prośniak, Katarzyna Bąbol-Pokora, Marta Diepenbroek, Maria Szargut, Grażyna Zielińska, Jarosław Berent
It can be reasonably assumed that remains exhumed in 2012 and 2013 during archaeological explorations conducted in the Lućmierz Forest, an important area on the map of the German Nazi terror in the region of Lodz (Poland), are in fact the remains of a hundred Poles murdered by the Nazis in Zgierz on March 20, 1942. By virtue of a decision of the Polish Institute of National Remembrance's Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes Against the Polish Nation, the verification of this research hypothesis was entrusted to SIGO (Network for Genetic Identification of Victims) Consortium appointed by virtue of an agreement of December 11, 2015...
2017: Archiwum Medycyny Sa̧dowej i Kryminologii
Maciej Janica, Michał Szeremeta, Anna Bondar, Karolina Lomperta, Petra Drobuliakova, Anna Niemcunowicz-Janica
Aim of the study: The study presents the analysis of suicides based on the material consisting of the results of medico-legal autopsies and case files of the Department of Forensic Medicine of the Medical University of Bialystok. Material and methods: The material consisted of 6752 protocols of medico-legal autopsies carried out in the years 2003-2015 and case files, which enabled to classify cases as suicidal. The analysis included the dynamics of suicides over the years, basic demographic characteristics of victims, the ways, the time and place of suicide, the state of sobriety, the frequency of injuries in different regions of the body...
2017: Archiwum Medycyny Sa̧dowej i Kryminologii
Krystian Rygol
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
2016: Archiwum Medycyny Sa̧dowej i Kryminologii
Grzegorz Teresiński
The aim of the study was to present the current state and basis of functioning of an academic model of forensic expert activities in Poland and perspectives of their further development. The study material included information obtained from a preliminary survey among regional consultants within the ongoing activities of the national consultant team. The recently completed period of research infrastructure support within the policy of coherence of the European Union contributed to significant advances in scientific-educational potential of the majority of university forensic medicine centres...
2016: Archiwum Medycyny Sa̧dowej i Kryminologii
Magdalena Kwiatkowska, Małgorzata Brzozowska, Mieszko Olczak, Sylwia Tarka
The paper presents a rare case of injury to the brachiocephalic trunk wall during percutaneous tracheotomy. The complication developed in a post-cardiac arrest patient in a poor general condition. During hospitalization in the Intensive Care Unit, the patient suffered a haemorrhage directly from and around the endotracheal tube. After another episode of massive bleeding the patient died. The autopsy found that the source of the bleeding was injury to the brachiocephalic trunk.
2016: Archiwum Medycyny Sa̧dowej i Kryminologii
Katarzyna Skonieczna, Jan Styczyński, Anna Krenska, Mariusz Wysocki, Aneta Jakubowska, Tomasz Grzybowski
Aim of the study: In recent years, RNA analysis has been increasingly used in clinical and forensic genetics. Nevertheless, a major limitation of RNA-based applications is very low RNA stability in biological material, due to the RNAse activity. This highlights the need for improving the methods of RNA collection and storage. Technological approaches such as FTA Classic Cards (Whatman) could provide a solution for the problem of RNA degradation. However, different methods of RNA isolation from FTA cards could have diverse effects on RNA quantity and quality...
2016: Archiwum Medycyny Sa̧dowej i Kryminologii
Pradeep K Mishra, Rashmi Kulkarni, Mandar R Sane, Ajit Deshpande, Manish Kushwah
Aim of the study is to find out demographic profile, clinical characteristics and analysis of poison in clinical set up. The study carried out in Sri Aurobindo Medical College and PG Institute Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Total 75 cases of poisoning were studied for demographic profile, vitals (BP, pulse, heart rate, pupils, etc.), clinical features (such as vomiting, salivation, consciousness, etc.), type of poison and its analysis. Results: Poisoning was more common in cases between 15 and 25 years of age, in males than in females and in Hindu religion...
2016: Archiwum Medycyny Sa̧dowej i Kryminologii
Tomasz Konopka, Filip Bolechała, Marcin Strona, Paweł Kopacz
Aim of the study: To determine the circumstances which can be useful for offenders profiling in homicide cases with victim's body dismemberment. Material and methods: Study of all homicide cases with victim's corpse dismemberment examined in Krakow Department of Forensic Medicine over the last 50 years. Results: Within the past 50 years, a total number of 30 cases of homicides with dismembered bodies were examined in Krakow. 22 cases represent defensive mutilations performed by offender, 3 cases can be classified as offensive muti-lations and 3 cases represent aggressive mutilations - decapitation as a method of committing homicide...
2016: Archiwum Medycyny Sa̧dowej i Kryminologii
Iwona Ptaszyńska-Sarosiek, Karolina Filimoniuk, Urszula Cwalina, Anna Niemcunowicz-Janica
Aim of the study was to assess gunshot fatalities on the basis of post-mortem examination reports collected at the Department of Forensic Medicine in the Medical University of Białystok. Material and methods: The research covered 87 gunshot fatalities occurring in the Podlasie district (north-eastern Poland) over the period from 1964 to 2015. The analysis included demographic data such as the victims' gender, age, place of residence and such data as time of year, circumstances of the event and causes of death...
2016: Archiwum Medycyny Sa̧dowej i Kryminologii
Henryk Malewski, Vidmantas Egidijus Kurapka, Snieguolnė Matulienė, Žaneta Navickienė
The article investigates the characteristics and forms of cooperation between criminal investigation officers* and forensic laboratory specialists in pre-trial proceedings, as well as practical problems in such cooperation. Recently there have been a number of particularly heated debates about the relationship between determining a person possessing special knowledge and his/her status in pre-trial proceedings. Other discussed aspects include cooperation between entities involved in pre-trial proceedings in international contexts...
2016: Archiwum Medycyny Sa̧dowej i Kryminologii
Paulina Całka, Marzanna Ciesielka, Grzegorz Buszewicz, Grzegorz Teresiński
Alcohol dependence is both a medical and socioeconomic problem. The disease is multifactorial, i.e. its development is attributable to gene-gene and gene-environment interactions. Multi-centre studies investigating the genetic background of alcoholism stress the role of genes encoding enzymes of the ethanol decomposition pathway in the human body, particularly alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH), in the development of alcohol dependence. Among five classes of alcohol dehydrogenases, class I and IV isoenzymes have been found to be associated with alcohol dependence...
2016: Archiwum Medycyny Sa̧dowej i Kryminologii
Katarzyna Wochna, Anna K Smędra, Jarosław Berent, Szymon Szustowski
The presented paper illustrates the significance of dental documentation which played a key role in the process of identification of two unknown male cadavers by means of dental features examination. Efficient operations of the district prosecutor's office, which in both cases provided ante mortem dental documentation of a missing person likely to be the victim, led to double positive identification. In the first presented case dental examination proved to be more effective than genetics and contributed to closure of the identification procedures...
2016: Archiwum Medycyny Sa̧dowej i Kryminologii
Farkhonde Jamshidi, Ahmad Ghorbani, Sina Darvishi, Hannaneh Davoodzadeh
<b>Introduction</b>: Aluminium phosphide or rice tablet is one of the most common pesticides around the world. The substance releases phosphine gas in the presence of water, steam or stomach acid which can lead to poisoning. Phosphine poisoning is more about suicide the number of which is increasing day by day. Two-thirds of patients lose their lives. The aim of this study was to evaluate the data on the clinical epidemiology and laboratory changes in patients poisoned with rice tablets. <b>Material and methods</b>: A total of 23 patients poisoned by aluminium phosphide who referred to Ahvaz Razi hospital within the period of 2010-2015 were studied...
2016: Archiwum Medycyny Sa̧dowej i Kryminologii
Grzegorz Teresiński, Tomasz Cywka, Anna Milaszkiewicz
<b>Aim of the study</b>: In Poland, approximately several hundred of individuals die due to falls from a height annually; in some cases, it is difficult to determine explicitly whether the fall was caused by an accident or suicidal attempt. The aim of the study was to verify the usefulness of the 14-point Berghaus scale for differentiation of fatal falls from a height resulting from accidents or suicides. <b>Material and methods</b>: The study material included the results of post-mortem examinations of 41 fatalities of falls from a height performed in the Department of Forensic Medicine in Lublin, which were confronted with the data from the records of prosecutor's proceedings...
2016: Archiwum Medycyny Sa̧dowej i Kryminologii
Grzegorz Teresiński, Anna Milaszkiewicz, Tomasz Cywka
<b>Aim of the study</b>: One of the basic issues discussed in forensic literature regarding falls from a height is determination of fall heights and differentiation between suicidal and accidental falls. The aim of the study was to verify the usefulness of the available methods for the purposes of forensic expertises. <b>Material and methods</b>: The study encompassed fatalities of falls from a height whose autopsies were performed in the Department of Forensic Medicine in Lublin. <b>Results</b>: Similarly to other authors, the severity of injuries was assessed using the <i>Abbreviated Injury Scale </i>(AIS) and injury severity score (ISS)...
2016: Archiwum Medycyny Sa̧dowej i Kryminologii
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