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Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine

Ryusuke Ouchi, Tasuku Kawano, Hitomi Yoshida, Masato Ishii, Tomomitsu Miyasaka, Yuichi Ohkawara, Motoaki Takayanagi, Tomoko Takahashi, Isao Ohno
Epidemiologic studies indicate that exposure to psychosocial stress in early childhood is a risk factor of adult-onset asthma, but the mechanisms of this relationship are poorly understood. Therefore, we examined whether early-life stress increases susceptibility to adult-onset asthma by inhibiting the development of respiratory tolerance. Neonatal BALB/c female mice were aerosolized with ovalbumin (OVA) to induce immune tolerance prior to immune sensitization with an intraperitoneal injection of OVA and the adjuvant aluminum hydroxide...
November 2018: Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
Youlim Kim, Yeon Joo Lee, Young-Jae Cho, Ho Il Yoon, Jae Ho Lee, Choon-Taek Lee, Jong Sun Park
Chronic fibrosing interstitial lung disease (ILD)s are characterized by chronic progressive fibrosis of lung which include idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), nonspecific interstitial pneumonia (NSIP), and connective tissue disease-associated interstitial lung disease (CTD-ILD). IPF is an irreversible fibrotic lung disease which results in respiratory failure. Although NSIP and CTD-ILD can be improved or stable by treatment with corticosteroid or immunosuppressant, some of them progress to fibrotic lung diseases...
November 2018: Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
Chitaru Tokutake, Akiko Haga, Kesami Sakaguchi, Atsuko Samejima, Miki Yoneyama, Yoshiharu Yokokawa, Masayoshi Ohira, Motoki Ichikawa, Makoto Kanai
Co-sleeping and breastfeeding in the side-lying position have recently been pointed out as risk factors for suffocation in sleeping infants; however, there is no actual report on an "incident." "Incident" is defined as a tense or sobering experience without a consequential fatal suffocation accident. It is important to understand infant suffocation incidents to prevent accidents during co-sleeping and breastfeeding in the side-lying position. We investigated factors and frequency of infant suffocation incidents associated with co-sleeping and breastfeeding in the side-lying position using a self-administered questionnaire survey of 895 mothers during their infant's 1-, 4-, or 10-month health checkups...
October 2018: Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
María Cristina Negrete-Garcia, Sandra Lizbeth Ramírez-Rodriguez, Claudia Rangel-Escareño, Said Muñoz-Montero, Javier Kelly-García, María Eugenia Vázquez-Manríquez, Patricio Santillán, Martha Montaño Ramírez, Gustavo Ramírez-Martínez, Alejandra Ramírez-Venegas, Blanca Ortiz-Quintero
Cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) are the main component of the tumor stroma and promote tumor progression through several mechanisms. Recent evidence indicates that small noncoding RNAs, microRNAs (miRNAs), play key roles in CAF tumor-promoting properties; however, the role of miRNAs in lung cancer-associated fibroblasts remains poorly defined. We characterized the differential miRNA expression profile of fibroblasts isolated from matched tumor front (F-CAFs), inner tumor (In-CAFs), and normal adjacent (NFs) tissues from four lung adenocarcinoma patients (ADs) using microarray analysis...
October 2018: Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
Jun Suzuki, Yoriko Harazaki, Shinkichi Morita, Yoshiko Kaga, Kazuhiro Nomura, Mitsuru Sugawara, Yukio Katori
Myeloid sarcoma (MS) is an uncommon extramedullary malignant tumor, and often represents a subgroup of acute myeloid leukemia (AML). MS of paranasal sinus origin is extremely rare. We report an uncommon case of sinonasal MS associated with AML, who was successfully treated with hematopoietic stem-cell transplantation. A 39-year-old male was admitted with complaints of left nasal obstruction and proptosis. Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging identified a left ethmoidal mass involving the maxillary sinus, the orbit, and the skull base...
October 2018: Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
Shigeto Koizumi, Satoru Motoyama, Noboru Watanabe, Tamotsu Matsuhashi, Katsunori Iijima
With the decreasing global trend in the Helicobacter pylori infection rate, compositional changes in the gastric cancer subsites have occurred worldwide. However, the compositional changes in Asian countries, including Japan, remain to be clarified. The aim of this study is to investigate the latest chronological changes in the gastric cancer subsite using a hospital-based registration system in Akita prefecture in Japan. From 2007-2015, subsites of gastric cancers were coded according to the International Classification of Diseases for Oncology (ICD-03)...
October 2018: Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
Mami Ishikuro, Taku Obara, Tamae Osanai, Chizuru Yamanaka, Yuki Sato, Satoshi Mizuno, Masako Miyashita, Masahiro Kikuya, Kasumi Sakurai, Atsushi Hozawa, Hiroaki Tomita, Yasuyuki Taki, Fuji Nagami, Hirohito Metoki, Shinichi Kuriyama
Involvement of family members, especially grandparents, in genome epidemiological research is important to investigate both genetic and environmental factors of common diseases. The aim of the present study was to establish strategies to obtain enough number of family recruitment, especially focusing on grandparents, for the Tohoku Medical Megabank Birth and Three-Generation Cohort Study. Our main strategies are summarized below. 1) We standardized informed consent process with reference materials to help people understand the consent form, 2) we created an invitation letter to contact family members, and 3) we recruited family members in several settings...
October 2018: Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
Zhe-Wei Zhang, Ming Wang, Jun-Jie Hu, Gang Xu, Yong Zhang, Nan Zhang
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small noncoding RNA molecules that participate in normal B cell lineage development through posttranscriptional gene regulation. Antibody-mediated renal allograft rejection (ABMR) is emerging as one of the most common serious threats to renal transplant patients. In this study, we explored the role of miRNAs in the pathogenesis of ABMR. The differentially expressed miRNAs were identified by Affymetrix miRNA microarray analysis using B lymphocytes from 5 recipients and 5 volunteers. Based on quantitative RT-PCR, the expression levels of miR-107 were lower in the B lymphocytes from recipients than in those from volunteers...
October 2018: Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
Jung-Min Kim, Jun-Seon Choi, Yoon-Hyeong Choi, Hee-Eun Kim
Dental caries assessment needs to be targeted at specific age groups, as many risk factors are related to patient age. Pre-teen and teenage patients, who are still at risk of occurrence of new carious lesions, need more individualized caries management strategies. Therefore, this study aimed to identify caries-related risk factors and develop a simplified risk prediction model for dental caries. Risk factors for caries were assessed in 171 participants aged 10-18 years, based on a questionnaire survey, previous history of caries, oral hygiene, microorganism colonization, saliva secretion, saliva buffer capacity examinations, and the acidogenicity of dental biofilms...
October 2018: Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
Yoshifumi Shoho, Takao Kimura, Yoshimaro Yanagawa, Ai Saito, Toshiya Inoue, Chiaki Suto, Katsuhiko Tsunekawa, Osamu Araki, Makoto Nara, Yutaka Tokue, Masami Murakami
In 2014, for the protection of medical workers against measles and rubella infection, the Japanese Society for Infection Prevention and Control (JSIPC) recommended either maintaining antibody titers of seroprotective range or two-dose vaccination. JSIPC defined antibody titers into 3 ranges: seroprotective as expected prevention of infection, seronegative as under detection levels, and seropositive as antibody titers ranged between seronegative and seroprotective. This study aimed to explore the association between the number of vaccine doses received and the antibody titers against measles and rubella among Japanese college students majoring in childcare...
October 2018: Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
Motohiko Suzuki, Meiho Nakayama, Kayoko Bhardwaj Ando, Sachie Arima, Yoshihisa Nakamura, Makoto Yokota, Shingo Murakami
Actigraphy is an easy and noninvasive method used to monitor human ultradian cycles. However, to our knowledge, it has been not applied to experiments with rodents. Therefore, using actigraphy, we assessed the ultradian cycles and behavior of rats. Rats with or without allergic rhinitis wore an actigraphy device, and triaxial acceleration was recorded. The counts that represent physical activity were lower from 8:00 to 20:00 than those from 20:00 to 8:00 in control rats, suggesting that their sleep phase was from 8:00 to 20:00 and their awake phase from 20:00 to 8:00...
October 2018: Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
Tetsuya Akaishi, Toshiyuki Takahashi, Ichiro Nakashima, Masashi Aoki
Distal symmetric polyneuropathy, represented by chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, is a popular neurological condition. Some cases are known to be associated with genetic mutations or serum auto-antibodies, but the exact mechanisms in most cases are unknown. Recently, osmotic factors have been suggested to trigger some neurological disorders, such as neuromyelitis optica. The aim of the present study was to assess the possible association of osmotic factors in the pathogenesis of distal polyneuropathy...
September 2018: Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
Lu Wang, Feng Wang, Juan Liu, Qiang Zhang, Ping Lei
Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is the prophase of dementia. MCI patients have a high risk of developing dementia. Relatively low serum albumin levels are associated with the development of several geriatric diseases, including stroke and poor cognitive performance. However, the potential relationship between serum albumin levels and MCI risk has not been fully elucidated. In the present study, we explored this relationship to increase our understanding of the pathogenesis of MCI, the finding of which may provide new ideas for the controlling of dementia...
September 2018: Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
Ye-Ran Lee, Jun-Seon Choi, Hee-Eun Kim
Hearing loss is a common disease in older adults. In order to lower the prevalence of hearing loss, it is important to identify its risk factors. Although some studies have found a relationship between dental status and hearing acuity, few studies have investigated the relationship between unilateral chewing and hearing acuity. This study aimed to assess the effects of unilateral chewing on hearing acuity, with a focus on the risk of hearing loss. Eighty-one participants (aged 51-87 years) were included in the present study...
September 2018: Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
Tanja M Radic, Vesna M Coric, Marija S Pljesa-Ercegovac, Gordana M Basta-Jovanovic, Sanja M Radojevic-Skodric, Dejan P Dragicevic, Marija G Matic, Ljiljana M Bogdanovic, Zoran M Dzamic, Tatjana P Simic, Ana R Savic-Radojevic
Glutathione S-transferases (GSTs), a superfamily of multifunctional enzymes, play an important role in the onset and progression of renal cell carcinoma (RCC). However, novel GST omega class (GSTO), consisting of GSTO1-1 and GSTO2-2 isoenzymes, has not been studied in RCC yet. Two coding single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) supposedly affect their functions: GSTO1*C419A (rs4925) causing alanine to aspartate substitution (*A140D) and GSTO2*A424G (rs156697) causing asparagine to aspartate substitution (*N142D), and have been associated with several neurodegenerative diseases and cancers...
September 2018: Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
Hyo Kyozuka, Keiya Fujimori, Mitsuaki Hosoya, Seiji Yasumura, Tadahiko Yokoyama, Akiko Sato, Koichi Hashimoto
Japan Environment and Children's Study (JECS) is nationwide birth cohort study that was initiated in January 2011 to investigate the effect of environmental factors on children's health. Soon after the JECS started, the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011, with subsequent nuclear accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, causing catastrophic damage in Fukushima Prefecture. After the disaster, JECS was relaunched to cover all areas in Fukushima Prefecture due to public concern...
September 2018: Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
G M Rabiul Islam, Isao Igarashi, Koichi Kawabuchi
The World Health Organization recommends continuing breastfeeding up to 2 years of age or beyond for sound growth and development of children. In Bangladesh, continuation rates for breastfeeding have recently decreased and effective measures are required to counter this downward trend. Although recent years have seen economic development and reductions in poverty, Bangladesh still has the highest rate of child marriage worldwide. Thus, we aimed to clarify the factors influencing breastfeeding continuation, especially from the perspective of inequality and mother's age in Bangladesh, using data from the Bangladesh Demographic and Health Survey 2011...
September 2018: Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
Yutaka Yabe, Yoshihiro Hagiwara, Takuya Sekiguchi, Yumi Sugawara, Masahiro Tsuchiya, Masashi Koide, Nobuyuki Itaya, Shinichirou Yoshida, Yasuhito Sogi, Toshihisa Yano, Ichiro Tsuji, Eiji Itoi
Lower back pain (LBP) is a common health problem after natural disasters. Although some related factors have been reported, the effect of sleep disturbances on LBP is not clear. The purpose of this study was to elucidate the influence of sleep disturbances on LBP after the Great East Japan earthquake (GEJE). A panel study was conducted with the survivors of the GEJE (n = 2,295) at three and four years after the disaster using self-reported questionnaires. The changes in the presence of LBP during the two periods were assessed; LBP was characterized as either new onset or continuation of LBP...
September 2018: Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
Miki Ichinomiya, Akinori Shimada, Naoki Ohta, Erina Inouchi, Kikumi Ogihara, Yuko Naya, Masaki Nagane, Takehito Morita, Masahiko Satoh
Cisplatin is a chemotherapeutic widely used in the treatment of various types of solid tumors. Acute kidney injury is the most critical dose-limiting factor in cancer patients treated with cisplatin; mitochondrial dysfunction and resultant cell damage by reactive oxygen species released from damaged mitochondria are suspected to be involved in the kidney injury. Pathological features of mitochondrial damage in relation to cisplatin-mediated nephrotoxicity, however, is not fully described. The purpose of this study was to demonstrate mitochondrial damage and clearance of damaged mitochondria by mitophagy in cisplatin-mediated nephrotoxicity...
September 2018: Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
Jun Miyaguchi, Kiyoto Shiga, Kazumi Ogawa, Fumiko Suzuki, Katsunori Katagiri, Daisuke Saito, Aya Ikeda, Akira Horii, Mika Watanabe, Shizunobu Igimi
Bacteria have been used for more than a century to treat solid tumors. Because solid tumors generate an anaerobic environment, we evaluated the anti-tumor effect of the obligate anaerobe strain KK378, derived from Lactobacillus casei (L. casei), using mice bearing head and neck cancer. Wild-type L. casei is a nonpathogenic bacterium that is commonly used in foods. Moreover, patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma often have multiple cancers and cervical lymph node metastasis that can be directly sensed beneath the skin...
August 2018: Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine
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