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Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association

Luca Formaggini, Matteo Tommasini Degna
Gastropexy is a surgical technique performed to prevent and decrease the recurrence rate of gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV). The objective of this prospective, a descriptive cohort study on 100 client-owned dogs who were presented with GDV, is to describe a modified belt-loop gastropexy and determine its intraoperative complications and long-term efficacy. The transversus abdominis muscle was used to make an oblique belt-loop. A seromuscular antral fold, instead of a seromuscular antral flap, was passed through the belt-loop, and then, the passed portion of the antral fold was sutured to the dissected edge of the abdominal wall...
September 2018: Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association
Sarah Ruth Kalafut, Pamela Schwartz, Rachael Leigh Currao, Andrew Scott Levien, George E Moore
Septic peritonitis is a common, life-threatening condition encountered in dogs and cats. Efficacy of peritoneal lavage has not been proven in veterinary studies. Our objective was to evaluate differences in bacterial identity and susceptibility in samples obtained pre- and postlavage in animals who underwent laparotomy for treatment of septic peritonitis and to assess the effect of empirical antimicrobial selection on survival. Culture samples were collected from the peritoneal surface pre- and postlavage from dogs and cats treated surgically for septic peritonitis...
September 2018: Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association
Cesar Gomes, Ivan Doran, Edward Friend, Mickey Tivers, Guillaume Chanoit
The purpose of the study was to report the postoperative outcome, complications, and long-term follow-up of the use of a static hydraulic urethral sphincter for the management of urethral sphincter mechanism incompetence in female dogs. Medical records were reviewed to extract information on long-term (>365 days) outcome data. Telephone owner questionnaire was performed to assess postoperative urinary continence scores (scale 1-10, where 10 is complete continence) and the presence and frequency of complications...
September 2018: Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association
Ryan Nicoletti, Ruthanne Chun, Kaitlin M Curran, Louis-Philippe de de Lorimier, Michelle A Morges, Suzanne Rau, Courtney H Zwahlen, Douglas H Thamm
Feline exocrine pancreatic carcinoma has been reported to be an aggressive tumor with a high metastatic rate and poor prognosis. Studies reporting long-term outcome of cats after surgical removal of solitary pancreatic carcinomas are rare, due to the uncommon diagnosis and paucity of cats who undergo treatment. In this study, nine cases of feline exocrine pancreatic carcinoma from seven academic and private practice veterinary hospitals were reviewed to examine the outcome in cats undergoing surgical removal of the mass...
September 2018: Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association
Melanie J Hezzell, Margaret Sleeper, Jonathan Ferrari, Jason Arndt
Heart rate variability (HRV) is a physiologic phenomenon that occurs due to changing autonomic tone resulting in variable RR intervals. A reduction in HRV is used as an index of pain in neonatal human patients. Objective measures of pain would be valuable in the evaluation of canine patients and assessment of response to pain management strategies. We hypothesized that dogs with diseases associated with discomfort (osteoarthritis and bone neoplasia) would have reduced HRV compared with normal, healthy dogs...
September 2018: Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association
Sophie Palierne, Patricia Meynaud, Alexis Bilmont, Maxence Delverdier, Marie-Odile Semin, Mailys Stieglitz, Guillaume Riviere, André Autefage
The objective of this study was to compare the clinical, biological, macroscopic, and histologic outcomes after resection of the soft palate by plasma-mediated bipolar radiofrequency ablation (PBRA) or traditional incisional techniques (incisional soft palate resection [INC]) in dogs. Ten dogs were divided in two groups. In the INC group, the soft palate was incised with scissors and the wound was sutured in a continuous pattern. In the PBRA group, a wand was used to ablate the desired portion of the soft palate, without suture...
September 2018: Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association
Amy C Dixon-Jimenez, Amanda E Coleman, Gregg S Rapoport, Kate E Creevy, Ira Roth, Maria Correa, Andrew R Moorhead
This descriptive study was designed to ascertain the current heartworm treatment strategies employed by veterinary graduates of a single college of veterinary medicine, to assess the frequency with which each of these treatment strategies is prescribed, and to report the motivation behind the use of these treatment strategies. A survey containing a combination of multiple-choice and open-ended questions was distributed via e-mail with an online link during 2013 to graduates of the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine...
September 2018: Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association
Anastacia Marie Davis, Janet A Grimes, Mandy L Wallace, Catherine A M Vetter, Allyson Sterman, Kelley Thieman Mankin, Katelyn C Hlusko, Brad M Matz, Samantha Lin, Valery F Scharf, Karen K Cornell, Chad W Schmiedt
The purpose of this study was to evaluate owner perception of outcome following permanent tracheostomy (PT) in dogs. Medical records of dogs who received PT from 2002 to 2016 were reviewed. A questionnaire was given to owners verbally or by e-mail to ascertain their perception of their dog's outcome after PT. Median time to questionnaire administration from PT surgery was 608 days (64-3,708). Owner satisfaction after PT was high (89.7%), with the majority stating they would have the procedure performed again (79...
September 2018: Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association
Julie Marie Gillem, Louise Sullivan, Karin U Sorenmo
A 2 yr old male castrated golden retriever was evaluated for a rapidly progressing maxillofacial spindle cell tumor. On examination, an ill-defined left maxillary mass, a 2 cm swelling under the left eye, and an enlarged left mandibular lymph node were noted. The dog was bright and alert but appeared painful upon jaw extension. Cytology from the lymph node revealed metastatic disease. Thoracic radiographs and computed tomography scan revealed pulmonary nodules. Computed tomography of the head and neck revealed a 6...
September 2018: Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association
Alexis Bilmont, Didier Mathon, André Autefage
A 5 mo old English setter dog was presented with mild left forelimb lameness. Physical examination revealed pain upon shoulder palpation and extension. Mediolateral radiographs of both shoulders showed a subchondral bone defect in the mid-portion of the glenoid cavity. Computed tomography arthrography and arthroscopy revealed a cartilage flap, suggesting osteochondritis dissecans of the glenoid cavity. Subchondral bone cysts of the glenoid cavity and incomplete fusion of the supraglenoid tubercle were also observed...
September 2018: Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association
Grace K Clark, Alan Spier, Derek Nestor, Scott Rizzo
An 11 yr old female spayed golden retriever weighing 30.3 kg presented for evaluation of progressive lethargy, anorexia, tachypnea, stiff gait, and nonlocalized pain. On physical exam, the patient was febrile and tachycardic, and an arrhythmia with pulse deficits was noted. Clinicopathological abnormalities included thrombocytopenia, leukocytosis, nonregenerative anemia, and mild hypoalbuminemia. The patient progressed overnight to develop a productive cough, and an echocardiogram performed the next morning revealed irregular proliferative lesions of the pulmonic valve with moderate pulmonic regurgitation...
September 2018: Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association
Daniel Dwight Smeak, Hannah Turner, Laura Hoon-Hanks
This case report documents a novel late surgical complication in a 2 yr old dog following an enterotomy to remove a jejunal foreign body. Twenty-six days following the original surgery, the dog was re-presented with signs consistent with an intestinal obstruction. A mural intestinal abscess was found as the cause of the obstruction during exploratory surgery, and the site was successfully removed with a resection and anastomosis. Histopathology showed multifocal abscessation with cyst-like structures partially lined with mucosa...
September 2018: Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association
Dana M DeSandre-Robinson, Mariana T Quina, David M Lurie
A 10 yr old papillon was evaluated for lethargy, inappetence, tachypnea, and labored breathing. Physical examination findings included dehydration, tachypnea, tachycardia, and muffled heart sounds. Thoracic radiographs revealed an enlarged cardiac silhouette. Echocardiography revealed a mild volume of pericardial effusion and no evidence of right atrial tamponade or a cardiac-associated mass. Cytological analysis of the pericardial effusion was consistent with blood. There was no evidence of neoplasia. Coagulation parameters were within normal limits...
September 2018: Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association
Lauren Meltzer
A 7 yr old spayed female shih tzu was evaluated for anorexia of 4 days duration. Conservative treatment for gastroenteritis had been administered by another veterinarian 2 days before presentation. Abdominal radiography revealed two round, disk-shaped, metallic-opacity foreign objects within the bowel with loss of serosal detail. Exploratory laparotomy was performed and revealed circumferential full-thickness necrosis and perforation of the intestines at the ileocolic junction with a small amount of peritoneal effusion...
September 2018: Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association
David Godfrey, Leslie Vaughan
Interest in feline osteoarthritis has grown recently; this might be due to increased prevalence or increased awareness. This study records the presence of appendicular osteoarthritis in a subset of the United Kingdom cat population in the 1970s and estimates its prevalence. One hundred cats euthanized in 1972-1973 had a series of skeletal radiographic images taken post mortem. Each joint was put into a set with or without osteoarthritis according to the presence or absence of a specified set of radiographic features...
July 2018: Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association
Janet A Grimes, Adrien-Maxence Hespel, Robert C Cole, A Ray Dillon
A 6 mo old 13.5 kg (29.7 lb) male intact American Staffordshire terrier was evaluated for a history of supernumerary pelvic limbs, with malodorous discharge from a supernumerary penis. Imaging (radiographs, abdominal ultrasound, and computed tomography with excretory urogram) showed a supernumerary pelvis with associated pelvic limbs, no osseous continuity with the primary spinal column, a colonic diverticulum extending to the supernumerary pelvis, an enlarged left kidney with a ureter connecting to a single bladder, right renal aplasia, a single descended testicle in the primary scrotum, an intra-abdominal cryptorchid testicle, and two unidentifiable soft tissue masses...
July 2018: Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association
Gemma L Birnie, Darren R Fry, Matthew P Best
This prospective clinical trial was designed to evaluate the safety of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) in a population of cats and dogs with a variety of naturally occurring diseases. Seventy-eight dogs and twelve cats with various naturally occurring disease conditions, who had the potential to benefit from HBOT, were enrolled in the study. These patients were treated with HBOT in a monoplace hyperbaric oxygen chamber at 2 air pressure absolute for a treatment length of either 45 min or 60 min. There were 230 hyperbaric oxygen treatments performed during the study period...
July 2018: Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association
Elizabeth A Layne, Renee V Richmond
Alopecia in dogs occurs secondary to a variety of underlying inflammatory and noninflammatory conditions. Hair cycle arrest (alopecia X) is a noninflammatory alopecia that is frustrating to diagnose and treat due to lack of understanding of disease pathogenesis. A variety of therapies for hair cycle arrest have been described with inconsistent efficacy in different dog breeds and sexes; no definitive treatment is available. This report describes the use of a deslorelin acetate implant in two sexually intact adult male keeshonden, both diagnosed with hair cycle arrest...
July 2018: Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association
Janelle Renschler, Amanda Albers, Hanna Sinclair-Mackling, Lawrence Joseph Wheat
The triazole antifungal itraconazole may be cost prohibitive in brand name form; therefore, compounded and generic products are often used as alternatives. Itraconazole blood concentrations have not been studied in clinical patients receiving these formulations. Itraconazole bioassay was performed on serum/plasma from 95 dogs and 20 cats receiving itraconazole (compounded from bulk powder, generic pelletized, or brand name) for systemic mycosis treatment. Mean itraconazole concentration was lower in the compounded group (n = 42) as compared with the generic (n = 40) or brand name (n = 33) groups (0...
July 2018: Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association
Jacqueline V J Cavalcanti, Sabrina L Barry, Otto I Lanz, Katherine Barnes, Julia V Coutin
The purpose of this retrospective study was to report the outcomes of 19 dogs and 1 cat undergoing reverse saphenous conduit flap between 1999 and 2016. Reverse saphenous conduit flap was used to treat traumatic wounds and wounds resulting from tumor excision in the hind limb; the majority of cases had medial shearing injuries. All animals had complete flap survival. In five animals (20%), minor donor site dehiscence occurred, which did not require surgery. Other postoperative complications included signs of severe venous congestion in one dog...
July 2018: Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association
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