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Srđan Bjedov, Dimitar Jakimov, Ana Pilipović, Mihalj Poša, Marija Sakač
Bile acid derivatives with modifications in side chain and modifications on steroid skeleton were synthetized and their antitumor activity against five human cancer cell lines was investigated. Modifications in side chain include amid group, formed in reaction with 2-amino-2-methylpropanol, and 4,4-dimethyloxazoline group, obtained after cyclization of amides. In the steroid skeleton oxo groups were introduced in position 7 (2, 2a, 2b) and 7,12 (3, 3a, 3b). Ethylidene groups were introduced regio- and stereoselectively on C-7, and/or without stereoselectivity on C-3 by Wittig reaction...
February 9, 2017: Steroids
Izabela F Caliman, Cristian S Bernabe, Antônio F de Melo, Girlândia A Brasil, Andrews M do Nascimento, Ewelyne M de Lima, Suely G Figueiredo, Tadeu U de Andrade, Nazaré S Bissoli
Nandrolone Decanoate (ND) is an Anabolic Androgenic Steroid (AAS) that under abusive regimen can lead to multiple physiological adverse effects. Studies of AAS-mediated cardiovascular (CV) alterations were mostly taken from male subjects, even though women are also susceptible to the effects of AAS and gender-specific differences in susceptibility to vascular diseases exist. Here we investigate ND-induced vascular reactivity alterations in both sedentary and exercised female rats and whether these alterations depend on endothelium-derived factors...
February 9, 2017: Steroids
Kirsten Heussner, Manfred Rauh, Nada Cordasic, Carlos Menendez-Castro, Hanna Huebner, Matthias Ruebner, Marius Schmidt, Andrea Hartner, Wolfgang Rascher, Fabian B Fahlbusch
INTRODUCTION: Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) allows for the direct analysis of multiple hormones in a single probe with minimal sample volume. Rodent-based animal studies strongly rely on microsampling, such as the dry blood spot (DBS) method. However, DBS suffers the drawback of hematocrit-dependence (non-volumetric). Hence, novel volumetric microsampling techniques were introduced recently, allowing sampling of fixed accurate volumes. We compared these methods for steroid analysis in the rat to improve inter-system comparability...
February 9, 2017: Steroids
Giovanni Battista Giovenzana, Norberto Masciocchi, Roberto Negri, Giovanni Palmisano, Andrea Penoni, Lucio Toma
Exemestane, a 3rd-generation aromatase inhibitor, is clinically used in the treatment of breast cancer in postmenopausal women. The key step of the industrial synthetic process, i.e., a dehydrogenation to introduce the Δ(1)-unsaturation, is normally performed with quinones such as p-chloranil or DDQ. We observed the formation of two different hexacyclic by-products, depending on the quinone used in the oxidation step. These compounds arise from an initial [4+2] cycloaddition between the precursor 6-methylenandrost-4-ene-3,17-dione and the quinone reagent, followed by a twofold dehydrohalogenation (with p-chloranil) or dehydrogenation (with DDQ)...
February 3, 2017: Steroids
Julia Nikolaus, Kim Thoa Nguyen, Cornelia Virus, Jan L Riehm, Michael Hutter, Rita Bernhardt
CYP 106A2 from Bacillus megaterium ATCC 13368 has been described as a 15β-hydroxylase showing also minor 11α-, 9α- and 6β-hydroxylase activity for progesterone conversion. Previously, mutant proteins with a changed selectivity towards 11α-OH-progesterone have already been produced. The challenge of this work was to create mutant proteins with a higher regioselectivity towards hydroxylation at positions 9 and 6 of the steroid molecule. 9α-hydroxyprogesterone exhibits pharmaceutical importance, because it is a useful intermediate in the production of physiologically active substances which possess progestational activity...
February 3, 2017: Steroids
A A Hamid, Tanu Kaushal, Raghib Ashraf, Arjun Singh, Amit Chand Gupta, Om Prakash, Jayanta Sarkar, Debabrata Chanda, D U Bawankule, Feroz Khan, Karuna Shanker, O O Aiyelaagbe, Arvind S Negi
Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men. Diosgenin and related compounds are potential cytotoxic agents. Twelve diverse analogues of long chain fatty acid/ester of diosgenin-7-ketoxime have been prepared. Six of the analogues exhibited significant anticancer activity against a panel of human cancer cell lines with IC50 ranging from 12 to 35μM. Compound 16, the best representative of the series exerted S phase arrest in DU145 prostate cancer cells and induced apoptosis through caspase pathway...
January 28, 2017: Steroids
Xin Meng, Hui Sun, Lianrong Yang, Rui Yin, Lehui Qi
Fisetin can be found in a wide variety of plants and possesses strong efficacy against many cancers. 17β-Estradiol (E2) is hydrolyzed to 4-hydroxy-E2 (4-OHE2) via cytochrome P450 (CYP) 1B1 in vivo. In estrogen target tissues including the mammary gland, ovaries, and uterus, CYP1B1 is highly expressed, and 4-OHE2 is predominantly formed in cancerous tissues. Herein, we investigated the inhibitory activity of fisetin and flavone against CYP1B1 using estrogen E2 as substrate in vitro to reveal structure-activity relationship between structure of flavonoids and inhibition...
January 22, 2017: Steroids
Carmen J Zamora-Sánchez, Valeria Hansberg-Pastor, Ivan Salido-Guadarrama, Mauricio Rodríguez-Dorantes, Ignacio Camacho-Arroyo
Allopregnanolone (3α-THP) is one of the main reduced progesterone (P4) metabolites that is recognized as a neuroprotective and myelinating agent. 3α-THP also induces proliferation of different neural cells. It has been shown that P4 favors the progression of glioblastomas (GBM), the most common and aggressive primary brain tumors. However, the role of 3α-THP in the growth of GBMs is unknown. Here, we studied the effects of 3α-THP on the number of cells, proliferation and gene expression in U87 cell line derived from a human GBM...
January 22, 2017: Steroids
Caroline Ceailles Flarakos, Andrew Weiskopf, Matthew Robinson, Guoshun Wang, Paul Vouros, Gino J Sasso, Milan R Uskokovic, G Satyanarayana Reddy
Analogs of 1α,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 (S1) with 20-epi modification (20-epi analogs) possess unique biological properties. We previously reported that 1α,25-dihydroxy-20-epi-vitamin D3 (S2), the basic 20-epi analog is metabolized into less polar metabolites (LPMs) in rat osteosarcoma cells (UMR-106) but not in a perfused rat kidney. Furthermore, we also noted that only selective 20-epi analogs are metabolized into LPMs. For example, 1α,25-dihydroxy-16-ene-20-epi-vitamin D3 (S4), but not 1α,25-dihydroxy-16-ene-23-yne-20-epi-vitamin D3 (S5) is metabolized into LPMs...
January 12, 2017: Steroids
Janae Strickland, Stephen McIlmoil, Brice J Williams, Dennis C Seager, James P Porter, Allan M Judd
Mechanisms of interleukin-6 (IL-6)-induced cortisol release (CR) were investigated by exposing H295R cells to IL-6 and determining mRNA/protein expression (PCR/western blots) for steroidogenic enzymes (SE), steroidogenic acute regulatory protein (StAR), steroidogenic factor-1 (SF-1) (enhances SE/StAR expression), activator protein 1 (AP-1) (regulates SE/StAR expression) and adrenal hypoplasia congenita-like protein (DAX-1) (inhibits SE/StAR expression). Promoter activity of StAR (SPA) was measured by a luciferase-coupled promoter...
January 4, 2017: Steroids
Marek Kłobucki, Aleksandra Grudniewska, Damian A Smuga, Małgorzata Smuga, Joanna Jarosz, Joanna Wietrzyk, Gabriela Maciejewska, Czesław Wawrzeńczyk
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is a natural hormone with many beneficial properties including an anticancer activity. Unfortunately, DHEA is unstable in the body and exhibits cytotoxicity against healthy cells. In this study, a series of new phosphocholines containing DHEA at sn-1 and/or sn-2 positions were prepared. Succinic acid was used as a linker between the active drug and sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine. All the compounds were evaluated in vitro for their antiproliferative activities against four cell lines: Balb/3T3, HL-60, B16, and LNCaP...
January 4, 2017: Steroids
Fayaz Ali Larik, Aamer Saeed, Danish Shahzad, Muhammad Faisal, Hesham El-Seedi, Haroon Mehfooz, Pervaiz Ali Channar
Spironolactone is a well-known multi-target drug and is specifically used for the treatment of high blood pressure and heart failure. It is also used for the treatment of edema, cirrhosis of the liver, malignant, pediatric, nephrosis and primary hyperaldosteronism. Spironolactone in association with thiazide diuretics treats hypertension and in association with furosemide treats bronchopulmonary dyspepsia. The therapeutic mechanism of action of spironolactone involves binding to intracellular mineralocorticoids receptors (MRs) in kidney epithelial cells, thereby inhibiting the binding of aldosterone...
December 29, 2016: Steroids
Rayala Naveen Kumar, Seongmin Lee
An efficient synthesis of the 23-deoxy-25-epi north unit of cephalostatin 1 has been achieved in 17 steps via reductive and oxidative functionalizations of hecogenin acetate with an overall yield of 3.8%. This synthesis features transetherification-mediated E-ring opening, D-ring oxidation, hemiketalization-mediated E-ring closure, and stereoselective 5/5-spiroketalization.
December 29, 2016: Steroids
Elvar Örn Viktorsson, Mari Gabrielsen, Nugalya Kumarachandran, Ingebrigt Sylte, Pål Rongved, Ove Alexander Høgmoen Åstrand, Eili Tranheim Kase
The endogenous oxysterol 22(R)-hydroxycholesterol (22RHC, 1) is an LXR agonist which upregulates genes of critical involvement in human cholesterol- and lipid metabolism. In contrast, its synthetic epimer 22(S)-hydroxycholesterol (22SHC, 8) has shown specific antagonistic effects in recent studies, avoiding unwanted side effects provided by potent LXR agonists. In terms of LXR modulation, the aim of this study was to compare 22SHC (8), 22RHC (1) and synthesized ligands with keto- and amide functionality in the 22nd position of the cholesterol scaffold...
December 21, 2016: Steroids
Izabella Jastrzebska, Katarzyna Niemirowicz, Wioleta I Brzozowska, Robert Bucki
An efficient procedure for the synthesis of (20S)-3β-acetoxy-5α-pregnane-20,16β-carbolactone is described. Bactericidal and fungicidal activity of the lactone against different bacteria such as MSSA, MRSA, E. coli ESBL, P. aeruginosa and clinical isolates of Candida spp., in planktonic and biofilm growth stage were assessed. Additionally, the affinity of this new compound to microbial plasma membrane and hemoglobin release from human red blood cells were determined using fluorometric and colorimetric assay, respectively...
December 18, 2016: Steroids
Quan Zhang, Zheng Chen, Shenghuo Chen, Youyun Xu, Huihua Deng
BACKGROUND: Cortisol, cortisone and the ratio of cortisol to cortisone in saliva, urine and hair are acute, short-term and long-term biomarkers to reliably assess the activity of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (11β-HSD). One key issue is whether these biomarkers have intraindividual relative stability. Salivary, urinary and hair cortisol was proven to show considerable long-term intraindividual relative stability. However, currently unknown is whether cortisone and the ratio in saliva, urine and hair show intraindividual relative stability...
December 18, 2016: Steroids
Marina V Efimova, Radomira Vankova, Victor V Kusnetsov, Raisa P Litvinovskaya, Ilya E Zlobin, Petre Dobrev, Nina P Vedenicheva, Alina L Savchuk, Raisa A Karnachuk, Natalia V Kudryakova, Vladimir V Kuznetsov
In order to evaluate whether brassinosteroids (BS) and green light regulate the transcription of plastid genes in a cross-talk with cytokinins (CKs), transcription rates of 12 plastid genes (ndhF, rrn23, rpoB, psaA, psaB, rrn16, psbA, psbD, psbK, rbcL, atpB, and trnE/trnY) as well as the accumulation of transcripts of some photoreceptors (PHYA, CRY2, CRY1A, and CRY1B) and signaling (SERK and CAS) genes were followed in detached etiolated barley leaves exposed to darkness, green or white light ±1μm 24-epibrassinolide (EBL)...
December 18, 2016: Steroids
Wentao Li, Xiaona Lin, Rui Wang, Feng Wang, Shaohua Xie, Lap Ah Tse
The mortality of lung cancer presents a significant difference between the sexes. A role of hormone therapy (HT) in lung cancer mortality has been suggested, but the evidence is inconclusive. We sought to elucidate this issue with a meta-analysis. We conducted a systematic literature search in both Pubmed and Embase. Studies that reported the association of HT and mortality of lung cancer cases were included. Pooled hazard ratio (HR) was computed as the effect size to reflect the association between HT and lung cancer mortality...
December 11, 2016: Steroids
Yun Sik Kim, Won Se Suh, Kyoung Jin Park, Sang Un Choi, Kang Ro Lee
A new pregnane-type steroidal glycoside (1), two new spirostane-type steroidal glycosides (2, 3), and two new furostane-type steroidal glycosides (4, 5), named allimacrosides A-E, together with four known compounds (6-9) were isolated from a 80% MeOH extract of Allium macrostemon Bunge. The identification and structural elucidation of these compounds were based on their 1D- and 2D-NMR spectra, and HR-FAB-MS data analysis. The isolated compounds were tested for cytotoxicity against four human tumor cell lines in vitro using the sulforhodamine B bioassay...
December 11, 2016: Steroids
Yuyong Ke, Renaud Gonthier, Fernand Labrie
The concentrations of allopregnanolone (Allopreg), pregnenolone (Preg) and androsterone (ADT) are very low in the circulation, especially in postmenopausal women, resulting in a considerable challenge for their accurate measurements in serum or plasma. In this report, a sensitive and reliable LC-MS/MS assay method has been developed using a simple sample preparation and the 1-Amino-4-methylpiperazine (AMP) derivatization procedure. A 5pg/ml (0.1pg on column) of low limit of quantitation has been achieved for Allopreg, Preg and ADT, with a sensitivity comparable to data obtained with the commercial reagent...
November 29, 2016: Steroids
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