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Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research

Jyh-Mirn Lai, Jui-Te Wu, Wei-Cheng Yang, Ming-Hsin Chao, Hajime Nagahata
A two-day-old female Toggenburg goat with thoracic ectopia cordis (EC) was diagnosed via radiography and computed tomography. The goat was born with EC, defects of the sternum and a supra-umbilical abdominal wall, but without the presence of Cantrell's syndrome. Necropsy and histopathological findings indicated the affected kid had malformation of the heart with an enlarged left ventricle. The findings showed the heart (9 x 5 x 5 cm) stayed outside the thorax, and was covered by a semitransparent membrane. This report is the first to describe a case of thoracic EC in a goat whose sternum was not developed fully and was not connected to the ribs...
May 2016: Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research
Naoya Kawahara, Sosuke Ofuji, Sakae Abe, Ai Tanaka, Masami Uematsu, Yoshimi Ogata
Water intoxication is a common disorder in calves and is usually characterized by transient hemoglobinuria. In contrast, the condition is very rare in adult cattle, with few reports on naturally occurring cases. In the present report, four female Japanese Black cattle, aged 16-25 months, showed neurological signs when they drank water following a water outage. Hemoglobinuria was not grossly observed, while severe hyponatremia was revealed by laboratory tests. Autopsy indicated cerebral edema with accumulation of serous fluid in expanded Virchow-Robin spaces...
May 2016: Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research
Shinpei Kawarai, Ayumi Fujimoto, Genta Nozawa, Nobuyuki Kanemaki, Hiroo Madarame, Takuo Shida, Akio Kiuchi
We evaluated the efficacy of weekly bathing in reducing methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus (MRS) colonization in canine allergic dermatitis in a pilot clinical trial. Six dogs with allergic dermatitis controlled by prescription medications were treated with weekly bathing for 1 month. The Canine Atopic Dermatitis Extent and Severity Index version 3 (CADESI-03) and pruritus scores and frequency of mecA-positive Staphylococcus spp. isolated from three body sites between weeks 0 and 4 were compared. There was no significant difference in CADESI-03 scores with bathing, whereas the pruritus scores were significantly reduced (p < 0...
May 2016: Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research
Atsushi Fujita, Masaya Tsuboi, Kazuyuki Uchida, Ryohei Nishimura
A 10-month-old female toy poodle was referred to the University of Tokyo Veterinary Medical Center with a urogenital anomaly found during sterilization. An exploratory laparotomy revealed a cyst adhering to the cervix and a unilateral renal agenesis. Histopathology and immunohistochemical analysis of the cyst was consistent with remnants of the Wolffian duct or a Gartner duct cyst. This is a rare case of a canine Gartner duct cyst with renal agenesis and uterine anomaly. We discuss the similarity of this case to that of humans and introduce a classification in the literature for these complex urogenital malformations for further clinical research into the precise diagnosis and appropriate surgical planning...
May 2016: Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research
Atsushi Fujita, Ryohei Nishimura
The atlanto-occipital (AO) overlap in combination with atlanto-axial (AA) instability was found in a dog. We hypothesized that ventral fixation of the AA junction can stabilize the atlas and prevent AO overlap by reviewing our past cases with AA instability. A standard ventral fixation of the AA junction using stainless k-wires and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) was performed. The dog fully recovered, and no complication was noted. The results of the postoperative CT imaging supported our hypothesis. The ventral fixation of the AA junction is a feasible treatment option for similar cases, although craniocervical junction abnormalities (CJA) including AA instability are varied, and careful consideration is required for each case...
May 2016: Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research
Shota Higuchi, Riku Yamada, Asami Hashimoto, Kenjiro Miyoshi, Kazuto Yamashita, Takeo Ohsugi
The anesthetic effects of alfaxalone were investigated in mice. Mice were administered alfaxalone (100 mg/kg) alone or the combinations of 0.3 mg/kg of medetomidine and 5 mg/kg of butorphanol with alfaxalone at doses of 20 mg/kg (M/B/A20), 40 mg/kg (M/B/A40), 60 mg/kg (M/B/A60), or 80 mg/kg (M/B/A80). Control mice received 0.3 mg/kg of medetomidine, 4 mg/kg of midazolam, and 5 mg/kg of butorphanol (M/M/B). Each drug was administrated by intraperitoneal (IP) or subcutaneous (SC) routes. M/M/B IP did not achieve surgical anesthesia but M/M/B SC achieved surgical anesthesia within 10 min after administration and maintained anesthesia for 45 min...
May 2016: Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research
Seol-Hee Park, Sun-A Kim, Nam-Shik Shin, Cheol-Yong Hwang
Canine atopic dermatitis (CAD) is a chronic relapsing inflammatory skin disease occurring in 10% of the canine population. Although most studies have focused on the pathophysiological mechanism involved in CAD, the detrimental impact of CAD on quality of life has received only little attention. Hair cortisol analysis is becoming a valuable tool in monitoring chronic stress. To further validate this approach in CAD, we compared the hair cortisol concentration of atopic dogs with that of healthy conditioned dogs...
May 2016: Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research
Saiki Imamura, Mika Haruna, Tomoko Goshima, Hiromi Kanezashi, Tsukasa Okada, Keiko Akimoto
A better understanding of the role played by shellfish regarding the manner of pathogen contamination, persistence, and selection may help considering epidemiology of noroviruses. Thus, norovirus genotype profiles in shellfish (Crassostrea gigas and Mitilus galloprovincialis) were investigated by using Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology. In genogroup I (GI), 7 genotypes (abbreviated as GI.2 to GI.7, and GI.9) were detected from C. gigas, whereas 9 genotypes (GI.1 to GI.9) were detected from M. galloprovincialis...
May 2016: Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research
Monica Gatti, Roberto Wurth, Guendalina Vito, Alessandra Pattarozzi, Chiara Campanella, Stefano Thellung, Lorella Maniscalco, Raffaella De Maria, Valentina Villa, Alessandro Corsaro, Mario Nizzari, Adriana Bajetto, Alessandra Ratto, Angelo Ferrari, Federica Barbieri, Tullio Florio
Cancer stem cells (CSCs) represent a small subpopulation of cells responsible for tumor formation and progression, drug resistance, tumor recurrence and metastasization. CSCs have been identified in many human tumors including osteosarcoma (OSA). CSC distinctive properties are the expression of stem cell markers, sustained growth, self-renewal and tumorigenicity. Here we report the isolation of stem-like cells from two canine OSA cultures, characterized by self-renewal, evaluated by sphere formation ability, differential marker expression, and in vitro proliferation when cultured in a medium containing EGF and bFGF...
May 2016: Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research
Itaru Sato, Masahiro Natsuhori, Jun Sasaki, Hiroshi Satoh, Takahisa Murata, Tatsuro Nakamura, Kumiko Otani, Keiji Okada
Radioactive cesium concentration in soil was measured at 27 sections with 5 points per section, and surface dose of ground was measured at 10 sections with 13 points per section at a farm in Fukushima to assess local variation of soil contamination with radioactive cesium. As for the cesium in soil, averages of the coefficient of variance (CV) and the maximum/minimum ratio in each section were 49% and 4.9, respectively. As for the surface dose, average of its CV in each section was 20% and the maximum/minimum ratio reached a maximum of 3...
February 2016: Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research
Takae Shimizu, Chiaki Okamoto, Hiroshi Aoki, Kazuki Harada, Yasushi Kataoka, Fumiko Ono, Mutsuyo Kadohira, Shinji Takai
We investigated the seroprevalence of antibodies against Erysipelothrix in wild animals in Japan. Serum samples were collected from 48 wild boar, 26 Yezo deer and 26 Japanese deer in Japan. Growth agglutination (GA) test was performed to estimate antibody titers. As a result, positive results were obtained from 32 (66.7%), 1 (3.6%) and 6 (23.1%) samples from wild boar, Yezo deer and Japanese deer, respectively. Our findings suggest that wild animals may be an important reservoir of Erysipelothrix.
February 2016: Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research
Haoyuan Han, Chunchun Mao, Ningbo Chen, Xianyong Lan, Hong Chen, Chuzhao Lei, Ruihua Dang
Kit gene is a genetic determinant of horse white coat color which has been a highly valued trait in horses for at least 2,000 years. Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in Kit are of importance due to their strong associations with melanoblast survival during embryonic development. In this study, a mutation analysis of all 21 Kit exons in 14 Chinese domestic horse breeds revealed six SNPs (g.91214T>G, g.143245T>G, g.164297C>T, g.170189C>T, g.171356C>G, and g.171471G>A), which located in 5'-UTR region, intron 6, exon 15, exon 20, intron 20, and exon 21 of the equine Kit gene, respectively...
February 2016: Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research
Samah R Khalil, Yasser Abd Elhakim, Abd Elhakeem El-Murr
Increase in consumption of consumer items such as plasticizers have resulted in a sharp rise in the presence of xenobiotics like phthalic acid esters (PEs) in freshwater and marine environments due to contaminated runoff and improper release of effluents. The sublethal toxicity of Di-n-butyl phthalate (DBP) was investigated in juvenile Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus, in an attempt to determine the biological effect of exposure to 1/2 and 1/3 median lethal concentration (96-h LC50) which, in our study was experimentally determined to be 11...
February 2016: Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research
Wael M El-Deeb, Ahmed M Elmoslemany
The aims of this study were to investigate the level of acute phase proteins in dairy cows with urinary tract infection (UTI) and to evaluate their diagnostic and prognostic value. Eighty-four lactating cows with clinical and laboratory evidence of UTI and 15 healthy controls were included in this study. Serum samples were evaluated for the levels of Haptoglobin (Hp), serum amyloid A (SAA), fibrinogen (Fb), α1-Acid glycoprotein (AGP), total protein, and globulin. The diagnostic and prognostic performance of each parameter was evaluated by estimating the area under receiver operating characteristics curve (AUROC)...
February 2016: Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research
Koh Kawasumi, Eiji Iwazaki, Yuki Okada, Toshiro Arai
Feline body mass index (fBMI), BW/PCL, length from top of patella to end of calcaneus, was developed as a new diagnostic tool for obesity in cats. To evaluate the effectiveness of fBMI for obese cats in short-term, 6 cats were induced weight gain by over-feeding with high fat diet and then they were induced weight reduction by restrict-feeding with low fat diet to measure changes in fBMI and plasma metabolite concentrations and enzyme activities. BCS 3 is correlated with fBMI 24.6-32.0, BCS 4 is correlated with fBMI 33...
February 2016: Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research
Shinji Yasukawa, Kazuya Edamura, Koji Tanegashima, Hirotaka Kai, Go Higuchi, Momoyo Nagasawa, Kenji Teshima, Kazushi Asano, Tomohiro Nakayama
The prevalences of displacement and deformity of the medial and lateral fabellae in dogs were investigated. This was a retrospective epidemiologic study. Radiographs of canine stifle joints (1022 limbs, 534 dogs) were obtained. The images were taken at the Nihon University Animal Medical Center and three private animal hospitals from January 2003 to July 2012. The position and morphology of the medial or lateral fabella were evaluated on the radiographs. The prevalence of displacement of the medial and lateral fabellae was 1...
February 2016: Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research
Gihan G Moustafa, Mohamed M A Hussein
The present study aims to elucidate the molecular basis of lambda cyhalothrin (LCT) toxicity. Thirty-two mature male albino rats were randomly classified into four equal groups. The first group was orally administered normal saline, the second group was orally administered dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO). The third group was orally administered 1/100 LD50 (6.12 mg/kg b. wt) of a commercial formulation containing 2.5% LCT (i.e., a net dose LCT corresponding to 0.15 mg/kg b. wt). The fourth group was orally administered 1/100 LD50 (0...
February 2016: Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research
Marvin A Villanueva, Claro N Mingala, Nina G Gloriani, Yasutake Yanagihara, Norikazu Isoda, Chie Nakajima, Yasuhiko Suzuki, Nobuo Koizumi
Water buffalo is an indispensable livestock in the Philippines. Leptospirosis is a serious zoonosis that can be fatal to humans and cause reproductive problems in livestock. Leptospirosis has been reported in some countries where water buffaloes are commercially raised, highlighting the Leptospira prevalence in this farming system, but information on leptospirosis in water buffalo farms in the Philippines is limited. In this study, we collected blood samples from rats (n = 21), and water buffaloes (n = 170) from different groups and locations in one intensive-type buffalo farm in the Philippines...
February 2016: Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research
Tsuneyuki Masuda, Shinobu Tsuchiaka, Tomoko Ashiba, Hiroshi Yamasato, Kazuhiro Fukunari, Tsutomu Omatsu, Tetsuya Furuya, Junsuke Shirai, Tetsuya Mizutani, Makoto Nagai
Porcine diarrhea caused by viruses is a major problem of the pig farming industry and can result in substantial losses of revenue. Thus, diagnosing the infectious agents is important to prevent and control diseases in pigs. We developed novel one-step real-time quantitative RT-PCR (qPCR) assays that can detect four porcine diarrheal viruses simultaneously: porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV), transmissible gastroenteritis virus (TGEV), porcine deltacoronavirus (PDCoV), and porcine group A rotavirus (PRVA)...
February 2016: Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research
Sonia Jurado, Alberto Medina, Ricardo de la Fuente, José A Ruiz-Santa-Quiteria, José A Orden
The aim of the present study was evaluate how oral administration of enrofloxacin affected the frequency of resistance to different antimicrobials in commensal Escherichia coli isolates from healthy chickens. A further objective of this study was to characterize the mechanisms of resistance in these isolates. A trend towards increased resistance to enrofloxacin, doxycycline and amoxicillin of E. coli isolates from chickens after enrofloxacin administration was observed. The increase in the resistance to doxycycline and amoxicillin was probably due to a co-selection of tetracycline and β-lactam resistance genes by the administration of enrofloxacin...
November 2015: Japanese Journal of Veterinary Research
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