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Psychological Reports

Yu-Chi Wu
This study investigated the relationship between ethical leadership and ethical sales behavior. A total of 248 matched surveys with participant responses from insurance agents and their customers were collected. The insurance agents were asked to rate the ethical leadership of their leaders, the ethical climate in their organization, and their individual moral identity. Customers were asked to rate the perceived ethical sales behavior of the insurance agents. This empirical study utilized moderated mediation techniques to analyze the data...
June 2017: Psychological Reports
Geir Scott Brunborg, Jasmina Burdzovic Andreas, Elisabeth Kvaavik
Objectives Little is known about the consequences of adolescent social media use. The current study estimated the association between the amount of time adolescents spend on social media and the risk of episodic heavy drinking. Methods A school-based self-report cross-sectional study including 851 Norwegian middle and high school students (46.1% boys). MEASURES: frequency and quantity of social media use. Frequency of drinking four or six (girls and boys, respectively) alcoholic drinks during a single day (episodic heavy drinking)...
June 2017: Psychological Reports
Cristina Senín-Calderón, Salvador Perona-Garcelán, Sandra Fuentes-Márquez, Juan F Rodríguez-Testal
Ideas of reference are common in human beings, but they are frequent in certain psychopathological disorders, mainly those concerning the psychotic spectrum. The purpose of this study was to attempt to construct a model predicting the appearance of ideas of reference and to test the relationship of personality (based on the Gray model), emotional, and self-consciousness variables. Five-hundred and seventy-four participants (287 patients with several different psychopathological diagnoses) filled in the Referential Thinking Scale (REF), the GHQ-28, the Self-Consciousness Scale (SCS-R), and the SPSRQ Scale...
June 2017: Psychological Reports
William R Holcomb, William S Ivey
The relationship between religious fundamentalism, humor, and psychological well-being was examined with a sample of individuals ( n = 109) being treated for drug abuse in a court-mandated AA outpatient program. Three separate factors of religious fundamentalism were found through exploratory factor analysis of the Revised Religious Fundamentalism Scale, and these were named Righteous-Evil Worldview, True Religion, and Scriptural Literalism. Psychological well-being of individuals in court-mandated outpatient substance abuse treatment was found to be correlated with high levels of humor but not religious fundamentalism...
June 2017: Psychological Reports
Howard Michael Crowson, Joyce A Brandes
Historically, much of the research on right-wing authoritarianism and social dominance orientation has proceeded from the assumption that they are unidimensional. Recently, researchers have begun to seriously consider the possibility that they are multidimensional in nature and should be measured as such. Several studies have examined the unique relationships between right-wing authoritarianism and social dominance orientation facets and social and political outcome measures of interest. However, there have been no efforts to include the full slate of right-wing authoritarianism and social dominance orientation facets as predictors in the same model...
June 2017: Psychological Reports
Won Ho Kim, Jong Gyu Park, Bora Kwon
This study aims to validate Korean versions of the 9-item Utrecht Work Engagement Scale, testing for its factor pattern validity through Exploratory Factor Analysis and Confirmatory Factor Analysis, reliability, and convergent and discriminant validity. The 9-item Utrecht Work Engagement Scale was translated according to the guidelines of the International Test Commission and tested with two Korean samples. First, the Exploratory Factor Analysis found that both two-factor and three-factor solutions were viable options with the first sample...
June 2017: Psychological Reports
Ying Ge, Xiaofang Zhong, Wenbo Luo
Internet addition affects facial expression recognition of individuals. However, evidences of facial expression recognition from different types of addicts are insufficient. The present study addressed the question by adopting eye-movement analytical method and focusing on the difference in facial expression recognition between internet-addicted and non-internet-addicted urban left-behind children in China. Sixty 14-year-old Chinese participants performed tasks requiring absolute recognition judgment and relative recognition judgment...
June 2017: Psychological Reports
Ruida Zhu, Xueyi Shen, Honghong Tang, Peixia Ye, Huagen Wang, Xiaoqin Mai, Chao Liu
Most previous studies regarding self-punishment have focused on the correlation between moral emotion and self-punishment. Only a few studies have attempted to understand self-punishment from the perspective of seeking forgiveness, and no study has yet directly tested whether wrongdoers' self-punishment promotes others to forgive the wrongdoers. In three studies, the participants judged the wrongdoers' self-punishment behaviors following an unfair allocation and reported the extent to which they forgave the wrongdoers...
June 2017: Psychological Reports
Meihua Liu
The present research explored the effects of cultural, affective, and linguistic variables on adult Chinese as a second language learners' willingness to communicate in Chinese. One hundred and sixty-two Chinese as a second language learners from a Chinese university answered the Willingness to Communicate in Chinese Scale, the Intercultural Sensitivity Scale, Chinese Speaking Anxiety Scale, Chinese Learning Motivation Scale, Use of Chinese Profile, as well as the Background Questionnaire. The major findings were as follows: (1) the Willingness to Communicate in Chinese Scales were significantly negatively correlated with Chinese Speaking Anxiety Scale but positively correlated with length of stay in China and (2) Chinese Speaking Anxiety Scale was a powerful negative predictor for the overall willingness to communicate in Chinese and the Willingness to Communicate in Chinese Scales, followed by length of stay in China, Chinese Learning Motivation Scale, interaction attentiveness, and Chinese proficiency level...
June 2017: Psychological Reports
Ana Cristina Antunes, António Caetano, Miguel Pina E Cunha
The Psychological Capital Questionnaire (PCQ) is the most commonly used measure for assessing psychological capital in work settings. Although several studies confirmed its factorial validity, most validation studies only examined the four-factor structure preconized by Luthans, Youssef, and Avolio, not attending to empirical evidence on alternative factorial structures. The present study aimed to test the psychometric properties of the Portuguese version of the PCQ, by using two independent samples (NS1 = 542; NS2 = 115) of Portuguese employees...
June 2017: Psychological Reports
Hye Bin Rim
Previous research on risky decisions has suggested that people tend to make different choices depending on whether they acquire the information from personally repeated experiences or from statistical summary descriptions. This phenomenon, called as a description-experience gap, was expected to be moderated by the individual difference in maximizing tendencies, a desire towards maximizing decisional outcome. Specifically, it was hypothesized that maximizers' willingness to engage in extensive information searching would lead maximizers to make experience-based decisions as payoff distributions were given explicitly...
June 2017: Psychological Reports
Ming Hwei Yek, Nik Olendzki, Zoltan Kekecs, Vicki Patterson, Gary Elkins
The present study explored presence of meaning in life, search for meaning in life, and their correlation with health anxiety. The Meaning in Life Questionnaire and the Short Health Anxiety Inventory were completed by 753 individuals. Results indicated higher presence of meaning in life was associated with lower health anxiety, while the opposite was observed for search for meaning in life. Results also revealed an interaction between presence of meaning in life and search for meaning in life, where individuals with high search for meaning in life and high presence of meaning in life had lower health anxiety than those with high search for meaning in life and low presence of meaning in life...
June 2017: Psychological Reports
Barbara Gawda, Katarzyna Czubak
The aim of the present study is to establish the prevalence of personality disorders (PDs) in a healthy (nonclinical) Polish population, to examine sex difference in PDs, and to show the structure of clusters which PDs form with regard to men and women. A large sample of 1460 individuals of age between 18 and 65 years was examined. The Structured Clinical Interview for Axis II was used to obtain information on PDs, the Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview to obtain information on other disorders, and an interview to record demographic data...
June 2017: Psychological Reports
Yasuko Morinaga, Yuiri Sakamoto, Ken'ichiro Nakashima
Previous studies have argued that masculinity is linked to war. We conducted a web-based survey to examine relationships between gender, attitudes toward war, and masculinities within a sample of Japanese adults of both sexes ( N = 366). Our results indicated that while men were more likely than women to accept war, the relationship between attitudes toward war and masculinities was inconclusive. Moreover, the results suggested that favorable attitudes toward war among men could be attenuated by interpersonal orientations...
June 2017: Psychological Reports
Vlad Burtăverde, Mihaela Chraif, Mihai Aniţei, Daniela Dumitru
This research tested the association between the HEXACO personality model and risky driving behavior as well as the predictive power of the HEXACO model in explaining risky driving behavior compared with the Big Five model. In Sample 1, 227 undergraduate students completed measures of the HEXACO personality model, the Big Five model, and driving aggression. In Sample 2, 244 community respondents completed measures of the HEXACO personality model, the Big Five model, and driving styles. Results showed that the Honesty-Humility factor is an important addition to personality models that aim to explain risky driving behavior as being related to all forms of driving aggression as well as to maladaptive and adaptive driving styles and having incremental validity in predicting verbally aggressive expression, risky driving, high-velocity driving, and careful driving...
April 2017: Psychological Reports
Amir Hetsroni, Abira Reizer, Uri Ben Zion
This study examined the impact of media consumption, and particularly exposure to television, on decisions regarding interest rate demands. One hundred and fifty-four participants were randomly divided into two groups: in the manipulation group, participants were exposed to a news clip about an Iranian nuclear attack on Israel, whereas in the control group, the participants were not exposed to the film. Both groups filled a questionnaires regarding their interest rate requirements in different situations, their media conception behaviors, and demographic questionnaires...
April 2017: Psychological Reports
George Steven Rhiel, Edward Markowski
In this research, we develop a strategy for using a range estimator of σ when determining a sample size for estimating a mean. Previous research by Rhiel is extended to provide dn values for use in calculating a range estimate of σ when working with sampling frames up to size 1,000,000. This allows the use of the range estimator of σ with "big data." A strategy is presented for using the range estimator of σ for determining sample sizes based on the dn values developed in this study.
April 2017: Psychological Reports
Jui-Jung Tsao, Wen-Ta Tseng, Chaochang Wang
Feedback is regarded as a way to foster students' motivation and to ensure linguistic accuracy. However, mixed findings are reported in the research on written corrective feedback because of its multifaceted nature and its correlations with learners' individual differences. It is necessary, therefore, to conduct further research on corrective feedback from the student's perspective and to examine how individual differences in terms of factors such as writing anxiety and motivation predict learners' self-evaluative judgments of both teacher-corrected and peer-corrected feedback...
April 2017: Psychological Reports
Michela Gatta, Marina Miscioscia, Alessandra Simonelli, Laura Sudati, Marta Sisti, Ilaria Comis, Pier Antonio Battistella
Recent clinical and theoretical research in the field of developmental psychopathology has focused on the importance of interactions in a child's development. The literature has investigated how children's early relationships contribute to the structure and expression of any subsequent psychological problems. The main focus of this pilot study is the application of the Lausanne Trilogue Play paradigm as part of psychodiagnostic assessments to elucidate family functioning in clinical settings. The research aims particularly to observe the characteristics of a family's interactions in the light of their child's psychopathological symptoms, based on a sample of 38 families with school-age children referred to a Neuropsychiatry Unit for Children and Adolescents for emotional or behavioral problems...
April 2017: Psychological Reports
Wang Can, Zhao Zhuoran, Jin Zheng
In the past 10 years, thousands of people have claimed to be affected by trypophobia, which is the fear of objects with small holes. Recent research suggests that people do not fear the holes; rather, images of clustered holes, which share basic visual characteristics with venomous organisms, lead to nonconscious fear. In the present study, both self-reported measures and the Preschool Single Category Implicit Association Test were adapted for use with preschoolers to investigate whether discomfort related to trypophobic stimuli was grounded in their visual features or based on a nonconsciously associated fear of venomous animals...
April 2017: Psychological Reports
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