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Psychological Reports

Aycan Kapucu, Aslı Kılıç, Yıldız Özkılıç, Bengisu Sarıbaz
The present study combined dimensional and categorical approaches to emotion to develop normative ratings for a large set of Turkish words on two major dimensions of emotion: arousal and valence, as well as on five basic emotion categories of happiness, sadness, anger, fear, and disgust. A set of 2031 Turkish words obtained by translating Affective Norms for English Words to Turkish and pooling from the Turkish Word Norms were rated by a large sample of 1685 participants. This is the first comprehensive and standardized word set in Turkish offering discrete emotional ratings in addition to dimensional ratings along with concreteness judgments...
December 4, 2018: Psychological Reports
Raúl Baños, Antonio Baena-Extremera, María Del Mar Ortiz-Camacho
The purpose of the study was to know which subjects in the curriculum best predict school satisfaction and boredom as well as the student's academic grade. The sample was of 680 adolescents of physical education (339 males, 341 females) with age between 12 and 18 years (M = 14.83; SD = 1.45). We used a questionnaire composed of the satisfaction scales with the subjects, intrinsic satisfaction in the school and related to academic grades. Descriptive analyses, correlations, and structural regression models were performed...
November 27, 2018: Psychological Reports
Lawrence Patihis, Mario E Herrera, Mark J Huff, Randolph C Arnau
We document the development of the Memory of Love towards Parents Questionnaire-for use in multiple areas of psychology. It is designed to measure current feelings of and memory of love towards a specific parent during important time periods in childhood. In all samples (total N = 1527), we consistently found high internal reliability. We report the basic psychometrics of the 28-item subscale version in both undergraduate and US nonclinical adult samples and identified 10-item and 4-item subscale versions...
November 21, 2018: Psychological Reports
Chieko Fujisaki
AEON-HO (Altering emotional organization-holistic operation) contains methods of Naikan therapy and mindfulness. Naikan and mindfulness are originally from Buddhism tradition, and they have a high affinity. AEON-HO was conceptualized to improve attachment issues and the growth of self-actualization, because Naikan and mindfulness are known to be effective for attachment issues but partially if they are used independently. Naikan can approach to attachment avoidance, while mindfulness can approach to attachment anxiety...
November 20, 2018: Psychological Reports
Metehan Irak, Ece Oral Albayrak
The study examined psychometric properties of the Turkish version of the Inventory of Depression and Anxiety Symptoms-II (IDAS-II) in a Turkish sample. The sample consisted of nonclinical ( N = 931) and clinical ( N = 208) individuals. Confirmatory factor analysis showed that Turkish IDAS-II was similar to the original IDAS-II and supported the construct validity of the test. The Turkish IDAS-II showed good internal consistency, significant acceptable retest correlations, and was sensitive to changes over time...
November 20, 2018: Psychological Reports
Hyejin Bang, Mido Chang, Cindy Lee
The purpose of the study was to examine whether the effects of interscholastic sport participation on academic performance and school engagement vary by race and linguistic status of high school students. High school participants ( n = 16,200) were selected from the Education Longitudinal Study: 2002, a nationally representative database. Results of a structural equation model showed that Asian, black, and Hispanic students' interscholastic sport participation had a positive effect on grade point average, while the effect was not significant for white students...
November 19, 2018: Psychological Reports
Kong Zhou, Wenxing Liu, Mingze Li, Zhihui Cheng, Xiaofei Hu
Drawing on the framework of human energy in organizations, this study proposed a moderated mediation model between narcissism and taking charge, as well as the role of energy at work and the employee's hierarchy within organizations. A sample of 312 employees at one Chinese manufacturing company suggested that employees with narcissistic personality are more apt to exhibit taking charge at work via their energy at work. In addition, the results also indicated that employees' hierarchical level within organization reinforced the indirect effect of energy at work between narcissism and taking charge...
November 19, 2018: Psychological Reports
Eka Roivainen
According to theory, social change is interconnected with changes in mental phenomena and language. In the present study, secular change in the usage frequencies of common English personality adjectives ( n = 336) qualifying the word person was analyzed over the period 1900 to 2002. It was hypothesized that words that represent those personality traits that are advantageous in occupations typical for modern societies have increased in frequency. The results show changes in the frequencies of individual words but stability across the five major categories of trait adjectives in the Google Books English fiction corpus...
November 16, 2018: Psychological Reports
Yuxin Liu, Muhammad Usman, Jianwei Zhang, Habib Gul
Using the strain theory of suicide, this study examines how psychological strains influence suicide ideation via the mediating mechanism of the meaning in life. To check the hypothesized model, data were drawn from professional employees ( n=687) across six organizations of various business types to increase the variability of respondent perception and the generalizability of the study findings. The results showed significant correlations among psychological strains, meaning in life, and suicide ideation. Furthermore, this study provides evidence for the mediation effect of meaning in life in the relationship between psychological strain and suicide ideation...
November 15, 2018: Psychological Reports
Yusuke Nitta, Toru Takahashi, Tomosumi Haitani, Eriko Sugimori, Hiroaki Kumano
Several studies have revealed that fear recovery is prevented when extinction training is conducted after retrieval of a fear memory. Postretrieval extinction training is related to modification of memory during reconsolidation. Providing new information during reconsolidation can modify the original memory. We propose that avoidance behavior is a relevant factor that prevents subjects from obtaining new safety information during reconsolidation. Postretrieval extinction training without avoidance behavior reduced the fear response to conditioned stimulus and prevented spontaneous recovery in the current study, which corresponded with previous studies...
November 15, 2018: Psychological Reports
Huan Zhang, Xingli Zhang, Xiping Liu, Haibo Yang, Jiannong Shi
This study investigated the inhibitory process of collaborative inhibition. An emotional Stroop task was manipulated three times after a group-recall task across three experiments. The results showed that, when participants performed an emotional Stroop task immediately after a group-recall task (Experiment 1) or between two subsequent individual-recall tasks after a group-recall task (Experiment 3), they were able to discriminate color information relating to studied but nonrecalled emotional stimuli more rapidly in the collaborative-recall condition than in the nominal-recall condition...
November 14, 2018: Psychological Reports
Michael D Barnett, Joseph Hernandez, Patrick R Melugin
The purpose of this study was to investigate whether contact with future possible selves impacts individuals' outcome expectancies, intended behaviors, and long-term outcomes with regard to academic performance. Specifically, we investigated whether having college students attempt to connect with an academically successful or unsuccessful future possible self through a message composition activity would impact their perceived likelihood of getting a good grade point average, intended academic engagement (i...
November 14, 2018: Psychological Reports
Sigal Levy, Jonathan E Handelzalts, Lital Yadid, Shulamit Geller
In this study, we aimed to measure the association between the postpartum personality and sexual functioning. This association was examined in light of the possible mediation effect of body image measures, that is, body satisfaction and body exposure during sexual activity. This cross-sectional study employed a web-based questionnaire for women who had given birth in the previous year ( N = 382). Key outcome measures included sexual functioning after birth, body image satisfaction, neuroticism, and extraversion personality dimensions...
November 14, 2018: Psychological Reports
John E Edlund, David J Buller, Brad J Sagarin, Jeremy D Heider, Cory R Scherer, Maria-Magdalena Farc, Oluyinka Ojedokun
Numerous studies have shown that men experience relatively greater levels of jealousy in response to the sexual aspects of an infidelity (relative to women), whereas women experience relatively greater levels of jealousy in response to the emotional aspects of an infidelity (relative to men). The traditional explanation for this relationship suggests that men experience this greater level of jealousy due to threats of a loss of paternal certainty. In this article, we present three studies that demonstrate that men's differentially greater jealousy occurs in response to situations that threaten paternity opportunities...
November 14, 2018: Psychological Reports
Jan Jędrzejczyk, Marcin Zajenkowski
Recently, the most prominent model of self-control, the strength model, was criticized, and other explanations of self-control have been proposed. One of them is a concept of lay, implicit, willpower theories, that is, believing either that willpower is limited (as in the strength model) or nonlimited. Research shows that holding a nonlimited-resource belief prevents individuals from suffering ego depletion and is related to successful self-regulation. The current study explored how personality, time perspective, and intelligence predict willpower theories...
November 6, 2018: Psychological Reports
Sui-Min Wang, Yin-Hui Cheng, Chao-Feng Lee, Shih-Chieh Chuang
Prior research on the endowment effect has tended to focus on decisions made by individuals acting on their own account rather than on others' behalf. This article reports on three experiments that modeled this "for-self" versus "for-others" distinction and measured its effects on prices. Specifically, our participants who were asked to make trading decisions for other people subsequently reported decreases in the endowment effect. We concluded that, in the context of the trading of goods, perceived ownership and differences in focus on the traded products' positive and negative features mediated the diminished endowment effect our experiments identified...
November 2, 2018: Psychological Reports
Patrícia Tatiana Soler, Jefferson Novaes, Helder Miguel Fernandes
The aims of this study were twofold: (i) to investigate the prevalence of social anxiety disorder and body dysmorphic disorder in a nonclinical, Brazilian population and (ii) to examine the effects of selected factors such as sociodemographic characteristics (sex, age, marital status, workload, education, and income), body mass index, current diet, physical activity, and use of aesthetic treatment. A total of 428 adults (279 women and 149 men) aged 18 to 60 years ( M = 31.51, SD = 10.73) participated in the study...
November 2, 2018: Psychological Reports
Boyoung Kim, Gyuyoung Ha, Jiwon Kim, Joonyoung Yang, Suhyun Suh, Kevin Johnston, Van Orum, Sang M Lee
The purpose of this study was to examine the cross-cultural differences in vocational identity between American and Korean university students using the Vocational Identity Status Assessment. A total of 881 university students in both the United States and South Korea were sampled in this study assessing vocational identity. We compared means of latent variables (six dimensions of Vocational Identity Status Assessment in the present study) using latent mean analysis. The results indicated that Korean students showed higher scores on Career Self-doubt and Career Flexibility, whereas American students showed higher scores on In-breadth Exploration, In-depth Exploration, Commitment Making, and Commitment Identification...
October 29, 2018: Psychological Reports
Hong-Yu Liu, Chiu-Chen Chang, Diane L Gill, Shu-Ching Wu, Frank J H Lu
In considering that body image-related perceptions may be associated with weight trainers' exercise dependence, the purpose of this study was to examine the (a) relationship between body dissatisfaction and drive for muscularity and (b) drive for muscularity as a mediator of the body dissatisfaction-exercise dependence relationship. In sum, 278 male weight trainers ( Mage =29.03 years, SD = 7.83) residing in a southern city of Taiwan completed scales of body dissatisfaction, drive for muscularity, and exercise dependence...
October 25, 2018: Psychological Reports
Meng-Ning Tsai, Ching-Lin Wu, Yu-Lin Chang, Hsueh-Chih Chen
Past research found that similar appreciation for humor exists between spouses, but it is not certain whether this similarity between spouses also exists in kindhearted or malicious humor. The present study investigated the similarity of Taiwanese married couples' humor styles. Participants included 239 couples (mean age = 42.9 years) who had been married to each other for at least 10 years. We used a traditional Chinese edition of the Humor Styles Questionnaire to measure the humor style and clustered participants' humor styles in order to examine the similarity between spouses...
October 25, 2018: Psychological Reports
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