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Psychiatric Quarterly

Mayra Pacheco Pachado, Juliana Nichterwitz Scherer, Luciano Santos Pinto Guimarães, Lisia von Diemen, Flavio Pechansky, Felix Henrique Paim Kessler, Rosa Maria Martins de Almeida
Crack cocaine users frequently report difficulties regarding having healthy and rewarding relationships. Factors other than the use of crack cocaine itself may be at play when it comes to being able to develop healthier connections with partners, adult relatives and close friends. To verify which factors, including demographics, substance abuse related factors and psychiatric comorbidities could be markers for a higher severity of problems in interpersonal relationships of crack cocaine users seeking for treatment...
July 17, 2018: Psychiatric Quarterly
Man Cheung Chung, Nowf AlQarni, Mariam AlMazrouei, Shamsa Al Muhairi, Mudar Shakra, Britt Mitchell, Sara Al Mazrouei, Shurooq Al Hashimi
It has been documented that trauma centrality is associated with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and psychiatric co-morbidity among Syrian refugees. Whether age would influence the levels of the above constructs and the association between trauma centrality and distress outcomes is unclear. This study compared age differences in 1) the levels of trauma centrality, posttraumatic stress disorder and psychiatric co-morbidity, and 2) models depicting the association between trauma centrality and distress outcomes among Syrian refugees...
July 6, 2018: Psychiatric Quarterly
Issa Papiss Bagayogo, Katharina Turcios-Wiswe, Kanako Taku, Lauren Peccoralo, Craig L Katz
Mental illness is a significant cause of disability worldwide, including here in the United States. Given the shortage of trained mental health professionals, a significant portion of patients needing care are managed in the primary care setting. Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), for example, are seeking to improve the quality of care for this vulnerable population, but many are facing significant challenges relating to integration of new services. We sought to elucidate barriers faced by primary care practitioners (PCPs)-physicians, physician trainees and nurse practitioners-at a New York primary care clinic, which impede delivery of optimal care to those suffering from mental illness...
July 2, 2018: Psychiatric Quarterly
Lloyd I Sederer, Leslie A Marino
The opioid epidemic continues to take thousands of lives each year in the United States, more than motor vehicle accidents and suicides combined. Real solutions, based on science, will require a culture shift in the way that we think about and respond to substance use disorders, in the healthcare system and in our communities. Just more of the same approach will not turn the tide. This article discusses how to better understand the use of psychoactive drugs and how prevention, treatment and policy change can disseminate evidence-based practices, fight stigma, and advance harm reduction; not only as strategies to improve outcomes, but as a social justice movement as well...
July 1, 2018: Psychiatric Quarterly
Mary V Seeman
The elderly with dementing illness often present with psychotic symptoms such as delusions, but the thematic content of delusions in the elderly differs from that of delusions expressed by younger individuals, and can be pathognomonic of early dementia. The aim of this paper is to review the recent literature on the delusion of theft, the most prevalent delusion in the elderly, in order to arrive at a deeper understanding of its sources and to identify successful therapeutic approaches. The literature from 2000 to the present was searched on the Google Scholar database using relevant search terms...
June 28, 2018: Psychiatric Quarterly
Muaid Ithman, Chris O'Connell, Ayodeji Ogunleye, Suhwon Lee, Brett Chamberlain, Anupama Ramalingam
To examine the impact of the third year psychiatry clerkship on medical students' knowledge and opinion of ECT at University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine. Despite overwhelming evidence of ECT's efficacy and safety for refractory affective illnesses, (among other conditions), it remains a misunderstood and underutilized intervention. Several studies indicate that ECT stigma and misinformation, unfortunately, does not spare the medical community. Medical students are an optimal group to study, as they are forming their perspectives on different specialties...
May 26, 2018: Psychiatric Quarterly
Clément Dondé, Nicholas H Neufeld, Pierre A Geoffroy
The neurobiological basis of bipolar disorders (BD) has received increased attention and several brain regions and brain circuits have been correlated with clinical symptoms. These brain regions and circuits may represent targets for neuromodulation techniques such as transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS). We systematically reviewed the literature to explore the risks and benefits of tDCS in BD and examined all mood states. Following the PRISMA guidelines, a systematic literature search using several databases was performed from April 2002 to June 2017...
May 21, 2018: Psychiatric Quarterly
Eric M Cooke, Todd Armstrong, Danielle Boisvert, Jessica Wells, Richard H Lewis, Sheree Hughes-Stamm, David Gangitano
With the advent of new and more readily usable gene sequencing techniques, researchers have been able to examine the interactions between genes and the environment (G X E) within a multitude of scientific perspectives. One area that G X E interactions have been implicated in is the development of antisocial behavior (ASB). Antisocial behavior consists of a wide range of maladaptive behaviors and has been at the forefront of public health and mental health concerns for decades. One genetic polymorphism that has been associated with ASB is MAOA-uVNTR...
May 5, 2018: Psychiatric Quarterly
Martine Hugron, Magali Dufour, Stéphane Guay, Natacha Brunelle, Joël Tremblay, Adèle Morvannou, Danielle Leclerc, Marie-Marthe Cousineau, Michel Rousseau, Djamal Berbiche
A railway accident which occurred in Lac-Megantic in Quebec, Canada, caused disruption for an entire community. This study examines the psychosocial difficulties in a group of exposed adolescents aged between 11 to 17, nine months after the tragedy. The analyses were conducted on a sample of 515 adolescents, attending high school, and living near the impact area. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), mental health problems (depression, anxiety), and problem use of alcohol or drugs prevalence were estimated...
May 4, 2018: Psychiatric Quarterly
Drew Barzman, Yizhao Ni, Marcus Griffey, Alycia Bachtel, Kenneth Lin, Hannah Jackson, Michael Sorter, Melissa DelBello
School violence has increased over the past ten years. This study evaluated students using a more standard and sensitive method to help identify students who are at high risk for school violence. 103 participants were recruited through Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) from psychiatry outpatient clinics, the inpatient units, and the emergency department. Participants (ages 12-18) were active students in 74 traditional schools (i.e. non-online education). Collateral information was gathered from guardians before participants were evaluated...
May 1, 2018: Psychiatric Quarterly
Maryam Zafer, Shiyuan Liu, Craig L Katz
Harmful alcohol use encompasses a spectrum of habits, including heavy episodic drinking (HED) which increases the risk of acute alcohol-related harms. The prevalence of HED in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) is 5.7% among the overall population aged 15 years and older and 10.2% among drinkers. Responsible Beverage Service interventions train alcohol servers to limit levels of intoxication attained by customers and decrease acute alcohol-related harms. The objectives of this study were to determine bar tenders' and rum shopkeepers' knowledge of and attitudes toward problem drinking and willingness to participate in server training...
April 28, 2018: Psychiatric Quarterly
Leo Bastiaens, James Galus
The diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in adults with Substance Use Disorders is complicated. A specific screening tool, such as the World Health Organization Adult ADHD Self Report Scale Screener can be the first step in identifying the condition. Recently, the screener has been revised because the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth edition, made some changes to the criteria for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This study compared the screeners based upon the Fourth and Fifth edition of the Manual...
June 2018: Psychiatric Quarterly
Raymond B Flannery, Georgina J Flannery
In studying psychiatric patient assaults, assessing the person x event x environment interaction is important in enhancing safety and ensuring quality care. Precipitants to patient assaults have traditionally received less attention than the patient characteristics of such assaults. Reviews of inpatient precipitants from 1960 to 2012 noted acute psychosis, denial of services, and substance abuse as commonly occurring precipitants. The present study reviewed the literature on precipitants from 2013 to 2017. A variety of precipitants, including acute psychosis, substance abuse, and denial of services were observed...
June 2018: Psychiatric Quarterly
Sy Atezaz Saeed
Telepsychiatry is a viable option for providing psychiatric care to those who are currently underserved or who lack access to services. While the current technology is adequate for most uses, and continues to advance, there remain barriers to its widespread utilization. One such barrier when working with different healthcare systems is that they utilize different electronic medical record systems (EMRs). This paper describes the experience of the North Carolina Statewide Telepsychiatry Program (NC-STeP) with this problem and how the program successfully resolved it by establishing a web portal that connects participating hospital emergency departments and remote psychiatric providers to share secure electronic health information regarding patient encounters across different EMRs...
June 2018: Psychiatric Quarterly
Felicitas Söhner, Gerhard Baader
Health damages and the late effects of NS trauma were largely ignored in German-speaking countries. This paper describes how dealing with the late effects of Nazi terror influenced post-war psychiatry in West Germany and thus the development of the psychiatric reform. As part of a greater overview study of the impulses and framework conditions of the reform-orientated development of post-war psychiatry in West Germany, this analysis is based on a thorough literary and documentary analysis. The sources show that publications by Helmut Paul and Herberg [81] as well as Baeyer et al...
June 2018: Psychiatric Quarterly
Laura Pedrini, Mariangela Lanfredi, Clarissa Ferrari, Sonia Andreose, Pasquale Basso, Rossella Beneduce, Rosaria Pioli, Luciana Rillosi, Giuseppe Rossi, Roberta Rossi, Giovanni Battista Tura
The Health of the Nation Outcome Scale (HoNOS) (Lora et al. Epidemiol Psichiatr Soc 10(3):198-212, 2001) is widely used. However, clinicians have expressed concerns about its ability to describe severe mentally ill patients, as it does not consider some relevant clinical aspects. This study aims to develop and validate the HoNOS-Residential Facility (HoNOS-RF) in order to pursue a thorough assessment of patients admitted to psychiatric residential facilities (RFs). The final version of the HoNOS-RF was administered to 409 patients admitted to four RFs...
June 2018: Psychiatric Quarterly
Marie-Josée Fleury, Guy Grenier, Jean-Marie Bamvita, François Chiocchio
The original version of this article unfortunately contained a mistake in the author group section. The family name of Dr. François should be "Chiocchio" not "Chiochio."
June 2018: Psychiatric Quarterly
Jonas Eimontas, Zivile Rimsaite, Goda Gegieckaite, Paulina Zelviene, Evaldas Kazlauskas
Adjustment disorder is one of the most diagnosed mental disorders. However, there is a lack of studies of specialized internet-based psychosocial interventions for adjustment disorder. We aimed to analyze the outcomes of an internet-based unguided self-help psychosocial intervention BADI for adjustment disorder in a two armed randomized controlled trial with a waiting list control group. In total 284 adult participants were randomized in this study. We measured adjustment disorder as a primary outcome, and psychological well-being as a secondary outcome at pre-intervention (T1) and one month after the intervention (T2)...
June 2018: Psychiatric Quarterly
Konstantinos Tsirigotis
The aim of this work was to review results of research into direct and indirect self-destructiveness in women. Studied projects covered two populations: individuals who attempted suicide and individuals who did not attempt suicide. The Chronic Self-Destructiveness Scale and Bem Sex Role Inventory were used. Intensity of indirect self-destructiveness is lower in women. A probable explanation of the gender paradox in suicides may be the hypothesis that suicides attempted by men more often end in death as men display stronger indirect self-destructiveness...
June 2018: Psychiatric Quarterly
Chloe Berryman, Christopher J Ferguson, Charles Negy
In recent years many parents, advocates and policy makers have expressed concerns regarding the potential negative impact of social media use. Some studies have indicated that social media use may be tied to negative mental health outcomes, including suicidality, loneliness and decreased empathy. Other studies have not found evidence for harm, or have indicated that social media use may be beneficial for some individuals. The current correlational study examined 467 young adults for their time spent using social media, importance of social media in their lives and tendency to engage in vaguebooking (posting unclear but alarming sounding posts to get attention)...
June 2018: Psychiatric Quarterly
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