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Nursing Research

Susan M Braid, Kwame Okrah, Amol Shetty, Hector Corrada Bravo
BACKGROUND: A statistical methodology is available to estimate the proportion of cell types (cellular heterogeneity) in adult whole blood specimens used in epigenome-wide association studies (EWAS). However, there is no methodology to estimate the proportion of cell types in umbilical cord blood (also a heterogeneous tissue) used in EWAS. OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this study were to determine whether differences in DNA methylation (DNAm) patterns in umbilical cord blood are the result of blood cell type proportion changes that typically occur across gestational age and to demonstrate the effect of cell type proportion confounding by comparing preterm infants exposed and not exposed to antenatal steroids...
January 25, 2017: Nursing Research
Mildred C Gonzales, Pojui Yu, S Pamela K Shiao
BACKGROUND: The methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene (MTHFR) is one of the most investigated genes associated with breast cancer for its role in epigenetic pathways. OBJECTIVES: The objectives of this metaprediction study were to examine the polymorphism-mutation risk subtypes of MTHFR and air pollution as contributing factors for breast cancer. METHODS: For triangulation purposes in metapredictive analyses, we used a recursive partition tree, nonlinear association curve fit, and heat maps for data visualization, in addition to the conventional comparison procedure and pooled analyses...
January 21, 2017: Nursing Research
Carol Bova, Carol Jaffarian, Sybil Crawford, Jose Bernardo Quintos, Mary Lee, Susan Sullivan-Bolyai
BACKGROUND: Measurement of intervention fidelity is an essential component of any scientifically sound intervention trial. However, few papers have proposed ways to integrate intervention fidelity data into the execution of these trials. OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this article is to describe the intervention fidelity process used in a randomized controlled trial of a human patient simulator intervention and how these data were used to monitor drift and provide feedback to improve the consistency of both intervention and control delivery over time in a multisite education intervention for parents of children with newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetes...
January 2017: Nursing Research
Geraldine V Basler, Kathleen A O'Connell, Kristen Bundy
BACKGROUND: Near-falls are a frequent, but not commonly studied, occurrence in the elderly Black population and may be related to prospective falls. OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this paper is to examine the relationship of near-falls to demographic characteristics, use of assistive devices, gait, and physical activity levels in elderly Blacks. METHODS: Community-dwelling, elderly Black patients aging 65 and older and attending two clinics of the Mount Sinai Hospital in Harlem in New York City were recruited...
January 2017: Nursing Research
Nahla Mansour Al Ali, Muntaha Gharaibeh, Mohammad Jaser Masadeh
BACKGROUND: School bullying is the most common school violence among adolescents and has become a global concern. Little is known about the characteristics associated with bullies and victims among Jordanian students. OBJECTIVES: The aim of the study was to examine student perceptions of school bullying-specifically, the characteristics of perpetrators and victims and how to stop bullying-and assess differences in perceptions between boys and girls. METHODS: Cross-sectional study, using self-reported questionnaires, was employed to collect data from eighth-grade students (N = 913; 51% male) from a mixed rural and suburban area in northern of Jordan during the 2013-2014 school year...
January 2017: Nursing Research
Pamela B de Cordova, Mary L Johansen, Miguel E Martinez, Jeannie P Cimiotti
BACKGROUND: Patients admitted to acute care hospitals on weekends have poorer outcomes than those admitted on weekdays, and patients admitted to hospitals for acute myocardial infarction (AMI) on weekends have a higher mortality rate than those admitted during the week. Very few studies have examined weekend presentation for patients with AMI with respect to mortality in the emergency department (ED). OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this research was to determine if weekend and holiday presentation is associated with increased mortality in EDs among patients with AMI in New Jersey...
January 2017: Nursing Research
Eliezer Bose, Marilyn Hravnak, Susan M Sereika
BACKGROUND: Patients undergoing continuous vital sign monitoring (heart rate [HR], respiratory rate [RR], pulse oximetry [SpO2]) in real time display interrelated vital sign changes during situations of physiological stress. Patterns in this physiological cross-talk could portend impending cardiorespiratory instability (CRI). Vector autoregressive (VAR) modeling with Granger causality tests is one of the most flexible ways to elucidate underlying causal mechanisms in time series data...
January 2017: Nursing Research
Irene Yang, Lynne A Hall, Kristin Ashford, Sudeshna Paul, Barbara Polivka, S Lee Ridner
BACKGROUND: Low-income, unemployed women with low levels of education are more likely to smoke during pregnancy compared to their higher-income, employed, and well-educated counterparts. The reserve capacity model (RCM) offers a theoretical framework to explain how psychosocial factors may serve as pathways connecting socioeconomic status (SES) to health behaviors. Research supports the link between prenatal smoking and several psychosocial variables such as chronic stressors, depressive symptoms, and social support...
January 2017: Nursing Research
Deborah A Chyun, Mary C Sullivan, Judith A Vessey, Susan J Henly
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
January 2017: Nursing Research
Wendy A Cook, Megan L Morrison, Linda H Eaton, Brian R Theodore, Ardith Z Doorenbos
BACKGROUND: The United States has a complex healthcare system that is undergoing substantial reformations. There is a need for high-quality, economic evaluations of nursing practice. An updated review of completed economic evaluations relevant to the field of nursing within the U.S. healthcare system is timely and needed. OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this study was to evaluate and describe the quantity and quality of economic evaluations in nursing-relevant research performed in the United States between 1997 and 2015...
January 2017: Nursing Research
Gwen Verchota, Kathleen J Sawin
BACKGROUND: The role of self-management in adolescents with type 1 diabetes mellitus is not well understood. PURPOSE: The purpose of the research was to examine the relationship of key individual and family self-management theory, context, and process variables on proximal (self-management behaviors) and distal (hemoglobin A1c and diabetes-specific health-related quality of life) outcomes in adolescents with type 1 diabetes. METHODS: A correlational, cross-sectional study was conducted to identify factors contributing to outcomes in adolescents with Type 1 diabetes and examine potential relationships between context, process, and outcome variables delineated in individual and family self-management theory...
November 2016: Nursing Research
Sandra K Hanneman, David McCue, Gabriel L Blog
BACKGROUND: Despite the use of saliva with enzyme immunoassay (EIA) methods validated for use with blood to measure interleukin-6 (IL-6) and tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α), there has been limited validation of saliva as a matrix for EIA of IL-6 and TNF-α. OBJECTIVES: The study aims were to (a) validate one vendor's commercially available EIAs for detecting IL-6 and TNF-α in saliva as an alternative matrix to blood and (b) test the long-term stability of EIA detection of IL-6 and TNF-α after 12-month storage of saliva and plasma...
November 2016: Nursing Research
Krista Schroeder, Haomiao Jia, Arlene Smaldone
BACKGROUND: Propensity score (PS) methods are increasingly being employed by researchers to reduce bias arising from confounder imbalance when using observational data to examine intervention effects. OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to examine PS theory and methodology and compare application of three PS methods (matching, stratification, weighting) to determine which best improves confounder balance. METHODS: Baseline characteristics of a sample of 20,518 school-aged children with severe obesity (of whom 1,054 received an obesity intervention) were assessed prior to PS application...
November 2016: Nursing Research
Anette Arbjerg Højen, Pia S Dreyer, Deirdre A Lane, Torben Bjerregaard Larsen, Erik Elgaard Sørensen
BACKGROUND: Long-term, mental well-being of adolescence and young adults diagnosed with venous thromboembolism (VTE) as experienced by the patients has received little attention. OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to explore the essential meaning of adolescents' and young adults' lived experiences following VTE to gain an in-depth understanding of their long-term, mental well-being. METHODS: Semistructured interviews were conducted with 12 Danish patients who were diagnosed with VTE in adolescence or young adulthood...
November 2016: Nursing Research
Lissi Hansen, Susan J Rosenkranz, Richard A Mularski, Michael C Leo
BACKGROUND: Family members' perspectives about satisfaction with care provided in the intensive care unit (ICU) have become an important part of quality assessment and improvement, but national and international differences may exist in care provided and family perspectives about satisfaction with care. OBJECTIVE: The purpose of the research was to understand family members' perspectives regarding overall care of medical patients receiving intensive care. METHODS: Family members of medical patients who remained 48 hours or more in two adult ICUS at two healthcare institutions in the U...
November 2016: Nursing Research
Pablo J López-Soto, Michael H Smolensky, Linda L Sackett-Lundeen, Alfredo De Giorgi, María A Rodríguez-Borrego, Roberto Manfredini, Cristiano Pelati, Fabio Fabbian
BACKGROUND: A potentially important factor yet to receive adequate study is the time when hospital falls occur. A prior study conducted before the system-wide introduction of preventive measures revealed a biphasic 24-hour pattern of hospital falls with major peak in the morning. OBJECTIVES: The purpose was to identify the temporal patterning of falls among elderly patients in hospitals with comprehensive fall prevention programs in place. METHODS: A 4-year observational study was conducted by the local health authority in the five nonteaching public hospitals located in the province of Ferrara, Italy...
November 2016: Nursing Research
Janet H Van Cleave, Brian L Egleston, Katherine M Abbott, Karen B Hirschman, Aditi Rao, Mary D Naylor
BACKGROUND: Among older adults receiving long-term services and supports (LTSS), debilitating hospitalizations is a pervasive clinical and research problem. Multiple chronic conditions (MCCs) are prevalent in LTSS recipients. However, the combination of MCCs and diseases associated with hospitalizations of LTSS recipients is unclear. OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this analysis was to determine the association between classes of MCCs in newly enrolled LTSS recipients and the number of hospitalizations over a 1-year period following enrollment...
November 2016: Nursing Research
Wei Pan, Haiyan Bai
No abstract text is available yet for this article.
November 2016: Nursing Research
Stephen H A Hernandez, Brenda J Morgan, Mark B Parshall
BACKGROUND: Stigma may deter military service members from seeking mental health (MH) services. Previously, substantial proportions of U.S. Air Force (USAF) registered nurses and medical technicians reported concerns about stigma with accessing MH services; in particular, that unit members might lose confidence in them or perceive them as weak, unit leadership might treat them differently, or accessing care might affect career advancement. OBJECTIVE: This study assessed the extent to which stigma and barriers to accessing MH services as perceived by USAF nursing personnel are associated with resilience, stress, previous deployment, or demographic characteristics...
November 2016: Nursing Research
Marion Bakhoya, Jiying Ling, Karin A Pfeiffer, Lorraine B Robbins
BACKGROUND: Ways to optimize boosters to assist girls to attain adequate moderate-to-vigorous physical activity following an intervention are unknown. OBJECTIVE: This study's purpose was to (a) determine whether girls receiving mailed motivational, individually tailored postcard boosters following a 17-week physical activity intervention would have greater moderate-to-vigorous physical activity at 9-month follow-up as compared to girls not receiving them and those in a control group and (b) evaluate girls' perceptions of the booster intervention...
September 2016: Nursing Research
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