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Journal of Psychology

Ralph van den Bosch, Toon W Taris, Wilmar B Schaufeli, Maria C W Peeters, Gaby Reijseger
Authenticity at work refers to the extent to which a worker feels in touch with their true self while at work. At first sight this concept seems to overlap with the concept of person-environment (P-E) fit, that is, the degree to which an individual experiences good fit with their work environment. Drawing on a sample of 867 Dutch gifted workers, structural equation modeling was used to investigate (i) whether authenticity at work and P-E fit can be distinguished, and (ii) how authenticity at work and P-E fit were associated with employee well-being...
October 4, 2018: Journal of Psychology
Canan Karatekin
Although college students have increasingly higher health needs, they underutilize interventions. Given the association between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and poor health, the goal of this study was to examine the contribution of ACEs in undergraduates to seeking help for problems related to health. An online survey of students (N = 321, 76% female, 72% Caucasian) in a large public university showed that respondents with more ACEs were more likely to seek help, including both professional and informal types of help...
September 28, 2018: Journal of Psychology
Colleen M Bucci, Laura E Brumariu, Michael T Moore
This study tested a developmental model of cognitive performance in adolescence and explored potential mechanisms explaining the relations of early maternal stimulation and children's anxious behaviors with adolescents' cognitive performance. We utilized the NICHD SECCYD dataset (n = 1,112). Measures included questionnaires, coded observations, and self-report measures from infancy to adolescence. Results revealed that children who experienced greater early maternal stimulation and less anxious behaviors had better cognitive performance at age 15...
September 28, 2018: Journal of Psychology
Irena Stepanikova, Elizabeth Baker, Gabriela Oates, Sanjeev Acharya, Jalal Uddin, Vojtech Thon, Jan Svancara, Lubomir Kukla
There is evidence of transmission of stress-related dysregulation from parents to offspring during early developmental stages, leading to adverse health outcomes. This study investigates whether perinatal stress is linked to the risk of infectious diseases in children aged 7-11 years. We hypothesize that stress exposure during pregnancy and the first 6 months after birth independently predict common infectious diseases. Data are obtained from ELSPAC-CZ, a prospective birth cohort. Maternal stress, operationalized as the number of life events, is examined for pregnancy and the first 6 months postpartum...
September 28, 2018: Journal of Psychology
Basharat Javed, Abdul Karim Khan, Samina Quratulain
The purpose of this paper is to explore the relationship between inclusive leadership, Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) and innovative work behavior (IWB) in employees of small capitalized textile firms of Pakistan. We hypothesized that LMX mediates the relationship between inclusive leadership and IWB. We collected data from 150 supervisors-subordinate dyads to test our hypotheses. We selected small capitalized firms because they are more innovative and change-oriented in order to enhance their innovativeness...
September 27, 2018: Journal of Psychology
Iraida Delhom, Margarita Gutierrez, Beatriz Lucas-Molina, Encarna Satorres, Juan C Meléndez
Recent research on emotions in aging points to emotional intelligence (EI) as a factor that plays an important role in this process, and different conceptualizations of EI show that this construct is closely linked to personality in the general population. The main purpose of this study was to find out whether findings obtained in the general population indicating a predictive relationship between personality and EI are also confirmed during the aging process. A sample of 233 healthy older subjects between 60 and 90 years old was used...
September 27, 2018: Journal of Psychology
Gary L Brase
Americans buy millions of vehicles every year, but research on how those decisions are made, including personality and individual difference factors, has rarely taken full advantage of psychological insights. This is an increasingly important topic because, for instance, decisions to buy electric vehicles (EVs) rather than gasoline-powered vehicles have environmental and geopolitical consequences. A series of studies reveal the very different perceptions of EVs and gas vehicles. Although vehicle choices at the aggregate level were strongly correlated with economic considerations, individual consumer choices were correlated with delay discounting rates in Study 1 but not Study 2...
September 27, 2018: Journal of Psychology
Michael T McKay, James R Andretta, Jon C Cole, Frank C Worrell
The present study examined how multiple operationalizations of Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory (ZTPI) scores (raw scores; temporal profiles, based on cluster analysis; and the Deviation from a Balanced Time Perspective, or 'transformed' methodology) were related to both alcohol-related problems and symptoms of anxiety and depression. Participants were a large (N = 816) university sample in the United Kingdom. A total of four time perspective profiles were observed: Futures, Presents, Past Negative-Futures, and Fatalists...
September 27, 2018: Journal of Psychology
Pilar Carrera, Dolores Muñoz, Itziar Fernández, Amparo Caballero
Many health-risk behaviors present a self-control conflict in which the short-term outcomes of an action conflict with its long-term consequences. Across three studies, we find that an abstract construal level leads people to focus on long-term rather than short-term consequences when both are described in a message (vs. no message). Studies 1 and 2 explore this hypothesis through a risk behavior (snacking on sugary products), and Study 3 does the same through a health behavior (physical exercise). In Study 1, the Behavioral Identification Form scale is used to measure the construal level as a personal disposition; Studies 2 and 3 use a priming task designed by Freitas, Gollwitzer, and Trope to manipulate the construal level...
September 13, 2018: Journal of Psychology
Vera Skvirsky, Orit Taubman-Ben-Ari, Shirley Ben Shlomo, Joseph Azuri, Eran Horowitz
Clinicians are often called upon to treat the stress that accompanies Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). In this study, we sought to examine the contribution of the internal resources of meaning in life and attachment style and the interpersonal resource of self-disclosure to her mother to a woman's level of perceived stress upon commencement of ART. In addition, we examined the association between age and perceived stress. The sample consisted of 180 Israeli women (106 aged 20-34; 74 aged 35-44) who completed a series of self-report questionnaires after their initial meeting with a fertility specialist...
September 13, 2018: Journal of Psychology
Ayşe Altan-Atalay
Attentional control (AC) that is composed of shifting and focusing dimensions had been suggested as a transdiagnostic risk factor, associated with development and maintenance of various psychological disorders. In comparison, Looming Cognitive Style (LCS) had been documented as a trait-based, disorders-specific characteristic that is linked to high levels of subjectively felt anxiety. The present study investigated whether individual differences in LCS moderated the association of shifting and focusing with anxiety...
August 28, 2018: Journal of Psychology
Isabel Dórdio Dimas, Teresa Rebelo, Paulo Renato Lourenço, Carina Isabel Pereira Pessoa
The purpose of this study was to clarify the role of team resilience on different facets of effectiveness (team viability and quality of the group experience). Moreover, given the importance of team resilience for the organizational context, it was also our aim to contribute to the study of the conditions that promote team resilience, analyzing the role of transformational leadership. Finally, we examined whether the relationship between transformational leadership and team resilience stimulates positive team outcomes...
August 18, 2018: Journal of Psychology
Jef J J van den Hout, Orin C Davis, Mathieu C D P Weggeman
Despite the noted potential for team flow to enhance a team's effectiveness, productivity, performance, and capabilities, studies on the construct in the workplace context are scarce. Most research on flow at the group level has been focused on performance in athletics or the arts, and looks at the collective experience. But, the context of work has different parameters, which necessitate a look at individual and team level experiences. In this review, we extend current theories and essay a testable, multilevel model of team flow in the workplace that includes its likely prerequisites, characteristics, and benefits...
August 18, 2018: Journal of Psychology
Nancy Lutwak
Violence against women is a global public health problem with about one in three women experiencing either physical and or sexual intimate partner violence during their lifetime. Globally as many as 38% of homicides committed against women are by a male intimate partner. Violence against women may have negative effects on their mental, physical, and reproductive health (WHO fact sheet, 2016). Untreated individuals who have experienced violence or life-threatening situations may develop posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD)...
August 18, 2018: Journal of Psychology
Enoch Teye-Kwadjo, Ashraf Kagee, Hermann Swart
Behavioral intention is an important predictor of actual behavior. Yet, people often fail to act on their intentions. This study used panel data to examine whether intention interacts with past behavior in determining future behavior. Young people in the Eastern Region of Ghana (N = 956, 495 = female, 461 = male) completed a structured self-administered questionnaire, assessing intentions to use condoms and past condom use behavior at Time 1, and future condom use behavior at Time 2. Hierarchical multiple regression analyses indicated that intentions to use condoms and past condom use behavior accounted for a significant proportion of the variance in future condom use behavior...
August 18, 2018: Journal of Psychology
Ana Kurtović, Iva Vuković, Martina Gajić
The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of locus of control on university students' mental health and to examine possible mediational roles of self-esteem and coping. A total of 418 university students completed Rotters I-E Scale, Self-liking/self-competence Scale, Endlers Coping with Stressful Situations Scale and Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale. The results showed that external locus of control, lower self-liking and self-competence, as well as less problem-focused and more emotion-focused coping predict more symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress in university students...
August 18, 2018: Journal of Psychology
Andrea Fronzetti Colladon, Francesca Grippa
This study investigates the correlation of self-report accuracy with academic performance. The sample was composed of 289 undergraduate students (96 senior and 193 junior) enrolled in two engineering classes. Age ranged between 22 and 24 years, with a slight over representation of male students (53%). Academic performance was calculated based on students' final grades in each class. The tendency to report inaccurate information was measured at the end of the Raven Progressive Matrices Test, by asking students to report their exact finishing times...
July 4, 2018: Journal of Psychology
David B Feldman, Michal Einav, Malka Margalit
The degree of cohesion and support within families has often been considered a predictor of students' effort-investment and success in school. The objectives of this study are to examine the roles of personal factors (i.e., sense of coherence and hopeful thinking) as well as interpersonal factors (i.e., loneliness) in mediating the relationship between family cohesion and effort. The sample consists of 1719 elementary school children (781 boys and 938 girls) from the fifth and six grades (mean age = 10.25, SD = 0...
July 4, 2018: Journal of Psychology
Andrei C Holman, Simona A Popusoi
Traffic law violations are the most important determinants of traffic accidents. This study examined the influence of drivers' ethical perspective on their traffic violations and the mediating role of driving styles in these relationships. A sample of 313 drivers participated in the study. Contrary to expectations, high ethical relativism was found to be associated with fewer aggressive traffic violations. This suggests that the informal normative system that parallels the official traffic regulations is the more salient reference against which drivers usually assess the adequacy of their behaviors, highly relativistic drivers being more willing to also take into consideration the official traffic code in these appraisals...
July 4, 2018: Journal of Psychology
Inmaculada Teva, Ludgleydson Fernandes de Araújo, María de la Paz Bermúdez
HIV testing is important in terms of prevention and treatment. However, HIV testing rates in the Spanish general population remains low. Therefore, HIV testing promotion constitutes a key issue. A high level of knowledge about HIV/AIDS is associated with having been tested for HIV. The general aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of people who had ever been tested for HIV in Spain. The sample consisted of 1,106 participants from the general population - 60.0% females and 40.0% males - aged between 17 and 55 years old...
July 4, 2018: Journal of Psychology
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